YONEX Arcsaber Z Slash Badminton Racket |Review

Are you looking for an excellent review of the Yonex Arcsaber Z Slash badminton racket? if yes then you have been landed on the right place. You must go through the article given below and know more about this amazing badminton racket.

YONEX Arcsaber Z Slash Badminton Racket Review

Arcsaber Z slash is best for offensive players or heavy attackers because of its speed power, and precision. The weight of the racket is 3U, which refers to the range between 84 to 89 grams and has the same grip size G4 as the other badminton racket which is manufactured by YONEX.

This badminton racket has the award-winning YONEX B65 titanium string which has a maximum tension of 24 pounds.

YONEX has designed it in such a way that keeps up with the increasing speed in the badminton world. And also enables you to hit amazing smashes with maximum speed


  • Size: 3U-G4
  • Brand:  YONEX
  • Grip size: 4 1/2 inches
  • Sport: Badminton
  • Material:  Graphite, Carbon Fiber

About Arcsaber Z Slash

  • Isometric slim head shape.
  • Cs carbon nanotube.
  • High modulus graphite.
  • Even, balanced.
  • Longer length.


Good control

Arcsaber z slash provides you with excellent control while playing. A player can’t feel much better than this and the best part of this Yonex model is that it provides you better control while hitting the hard smashes,

Very easy to maneuver

When a player holds this badminton racket he can maneuver it with ease even if you’re in an acute game. It also helps you in playing flexibly and reduces the risk of injuries as your wrist will not have a hard time while hitting the shuttlecock while it touches your string bed. And all this is possible because of its aerodynamic design.

High power

If you’re an offensive or hard-attacking player then this badminton racket will perfectly suit you. It will help you gain power while hitting a perfect smash. Which is a great improvement from the old Yonex Arcsaber 10.


Poor defence

This badminton racket is made for attacking and offensive purposes. It has poor defending skills because when it comes to receiving hits from the opponent this does not deliver an impressive performance.

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Not suitable for beginners

Due to its advanced features and innovative technologies, a beginner or a player who just stepped into this sport can not handle this badminton racket. This badminton racket perfectly suits the players who must have proper and good knowledge of this sport, or on the other hand, we can say that this badminton racket is perfect for the advanced and the intermediate players who love to hit hard smashes.

Design and materials

Arcsaber Z slash is designed while keeping the advanced players in mind by the YONEX as Yonex takes pride in using the most innovative materials while designing its products.

This badminton racket has an isometric head shape, which refers to the three equal lengths of the main and the cross strings and results in a larger sweet spot.

The frame of ARCSABER Z Slash comes with a CS carbon nanotube. And the frame regenerates itself to its original form after the shuttlecock lands on the racket due to the latter. Which improves your control and makes the frame more elastic.

It also reduces air resistance and due to it, the player can feel more control over the badminton racket.


Backhand servers love this badminton racket as it provides them a high level of satisfaction and puts an end to all of your weak serves.

Generally, this badminton racket is designed for the attacking players, you can even expect better drives, whether backhand or forehand with an Arcsaber Z slash.

Over YONEX Arcsaber 11 Arcsaber z slash provides you an advantage while hitting the smashes, which makes you feel like it is your arm extension. You don’t need to apply much effort while hitting an intense smash because of the racket’s heavy head shape. Rather than the smashes, even the drives seem to be effortless and fast which also demonstrates a high degree of precision.

Arcsaber Z Slash is well known for its speed that makes things hard for its rivals.

Arcsaber z slash is Best for?

If you’re not a defender, but a hard-hitting attacker then this badminton racket perfectly suits you. This badminton racket helps you to take control over the game rather than being controlled by the opponent.

Due to the advanced technologies and design, advanced players and intermediate players can use it well, but beginners should stay away from this badminton racket.


Now you must have understood that why Yonex arcsaber z is considered one of the best Yonex badminton rackets, which is designed with many features and advanced technologies to gain more speed and power.

If you’re an attacking player and love to play on offense, then this badminton racket will perfectly suit you as per your game.

If you’re a beginner then you must stay away from this badminton racket as this could be hard for you to handle. And if you’re an advanced or intermediate player you can clearly opt for Arcsaber z slash badminton racket.

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