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You must have heard about Yonex, the most famous brand for badminton rackets. So, here are 5 Best Yonex Badminton Rackets for Beginners. Badminton is a sport that has been a favourite pass time for all of us. Playing badminton regularly does not only keeps you physically fir but also strengthens you mentally and develop your motor skills. Fortunately, people have started taking the sport seriously and have started playing it professionally. If you are a beginner who is looking to take badminton seriously then this article us for you as it has reviews for the best Yonex badminton rackets for you.

If you are a beginner then you might know a few important things regarding the sport and buying a badminton racket. There are some things that you need to keep in mind while buying a badminton racket. If you are thinking of just going online and choosing a racket on the spot. Then let me tell you, it is not going to work out. You might be confused as to why it is not going to work for you but there are many things you need to learn about badminton and badminton rackets. You should be aware of the types of badminton rackets available in the market.

There are best badminton rackets under 1000, best badminton rackets under 2000, best badminton rackets under 3000, best badminton rackets under 4000 and even best badminton rackets under 10000. But what you need to understand is which type of badminton racket you what should be its price. The shopkeeper will show you rackets of various prices but it is crucial for you to stick to your budget. You are a beginner and you are yet to decide your play style.

5 Best Yonex Badminton Rackets for Beginners

Yonex GR 303 Badminton Racket


  • Strung Type:- Strung
  • Grip Size: G3 – 8.89 cm
  • Weight: 95 g
  • Head Shape:- Isometric Shape
  • Beam Width:- 203 mm

Yonex GR 303 Badminton Racket is one of the best rackets for beginners that Yonex offers. It has many satisfied customers as it helped them hone their techniques and strategies while practising. If you are a beginner who wants a racket with almost all the features and don’t want to spend on an expensive racket then this is the one for you. It comes pre-strung which means you can play with it when it arrives without any other hassle. This racket weighs 95 grams which neither too heavy nor too light for a beginner to practice with. It also features a grip size of G3 which is pretty good for a beginner. The overall build of this racket is pretty good and is highly suitable for a beginner.

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Yonex Nanoray 10 Badminton Racket


  • Strung Type: Strung
  • Grip Size: G4 – 8.25 cm
  • Weight: 85.5 g
  • Head Shape:- Isometric Shape
  • Beam Width:- 22.5 mm

Yonex Nanoray 10 is created for players who make their opponents go to the back of the court with their fast and powerful shots and smashes. The top of the frame is really thin which makes it minimise air resistance for you to have greater head speed. The bottom sides are thicker which helps in generating maximum repulsion power with the help of higher stiffness of the frame. Yonex has introduced new components like Nanomesh and Carbon Nanotube which helps in increasing the repulsion power and impact strength of the racket. It features a box-shaped isometric frame which is specially designed to keep the vertical strings the same length as others. It also helps the horizontal strings to enlarge the sweet spot in every direction. The specially designed aero frame helps in decreasing air resistance. 

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Yonex Nanoray 20 Badminton Racket


  • Strung Type:- Strung
  • Grip Size: G4 – 8.25 cm
  • Weight: 85 g
  • Head Shape:- Isometric Shape
  • Beam Width:- 20.5 mm

Yonex Nanoray 20 is an affordable racket that lets you sharpen your badminton skills until you have some experience. It lets you attain speedily and rapid swings and shots. It even lets you produce powerful rebound shots too without even putting too much effort into it. The racket comes strung so you will not need to get its strings set and can use it straight from the box. It features an isometric head shape which is box-like, it enlarges the sweet spot to give powerful shots. Even if your shots are off centre the enlarged sweet spot will help you deliver equally powerful shots. The frame of this racket narrows towards the top which decreases air resistance and gives you faster swings.

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Yonex Muscle Power 3 Badminton Racquet


  • Strung Type: Strung
  • Grip Size: G4 (8.25 cm)
  • Weight: 90 g
  • Head Shape:- Isometric Shape
  • Beam Width:- 20 mm

The stringbed of this racket features a 30% larger sweet spot for you to deliver powerful shots every time. If you are a beginner who has decided to use this sharpen their skills then it is a smart choice. The wide head of this racket will give you more area to hit the shuttle and understand how it is done. The weight of this racket under 2U which is slightly heavier than other rackets. Heavier rackets help you determine the strength and power you need to put in your smashes. It also lets you master your smashes and shots. It has a medium flex which really lets you ascertain if you need a flexible shaft or not. The medium shaft is perfect for beginners who are still learning the sport.

