This is the ultimate guide to the best badminton rackets in India 2022. Choosing the best racket is not so easy, as there are many parameters one should consider. A good player knows how crucial it is to have the top sports equipment, and the same rule applies to a badminton player.

If you are a badminton player, and always want to stay one step ahead of your opponent, then you must know the importance of your badminton racket and how to handle it appropriately.

Parameters like the weight of the racket, size, and shape of the racket, balance point, flexibility play an important role in gameplay. You should consider all of these aspects while selecting the perfect badminton racket for yourself.

Whether you are an advanced, intermediate, or beginner player, not choosing the right racket can spoil your gameplay. So, It’s better to research before choosing the finest badminton racket.

Every player has his own playing techniques, but here on this page, we will let you know about the top quality badminton rackets that are available in the Indian market because one must know how essential it is to play with a racket that suits you well.

Also, an adequate racket needs to be compatible with the player and enhance the style, shot power, stroke power, comfortable to use flexible, optimum repulsion, and to provide long-lasting performance. 

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Reference: Badminton Equipment Reviews

Things to Know Before Choosing a Good Badminton Racket

Not all types of badminton rackets are suitable for everyone. For example, if you like fast and speedy gameplay, then a lightweight racket may be a perfect choice for yourself, but if you like hard-hitting, then heavy rackets may be a good option for you.

Just like this, there are many parameters one should check before picking the right one. There are factors like the shape of the racket, weight, balancing, String tension, Racket grip, flexibility, the material of the racket, influence the gameplay a lot.

Being a badminton lover for the last 10 years, I know how a perfect badminton racquet impacts the gameplay. So, it’s always a better option for yourself to find a racket that fits your requirements. Look into these parameters carefully before making any decisions.

What are the Different Types of Badminton Rackets?

What every kind of badminton player you are you will find the perfect fit for yourself because of the virilities of different badminton rackets available in the Indian market today.

Different sections of a best badminton racket

Different sections of a badminton racket

The players who just started playing badminton there is badminton for them with strong performance and the ability to improve the performance.

The players who are professional and want that type of badminton that doesn’t make a sound while hitting or smashing, this type of badminton is also available.

  • Badminton racquets for beginners: Every brand needs to give extra effort to making badminton for beginners.  The beginner badminton should be made of graphite. the racket should be lightweight so that they can handle badminton properly. The grip and the appropriate frame head will help in improving the game.
  • Badminton racquets for reducing noise while playing: this type of badminton doesn’t provide sound at all even you hit the shuttle hard. The people who love playing badminton loves to use this type of racket as sometimes the racket sound is too harsh while hitting the short. The frame head, the material of the rackets are very good and hard to give soundless hits.
  • Badminton racquets for smashing: This type of badminton is made from very good and hard material and the weight of badminton must be around 85 to 89 grams. Most professionals love to purchase this type of badminton which can help them to improve or polish their shorts.

Balance Point

Another important thing is the balance point and it is beyond the weight and brand. The Balance Point of a racket can interrupt gameplay style, it can make or break your game. Understanding the well-suited rackets on behalf of the balance point is a sensitive thing.

A well-suited racket for your playing style needs to be understood by using different balance point rackets.

Even, two same-weight rackets can feel different and can affect your gameplay as their balance points are different. There are three types of rackets divided based on the balance point, they are Head Heavy, Even Balance, and Head Light Balance.

  • Head heavy balance: A racket that has a balance point of 295-300mm or more is a head-heavy balanced racket. Head heavy rackets have their weight towards the head of the racket. It helps a player to smash a hit powerfully. The extra edge contributes momentum in the swing and gives more power while hitting a shot.
  • Headlight balance: A racket that has a balance point of less than 285mm is a headlight balanced racket. The players who prefer quick response use headlight rackets. Maneuvering with the racket is easier with the lightweight frame or light head. Speed and flexible response are better with headlight but cannot hit power shots.
  • Even balance: The racket which has a balance point of 285mm to 295 is an Even balanced racket. Less than Head heavy 295mm and more than headlight 285mm is considered as the Even balance racket. The balance point of the racket stands in the middle of the racket.

For the all-rounders and badminton rackets for beginners, “even balance” rackets are preferable. The benefit of an even balanced racket is, it is easy to play a wide range of shots. All-round performances are mostly with headlight rackets.

String Tension

One of the most subjective things in a good badminton racket is String Tension. For all kinds of players, not only for advanced players but for beginners and intermediate players it is a big factor to choose the suitable string tension for better gameplay.

A perfect badminton racket must have good string tension, and it is the most important feature in a good racket to deliver the best of skills. 

  • Pros and Cons from the different string tension: Low string tension gives more power but less control in shots also provides better durability and low vibration. When it comes to High string tension it provides less power but better control for shots, and in the matter of durability it is less durable also produces more vibration.
String Tension Power Control Durability Vibration
Low Higher (Positive) Lesser (Negative) High (Positive) Less (Positive)
High Lesser (Negative) Higher (Positive) Less (Negative) High (Negative)

A simple guide to choose string tension:

Beginners: 19-21 lbs

Intermediate: 22-24 lbs

Advanced: 25-27 lbs

Professionals: 28-32 lbs

There is another factor if the shuttlecock is plastic

The plastic shuttlecock users mostly choose 2-3 lbs lesser tension rackets compared to feathered shuttlecocks, for better string durability. 

Sweet Spot

The serious badminton players must have heard about the sweet spot and know the terminology. If any player does not know about this, it will be good for your gameplay if you understand this thing. 

A sweet spot in a racket is the center of its head. The center part of the intersection of strings in the head of the racket. Sweet spot impacts gameplay greatly because you can hit the shuttlecock giving the maximum power by contacting it in the area of a sweet spot. 

Hitting the shuttlecock exact contacting with the sweet spot of the badminton racket gives the benefits below

  • Better Sound
  • Lesser Vibration
  • More Power
  • Accurate shots 
  • Better gameplay experience

Head Shape

There are two types of rackets divided based on head shape. In the market, all shaped frame rackets are available.

  • Isometric Head Shape
  • Oval Head Shape

Please remember all these things carefully because it will help you find the best rackets in 2022.

Badminton Material

  • Another important thing is the material used in the racket.  Most of the badminton rackets are made of lightweight materials like aluminum, carbon fiber, graphite.
  • This parameter impacts the durability of a badminton racket. Materials like carbon fiber and graphite are more durable compared to aluminum. However, traditionally made badminton rackets are made of wood.
  • Initially, the rackets of badminton were made of wood. But for the drawback of heavyweight, woods are not compatible with rackets, then the upgrade came, now the frames are made with lightweight materials.
  • Not just lightweight, also durable too. Mostly graphite and aluminum are used now. The materials make the racket more manageable and maneuverable. Such material-based rackets can be moved quickly through the air.

Racket Grips

Most of the beginners and also some of the intermediate may ignore the importance of badminton racket grip but advanced players focus on the grip too. And it is another big factor in better gameplay. When a player plays long rallies and in humid conditions, gameplay got affected by the grip.

A tricky thing is to choose a proper badminton grip with the right size for knowing the suitable for your gameplay by understanding your circumstances and skill also playing condition and other several types of related things. The types of grips you may know about:

  • The Replacement Grip
  • The Over Grip
  • The Towel Grip

Every badminton racket contains an original grip of its own. Throughout regular use and playing the original grip needs to be replaced, by a new replacement grip.

These grips are thicker in size as it goes on the body of the racket. Mostly Polyurethane material is used for the replacement grip.

The Overgrips are thinner and softer compared to the replacement grips. This grip provides stickiness or stickiness to the original racket grips. Some players use it over the replacement grip too.

It increases the handling ease. It is cheap and easy to replace it, for the affordable factor, The overgrip is also a good choice.

For players who sweat very much and also for the humid conditions, The Towel Grip is ideal for better gameplay. For reducing the slipping away by sweat it is very useful as a grip to maintain the gameplay potential.

