10 Best Li Ning Badminton Rackets | Reviews 2022

Looking for top-rated best Li Ning badminton rackets of 2022 ? If yes, you’re on the right page. In this blog, I am going to talk about the most popular best-selling Li Ning badminton rackets that you must buy.

Badminton has always been the most played sport in India by people of all age groups. With the recent winnings of PV Sindhu and Saina Nehwal, its popularity has risen. It is one of those sports that is played professionally on an indoor court or enjoyed during picnics as well. It is also an excellent way of working out for many people as it allows you to burn a good number of calories in a day. Even if you are playing badminton for only 60 minutes, it will burn around 270 calories. If played professionally, it will allow the player to burn around 500 calories at the same time. Whatever is your reason to play, it is important to have a piece of good knowledge about the game and also about the racket as it will help you deliver nice shots.

List of top 10 Li-Ning Badminton Rackets in 2022

There are a number of brands available in the market like Yonex, Victor, Li Ning, Cosco, etc. but choosing the right one is important. Li Ning is a popular and trusted Chinese company and a leading manufacturing firm in the design and development of sports equipment. The company provides some of the best world-class badminton rackets in the world. Most of the top badminton players use rackets from the Li Ning brand. The shoes from this brand are also very popular among badminton players.

Here we will provide a detailed introduction of 10 different Li Ning badminton rackets Reviews and Buyers Guide.

Best Li Ning Badminton Rackets of 2022: Reviews

The list of rackets above will provide you with a deep understanding of some of the popular rackets from the Li Ning brand.

1. Li Ning Turbo X 70 G4 Strung Graphite

This is one of the most popular badminton rackets from Li Ning which was launched in 2018. This is a brand new racket model, made up of high tension. It is available in two colors – Black and Lime. It weighs between 84 grams to 90 grams and comes with a thermal racket bag from Li Ning.

The racket also provides the Aerotec-Beam system for quick &easy handling with high-intensity shots. This racket is made up of graphite with a grip size of G4.

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2. Li Ning Turbo X 90-II Carbon Graphite

This is one of the popular choices and an advanced version of the Turbo X50, 60 series for the badminton players. High carbon graphite is used to build this racket and it ensures the right balance between the shaft and the weight. The wing stabilizer allows the players to give power strokes, regardless of a strong defense.

The racket weighs around 87 grams with a maximum tension of 29 lbs. Slim shaft is one of the key features of this racket which is used to produce an aerodynamic shaft for stronger shots. It is a high-tech racket that allows the players to play offensive or defensive. The air resistance of the racket is best when it is swung at a high speed.

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3. Li Ning XP-IV Blend Racket

This is a perfect badminton racket launched in 2019 for beginner and intermediate players of all age groups. It consists of an aluminum frame which makes it light in weight, more elastic. Shock absorbing and easy to handle. It has high bounce strength due to its low torsion material of steel.

This is one of those rackets that does not make the player exhausted and they can play for a longer period. There is a lot of air resistance which makes the racket swing quite high.

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4. Li Ning SS-G5 Series Carbon Graphite Strung

This is the latest 5th generation (G5) racket from Li Ning and one of the most popular rackets in the Super Series. It is made of carbon fiber and is available in two colors – Dark Gray and Orange. The total weight ranges between 85 grams to 87 grams and the height is 67.5 inches which makes it easy to carry and handle.

This racket is suitable for intermediate and advanced players who are looking for more power in their racket and mostly play on the defensive side of the game. It provides a fast swing and comes with an Aerotec-Beam system that allows generating less air resistance. Due to its fast swing capability, it allows the players to go with powerful shots in the game.

The shape of the racket head is isometric which allows an effective area for hitting.

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5. Li Ning XP 901

This is a new signature series from Li Ning ideal of beginner and intermediate players. It provides high tension and balance as it is made up of high carbon graphite. It is also based on Aerotec-Beam system technology.

It is capable of bearing higher tension for stronger strokes. As it is made up of carbon fiber, it is capable of higher strength and rigidity. This also helps in reducing the problem of frame deformation. The weight ranges from 85 to 87 grams and comes with an isometric shape.

It is available in black and green color with an aluminum alloy frame. If you are a fan of PV Sindhu then this must be a perfect choice of racket for you.

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6. Li Ning G-Tek Series Strung

The body of the racket is made up of graphite with an aluminum head that provides high tension. It is a very stylish racket and is available in multicolor. With the isometric shape of the head, the player will get more power and the opportunity to hit powerful shots. This is a perfect racket for beginner and intermediate players.

It is designed with a carbon fiber reinforcement technology that provides a stronger configuration for the racket. This technology also allows for greater durability and stiffness.

