5 Best Head-Heavy Badminton Rackets 2022 | Reviews

The professional basically used a heavy head badminton racket to play a high-level game. It is because heavy head rackets can provide a comfortable grip and help aggressively attack the shots in the game rounds. Typically, the main focus of heavy heads rackets is on their heads which makes them heavier. These types of rackets usually comprise the high-strung tension capacity that allows a player to hit the shuttle aggressively to play an attacking round over an opponent. For this purpose, you can use head heavy badminton racket for smash in order to win the inning.

Further, you can find several badminton rackets in the market, and all are different from each other. Here, you must observe your needs to find your best match, and you must choose the one that can suit your playing approach. Here, you can find heavy head and light head badminton rackets. And, heavy heads if mainly for the professionals to play high-level badminton rounds. On the other hand, light head badminton can be used by newbies player hands on the game.

5 Best Head-heavy Badminton Rackets of 2022

In this article, let’s discuss the best head heavy badminton racket that can become your perfect playing partner during the badminton rounds. So, below is the list of 5 best and most reliable heavy-head badminton rackets:

Yonex Voltric 0.5DG Slim heavy head racket

If you are searching for a heavy head racket that can offer you the power and the best speed, Yonex voltric 0.5DG is the perfect pick for you. It is the best heavy head racket out of many as it is designed with graphite isometric string that helps a player to accumulate the power to swing the shuttle in the air. Also, the company has added aerodynamics concepts in the rackets that are enough to dominate the opponents. It provides the players to move the shots smoothly on the ground.

Also, you can find a tri-voltage system in the racket that is responsible for putting extra weight on the head of the racket. It is responsible to provide the players with extra grip and comfort to hit the strokes aggressively in the air. You can find many more features in this heavy head racket that a professional player can need to play a long and smooth inning on the court.

So, you can choose Yonex Voltric 0.5DG to get the most reliable shots, perfect shuttle swings, and of course, a comfortable game.


  • Come with an aerodynamics concept to provide smooth shots
  • Contains Tri-voltage system 
  • Graphite isometric string


  • A bit more costly than other rackets

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Yonex Voltric Z Force heavy head badminton racket

The other one is the Yonex Voltric z force which is the best head-heavy badminton racket known for quality and the best durability among professional players. It provides the players’ power, agility, and smooth handling of this racket, and you can find the head is slightly bent while hitting the stroke. Thin frame sides and shaping structure make it suitable for a player. This racket is made from manometric technology, grommet structure, and additional power. Also, it is blessed with an advanced Tri-Voltage System, better frame construction, isometric head shape, slim shaft, and control support cap that makes this racket the best out there.

What’s more, this badminton racket contains a sound filter that provides a player a satisfactory round in order to hit a smash. Many professional players recommend the Yonex Voltric Z racket to play a high-level badminton game to gain an extra exceptional experience. 

So, if you find an affordable head heavy badminton racket, Yonex Voltric z is the best answer for this, and you can get this one as a perfect badminton round partner.


  • Come with a tri-voltage system to provide smooth shots
  • Come with a control support cap
  • Good grip and swing power
  • The best quality that is durable
  • Extra exceptional performance.


  • Need to adjust the net and backhand shots

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Yonex Astrox Smash Heavy head badminton racket

If you are looking for a powerful yet smooth racket for a perfect badminton inning, you can get a Yonex Astrox Smash racket. It contains everything needed by a professional player. It contains the isometric head shape, and extra weight on the sides allows you to dominate the opponents with your aggressive shots. 

Also, the manufacturer added Rotational Generator System technology, Control Support Cap, and the best speed to the racket. The control support cap provides you with an extra comfortable grip and better speed. Further, the rest body of this racket is lightweight, and the head is heavy in order to provide a comfortable playing experience. Also, you can find this one racket is the best head heavy badminton racket under 2000. Hence, it is the best option if you find a racket with affordable rates and higher exceptional performance to play long rounds of the badminton game.

It is the best choice for almost all the players around the world. Thus, if you want a heavy-head badminton racket with high-level performance and speed, you can try this badminton racket as it contains all the features a player needs to play a smooth game. 


  • Come with Rotational generator system technology for smooth shots
  • Make you feel lightweight during games
  • The isometric head shape offers utmost comfort while playing
  • Comfortable grip 
  • Make you less tired


  • Have some quality issues
  • Smashes are not up to the beginners

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Yonex Nanoray 9900 heavy head racket

This racket is top rated head heavy badminton racket under 10000 as it is famous for its high-quality material, exceptional speed, and power, which attracts a player to buy this one to play like a pro on the grounds. It is made from premium quality H.M. graphite and nanotechnology that is known for reducing the weight of the rackets. Also, it features an isometric head shape, control support cap, solid feel core, and razor-sharp frame structures that make this piece unbelievable among the other rackets.

So, if you are a professional and need the best heavy-head badminton racket, you can easily select Yonex Nanoray 9900 racket as it is equipped with all the features required to play a safe and sound game. You can easily handle this racket during the game because of its advanced technology structure and grip.

Ultimately, this heavy head racket is specially made for high-level professionals that need exceptional power to win over their opponents. So, this racket could serve you well on the ground in order to dominate your opponents effortlessly.