But it needs to be replaced from time to time because of the cotton material. It becomes a breeding ground for bacteria quickly. 

Also, there are different grip sizes like

  • G4 Grip Size
  • G5 Grip Size

Weight of Badminton Racket

Quick stroking speed and better control for a beginner are the most important. That’s why it is recommended 3U (85g – 89g) for beginners.

Getting better day by day is based on your dedication. From time to time one can upgrade the racket weight by getting better skills. 

Some of the most popular players use differently weighted rackets. And they don’t stick to a particular weight. They use them based on the skill they achieve or their comfort. 

With the lighter-weight rackets, it is hard to hit a stroke with power, though some skilled players use lightweight rackets for quick strokes and faster response.

Self-tuning is the most important. No one can suggest perfectly which weight would be more suitable, it has to be understood by the player himself/herself. 

It is always the better option to start with a light one then after spending time improving gameplay one can go for more weight by achieving shoulder and wrist strength and flexibility.

  • Saina Nehwal uses a 93g weight racket.
  • PV Sindhu uses an 80-84g weight racket.
  • Carolina Marin uses an 85-89g weight racket.
Preferences Badminton Racket Weight(gm)
For quick gameplay Lightweight rackets (76 to 83)
For power hitting Mid Range or Heavy rackets (82 to 89)
For playing double Lightweight rackets (76 to 83)
For attacking gameplay Mid-range weight rackets(82 to 89)
For better and accurate shots delivery Lightweight rackets (76 to 83)
For a good counter-attack Lightweight rackets (76 to 83)
For quick movement Lightweight rackets (76 to 83)
For Smashing Lightweight rackets (76 to 80)

If you’re willing to know more details about the ideal weight of the racket, on another post of badminton guide I have written in detail about the ideal weight of the racket. Check the post here: What is the Ideal Weight for a Good Badminton Racket?

I have written a post on my recommended badminton racket grips for sweaty hands, you can check this post, if your hands really sweats bad during the gameplay. 

Best Badminton Racket in the Indian Market (2022) 

1. Yonex Astrox 100 ZZ Badminton Racket (Best Selling)

Best Badminton Racket

If you are an intermediate or an advanced badminton player, then Astrox 100 ZZ is the best choice for you. This racket is designed and launched by Yonex, which is a well-known brand in the badminton world.

This racket is an upgraded version of Yonex Astrox 90, and after reading this article you can clearly see the difference among these rackets, which is designed by Yonex.

Now take a look over Astrox 100 ZZ specifications:


Weight (83 grams)-  This specific weight on this racket helps the player to play some fast and adequate badminton shots on the court.
Material (HM Graphite, Tungsten, Namd)-  These materials together make Astrox 100 ZZ strong and durable, and due to this feature, it is one of the most preferred badminton rackets among the players.
Grip Size (G5, 4U)- G5, which means 4 inches if calculated. This is the very common grip size, which is mostly preferred by intermediate, advanced, and professional players.
Head Shape (Isometric)- This racket holds an isometric head shape, which means a larger sweet spot. It also helps in increasing the power of the shot and in reducing power loss from the center shots.
Max String Tension (22-28 lbs)-  One can easily string the racket up to a max of 28 lbs or according to his satisfaction level, which can help the players to play adequately.
Balance (Extra stiff heavy head)-  Helps the players to play some fast and powerful smashes, and also provides accuracy and power while hitting the shuttle.


Badminton Singles-  If you are one of the singles attacking players, then this racket is perfect for you. As you can play some fast and frequent shots using it. 
Badminton Doubles-  This badminton racket is also good for doubles, especially when you play some powerful and aggressive shots. It is also best for playing smashes.

Technology Indulged

  • It holds an expanded sweet spot by 2.9%, and a modified frame.
  • Holds a newly designed E.B.Cap Plus, which helps in increasing the racket’s flexibility and reduces its shaft twisting.
  • Its shaft is made up of carbon, which makes it stronger than the other badminton rackets.
  • Advanced rotational generator system.


As I have mentioned above, this racket is an upgraded version of Yonex Astrox 99. So, it holds some advanced technologies and features such as, it is made up of HM graphite, tungsten, and Namd, which makes the frame and its shaft more flex and strong. Rather than this, it holds a hyper slim shaft, solid core shaft, and many more advanced technologies indulged in it.


If we compare this racket with any other racket or with Astrox 99 then we can see that it is a highly advanced and newly launched badminton racket by Yonex, which is excellent in performance and in performing all other skills and shots especially smashes. It holds a wider sweet spot than other rackets and does not have a hollow shaft. Also, its shaft is made up of solid core carbon and is flexible and powerful than other rackets.


Wide sweet spot: The shape of this racket is slightly modified into a square shape, which provides a larger sweet spot and it even provides accuracy while playing the shots.
Advanced rotational generator system:  It helps in dividing or distributing the weight of the racket equally from its tip to toe.
Hyper slim shaft:  It provides a better and excellent repulsion power to the player while performing some fast and frequent moves.
Strong and durable: As it is made up of carbon, graphite, and tungsten, which together make it strong and durable.


Sub-standard for beginners:  This badminton racket is basically designed for intermediates, advanced, and professional players, which means that beginners can not handle it adequately.

   View Astrox 100 ZZ on Amazon

If you are one of those attacking and aggressive players, then I would suggest you opt for Yonex Astrox 100 ZZ badminton racket. As it will help you in enhancing your game.

2. Yonex Astrox 99 Badminton Racket (Top Choice)*

Astrox 99 best badminton racket

This racket is perfect for advanced players. Who are always willing to increase the shuttle hold to play more explosive smashes and make constant hits. Now have a look over the specifications of this beautifully designed racket.

If you’re a beginner then you can find this racket quite hard to handle, but if you’re an advanced or professional player then you can easily work with Yonex Astrox 99. This racket is a bit expensive than the other Yonex series rackets.


Weight (85- 90 g) The weight of this racket enables the player to generate more power while attacking.
Material (Graphite) Graphite helps the badminton racket to be stable and also increases its accuracy.
Grip size (G4) Yonex Astrox 99 has a medium-size grip of 3 1/4 in, which is commonly used by most badminton players.
Head shape (Isometric) It provides us larger sweet spot which helps the player to hit the shots more efficiently.
Max string tension (32 lbs) Helps the players to place the shots accurately.
Balance (Head heavy) Provides more momentum in your swing that gives you more power while smashing.


Badminton Singles: Yonex Astrox 99 is not mostly preferred by singles players. But if you are an aggressive player then you may go for this heavy head racket, that provides more power while smashing.
Badminton doubles: Yonex Astrox 99 is the best badminton racket for doubles available in the Indian market. This racket has a flexible shaft which makes your shots more adequate and quicker. Badminton doubles require more agility so it can be a good choice for the players to use this racket in doubles.

Technology Indulged

  • This beautiful racket is designed with advanced technologies and gives you the best outcome. Overall, this is a stunning badminton racket indulged with the Yonex rotational generator system, counterbalance head, and Namd graphite.
  • The counterbalance head enables you to respond well, whereas the Namd graphite helps you in attacking.


Astrox till date used Namd (Advanced graphite materials) in the shaft of the rackets, but while manufacturing Astrox 99 the racket’s whole body is furnished with Namd which helps in endorsing more power while hitting the shots.


You can easily find out that Astrox 99 is stiffer than the other Astrox series badminton rackets like Astrox 77, Astrox 88S, and Astrox 88D. This is one of the most beautifully designed and top-listed rackets in the Astrox series.


Performs excellent smashes and powerful shots-   The heavy head factor in this racket helps you allow the paramount power to hit the shuttle.
Upgraded durability Strong materials are used while manufacturing this racket, as the frame is furnished with the Namd graphite which provides more power and strength to the racket
Beautifully designed Yonex Astrox 99 is beautifully designed with many advanced technologies, which makes this racket look more attractive.


