Top 10 Best Badminton Racket for Singles: Reviews and Buyers Guide

Hello, badminton lovers. I am back with a new post of best badminton rackets series. Today, I am going to share the top 10 best badminton rackets for singles.

Players who like to play singles always face problem to choose their badminton rackets, as doubles badminton rackets are not a perfect match for single players. Also, one has to check the parameters like weight, flexibility, shape of the rackets, smash and controlling. In this buyer’s guide, I am not just going to share the top 10 list of recommended rackets for singles, but also will discuss the things you must know before choosing a badminton racket for singles. So, keep reading till the end…

List of Top Badminton Racket for Singles

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Important Factors to consider before purchasing the Singles badminton racket

Find below a few important factors to consider before purchasing the badminton racket:

Stiffness & Length – It is important to consider the shaft stiffness. If the shaft bends more will offer power with less consistency. The less bending shaft will offer more consistency with less power. The game-changer can be your racket’s length. The length should range from 665mm and up to 680mm. It is advisable to choose the comfortable length for better gameplay. The length should not be too long or too small.

Grip – The vital role of your racket grip will assist to handle the racket. Towel & Synthetic are two different available grips. The Towel grips will be soft in touch and easily absorb sweat. It is essential to replace the grips when compared to Synthetic grips. The Synthetic grips are glossy and smooth. But they are not good at absorbing sweat.

Strings Tension – The badminton’s strong characteristic lies within the racket strings. The strings tension will change the gameplay and allow the play to channel with a good stroke or force. To play big & strong shots, you need to have a greater strings tension on your racket.

Frame Shape – Three different shapes are available: ISO, Extra, and Traditional. ISO & Extra frames are commonly replaced by the Traditional racket frames since they are much larger than the Traditional frames. The ISO has a frame with 370cm2, Extra fame with 340 cm2, and a traditional frame with 330 cm2 in sizes. ISO shaped racket frames are used by the professionals due to its larger area. You can hit using the sweet spot with the help of a larger area on your racket’s frame.

Important Things to consider before purchasing the Badminton racket

Find below a list of important things to consider before purchasing the badminton racket:

Racket Weight – The weight is measured by “Uâ€; the weight may vary depending upon the smaller number. For example 4U (80 grams to 84 grams) and 3U (85 grams to 89 grams). It is recommended for the Singles play to choose the 3U option to gain more stability, little speed, and overall mass (balance will not get affected). The 3U badminton rackets are standard for the singles players. If you want to know more about badminton racket weight, read my guide: What is the Ideal Weight for a Good Badminton Racket?

Flexible – The flexible shaft will assist to bend & unbend more easily to gain the required level of racket’s bend & unbend by the players. The flexible frame will offer fast swing-speed and more explosive for the player to connect the shuttle in advance. You will lose the power & control if the shaft bent backward and unbends.

Balance – The entire Badminton rackets are divided into three categories based on the racket’s weight and balance. They are Even-Balance, Head-Light, and Head-Heavy. The Even-Balance rackets will distribute the mass evenly across the racket. Head-Light rackets will shift the entire mass to the racket’s handle and result in a lighter head. Head-Heavy rackets will shift the entire mass to the racket’s head and result with heavier head.

Shaft Flexibility – Shaft Flexibility is one of the important things that you need to consider while buying the badminton racket. It is purely based on your arm or wrist speed. They are divided into three different categories: Stiff, Medium, and Flexible. Some manufacturers still have two more variations such as Extra Stiff and Medium-Stiff.

Best Badminton Rackets for Singles: In-Depth Reviews

Find below the list of best badminton rackets for singles.

Yonex Voltric ZF2 (Force 2) Badminton Racket

Yonex Voltric Z Force II.jpg

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Yonex Voltric ZF 2 (Force-2) Badminton racket is one of the best collections with high-quality products. If you prefer to play both the Doubles and as well as the Singles game along with more versatility then you can opt for this badminton racket. This racket could be the best choice to play every game. It is an excellent choice that includes some good features.

Yonex Voltric ZF 2 (Force-2) Badminton racket has some extra stiff flex and comes with an Isometric head shape. The frame material is Nanometric, Tungsten, Sound Filter, and High Modulus graphite. The shaft material is Nanometric, EX-HMG, and High Modulus Graphite. The product weights with 3U value and ranges from 85 grams to 89 grams.

Victor Thruster K8000 Badminton Racket

Victor K 8000.jpg

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Victor brand is one of the most popular and leading companies across the globe that manufactures the best badminton rackets for both Singles and Doubles. The best Singles badminton racket of this brand is the Victor Thruster K8000. It is good enough to play for both intermediate and beginner players. This 3U racket comes with the G5 grip type. The grip is so effective and will never slip from your hand.

This badminton racket also offers sensational forces and speeds through the air. It comes with an ultra-lightweight frame and design. The frame material is made of Nano Resin and Multi-layer Graphene. The shaft material with 7.0, Nano Resin, and Ultra-high modulus Graphite. It includes a good head high balance for powerful shots. The racket’s performances are enhanced during the gameplay by using Victor technologies.

