What is the Ideal Weight for a Good Badminton Racket?

Hello, Badminton lovers! Hope you peoples are having a good time with your badminton gameplay. Today, we come up with an amazing topic that everyone wants to know about, what is the ideal weight should be for a good badminton racket?. Everyone gets confused about this topic when it comes to buying a badminton racket, which weight should I pick?, Well, in this post, we are going to talk about everything details you should know before choosing the right weight for you. This is going to be ideal badminton racket guide and chart for beginners, intermediate and advanced players.

Now before we go for a direct answer to the questions there are few things you must know.

Why Weight is an Important Factor to Consider?

Weight impacts on the game a lot. If you consider playing with a high weight badminton racket, you will find slow speed when hitting, and the reverse happens when you’re using a lightweight badminton racket. However, it doesn’t matter if you’re beginner, intermediate or advanced player, weight is a factor that totally depends on your muscle power and the type of your gameplay.

As I mentioned above, the lighter racket weight is faster you can hit. But, same time there are some players who like to hit it hard for smashing compare to make it faster.

Here are a few points to remember

  • A lightweight badminton racket is a very good choice if you want quick-hitting on the ground.
  • Lightweight rackets are a good option for counter hitting.
  • The drawback of lightweight rackets is less power hitting.
  • The mid-weight range is the most popular segment of badminton rackets used by the majority of players.
  • Mid-range rackets are preferable for those who like attacking gameplay.
  • Heavyweight rackets are a good choice for power-hitting on the ground, but it is really hard to swing.

Badminton Racket Weight Chart

Now, the badminton racket weight chart varies from brand to brand. Below, I have mentioned all those most popular badminton racket brands weight chart for different brands available on the market.

APACS Racket Weight Chart

2U90g & above
3U87g – 89.9g
4U84g – 86.9g
5U80g – 83.9g
6U74g – 79.9g
7U60g – 73.9g
8U59.9g and below

Yonex Racket Weight Chart

2U90g – 94.9g
3U85g – 89.9g
4U80g – 84.9g
5U75g – 79.9g
F70g – 74.9g

Li Ning Racket Weight Chart

W172g – 80g
W281g – 84g
W385g – 89g

Badminton Racket Weight Guide

Below I have given a table to understand which racket is good for you. Here we have made an analysis of different factors which peoples like and made this table for you.

Preferences Badminton Racket Weight(gm)
For quick gameplayLightweight rackets (76 to 83)
For power hittingMid Range or Heavy rackets (82 to 89)
For playing doubleLightweight rackets (76 to 83)
For attacking gameplayMid-range weight rackets(82 to 89)
For better and accurate shots deliveryLightweight rackets (76 to 83)
For good counter attackLightweight rackets (76 to 83)
For quick movementLightweight rackets (76 to 83)
For SmashingLightweight rackets (76 to 80)

Here are a few badminton stars and what weight they use

  • Saina Nehwal uses 93g weight badminton racket.
  • PV Sindhu uses 80-84g weight badminton racket.
  • Carolina Marin uses 85-89g weight badminton racket.

You can find a good collection of lightweight, mid-weight and heavyweight rackets on amazon. Click on this link to check out the different weight of rackets on amazon.

Final words

Hopefully, this information helps you to make a better choice for your badminton racket weight. However, the weight of a racket depends on your personal choice, some people like lightweight, where others like mid and heavyweight rackets. If you have any other question regarding badminton racket weight, let me know in the comment.

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