Hard to handle for beginners- This badminton racket could be quite hard to handle for the beginners, who just started.
Slightly expensive The players who play this game just for fun can find this racket quite expensive. There are many other options available in the market, they can go for.

If you are an advanced player in badminton and want to go for a racket that looks beautiful and well designed, with amazing features. Then Yonex Astrox 99 is the best badminton racket for you, which will surely take your game to the next level.

   View Astrox 99 at Amazon

3. Yonex Voltric Z-Force II Badminton Racket [ Best for Singles]

Best badminton racket

This badminton racket is specifically designed for advanced players. But some intermediates can also use this racket if they are mastered in advanced skills and shots.

But if we talk about beginners, then it is quite hard for beginners to handle this badminton racket as per its advanced and new technologies indulged in it.


Weight (80-84 grams)- It is an ideal weight of a badminton racket for an intermediate or an advanced player to perform some adequate, accurate, and powerful shots.
Material (Graphite)- Graphite is one of the strongest materials to be indulged in a badminton racket, which even makes it more durable and long-lasting.
Grip size (G4)- It is a standard grip size, which means 3.25 inches if calculated, which is an ideal grip size for intermediate and advanced badminton players.
Max string tension (20-27 lbs)- This level of string tension provides more accuracy and repulsion power to the player while performing or hitting a shot.
Head Shape (Isometric)- It holds an isometric head shape, which means that it holds a large sweet spot that helps in playing an accurate shot.
Flex (Heavy head balanced)- This racket is not even balanced but is one of the heavy head badminton rackets, which helps the players to perform some powerful smashes and backshots.


Badminton Singles: Yonex Voltric Z Force II is one of the best badminton rackets for singles all around the world. As it is one of the amazing badminton rackets which helps in playing powerful and accurate smashes and backshots on the court or during the match.
Badminton Doubles:  Only if you are one of that offensive badminton players, then this badminton racket will suit you the best and can help you in playing some accurate shots.

Technology Indulged

  • It holds an extra and ultra-thin shaft among all the Yonex badminton racket series, which helps in transferring the extra amount of energy while performing a shot.
  • The frame of this racket is manufactured using aerodynamic construction, which is air resistant and helps in swinging the racket adequately, and indulges more power while performing a shot.
  • It even holds a sound filter, which creates an impact sound when a powerful shot is played.


This racket was launched in 2014 and was used by Lee Chong Wei, who is the world’s number 1 badminton champion and now is opted by many more badminton players. Since then it has developed a lot and is indulged with lots of technologies and features like, It holds a unique and small head with an isometric shape. It has become more aerodynamic, holds tungsten grommet strips, and holds the thinnest shaft.


If we compare this badminton racket with others, then we can see that it holds the thinnest shaft as compared to other rackets, holds an improved tri-voltage system, which increases the smashing power. Also, it helps in playing or performing some speedy moves and shots. It is a built-in T-joint, which improves its stability and performance.


Sound filter-  An impact sound is made when the racket hits the shuttle.
Built-in T-joint- This badminton racket is designed in a T-joint shape, which makes it more durable and strong.
Control Support Cap- It provides a more flat surface for easy and right gripping in comparison to the other badminton rackets.
Tungsten-infused grommet-
  •  It helps in transferring more energy and power to the shuttle while hitting it


Slightly Expensive-  This badminton racket is also mentioned on the list of expensive badminton rackets.
Sub-standard for beginners- This badminton racket is basically designed for advanced and intermediates, so beginners can not perform adequately with it.

   View Yonex Voltric Z force II on Amazon

So, if you are one of those offensive players or if you love to play some powerful smashes then, this badminton racket is the best option for you.

4. Yonex Doura Z Strike Badminton Racket [Excellent for Singles]

Best badminton racket in India

This racket is basically designed for advanced badminton players, who want to expand their game and learn some new and professional skills.

If we talk about beginners, then it is not suitable for them because of its highly indulged technologies and its extra stiffness. Now take a look over its specifications and features.


Weight (85 grams)-
 It provides amazing speed, control, and power to the player while playing some frequent and fast shots on the court.
Material (Graphite)-  It provides a better repulsion while playing some powerful shots. And also makes the racket more stronger and durable.
Grip Size (G4)- It is a common grip size used by many players, which provides a comfortable hold and amazing power while hitting the shuttle.
Head Shape (Isometric)-  The isometric head shape of this badminton racket provides a better and wide sweet spot, which even enhances the accuracy of the shot.
Max String Tension (20-28 lbs)-  One can string this racket according to his gameplay or skills, which can last to a max of 28 lbs from 22 lbs.
Balance (Extra Stiff)- This feature helps in enhancing the swing speed of the Yonex Doura Z Strike, which even helps in playing some powerful smashes and back shots.


Badminton Singles-  If you are an offensive badminton singles player, then this bracket can perfectly suit you and can help you in playing some amazing backhand and forehand shots including powerful smashes.
Badminton Doubles-  This racket provides extra repulsion and more power while hitting the shuttle. An advanced badminton player can easily handle this racket, then whether he is good at singles or doubles. This is the best choice for playing in offense and also helps you in playing some aggressive smashes and shots.

Technology Indulged

  • It holds an extra slim shaft, which helps in raising operability and is air resistant.
  • Yonex Doura Z Strike is one of the best badminton rackets, which helps in boosting power and provides better speed and control to the players.
  • The shaft and frame of this badminton racket are made up of graphite, which makes it more durable and stronger than others.
  • It even holds a solid core shaft and frame.
  • Is indulged with doura grommet technology, which holds 8 linked thick grommets on its side of the frame, which helps in performing well on the court.


This badminton racket is designed and launched by Yonex in 2017, which is one of the most popular brands in the badminton world. Also, it is mentioned in the list of top expensive badminton rackets, which are designed by Yonex. It has an amazing power to play some backhand and forehand shots. It even holds an aero-box frame, which leads you to play some powerful smashes. Also, it helps in reducing air resistance and performing well on the court.


If we compare this racket with other badminton rackets like Arcsaber 11, then we can clearly see that it is more heavy head and stiffer than Arcsaber 11. And in case if we compare it with Yonex Voltric Z-force II, then you can see that these both are similar, as per their compact head. But Doura Z Strike does not have a larger sweet spot than Astrox 77 and is also heavier than it.


Best for Advanced and offensive players- If you are one of those advanced badminton players, who love to play some aggressive shots and smashes, then this is one of the perfect rackets designed especially for you.
Extra Slim Shaft- Its extra slim shaft helps the player to swing the racket accordingly and provides more power and speed while smashing the shuttle.
Doura Grommet Design It helps in performing well on the court and in improving durability. of the racket’s frame.
Strong and Durable- This specific racket is designed and manufactured using graphite, which is one of the strongest and most durable materials to be indulged in a badminton racket.


Sub-standard for beginners- Beginners can face some problems while using this racket. As it is extra stiff and slightly heavy in comparison to other rackets.
Slightly costly- This badminton racket may seem slightly expensive to beginners and new players, who need to learn the basics. Therefore they can opt for some less expensive rackets under their budget.
Slightly Heavy- It might seem a bit heavy for some players, so if you are looking for a light-weight racket, then you can also, check out Yonex Astrox 77, which is also designed and manufactured by Yonex.

    View Yonex Doura Z Strike on Amazon

So if you are looking for such a best badminton racket with all these features and technologies indulged in it and if you love to play some powerful smashes, backhand, and forehand shots, then I would suggest you opt for Yonex Doura Z strike badminton racket.

5. Victor Jet Speed S 12 F Badminton Racket [ Great For Intermediates]

Best Badminton Racket for beginners

This racket is an ideal match for advanced and professional badminton players and has been used by many world badminton champions like Goh Liu Ying, Kim Ha Na, Chae Yoo Jung, Sung Ji Hyun.

Also, beginners and intermediates should stay away from this specific badminton racket, as it is sub-standard for them and can not be handled easily.