  • Best high quality, speed, and power
  • Come in an isometric hand shape and control support cap for smooth rounds
  • Made from nanotechnology
  • Better grip and hand movements


  • Not suitable for beginners because of heavy head

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Yonex voltric Lite 25-1 badminton racket

The Yonex Voltric Lite 25-1 is the Best selling head heavy badminton racket under 3000 that provides you a great experience on the badminton court. If you are looking for a lightweight racket, you can choose this one. But, here, if we talk about the performance, it is equal to the heavy rackets. So, you can choose this racket to play extra exceptional shots with your mate player to win over the opponents.

Also, this graphite racket comes with extra speed, power, strength, and excellent agility. Also, it is equipped with an isometric head shape, aero box frame structure, built-in T joint, control support cap, and higher performance that are enough to possess in the high-quality heavy head badminton rackets. 

Further, you can find it the most convenient racket during the game as it allows you to transfer one shot to another because of its lightweight body structure. Because of its lightweight body, you can balance your turn effectively and play more flexible badminton rounds on the court. So, you can choose those also to enhance your performance.

Further, if you are a beginner and want to learn badminton, you can get a Yonex Voltric Lite badminton racket to grab the basics of the badminton game.


  • Come in the heavy head, but the rest body is light
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Contains isometric head, T joints, and control support caps
  • Provide you extra comfort during playing


  • Bit lite for professionals

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All the above are the best heavy head badminton rackets that are known for their best performance all over the world. You can find your suitable racket after observing you’re playing style, and then you can choose the one that is best for you.

Different styles of playing badminton

There are generally three different kinds of styles that are played. They are attacking and aggressive style, defensive and deceptive style of playing badminton. All three styles are quite different from each other and include different shots and variations. Like any other game, badminton also requires you to understand your strokes and shots to use them as weapons against your opponent. If you play badminton regularly then you might know that the game is all about quick reflexes and strategy to defeat your opponent. You can easily acquire any style of playing badminton if you have a good strategy and a proper technique to deliver your desired shots. There are different shots in all three styles of playing badminton so here is a brief summary of different styles of playing badminton.

The aggressive and attacking style

If you desire to acquire the aggressive style of playing badminton then it includes are a lot of powerful shots and many tricky ones too. The aggressive style needs you to be very precise and strategic. It includes powerful smashes, engaging lobs, more low services than high services, fast pushes and flicks to the rear side of the court from the net, and fast footwork on the court. The players who choose this style to be their own play a lot of controlled shots and powerful smashes. You might not know but the badminton racket you get depends on your style of playing badminton. If you are an offensive player then you would need the best racket to smash and control. Players usually use head-heavy rackets in this style as they need to produce powerful shots.

The deceptive style

The deceptive style of playing badminton involves delivering lobs that are more angled and deep. The services that players deliver are higher than what is served generally. The services are also shot to the baseline of the court. This styles also include drop shots which are much more accurate are deposited really near the net without getting them to touch each other. If you choose this style then you should know that it is not played like the aggressive style. Players do not move very fast and the game overall is not very fast-paced. It also involves drop shots that are sharper, deeper, and more deceptive than any other style. Playing badminton with this style would require you to look at some of the best badminton rackets.

The defence of the player in this style is more reliable and steadier. Push shots in this style to the backcourt are generally more angled and deep. This style does involve a lot of power shots and smashes. Most of the strokes are simple and not so powerful.

The defensive style

The strokes that are delivered in this style are plainer and simpler than any other shots involved in other styles. There is not a lot of variation in the shots that the player delivers. The services of this style are aimed at the rear court and are quite high and deep. The strokes in this style are not very tricky and deceptive but are actually quite easy to master. It does involve a few cross-net shots to tire the opponent out. You might think if this style is so easy why would anyone opt for it. The answer to your question is that the main aim of this style is to tire the opponent out until he loses.

The players do not just play with one style but they actually use a mixture of two of the three styles to confuse or surprise their opponent. Here, typically one style dominates and the other style is used once in a while to get some variation.

Things to keep in mind before buying a head-heavy badminton

It is not easy to buy a badminton racket and it is especially not very easy to get a racket for perfecting those violent smashes. There are a few things that you need to keep in mind before buying a head-heavy racket. If you are going to buy a head-heavy badminton racket then follow the guidelines given below to get the perfect racket.

  • The stiffness of the racket should be medium to high. A badminton racket that is too flexible will not be able to provide with you the kind of power you need to hit a smash. Rackets with a stiff shaft yield more power and more vibrations that is why rackets with stiff shafts are perfect for aggressive players. The main advantage of having a racket with a stiff shaft is that you do not need to hit the shuttle with a lot of effort and the racket does the work for you.
  • It is kind of obvious but the balance type of the racket should be head-heavy. This helps you to produce high-power smashes and precise shots.
  • The string tension of the badminton should be high if you want to make unexpected shots. High string tension also saves a lot of your efforts and power. High string tension offers more repulsion power than others.


After discussing the five best heavy head badminton rackets, we have concluded these heavy head badminton rackets are the best and most reliable rackets that are in demand by players across the globe. These rackets are made of the best quality and offer the utmost comfort during the game.

Also, the advanced innovative technology has made these rackets more reliable and offered the players to accumulate extra powers in order to dominate the opponents. With these racket series, you can play an unbelievable game round with more agility and speed. So, find your best match to play the more smooth game with your mate players.

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