5 Best Badminton Rackets For Aggressive Players |Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

If you are an aggressive player then here is a list of the best badminton rackets for aggressive players. There are mainly three styles or patterns of playing the game of badminton. The aggressive and fast style players, deceptive stroke players, and defensive style players. The players who choose a fast and aggressive style use powerful smashes and drop shots on their end. and for that, they need the best badminton rackets for smash and control. There are many things that affect the style of your game. The type of racket you are using, its specifications, your strength, strategy, etc. but today we are just going to talk about what kind of racket you will need if you have an aggressive style of playing or you like playing offensive.

The aggressive style of playing highly indicates the player’s use of powerful smashes, fast drop shots, and net shots, attacking lobs, more low services in comparison to high services, quick low pushes/flicks to the backcourt from the net, and fast pace footwork. To achieve all this the player would need an appropriate badminton bat. The badminton racket that you choose highly affects your gameplay so before even deciding if you are an aggressive player try to understand your style first.

It is possible that you are misjudging your style and taking it for an aggressive style of playing. Having a badminton racket that does not suit your style of playing will not only give you discomfort but it can make you lose matches too. You need to understand how to choose a badminton racket for yourself. A light-head badminton racket will not give you enough strength and power that you need for delivering a smash to make your opponent lose a point.

Best Badminton Rackets for Aggressive Players 2022

1. Yonex Arcsaber 11 Badminton Racquet


  • The weight of Yonex arc saber 11 is 88g which comes under the 3U category, which is highly suitable for aggressive players
  • The grip size that comes with this racket is G4, you should experiment with a lot of grip sizes. You should understand that what suits you the best and which grip size you are most comfortable with.
  • The technology used to make this racket is Neo CS Carbon Nanotube. This technology makes the racket lighter and gives you more speed
  • New Built-in T-Joint makes the racket not very fragile and less heavy
  • The head shape of this racket is isometric
  • The material of frame: H.M. Graphite, Neo CS CARBON NANOTUBE, SONIC METAL
  • The material of Shaft: H.M. Graphite, Ultra PEF

Highly suitable for advanced players this racket has all the qualities an aggressive player looks for in his/her racket. The technology used to make this racket makes it lightweight which enables you to get the speed that a powerful smash requires. The repulsion power of this racket is noteworthy even though you can new to being an aggressive player and have this racket then you can easily learn about smashes and shots. The only drawback of this racket is that it is quite expensive.

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2. Apacs Edge Sabre 10 Badminton Racket


  • The Isometric head frame is equal to the length of the main and cross strings in the stringbed, which enlarges the sweet spot for more accuracy 
  • This single-pass grommet holes construction offers more grommet holes, which creates a high-performance stringing pattern that gives 7% more durability.
  • GS Carbon Nanotube is adopted on both sides of the frame as it gives more strength because It holds a large amount of energy at the impact and releases it back like an arrow.
  • It gives you depth and control in your game. 
  • The Control Support Cap offers an 88% wide flat surface compared with a common racket for fast swinging, better gripping, and quicker maneuverability.
  • String tension in this racket is  23/24 lbs

This racket is efficient and cheap what else does one wants? Highly suitable for beginners and intermediate players this racket comes with an isometric head which helps in enlarging the sweet spot. The weight of this racket is categorized under the 4U category which means its weight ranges between 80-85 grams which makes it one of the lightest rackets suitable for aggressive players. Aggressive playing is all about footwork and swing speed and this racket is perfect for players who have great footwork and fast swing speed.

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3. Yonex Duora 10 Badminton Racket


  • This comes under the 4U category which means it is a lightweight racket whose weight ranges between 80-85 grams
  • The grip size of this racket is G4 which is common, but you should experiment with your racket grips before settling for one as it can make you uncomfortable while playing
  • The Isometric head frame is equal to the length of the main and cross strings in the stringbed, which enlarges the sweet spot for more accuracy 
  • The material used to make this racket is graphite, nanometric DR, ni-ti fiber. This material makes it lightweight and speedy
  • Dual Optimum System (utilizes your maximum power for backhand and forehand)
  • Nanometric (new bonding technology for stiff racquets with thin and lightweight shafts)
  • New grommet pattern
  • Super Slim and Long Shaft

This racket is suitable for all types of players but is made especially for aggressive players and offensive gameplay. The selling point of the Yonex Duora 10 badminton racket is Yonex’s latest dual optimum system which combines two frames into one. A more solid and powerful Box frame for the forehand, and a quicker, more aerodynamic Aero frame for the backhand.

This racket was used by a lot of professionals and is still used by some. The Box frame is much more solid and delivers, powerful shots, while the Aero frame provides more speed to the shuttle. The setback to this racket is that it can be a little difficult for the player to get used to its dual optimum system and can confuse the player. This racket is recommended for advanced players only.