Now let me also inform you that this racket performs best in defense and net areas. With the help of this racket, one can play some fast shots and pressurize your opponent to move towards the backcourt, which can help you in earning or scoring a rally easily.


Weight (85-89 grams)- This is an ideal weight for professionals and advanced badminton players to be indulged in a racket, this helps them to handle the racket adequately.
Material (Graphite)-  Graphite is indulged in this specific badminton racket, which makes it more durable (long-lasting), and strong.
Grip Size (G5)- G5 is a small grip size and is approx 4-5 inches if calculated, this grip size is basically preferred by professionals and advanced badminton players.
Head Shape (Isometric)-  Isometric head shape in this racket refers to a large and wide sweet spot, which helps in increasing the accuracy of the shots.
Max String Tension (29 lbs)- One can string this racket up to 29 lbs string tension from 22 lbs according to his gameplay and skills.
Balance (Head-light balance)-  This balance type is best for performing quick racket swings and powerful smashes and shots.


Badminton Singles- This racket is suitable for badminton singles players, as many professional players have used it during national and international matches. It is best for playing some overhead and smash shots. One can easily compete with his opponent with Victor Jet Speed S 12 F.
Badminton Doubles-  If we talk about badminton doubles, then this racket can be used by doubles players too. As it is slightly lightweight and the players can handle it easily. It even helps you in winning more rallies and also provides better control and power during the game.

Technology Indulged

  • This racket is a newly added addition to victor’s racket family. It holds a flex shaft, which provides amazing and fast speed and power while performing a shot or hitting a shuttle.
  • It holds a sharper aero-sword frame, which is air resistant and also provides more speed.
  • PYROFIL is indulged in its shaft, which works as a shock absorbent.
  • It also holds a Twin Epoxy Resin System, which strengthens the racket’s frame and also makes the shaft more tough and strong.


Victor has launched its new design Jet Speed S12 F and it has become one of the most preferred rackets by professionals and advanced players. As it holds some new features in it like Aero-Sword, which helps in reducing air resistance and in increasing more speed and power. Hardcore technology is also indulged into it, which makes it more complex, strong, and durable. As it is manufactured using graphite, composite, and carbon materials.


If we compare Victor Jet Speed S12 F with other badminton rackets like Jet Speed 10, then we can clearly see that it some wards similar to it but also holds some advanced technologies and features like single-pass grommet hole system, hard-core technology, aero-sword technology, and is manufactured using PYROFIL carbon fibers and composites.


Strong and Durable- This racket is made up of carbon fibers, graphite, Pyrofil, and other composites, which makes it a strong and long-lasting racket.
Single-pass grommet construction system- It helps in creating less friction between the strings and also helps in reducing the tension loss in the strings.
Hard Core-technology It makes the racket more stronger and durable.
Best for professionals and advanced players- This racket is an ideal match for advanced and professional players, who love to play some fast and frequent shots.


Slightly expensive-  This racket is also slightly expensive for those who just want to learn some new skills, especially beginners and intermediates.
Sub-standard for beginners-  Beginners might take a lot of time to get used to it whereas if we talk about advanced and professionals, then they can easily handle this racket. And intermediates can also learn how to handle this racket.

    View Victor Jet Speed S 12 F on Amazon

This badminton racket is an ideal match for professionals and intermediates. So if you are playing at that level, then you can surely opt for this racket.

 6. Yonex Astrox 88 D Badminton Racket [Good For Intermediates]

best badminton racket for professionals

This racket is best for intermediate badminton players, but can also be used by beginners and advanced players. But for beginners, it could be quite hard to get used to it.

Astrox 88D is a part of the Astrox series, which is basically designed and launched by Yonex, and for this Yonex always uses its counterbalance theory, balanced racket construction, and other technologies and features. These all features together help Yonex in designing an accurate and perfect racket, which is best in speed and power.

Now let’s talk about Astrox 88D:

This badminton racket is different from other Astrox series, as its upper part is more flexible than other rackets and this helps in transferring more energy while hitting the shuttle. Also, this racket is best for performing some powerful smashes and overhead shots. To know more about Yonex Astrox 88D, read its specifications, which are mentioned below.


Weight (83 grams)- Astrox 88D holds 83 grams of weight, which is counted as normal size and is mostly preferred by advanced and intermediate players.
Material (Graphite)-  It is made up of Namd and graphite, which makes it easy to swing and also makes it a more strong and durable racket.
Grip Size (G4)-  It basically refers to 3.25 inches if calculated which is a common grip size and is basically preferred by intermediates and advanced badminton players.
Head Shape (Isometric)- The isometric head shape of this badminton racket provides a better repulsion and a large sweet spot for hitting the shuttle.
Max String Tension (29 lbs)- Players can string this racket up to 28 lbs max according to their gameplay and skills on the court. Also, it provides an amazing repulsion power while hitting the shuttle.
Balance (Head Heavy)-  One of the best badminton rackets for playing or performing powerful smashes and drop shots on the court.


Badminton Singles- If you are a badminton singles player and if you love to play some hard drop shots and powerful smashes, then this racket is perfect for you.
Badminton Doubles- In doubles, you can use this racket for performing some overhead shots and try to move your opponents to the backcourt and can help you in scoring some frequent rallies.

Technology Indulged

  • It holds an isometric head shape in which the vertical strings remain at their place but the horizontal strings produce a larger sweet spot, which extends in all directions
  • The weight of this racket is distributed equally among its frame, shaft, and grip because of the rotational generator system, which makes it an ideal racket for providing excellent control.
  • Also, the shaft of this racket is manufactured using Namd graphite, which makes it easy to swing and perform some powerful shots.


As compared to other Astrox series rackets, Astrox 88D is indulged with many new technologies and features, which includes stiff balance, graphite, nanometric, and tungsten materials, a new energy boost cap, graphite, and Namd shaft, and many more dominating features, which makes it suitable for advanced, professionals, and advanced players


If we compare this racket with Astrox 88 S, then we can clearly see that it holds a flex upper part of the frame, which helps in transferring more energy from racket to shuttle while performing a shot.


Is used by many professional players-  Marcus Fernaldi Gideon, Chris Adcock, Keigo Sonoda, Muhammad Rian Ardianto.
Strong and Durable- This racket is made up of graphite, which makes it long-lasting and stronger.
Perfect control- The grip size and the ideal weight of this racket provide perfect control to the players.
Best Shots- This badminton racket is best for playing powerful smashes and drop shots.


Sub-standard for beginners-  This racket is basically designed for advanced and intermediate badminton players, so beginners might face some difficulties while operating this racket.
Not-suitable for net areas-  It needs more adaptation for net playing areas.

    View Yonex Astrox 88D on Amazon

So, in case you were searching for a dominating and best badminton racket then, here’s the best option for you.

7. Li- Ning Windstrom-72 Badminton Racket [ Best for Smashing]

best lightweight badminton racket

This lightweight racket can be opted for by the intermediate and the advanced players, according to its fast speed and accuracy. Even beginners can go for this racket as it is lightweight but a beginner may take some time to get used to it.

Li- Ning Windstorm 72 is a racket from the Lining Super Light Series. As it is a lightweight racket and suits well to defensive players, therefore also known as fast speed racket. This is the best lightweight badminton racket available in the market.


Weight (72 g)-  With 72 grams, the Windstorm 72 racket is listed in the category of top lightweight rackets.
Flex (Medium)-  Windstorm 72 has a medium level of flexibility, due to which the player can face a bit of difficulty while hitting the shuttle with a swing.
Material (Carbon fiber)-  Carbon fiber is used while the manufacturing of Li-Ning Windstorm 72, which is also a form of graphite. In other words, we can say that graphite is built up from pure carbon and carbon fiber is a form of graphite.
Head shape (Isometric)-  It provides a larger sweet spot through which you can play more accurate shots.
Max string tension (28-32 lbs)-  This level of string tension lies for the intermediate and the advanced players. The beginners should not play with this level of string tension.


