5 Best Badminton Shuttlecocks in 2022 |Reviews and Buyers Guide

We all know how important it is to get the right kind of badminton racket to play an efficient game. But buying the right kind of shuttlecock is underrated. There are so many things that can affect the speed of the shuttlecock and eventually your overall game. The speed of the shuttlecock is how fast a shuttlecock can travel in how much time and to what distance. This can affect the game. There are many options available in the market but if you have a little experience with badminton then you must know some shuttlecocks feel right and some do not. This is how the speed of the shuttlecock gets affected. There are many factors that affect the speed of the shuttlecock. As to reduce your struggle of finding the top badminton shuttlecock, we are here with the list of top badminton shuttlecocks.

Top 5 Badminton Shuttlecocks

Yonex Mavis 300 Nylon Shuttlecocks

Yonex is one of the most famous brands for producing badminton equipment. Yonex supplies most of the shuttlecocks to the major tournaments and championships. This is one of the top badminton shuttlecocks available in the market. This is a durable racket which helps you hit effective shots. These shuttlecocks are the recipients of various good reviews around the world. These shuttlecocks perform really well if the temperature is between 12-23. I would not recommend using these shuttlecocks in professional matches as they are considered to be practice shuttlecocks.

The price that they come at also explains that. If you are a player looking for shuttlecocks to improve your game then these are the perfect set of shuttlecocks to practice with. You will find these shuttlecocks on any major website which shows the popularity of the product. The efficiency of its product has been tried and tested and because of such good reviews, we have put this set of amazing badminton shuttlecocks in the first place.

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Yonex Mavis 2000 Nylon Badminton Shuttlecock

Another set of badminton shuttlecocks by the world-famous brand Yonex. This set of shuttlecocks is made for players who enjoy an intense game. These shuttlecocks are known for being accurate and precise. These shuttlecocks are used to increase the intensity of the game they are known to be well-balanced. Although you do not get a lot of colour options for this set of shuttlecocks you will enjoy the durability of these shuttlecocks as they last longer when compared to other shuttlecocks. Durable shuttlecocks do not go too heavy on your pocket and you will thoroughly enjoy playing with these great badminton shuttlecocks. With plastic body, these shuttlecocks give you the best experience playing badminton.

The corks of these badminton rackets are of medium speed. Due to its ribbed structure, these shuttlecocks come as durable and sturdy. Also, practice shuttlecocks, there are perfect for practice time. Highly recommended for beginners and intermediate players as it is meant to be played with regularly. As beginners need a lot of practice, these are perfect for beginners.

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Yonex Mavis 350 Plastic Shuttlecocks

Another set of Yonex badminton shuttlecocks which proved to be as good as they promise to be. Today, Yonex is one of the most popular brands for badminton equipment around the world. It would not be wrong to say that everybody might not know the name of brands but they surely know the name of this world-famous brand. Yonex Marvin 350 shuttlecocks have been shortlisted in the standard tournament shuttlecocks. These tried, tested and trusted badminton shuttlecocks are perfect for practising with for testing the accuracy and efficiency of them.

Highly recommended for beginners these shuttlecocks are perfect because of their medium speed and even on high altitudes, these shuttlecocks perform well. Yonex claims the experience of these shuttlecocks is quite as same as of the feather shuttlecocks. Yonex made these shuttlecocks in three colours and you are free to choose from any one of them. Usually, the player can choose their shuttlecocks according to their choice and preference.

Ohuhua LED Badminton Shuttlecock Dark Night Glow Birdies

Very exciting and interesting because of the LED lights present in them. They come as a single box with four of these exciting shuttlecocks. Have you ever wanted to play badminton at night but it was not possible because of the dark. Now you will not have face this problem as these set shuttlecocks come with LED lights that provide enough light to play. But it does not mean that you can not enjoy playing with this badminton during the day.

These amazing shuttlecocks come with buttons which allow you to switch on and off these lights. So, for your convenience, you can play with these during the day too. There are not artificial shuttlecocks made with fake feathers. There are made with real goose feather and a ball head which is the cork of this shuttlecocks. If you take care of these shuttlecocks properly they can last up to months without getting damaged. As they are made with goose feather, they are very durable and sturdy. The overall weight of one shuttlecock is 6.2 grams. The airflow does not affect the flight of the shuttlecock.

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Li-Ning Champ Duck Feather Shuttlecock

Li Ning is a world-famous brand known for the production of quality badminton rackets and badminton equipment. Li-Ning shuttlecocks are known for their quality and efficiency. This Chinese brand has all its focus on sporting goods and apparel especially badminton rackets and badminton equipment. This is the reason that their badminton shuttlecocks are now for their good quality. This set of dozen shuttlecocks are specially made to offer services to advanced and professional players. It offers a superior playing experience. These shuttlecocks are specially designed to give you precise and fast flight performance. They also tend to recover faster than the ordinary feather shuttlecocks out there.