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4. Yonex Voltric 7 Lin Dan Racquet


  • The weight of this product by Yonex is categorized in the 2U category which means its weight ranges between 90-95 grams
  • The head shape of Yonex Voltric 7 Lin Dan Racquet is isometric which helps to enlarge the sweet spot of your badminton racket and increase its efficiency
  • It is strung badminton which means the strings are already there when you receive which makes it perfect for beginners and intermediate players
  • The material used to make this racket is graphite which provides it with its lightweight and speed. if you are an aggressive player then what you need in a racket is speed
  • The frame is also made of graphite
  • The grip size that comes with this racket is G4

The two and ten o’clock positions of the Voltric frame are formed because of the stiff structure that helps in maximizing the bending power of the head. The thinner side of the frame helps the frame to bend more than normal. When these characteristics come in work together they provide maximum energy transfer to the shuttle helping the player deliver high power smashes. T

The controls cap provided in this racket gives 88% flat surface in comparison to a common racket available in the market the control cap helps with convenient gripping, maneuverability, and fast swing speed. The T-joint helps to move the weight from the top and move it to the T-joint which removes the feeling of the racket being unbalanced while it still retains the flexibility at the top which allows free and swift handling. There is a built-in T-joint deep side of the layers of this racket which makes it durable and less fragile.

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5. Yonex Astrox Smash Strung Badminton Racket


  • The Astrox Smash is supplied pre-strung with BS1801WH string
  • Comes with head protection to ensure protection from external contaminants
  • The frame of Yonex astrox smash is built with H.M graphite and Nanomesh Neo technology which makes it lightweight, it also increases durability and makes it feel superior
  • Offers increased shaft flex and greater maneuverability which helps the player achieve great speed and power
  • The head shape of the Yonex astrox smash is isometric which helps to enlarge the sweet spot of your badminton racket and increase its efficiency
  • Offers a great option of helping the players with potential power
  • The weight of this racket is categorized in the 6U category which means its weight varies between 74-7 grams
  • The grip size of the grip provided with this racket is G4 which is 8.25 cm

Astrox Smash is the head-heavy offensive badminton racket used by players for powerful, dominant smashes and aggressive attacks. Also, its lightweight frame supports the players who don’t have enough arm strength to deliver dominating smashes and need support. Astrox Smash comes with the Rotational Generator System which means the weight is distributed through the grip end, frame top, and the joint for maximum control so the next shot can be performed with speed and smoothly.

This Badminton Racket comes with the Isometric Head Shape which is in charge of an equal length of horizontal and vertical string wires that enlarges the area sweet spot on your racket for the shuttle. For an uncomplicated grip, this racket comes with the Control Support Cap which gives an 88% wider surface than an ordinary racket. Yonex Astrox Smash comes is available in many different colors at an affordable price which is why it is the first choice of aggressive badminton players.

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Things to keep in mind while buying a racket for Aggressive Play

There are many things that come in work while delivering a powerful smash such as:

  • Shaft Flexibility and frame designs play an important role in delivering a smash.
  • Understanding energy transfer, proper footwork, understanding of an opponent’s weaknesses are really important
  • Swing speed and strength the player put in is vital
  • The player needs a fast racket swing speed
  • The player should put in strength in the smash he is delivering

If the player incorporates the following things while playing offensive, he can certainly catch his opponent off guard and stands a chance of ending the strike. String tension, grip size matter if you have a certain style of playing the game of badminton. You might even want to know about the best badminton rackets grips for your if you really get into your game. You should keep in mind the following things if you want to buy the best badminton rackets for your style of playing.

Head-heavy balance

Heavy-head balance rackets are very popular among players who like to play offensive. Players who like to play from the back of the court, it gives them more mass in the head which increases the power of their clears and smashes. Players who intend on ensuring that they can consistently produce lengthy clears should consider buying a Head-Heavy racket.

Weight (3U)

3U is a standard to weigh badminton rackets. The 3U category comes under the 85-89.9 g weight category, it is considered to be the ideal weight for aggressive players. The badminton rackets under this weight category give you enough weight on your racket to deliver a powerful smash but are light enough for you to move quickly back to your position.


If you are an aggressive player then it is important for you to be fast, flexible racquets offer great power but they can make you lack the speed that is needed in executing a badminton shot. As the shuttle bounces off the string bat of your racket it will be done fast and the strength of your wrist will be transferred to the shuttle. A flexible shaft can offer you power but they do this by compensating for the speed.

String tension

The string tension of your racket can affect your performance as the string tension and the width controls how long your shuttle is going to be in contact with the string bat of your racket.

Thin strings

Thin strings work best for players who like playing aggressively. It provides more power which lets hit the shuttle harder.

Now that you know how to buy the perfect racket for yourself you can go and smash the game.

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