Badminton Singles:  This racket with extreme speed helps in adjusting and landing the shuttlecock in the opponent’s court. If you’re a badminton singles player and using this racket then it’s obvious that you will give an outstanding performance in the defense.
Badminton doubles:  Li-Ning Windstorm 72 is a perfect example of a lightweight racket, which provides high speed and power while hitting the shots. And the flexible shaft of this racket allows the player to reach the shuttle across the court. This racket is a perfect choice if you’re using it While playing badminton doubles.

Technology Indulged

  • Li-Ning Windstorm 72 is manufactured with TB Nano Technology. It provides supreme strength to the racket.
  • The Li-Ning uses some specific nanometer carbon fiber that provides approximately 20% rise in racket speed and power.
  • Rather than TB Nano Technology, this racket is featured with the dynamic optimum frame, Aerotech beam system, UHB shaft, and super light technology.


Li- Ning is a Chinese company which manufactures badminton and tennis rackets. Li-Ning has basically five racket series these are:

  • Mega Power
  • Ultra Sharp
  • Multi Control
  • Extra Skill
  • Pro Master

Windstorm 72 carbon fiber racket is designed and manufactured a bit differently in comparison with the other Li-Ning series racket. This racket is easy in handling and also provides you with a quick and fast swing speed while hitting the shots. The weight is transferred to the top of the racket’s head due to which more powerful shots are played.


If you compare this racket with the other series of Li-Ning and Yonex, then you get to know that it is the most lightweight racket in both the series rackets. Graphite is used while the manufacturing of other rackets. While in Windstorm 72, specific material is used which is also known as Carbon Fibre and is a form of graphite.


Super lightweight-  This racket is well known for the super lightweight that allows the player to handle it easily.
Comfortable-  Whether beginner or professional, one can easily get comfortable with this flexible racket.
Powerful swing and hits-  Due to its lightweight, it is easy to swing as well the larger sweet spot allows the player to hit more perfect and accurate shots.
Perfect for Defence-  This racket performs well at defense, and is mainly preferred by defensive players.


Adaption took time-  This racket has a medium level of flexibility and due to its high string tension, sometimes it becomes hard for beginners to get used to it.
Few difficulties-  As mentioned above this racket does not have adequate flexibility due to which players have to face a bit of difficulty while hitting the shots.

  View Windstrom 72 on AMAZON

If you’re an intermediate or advanced player and looking for the best lightweight badminton racket. Then this will be an ideal badminton racket for you.

8. Yonex Arcsaber 11 Badminton Racket

best badminton racket

This racket is an ideal choice for the intermediate and the advanced players, especially those who love to win more and more rallies during intense matches. Now have a glance over the specifications of this ideal racket.

A player who just started playing badminton could find it tough to handle the racket appropriately, but the Intermediate and the advanced players can easily win and change the game using this racket. Yonex Acrsaber 11 is an all-rounder badminton racket but one can give his 100% in defense with the help of this amazing racket. This is the best badminton racket under the 10000 INR budget.


Material (HM Graphite) –  Yonex series adopts the graphite material while manufacturing this badminton racket.
Weight (90 g) –  This badminton racket has a common weight. This weight refers to the medium weight classification of 2U.
Grip size (G4) – Common grip size, preferred and used by most advanced and intermediate players.
Max string tension (30- 32 lbs) –  Higher string tension means more powerful shots. 30- 32 lbs string tension is mostly preferred by the professional players and the advanced players, the beginners can not handle this high string tension while hitting the shots.
Head Shape (Isometric) –  This head shape is beneficial for entry-level players and generates high power while hitting the shots.
Flex (Stiff) –  Such stiff is excellent for the accurate placements of the shuttlecock.


Badminton Singles:  Yonex Arcsaber is an excellent racket for the badminton singles players, especially for those who play excellent smashes or land the shuttle on the opponent’s court.
Badminton doubles:  Using this racket in badminton doubles provides you an extra factor, as this racket has an extra length which helps in hitting clear and extremely powerful shots. And suits you best in doubles when you are playing in the backcourt.

Technology Indulged

  • Designed with Neo CS Carbon Nanotube offers you amazing flexibility, long-lasting durability, and high repulsion power while hitting a strong smash or a powerful shot.
  • Both sides of the racket head hold Neo CS Carbon Nanotube which enables the racket frame to regain its original shape after playing a powerful shot.


Yonex released Arcsaber 11 to replace the older version which is also known as Acrsaber 10 (Arc 10). While designing this latest version of Arcsaber the Neo CS Carbon and Sonic Metal is used which provides great power to hit the shuttlecock and also increase the caliber to turn-over high repulsion.


Every racket has its own qualities, some are good at defense some are good at offense. But after playing with Arcsaber 11 I realized that this racket is an all-rounder. If you compare Arcsaber 11 with other rackets such as Doura 10 which is also designed by Yonex, you will get an outcome that Arcsaber 11 has a lightweight head than the Doura 10. Arcsaber is well defined for its control and accuracy in comparison with other rackets.


Long shaft-  Arcsaber 11 is a balanced racket, with a long shaft. Which helps the players in hitting the difficult shots around the court.
Durable-  Like some other rackets, Arcsaber 11 is also durable and lasts long. It can bear all the brushes while hitting on the floor and other obstacles while playing badminton.
Low flexibility-  The flexibility of Arcsaber 11 is low in comparison with other Yonex-designed rackets.
Long grip- The long grip enables the player to hold the racket adequately and play more perfect shots.


Large head size-  A large head basically refers to a bigger sweet spot, which means more tension is transferred around the face of the racket.
Expensive-  Arcsaber 11 is quite expensive. And if you require a racket under your budget then you can go for Yonex Voltric 7.

 View Arcsaber 11 on Amazon

If you are looking for an all-rounder racket that suits you perfectly whether you are a beginner or intermediate badminton player, you can easily opt for this best quality badminton racket.

9. Yonex Voltric 10 Taufik Badminton Racket

best badminton racket for doubles

Designed generally for advanced players, This is one of the most durable and long-lasting rackets, which is designed for every kind of game style. Every player wishes for the best quality badminton racket, which enhances his abilities and performance during the game, for which Yonex designed this superlative racket which undergoes many technologies.

Most durable Taufik series racket designed by Yonex in its history. Yonex voltiC 10 taufik is best badminton racket under 3500 inr. Now, have a gape through its specifications.


Grip size (G4)-  G4 is a medium racket grip, which helps the player to hold the racket appropriately while hitting the shuttle.
Weight (84-90 g)- The most common weight is held by a racket that comes under 2U according to the racket’s weight category.
Head shape (Isometric)- The isometric head shape provides you with tend accuracy while hitting the shots.
Max string tension (30 Lbs)- This level of string tension is usually used by advanced and professional players.
Balance (Even)- Voltric 10 Taufik is an even balanced racket that is performing well in defense as well as offense.
Material (Graphite)- Graphite is used while manufacturing this racket which makes it more tough and durable.


Badminton singles:  If you’re an advanced player and using this racket while playing badminton singles, you can have a lot of benefits like durability, flexibility while hitting the shuttlecock, adequate shots, strength, and accuracy.
Badminton Doubles:  If you’re willing to play badminton doubles with this particular badminton racket, then it’s a perfect choice. This racket is mainly designed for aggressive players as well as for defensive players. It will provide you with the adequate amount of strength and power that you require while playing doubles.

Technology Indulged

  • While manufacturing this racket Super High Elasticity High Modulus Graphite is used, which helps this racket to bear high tension (35 lbs) than any other racket that is manufactured by Yonex.
  • Also indulged with Tri Voltage System. Voltric 10 Taufik has a head-heavy balance and is designed beautifully with a matte finish. This racket holds H.M Granite/ tungsten frame and shaft, which enables the player to swing and operate the racket fairly.