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Different factors affecting the speed of the shuttlecock

As mentioned earlier, there are many factors that affect the speed of the shuttlecock. The speed of the shuttlecock matters a lot as they can determine the pace of the whole game. With the wrong badminton shuttlecock, the pace of the game can get affected and affect the whole game. If you are someone who likes to set the pace of the game,  then it becomes really important to buy a good badminton shuttlecock which will help you in setting the pace of the game. You must have experienced a different feeling when you got a new shuttlecock at a different speed. Sometimes it feels a little hard to play with a different shuttlecock. It is because of the different speed of the shuttlecock.  Different factors that affect the speed of the shuttlecock are the temperature of the region that you live in and the altitude of the area.

  • If you live in an area with high temperatures your shuttlecock will fly faster. As compared to the shuttlecocks that are played within cold temperatures.
  • If you live on higher altitudes or above the sea level then the shuttlecock is likely to fly faster. But if you live in a low altitude area then your shuttlecock will fly slower.

Speed of shuttlecocks

The region where you live also affects the speed of the shuttlecock. The temperature of the area and even the altitude. Do you know what this means? A shuttlecock that flew well in America would not really fly the same in Thailand. So it is equally important for you to get the right shuttlecock. If we talk about different speeds of the shuttlecock then you can determine the speed by flipping the tube and there would be a white sticker on it showing the speed of the badminton racket. Now as to determine which one is faster and which one is slower here is a list to guide you through it.

  • 75- Shuttlecocks with this speed is slow and should be used quite hot regions
  • 76- These shuttlecocks are a little faster than the previous one and it is recommended to use them in hot countries and regions
  • 77- The speed of these shuttlecocks is moderate which means they are neither too fast nor too slow. They should be used in areas with a moderate climate where the temperature does not fluctuate to extremities.
  • 78- Shuttlecocks of these speeds are quite fast. They are supposed to be used in cold regions that are below the sea level
  • 79- These shuttlecocks are considered to be really fast and should be used in really cold regions and countries.

This list is just a guide but you should always get the shuttlecock you are comfortable playing with. You can try by getting a shuttlecock which is recommended for the region you live in but if you find it difficult to play with you can go with another one. If you do not know which one to start with you always go for the shuttlecock with moderate speed and then move further.

How to choose the Right shuttlecock

Different players have different choices and prefer shuttlecock at different speeds. But the choices can differ on the basis of the playing style of the player, gender etc. Usually, children and women who are beginners prefer shuttlecocks that move faster and longer. Although players might have different preferences due to their experience level. Beginners are recommended to commence their journey with shuttlecocks that have relatively higher speed. But it is possible that a beginner might feel comfortable with other shuttlecocks.

If you want to learn to affect the power and control in your shots then you will have to understand the right techniques of playing strokes etc. But this comes with experience and till then you can try playing with a shuttlecock that you find comfortable. Once you learn the right techniques then you will realise that do not really have to put in a lot of effort to hit powerful shots as you will learn the right techniques to do it.

Plastic shuttlecocks are more durable and cheap and feather shuttlecocks are less durable and costly but feather shuttlecocks have better quality as compared to the plastic shuttlecocks. And playing with feather shuttlecocks will let you hear the solid sound of the shuttlecock touching the string bed and plastic shuttlecocks do not give off that sound. I prefer playing with father shuttlecocks but it is about your preference and what you prefer. Play with a shuttlecock that you are comfortable with.

How to take care of your shuttlecocks

If you want durable shuttlecocks then you will have to invest in a brand that produces high-quality shuttlecocks that are more durable than other shuttlecocks. But shuttlecocks are delicate and the speedy and powerful shots can break them quite easily. If you like using feather shuttlecocks then they are less durable than plastic shuttlecocks but it feels better to play with them. You will have to take care of your shuttlecocks as if you invest in high-quality shuttlecocks they are quite expensive. If you play regularly then it will be a burden on your pocket. To save some money you will have to take care of your shuttlecock and here is how you can do it.

One key to expanding the durability of your shuttlecocks is by letting them breathe. When you get a new of shuttlecocks, immediately open them. After opening them take out the shuttlecocks and put them in a cool place for 24-48 before using. This way you are letting them breathe and as a result, the durability of the shuttlecocks get increased.

Another key is by dipping the shuttlecock in warm water for a few seconds only. If you do this do not dip your shuttlecock for a long time as doing this will ruin it. Let them dry on room temperature and leave them for a night and the next day they will be ready to use.


Shuttlecocks are equally as important as other equipment used in the game of badminton. It is equally important to finding the right kind of shuttlecock when buying for badminton shuttlecocks. The best set of 6 great badminton shuttlecocks is Yonex Mavis 300 Nylon Shuttlecocks. These shuttlecocks are highly recommended for beginners and intermediate players as they are known to be the best practising shuttlecocks. Highly durable and sturdy these the best shuttlecocks out there.

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