Top 5 Best Badminton Racket Brands in India 2022 |Reviews

Confused to choose which are the best badminton racket brands in India?, then here in this post we are going to reveal top 5 best badminton racket companies in India that you must know before you buy badminton rackets. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or intermediate or advanced player, having a good brand racket on your hand will surely improve your gameplay. And this is common to get confused with so many brands available on the market.

So, in this post, we have picked 5 such brands who have good customers reviews and rating, also build their trust and reputation in the field of badminton equipment’s manufacturing. However, the list consists of those brand which is available in India, but not all brand have their manufacturing unit in India. So, keep reading until the end to know these amazing badminton racket brands.

Here Are Best Badminton Racket Brands in India 2022

Here we go for a list of best racket brands in India, the list below comes with all 5 lists of brands with a brief description, and after that, we will talk in detail about these badminton brands. So, keep reading until the end.


Just after world war II, Yonex established in the year 1946 to deliver meet the demand of single horsepower motor. Yonex stepped into the badminton manufacturing in the year 1957, and currently Yonex Co. Ltd. Is one of the leaders in manufacturing badminton, tennis, and Golf equipment. Yonex is a global company and has reached all around the globe including India. In India, Yonex is one of the best and most popular badminton brands among badminton lovers in the country. Reasonable pricing and great quality of products make this brand trustable for everyone.

Li Ning

Li Ning is a Chinese company started in the year 1989. From the initial days, only this brand was focused on sports and accessories manufacturing. Within a few years of starting this brand becomes very popular among the badminton lovers because of their innovative designs and quality of items. This brand expanded its items to sports apparel, equipment and accessories along with the badminton rackets. In India, after Yonex, Li Ning is the second most popular badminton racket and accessories brand.

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Victor Rackets Industrial Corporation which is popularly known as Victor is sports manufacturing brand that has a wide range of collections of badminton rackets, squash rackets, sportswear, shoes, shuttlecocks and more. These brand badminton rackets are approved by badminton words federation for International and national gameplays. In India, Ashwini Ponnappa is the brand ambassador and has good grip in Indian badminton industry.


In the world of the increasing demand for quality products at a reasonable price, APACS has offer best quality rackets at the best market price. APACS uses innovative technologies and eye catching designs to build worth buying badminton rackets. In India, APACS has established its popularity for their badminton rackets.


This brand Is not just focused on badminton products, SUNLEY has a wide range of sports products for Cricket, Football, Fitness. Comes with international quality and has in-depth knowledge of industry this brand is a good option to pick for your badminton rackets. However, this is the only badminton brands in our list that has their manufacturing unit in India, and all of their products are made in India.

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How to Identify Original Badminton Racket Brands?

As you know, the India market is full of duplicated branded products. So, even if you’re thinking you have bought an original one from the market, it may be not original. Here we have mentioned the pointed you need to identify to choose an original one.

  • Is it too low price compared to the original price? 

In many offline and online marketplace, you will find huge discounts on branded products. Yes, brands give discounts depending on different scales, but it can’t be that cheap.  For example, if a branded badminton racket price is 3000 INR, and someone is selling the same looking racket for 500INR, then you must check twice before buying such rackets. However, trusted online stores like Amazon, Flipkart, and offline malls like big bazaar, reliance store, always provide the original one. But, even if you’re buying from a trusted store, always check the user reviews and brand authenticity.

  • Does the brand logo is real? 

Yes, there are fake rackets available on the market that comes with almost similar looking branded logos. Search the brand logo on Google, and check if the printed logo on the racket looks same or not. If you see any mismatch, that might be a fake one.

  • Does it have a production code? 

Production code is provided uniquely for each racket comes in the market from the brand.  Look carefully does the racket has production code stick into it, if not this may not be an original one.

  • Check the barcode? 

However, this feature doesn’t come with all branded badminton rackets, but in most of them has unique barcode into it. All you need to download a barcode scanner app on your Android or IOS device and scan the barcode. After scanning, it must show the original information on the screen. If the barcode scanner is not able to find information about its manufacturing and brand, then the racket maybe not genuine.

Final Words

We have filtered out a list of best 5 badminton racket brands in India that you can pick for best badminton gaming practices. These are top racket brands manufactures top-quality badminton racket with international standard quality. However, As there are duplicate rackets are there on the market, it is suggested to buy these branded rackets from trusted online or offline stores only. There are some other good brands are also there like Cosco, Speedminton, and more.

But, the above-mentioned brands are the most trusted brands according to user reviews and ratings. Hope you have found your racket brand, let us know in the comment section which racket brand you like most?

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