Rather than the other Yonex and Taufik series this version is beautifully designed beautifully with a matte finish, also holds a Control Support cap technology which provides you a larger flat surface in comparison with the other rackets. Contains all the features that a professional player requires in his racket. This racket is designed in the finest way than the other rackets, it is known for its multi-tasking and is well known as an all-rounder racket.


As compared to other Yonex rackets and Taufik series rackets this multi-purpose racket is completely different in all ways and also holds different techniques like:

  • Control support cap
  • Built-in T-Joint
  • Isometric Head shape
  • Tungsten material
  • Matte finish
  • Tri- iBumper


Advanced Technology-  It is indulged with the top advanced technologies while manufacturing like it is built-in T- Joint, holds isometric head shape, Matte finish and is built with tungsten or graphite material.
Outstanding Speed-  This racket is head heavy and thus enhances more powerful swings and shots while playing badminton.
Powerful Smashes-  Voltric 10 Taufik allows you to hit more powerful smashes than the other rackets. And is one of the top rackets for aggressive players.
Excellent Stability-  Due to the isometric head shape, it holds a larger sweet spot which provides more stability throughout the game.


Unusual for the Beginners-  This badminton is basically designed for aggressive and professional players who love to hit more smashes and play more powerful shots, so the beginners can find this racket slightly difficult to handle.
Difficulty in stringing-  High-level string tension is used in this racket which could break the frame of the racket.

  View Yonex Voltric 10 on AMAZON

Here you’re done if you’re searching for the best badminton racquet, with excellent accuracy and stability. Then you must try it.

10. Yonex Nanoflare 800 Badminton Racquet

Best badminton Racket for singles

This racket fits perfectly in the hand of advanced badminton players, who love to play attacking shots. And return opponent powerful shots with great swing speed and maneuverability. Now go through the specifications of this powerful racket.

Suits best the aggressive player and are designed for rapid-fire rallies. This racket can lead a player to victory.


Weight (85 g)-  Nanoflare 800 is usually measured under 3U, which means it is much lighter than the other rackets.
Material (Graphite)-  Adding graphite to the racket frame while manufacturing makes it more durable and long-lasting.
Max string tension (30 lbs)-   Whereas the higher string tension refers to more powerful shots. This amount of string tension is generally used by professionals in their racket.
Head shape (Isometric)-  Isometric shape in the rackets means a larger sweet spot which helps in playing more effective shots.
Flex (stiff)-  The shaft of the racket is not flexible but rigid.


Badminton singles:  Nanoflare 800 is a kind of tinker racket. Singles players usually prefer this fantastic badminton racket due to its outstanding control, accuracy, and flexibility.
Badminton Doubles:  The amazing speed of Nanoflare 800 will suit you perfectly if you’re an advanced player or a professional. But if you’re playing with this particular racket in doubles with an unfamiliar partner then you must be careful about the clashes that mainly occur in the game due to its extra thin shaft.

Technology Indulged

  • Nanoflare 800 is designed by Yonex for providing magnificent speed and power to the racket. Yonex added new features in the Nanoflare 800 such as Ultra- Thin Razor Frame that is aerodynamic from each angle. This thin frame helps the player to swing the racket in the perfect directions while hitting the shots and also increases the swing speed.
  • Yonex also added high elasticity carbon at the top of the frame in the racket, for better repulsion with a brand new material called TORAYCA M40 X. These materials are made up of graphite which is used in the lower part of the frame and are very strong and highly elastic.
  • Also designed with the Sonic Flare System.


Rather than the previous Yonex racket designs, Nanoflare 800 is launched in the market with an inventive Ultra Thin 360 degree Razor Frame. This badminton racket was launched in January 2019, in the replacement of Yonex Nanoray 700 and Yonex Nanoflare 270 badminton rackets. This racket is classified into two categories that are 3U and 4U.


If compared to the older versions of Yonex like Nanoflare 700 and Nanoflare 270, this racket has a much more thin shaft, is also beautifully designed, and is available in multi-colors in the market. Nanoflare 800 is more head heavy than Nanoflare 700. Also, have a stiffer shaft in comparison with all the Yonex series. Overall this racket is a perfect example of excellent speed and power.


Super slim long shaft-  The long shaft of this racket helps the player to reach and hit the shuttle back to the opponent.
Uniquely designed-   Nanoflare 800 is designed with the help of high-end and some unique materials, which helps it in performing well.
Durable-  The material used while manufacturing this racket makes it more durable and long-lasting.
Super lightweight-  Compare to the other Yonex series racket, Nanoflare 800 seems to be super lightweight which means that the player can easily swing and hit the shuttlecock in any direction he wants.


Expensive-  The beginners can not afford this high price racket, only the advanced and professional players should go for this highly expensive racket.
Displeased smashes-  The racket has a light head balancing technique through which we can not hit the powerful smashes.

   View Nanoflare 800 on AMAZON

So, if you’re an advanced player of a professional and looking for a durable and strong racket then try this supreme powerful badminton racket.

11. Yonex Muscle Power 29 Badminton Racket

Best Badminton Racket for intermediate players

This is one of the best badminton racket for the intermediate players in India. Yonex Muscle power comes with a weight of 3U (85-92 grams) which is a perfect choice for intermediate and advanced players.

3U Provides overall more mass without affecting the balance. The single players are recommended to use this racket. Examine the specifications of Yonex Muscle Power 29 below.


Weight (3U)-  Basic weight between 85-90g, which refers to a solid string racket that provides more power while hitting the shots.
Grip size (G4)-  G4 refers to the medium grip size of the rackets, which helps the players to hold the badminton racket effectively while playing.
Head shape (Isometric)-  Isometric head shape provides a larger sweet spot, which provides more accuracy while hitting the shuttlecock.
Material (Graphite)-  Graphite is used while manufacturing this badminton racket, which makes the racket more strong and durable.
Balance (Even)-  Even balanced rackets provide more flex and accuracy while playing more powerful shots.


Badminton singles:  If you are willing to use this racket while playing badminton singles and if you are a beginner or just started, you may face difficulties to control this racket, because the aluminum is used in manufacturing the racket frame, and this racket comes with a grip size of G4.
Badminton Doubles:  Yonex muscle power can be a good pick for power hitters and can be a great win while playing badminton doubles. The string tension is 24lbs which is the medium tension for badminton rackets and the balance is type is evenly balanced. As a user, I found the best of this racket after two months of using it when I achieved maximum control on it.

Technology Indulged

  • It is made with the aerodynamic concept, which helps to acquire better swing speed and maneuverability. Beginners can try if they want as the aerodynamic design may be a Little bit helpful for them.
  • This racket holds a semi-stiff shaft, even balanced, and manufactured using carbon graphite which enhances its durability.


If we compare Yonex Muscle Power 29 With the other Yonex and MP series then we can clearly notice that this racket has improved its strength and accuracy due to the addition of High Modulus Graphite in its shaft and frame. This is also one of the best lightweight badminton rackets in the list of the Yonex series.


If we compare Yonex Muscle Power 29 with Yonex MP series that assert fiercely with Yonex Muscle Power 29 lite. These two fantastic rackets have an excellent performance to date and are suitable for every kind of style.


High stability-  The joint at the racket’s shaft and the frame is a built-in T-joint due to which the racket becomes more stable.
Improved Strength-  Rather than the other Yonex and MP Series, MP 29 has improved its performance.
Perfect accuracy-  This racket provides more accuracy and power to the player while hitting the shuttlecock during the game, and landing it in the opponent’s court efficiently.
Multi-purposed-  Muscle Power 29 can be used in offensive as well as a defensive fields while playing badminton. And a player can use it in all styles of play.
Great repulsion and flexibility-  The essential materials used while crafting this racket offer you great repulsion and flexibility.


Stringing problems–  Players of different levels use different string tension, and a wrong string tension can lead you to lose a match. So, you must string the racket according to your comfort and game level.
Substandard for the professional players This racket is usually designed for intermediate and beginners and is easy to use. So the features of the racket do not match the standard of the professional players.