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7. Li Ning XP 900-JR Blend

The weight of this racket weighs between 85 to 87 grams and is suitable for beginners and intermediate junior players. The frame comes with an isometric shape that provides high intensity to the racket. It also increases the striking power and also provides more stability to the player.

It comes with a box-shaped power frame that provides a stable structure for improved smashes. It has more smashing power as compared to the older rackets from the same series. It comes in two colors – Red and Orange.

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8. Li Ning SS-X Series with Carbon Graphite Strung

SS-X series is one of the most popular series of badminton rackets from Li Ning. This series of rackets are made up of carbon graphite that helps to bear high tension and makes them durable as well. The normal weight range of this series is between 85 to 87 grams.

The rackets from this series are not expensive as well and if you are looking to buy one as a beginner or an intermediate player, this is a perfect choice of racket for you. It comes in various colors, like Black, White, and Pink as well. It has a soft flex with an S2 grip size. They also provide a high tensile slim shaft.

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9. Li Ning XP 800

This is another signature series and newly launched rackets from Li Ning and is ideal for beginner or intermediate players. It is made of aluminum alloy with a string level of 18 to 20 lbs. It is heavy and ranges from 90 to 95 grams as compared to some of the other rackets from the same brand.

It also comes with an isometric shape and two ranges of colors – Black and Orange. The slim shaft with a diameter of around 7mm provides unique elasticity and high transmitting power as well.

The torsion angle of the racket is quite stable and allows the player to swing the racket at high speed with less air resistance. This racket is best for those players who are looking for greater stability in their game. It also provides a thin grip handle without a cushion.

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10. Li Ning Super Series

This is the last but not the least shortlisted racket in our list of rackets from Li Ning. It is designed for all-level players and weighs between 90 to 94 grams. It has an oval head shape that provides greater flexibility to the player. It also comes with a low torsion steel shaft with an S2 grip size.

The carbon fiber is used to build this racket which decreases the weight of the racket for greater strength and control. The frame is made up of carbon fiber which provides greater rigidity to the racket.

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How to choose perfect Badminton Racket ?

Choosing the right racket according to your choice and need is very important. There are a number of factors that need to be considered while buying a good racket like weight, shaft material, balance, flexibility, sweet spot, stiffness, and brand. Choosing the right brand is very important as you will get everything in one package. Let’s have a look at some of the factors that need to be looked upon before buying a good badminton racket –

  • Stroke power – the racket should multiply the power of stroke by the player and it should match the style of the player as well. The stroking power of the racket should be high enough to hit strong smashes.
  • Easy to maneuver – the racket should offer long-lasting durability for greater performance.
  • Flexibility – the racket should be able to provide optimum repulsion as well to generate greater power while playing.
  • Weight – the racket should weigh between 85 grams to 92 grams, excluding the weight of grip and the string.
  • Balancing – the racket should have a proper balance. If your finger is closer to the head, then it is considered as a power racket as the balance point is higher. If the finger is close to the handle of the racket, then it is a control racket because of the lower balance point.
  • Sweet spot – it is a very popular term used by badminton players. It is basically the center spot in the racket head. The game largely depends on the sweet spot as hitting the shuttlecock on this position gives maximum power to the player.
  • Material – the material of the racket is very important as the weight of the rackets depends highly on the material used. Some of the commonly used materials for badminton rackets are graphite, aluminum, and carbon fiber. The durability of the rackets also depends upon the material used.
  • Stem or shaft – the overall performance and behavior of the racket depend on the shaft or stem of the racket. The ideal length of the racket is 675mm, and it is commonly referred to as a long shaft. The longer the shaft, the more powerful is the racket. It does not mean that the rackets with shorter shafts are not powerful. The rackets with shorter shaft allow for limited deformation and also allows the player to hit stronger smashes in the game.
  • Stiffness – the stiffness of the racket ranges from flexible to semi-stiff and very stiff rackets. The swing speed should directly match the stiffness of the racket. If the racket is over stiffed, then it does not provide additional power to the player. Semi-stiffed rackets are the ideal choice of rackets for most of the badminton players in the world.


It is very important to select the right style of sports gear, regardless of the sport you are playing. In the case of badminton, choosing the right style makes it very easy for the player to select a racket. The game will be more effective for the player if he or she has chosen the right racket style. It also affects the speed and effectiveness of the game as well. Badminton has always provided a number of health benefits as well to the player. If you are interested in doing cardio, then badminton is a perfect choice for you as it helps your body to swing and move in all directions. Badminton players mostly have lower cholesterol levels as their body stays very active while playing.

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