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Yonex Arcsaber Lite Full Graphite Badminton Racquet


  • Strung Type:- Strung
  • Grip Size: G4 – 8.25 cm
  • Weight: 0.083 g
  • Head Shape:- Isometric Shape
  • Beam Width:- 8 mm

It is an excellent badminton racket for beginners as it is affordable and works well. If you are looking for a racket that is budget-friendly then Yonex Arcsaber Lite is a great choice. This racket is highly suitable for beginners who don’t want to spend a lot but still want to know what it feels like to play with a Yonex racket. You will not have to put in a lot of effort while playing with this racket. The mass of the racket is equally distributed which is the reason you will not have to face any complications while playing with this racket.

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How to choose a badminton racket for yourself

Choosing a badminton racket may sound like a piece of cake but let me tell you, it is not. Badminton rackets have various specifications that you need to keep in mind before buying badminton racket. The shape of its head, its weight, the string tension, balance etc. To know what will suit you the best I would recommend you not to buy a racket that is too expensive. First, understand what your game style is then, chose what kind of racket you want. Here are some factors to keep in mind.


The weight of the racket is a vital factor that you need to keep in mind. A heavy racket will give you power but give you the speed you want, a light weighted racket will give you the speed but not the power you need. The weight of a racket is denoted with “U”. the larger the number with U, lighter the racket is. It generally, depends on the partiality of the player or it depends on what weight suits the playing style of the player. The recommended weight of a racket is 85-100 grams. Here are some examples of the weight of the racket.

  • 4U: 80-84g
  • 3U: 85-89g
  • 2U: 90-94g
  • 1U: 95-100g

Balance point

You need to keep the balance point of the racket in your mind if you know what your play style is. If you do not know the balance point of your there is a simple trick that you can use to determine the balance point of your racket. Put your finger slightly below the head of your racket and notice on which side the badminton tilts. There are three types of balance points you need to know about.


If the head of your racket tilted, it means the racket is Head-heavy. The head-heavy racket has most of its mass accumulated on the head. This kind of racket is generally used by aggressive players who like to play from the backcourt and deliver powerful smashes to his/her opponent. Also if you are a fan of long rallies then this kind of racket is for you. this kind of racket produces long clears.


If the handle of the racket tilted then it means it is a Head-light racket which has its mass accumulated towards the handle of the racket and not to the head. It is preferred for the players who like to play in doubles as it helps them respond to the opponent’s shots and smashes as quickly as possibly. These rackets are really easy to control and command, with speedy swings and shots.

Even balanced

These are kind of rackets that are perfect for beginners and new learners. These are the kind of rackets that are neither too heavy nor too light and are perfect for someone who is just beginning his/her journey. If you put a finger below the head of the racket then it will not tilt and stay straight. It shows that the mass of the racket is evenly distributed.  It is perfect for you if you are a beginner and don’t know your style yet. Get some experience with this racket and then you will know what you want.

String tension

String tension is another component that can affect your performance and the distribution of energy. Advanced players prefer higher string tension as it helps them deliver shots with more power and strength. But you need to pay attention to the fact that higher string tension makes the strings more fragile and more prone to breaking. To check the string tension of your racket put your palm on the stringbed of your racket. If it sinks only 1mm then it has the perfect string tension.

If you are a beginner looking for some guidance then string tension of 22 23 lbs is good for you. As you become more experienced you can get an unstrung racket and get the strings set yourself to get the string tension according to your preference. If you live in a tropical region then you need to take more care of your strings as they tend to expand in the hot climate.

Grip size

The type of grip and the grip size matters a lot when you are out buying a badminton racket. There are two types of grips available in the market. Towel and Synthetic.

Towel grips are excellent sweat absorbent and help a lot if your hands sweat a lot. But towel grips can be really messy because of the fabric and can be the breeding ground for germs and bacterias because of their sweat absorbent property. This means they need to replaced frequently.

If you like a solid hold on your handle then Synthetic grips are recommended.  They are not as messy as the towel grips but they can get very uncomfortable because of their poor sweat-absorbent capacity.

Grip sizes also matter as it can make you uncomfortable while playing if you do not choose a comfortable one. There are different grip sizes available. It is recommended that you get a bigger size if you like to have a solid hold on your racket for more power and control.


Taking badminton seriously and playing it regularly has many physical as well as mental effects. Learning to play badminton can look easy but it is not and as to learn the sport you will have to dedicate your time and strength. It is a game of good strategies, smart techniques and good badminton racket that suits your requirement. But first, you need to understand your game style and get a badminton racket accordingly. If you play aggressively then you would need a head heavy racket but to start off it is recommended that you use an even balance badminton racket. And to give you support in your journey, you need to have a badminton racket that suits your skills and can help you grow.

Yonex GR 303 Badminton Racket impressed us the most and took the first position. It very well meets the requirement of a beginner and also helps the player hone his/her skills.

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