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Are you a beginner or an advanced player? Then this outstanding lightweight best badminton racket from the Yonex series is surely made for you.

12. Yonex Nanoray Light 9i Badminton Racquet

Best Badminton racket

A very good choice for beginners and intermediate players. This racket comes with a G4 grip size (3.25 inches) and with a weight of 5U (75-79.9 g), here 77g. The minimal air resistance helps to achieve greater head speed because of the thin frame top.

The thicker head bottom sides generate maximum repulsion for a better stiff frame. It is built with Nanomesh + Carbon Nanotube and it lasts long not compromising the quality. Definitely, it claims the 7th position in the list of top 10 best badminton rackets all over India in 2022. Do check out the specifications of Nanoray Light 9i given below.


Weight (77g)-  This racket is basically designed for players who require a lightweight racket with minimum tension.
Grip Size (G4)-  G4 refers to the 4 1/2 inches length of the racket. Which refers to a medium grip size of racket.
Material (Graphite, Carbon fiber)- The frame is made of Graphite and the balance type is headlight which is very suitable for beginners.
Head shape (Isometric)-  Isometric head shape and lowest up to 24lbs string tension having this racket are mostly used by the beginner and intermediate players.


Badminton Singles:  This racket is not recommended for learners and beginners because of its flexible shaft and other advanced technologies. If you’re an intermediate or advanced player and using this racket while playing badminton singles then it can help you in hitting perfect shots with accuracy and speed. You can use this racket well at the defense.
Badminton Doubles:  Nanoray Light 9i is an all-rounder racket for players playing badminton doubles because it is easy to handle according to its length and weight. If you’re willing to play with Nanoray Light 9i in doubles, then it is a great choice in terms of maneuverability. But does not support well while hitting the smashes.

Technology Indulged

  • Nanoray Light 9i is designed in an isometric head shape that keeps the length of the vertical string the same, whereas else the horizontal strings provide a larger sweet spot.
  • The top of the racket frame is aerodynamic due to which the airflow faster over the curved surface while swinging the racket.
  • Yonex Nanoray Light 9i is basically made in China and is developed in Japan. It is a new technological advanced racket, which helps the player get more speed and energy while hitting the shuttlecock.


Nanoray Light 9i is designed by Yonex. It is launched to overcome all the technologies that were used in Nanoray Light 18i. Rather than the other Yonex Series and other rackets, Nanoray has evolved with many technologies such as an aerodynamic frame, T-Joint, isometric head shape, and control support cap.


After comparing Yonex Nanoray 9i with Nanoray 18i we didn’t find much difference between the two of them rather than their physical appearance. Nanoray Light 9i racket is available in the market in black, green, and orange colors. Nanoray Series basically design lightweight rackets which are beneficial for defensive players and have a bit soft shaft.


Easy handling-  You need not put in a lot of effort while playing with this racket. The Control Support Cap provides top grip and handling.
Best in all styles of play-  Due to the aerodynamic frame of the racket, that helps you speed up your hits without hurting your wrist. This racket can be used both inoffensive as well as the defensive field.
Easy to control-  This racket is very easy to control, due to which you can enjoy playing this game.
Excellent repulsion and flexibility-   Materials used while manufacturing this racket enhance more flexibility and repulsion.
Fast speed-   One of the best features provided by the Yonex is this racket, through which you can overtake your opponent in the court.


Expensive-  The beginners and the players playing badminton just for fun could find this racket much expensive, therefore they can go for another choice to carry on with their game.
Substandard for the professionals- This racket is easy to control and handle and basically designed for the intermediate and the advanced players so the professional doesn’t find out more suitable for themselves.

   View Yonex Nanoray 9i on AMAZON

So, if you’re in search of the best badminton racket in India for doubles and singles with all the features mentioned above. Then you should go for Nanoray Light 9i.

 13. Yonex Carbonex 8000 Plus Badminton Racquet

Best Yonex Badminton Racket

Next on this list, Carbonex 8000 Plus from Yonex. This badminton racket is perfect for intermediate players and who prefer to feel a solid contact while hitting the shuttlecock, the box-shaped frame cross-sections, and the round shape head provides the solid string impact feeling.

 It is a very good choice with a large number of user satisfaction reviews. The shaft is made of Graphite and Carbon Nanotube, the graphite frame gives it complete stability. Now just read the specifications of the racket given below.


Weight (3U)-  According to 3U, the weight of the racket refers to 85g to 90g, which is mainly used by intermediate players.
Balance (Neutral)-  Carbonex 8000 Plus has a neutral balance, it is not more rigid nor even.
Flexibility (Semi flex)-  This racket is not much flexible bi partially, which helps you in hitting the shuttlecock adequately.
Grip Size (G4)-  G4 refers to the medium grip size of the racket, which is common among the rackets and mostly preferred by the intermediate and the beginners.


Badminton Singles:  In badminton singles player requires a lot of energy and speed, and this badminton racket enables the player to transfer energy to the shuttlecock while hitting a shot. Also, a player requires Accuracy and flexibility to hit more perfect shots, for which I will recommend you to choose this delicate racket.
Badminton Doubles:  A good doubles player will always require a racket that allows him to poach at the net because it is the fastest way to win a rally, for which he requires a good lightweight racket, and for this Carbonex 8000 Plus is the best lightweight and accurate racket that a player can use while playing badminton doubles.

Technology Indulged

  • Yonex Carbonex 8000 Plus Is designed to opt for more and more control rather than any other rackets that are available in the market, so the players could play more effective and powerful shots.
  • The head shape of the racket is designed in such a way that it provides more accurate and powerful.
  • Carbon graphite materials are used while manufacturing Carbonex 8000 plus for more stable shots and the racket frame provides more control and strength. And is also a built-in T-Joint.


Carbonex 8000 Plus has evolved a lot as the elastic Ti at the impact resists the deformation and by stretching recovers the shape quickly to launch an accurate shot immediately on the swing time with full energy. Now because of its budget, power, and control it claims the 8th position in the list of 10 best badminton rackets in India.


As compared to other rackets, Carbonex 8000 Plus is lightweight (4U) and a flexible shaft made of graphite gives beginners ease of learning. The players who love speed and fast responsive shots this is an ideal one for them. String tension is 21-24lbs and the head shape is isometric. 


Cool grip-  This racket has one of the coolest grips you can ever get. Which helps you in hitting more perfect and best shots.
Speed and power- Fortunately, Carbonex 8000 Plus provides you with the fastest speed While playing this game.
String choice- This racket allows you to choose the level of string tension according to your game and accuracy.


Less durability-  The durability of this racket can’t be defined, because it can be damaged and break easily.
Best for singles-  This racket is beneficial for the mid-level players or we can say the intermediate players. The beginners and the professional does not have much benefit from this racket.

   View Carbonex 8000 on AMAZON

So I’ll hardly recommend the intermediate players to go for this ultra-fine badminton racket in India, to enhance their skills and techniques.

14. Carlton Heritage V5.1 Badminton Racquet

best badminton racket


Carlton Heritage v5.1 is one of the best badminton rackets under 3000 rupees. The features and facilities of both the rackets are the same as Carlton Heritage v5.0.

The only difference is the string tension. Carlton Heritage v5.1 has more string tension. Intermediate and advanced players should choose the racket. Now overview the specifications of Carlton Heritage V5.1.


Weight (3U)-  3U refers to the 80-90g of racket weight, which is very common among the rackets.
Balance (Neutral)-  Carlton Heritage V5.1 racket has a neutral balance, which is not much high or even. Which helps in playing even shots.
Grip size (G4)-  The grip size is G4 which provides comfort for any level player.
Flexibility (Semi-Flex)- The flexibility level of the racket suits all players even beginners and advanced players also use it. And it claims the 9th position in our list of best badminton rackets 2022.
Head shape (Isometric)- The isometric head shape and 22-24lbs string tension are suitable for intermediate players


Badminton Singles:  This racket is good for badminton singles, as it is easy to handle and control. It provides you with excellent power and speed while hitting the shuttlecock. This racket is good for both defense and offense, can also help you in hitting great smashes, and lead you to a great win. This could be a game-changer racket for you.
Badminton Doubles:  Carlton Heritage V5.1 is also an ideal racket for the players playing in badminton doubles. To get better control over this racket you need a slight experience and knowledge about the racket before entering the court. But you need not worry because this racket is very easy to use whether you are an intermediate or a beginner. Thus, also provides you an excellent speed and power.

Technology Indulged

  • Japanese HM technology-based this racket is the ultra-flexible basis on the shaft and even balanced. It is an 82-84 grams weight racket with a total length of 675 mm.
  • It also undergoes through the Micro Grommet System, which helps in keeping the racket strings stable and prevents them from shifting while playing, and also enables the racket to hold on to its tension for a long period.


Carlton Heritage V5.1 was launched after the Carlton Heritage V5.0. It was built with the same features that were indulged in Carlton Heritage V5.0 but only the level of string tension was different from each other. And the technologies used while manufacturing this racket were:

  • Micro Grommet System.
  • Aero-dynamic frame.
  • Carbon graphite materials.


If we compare Carlton Heritage V5.1 with Carlton Heritage V5.0, we found that the specifications are similar rather than the level of string tension. And in comparison with the Yonex series (the two top brands).  We got to know that Yonex rackets are much more efficient than the Carlton rackets in the case of durability and maneuverability.


Fully strung racket-  This racket comes fully strung, due to which you can start playing right away.
Lightweight-  Carlton Heritage V5.1 weights 84g, which does not allow the player to put much effort while playing.
Quality-  Due to the manufacturing and providing top-quality products. It has become one of the top racket brands in the market.
Features-  Players get attracted to Carlton Heritage V5.1 because of its mind-blowing features and pocket-friendly price.


Expensive-  This racket is slightly expensive from the other Carlton series. Due to this the beginners and players playing badminton just for fun couldn’t afford it.
String tension-  The string tension in this racket can be exceeded by more than 30 lbs. Which could even break the frame while playing.

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So, if you’re looking for a best badminton racket in India 2022 then you must try Carlton Heritage V5.1 once in your lifetime.

15. Li-Ning Super SS 98 Series G4 Badminton Racket

best badminton racket in India

Mostly this racket is used for single gameplay, but one can use it for doubles too. However, if you are looking for the best badminton racket for doubles, you can read my ultimate guide to choosing the best badminton racket for doubles.

Now, focus on the specifications of the Li-Ning Super Series SS 98 G4.


Weight (81-85g)-  The given weight describes that it is also one of the lightweight rackets, listed at the bottom of the coolest badminton list.
Flexibility (Medium)- It has a medium flex and is even a balance racket also a very good racket that has good reviews over the online shopping sites as the buyers are satisfied with the product. Now, it claims the 10th position in the list of finest badminton rackets in 2022.
Material (Carbon Graphite) Li-Ning Super SS Series G4+ Carbon Graphite Lightweight Strung Racket, made of Ultra-strong Carbon-Graphite material, is very easy to control with extreme strength for both attacking and defending.
Level (Advance)- It is the best badminton racket for advanced players or professional players.


Badminton Singles: Li-Ning Super Series SS 98 G4 is a good racket for singles badminton because it provides much speed and power while hitting a shot. This racket is more durable and can bear all smudges that are caused during the game. But if you’re a beginner and playing badminton singles then this racket won’t suit you perfectly, due to its advanced technologies you might be unable to control this racket.
Badminton Doubles: As we said this racket is perfect for the intermediate and the advanced players and if you are either one of them and playing badminton doubles with this racket then you can take a lead easily in the match, because of the advanced technologies that Li-Ning provides you in this best quality badminton racket.

Technology Indulged

  • Li-Ning Super Series SS 98 G4 holds Aerotec Beam System, with the help of an advanced calculation system the rackets are manufactured with low air resistance and also with high intensity, which enhances the player’s performance.
  • This racket is also made up of carbon graphite composition which bears high tension. S2 grip size and 83gm weight-based this racket are commonly used by advanced players and intermediate players.
  • Li-Ning Super Series are developed with Stabilised Torsion Angle, which helps the player to hold on to the racket while the vibration is caused on the string bed due to the shuttle.


You might know that Li-Ning SS 98 G4 is a 4th generation racket, manufactured and developed by Li-NIng. This racket holds all the advanced technologies and new features which provide the racket with more speed and accuracy and also makes it the most powerful racket in the Li-Ning series. With the help of this racket, you can easily take over your opponent.


If we compare Li-Ning SS 98 G4 with Li-Ning SS 98 III and other Li-Ning rackets then we got to know that SS 98 G4 comes with a medium flex shaft and Stabilised Torsion Angle, which helps the player to control the vibration that is created by the shuttlecock while touching the string bed. Whereas the SS 98 III comes with a flexible shaft and Dynamic Optimum Frame, which is beneficial for the attacking and defensive players.


Durability–  The carbon graphite materials used while manufacturing this racket make it more durable and long-lasting.
Lightweight This badminton racket seems to be lighter than the other Li-Ning series, and this feature enables the player to hit more consecutive shots.


Expensive-  In the case of the beginners, they might find it quite expensive from the other rackets that are available in the market.
Flexibility-  As compared to other Li-Ning rackets this racket is a bit low flexible, due to which the players face some difficulties while hitting the shots.

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If you’re willing to buy a racket with all the features given above, then you should try this best badminton racket.

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Buyer’s Guide: Best Badminton Rackets in India 2022


Best Badminton Racket Brands

If you search the net you will get many brands to purchase badminton rackets from. But in this article, we are going to shortlist some of the best badminton racket brands or manufacturers which will never let you down.

  • This company was established in the year 1946 just after World War II motor with a single horsepower is required for delivering the demand. In the year 1957, this company stepped into badminton manufacturing.
  • Now this company is doing wonders with its badminton, golf equipment, and tennis. Lots of professional players use Yonex company badminton in their matches.
  • If you are a badminton lover then you must be aware of this brand or you may have badminton of this company with you. They have reasonable price products with world-class quality which makes this brand loved by most of the population in India. Check out the best Yonex badminton rackets here.
Li Ning
  • This company started in the year 1989 and it’s a Chinese company. From the very start, the brand mainly concentrated on sports and accessories manufacturers.
  • The innovative design and quality of items are used to attract most badminton lovers. Then they came up with more sports apparel, equipment, and accessories along with the rackets.
  • In India Li Ning is the second most famous brand for badminton rackets after Yonex. Check out the Best Lining badminton rackets here.
  • This sports equipment company comes with a wide range of collections of squash rackets, badminton rackets, and shoes for every type of sports, sportswear, and many more things.
  • Badminton words federation for International and national players have approved this brand. The brand ambassador of this brand from India is Ashwini Ponnappa.
  • She is an Indian badminton player and she represents our country in the international badminton circuit. Check out the Best Victor rackets in India here.
  • if you want the best badminton rackets at a reasonable price. Then you must check their products as they come with the innovative technology with an eye-catching design which will blow your mind.
  • This brand is also available in India, people who want the best quality badminton in their price range then you must buy from this brand. Check out the Best Apacs rackets in India here.
  • This brand was stabilized in the year 1980 and it is one of the most trustworthy brands in India. They even come with the best quality and large varieties of football, badminton, and other sports equipment.
  • Check out the best Cosco badminton rackets in India 2022 here.

If you want to know more details about top badminton racket brands in India, check this post, where i have mentioned all top rated badminton racket manufacturing brands available in India. 

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Above, I have mentioned all of the best badminton rackets available in India in 2022 with deep analysis and reviews. Along with I have shared an ultimate buyer’s guide to choosing perfect racquets for yourself.

If you can’t remember everything, bookmark this page for later access. Hope this article helps you to make a better decision to pick the right racket.