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Yonex Voltric LD-Force Black Singles Badminton Racket

Yonex LD Force.jpg

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Most of us prefer to choose the most expert and professional manufacturers across the globe to purchase the best Singles badminton racket. Yonex is one of the leading manufacturers and highly dependable brand to offer the top-most quality rackets. You will be surely impressed by the Yonex Voltric LD-Force Black racket. This racket has some stiff flex and includes some best features.

It includes a good head high balance for powerful shots. This racket is not too heavy and comes with a 4U frame and 4G grip type. The string tension of this racket is within 20 lbs to 28 lbs. The frame is made of Tungsten, Nanometric DR, and high modulus Graphite, while the shaft materials are Nanometric and high modulus Graphite.

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Yonex Duora 8 XP Badminton Racket

Yonex Duora.jpg

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Yonex Badminton racket offers the next top-range rackets named as Yonex Duora 8 XP. This racket has a neutral balanced stiffer head and will be delightful for intermediate & aggressive players to offer more powerful drives and smashes. It is always present with the dual optimum system concept. This badminton racket is equipped with Nanometric DR Technology to get maximum power and also Box geometry to get the increased precision and comfort.

With the short preparation of including the Ni-Ti (an alloy of nickel-titanium) compound will offer dry strikes with repulsion and enhanced stiffness. You can gain maximum whipping speed with the help of the Aero geometry feature with high penetration through the air. Vibslayer Carbon, the new construction of novelty technology is located within the racket head & frame to absorb vibrations and allow tension to the entire racket. Yonex Duora 8 XP racket’s tension withstands up to a maximum of 16 kg with stronger ad thicker.


  • Very powerful smashes.
  • Pleasant typing sound.
  • Very versatile and comfortable to play.
  • Accurate on entire keystrokes.


  • For beginners, this racket could be difficult to play.
  • It requires some adaptation time.

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Wilson Recon P3500 Badminton Racket

Wilson P3500.jpg

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Wilson Recon P3500 Singles Badminton Racket offers 4U weight range with more maneuverability, head resolutely offensive, and semi-stiff torque. The silver hues with beautiful design mixture of navy & sky blue colors. It is equipped with a new design technology named Stable Wrap. You can gain fast strikes with great stability with the help of T-joint design along with more accuracy during the gameplay.

Wilson P3500 is also constructed using the Power Rod system. The racket’s shaft is extended to the handle’s bottom for more punching power and increased repulsion. It is further complemented with the Power Skin to amplitude the strike and also increases the speed.


  • Very powerful smashes and pleasant typing sound.
  • Very versatile and remarkable gaming sensations.
  • Very tolerant and comfortable to play.
  • Not too head weight.
  • Lightness feeling.
  • Very nice and original look.
  • Handy racket.


  • Too thick Grip base.
  • Lack of accuracy.
  • Too soft stem.

Li-Ning X1 XIPHOS White Badminton Racket

Li Ning XiPHOS.jpg

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Li-Ning X1 XIPHOS White badminton racket is combined with both technicality and elegance. This high-end and multi-control range badminton racket can offer excellence with fresh air. The racket uses the premium carbon for the combination of both performance and strength. The versatility is proven with an intermediate weight of around 87 grams with head heavy profile and semi-stiffness. The shaft will offer more responsiveness to ensure efficient aerodynamics with the help of High tensile slim and the Wing Stabilizer.

This product comes with a Box-type frame. It is especially characterized by diabolical precision with strikes that are greatly stabilized and incredibly flat head. Li-Ning X1 XIPHOS racket will offer power and versatility by improving the entire key compartments. The best singles badminton rackets for experienced players, who prefer to combine both performance and style during the gameplay.


  • Very powerful smashes.
  • Comfortable to play.
  • Very tolerant.
  • Not too head weight.
  • Handy racket.


  • Flexibility does not have enough stiffness.
  • The net area has some sensations.
  • The shaft is not enough responsive.

Yonex Nanoray 750 Badminton Racket

Yonex Nanoray 750.jpg

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You need to choose the ideal badminton racket that can offer power, reactivity, and maneuverability while facing your opponent. Yonex Nanoray 750 racket can maintain the frame with its high-end standards. Its reputation is justified by the ample technical components. The racket’s shaft is lightening by using Nanometric technology. The Trans-weight system combination can offer more versatility that can transfer the weight during your triggering shot.

Yonex Nanoray 750 badminton racket also includes the compound X-Fullerene. This technology can offer more punchy shots, stiffness for drier, and maximum repulsion. You can even shine in defense with the help of headlight and semi-stiffness profile.


  • Very much balanced racket.
  • Lightness feeling.
  • Accurate on entire keystrokes.
  • Very nice and original look.


  • Baseline lacks power.

Yonex 77 Astrox Yellow Badminton Racket

Yonex 77.jpg

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Yonex 77 Astrox Yellow Badminton racket comes with a new look, preserved maneuverability, devastating power, and more stings to smash. The classic combination of 3U weight (around 87 grams) and head affirmed with semi-stiffness equilibrium. The Astrox 77 with a technological arsenal will offer a unique play feeling. The Rotational Generator system will distribute the racket’s load harmoniously. Yonex 77 Astrox with the new vision of versatility will include the leading weight, the shaft with T-joint +, and spread the weights across the racket head.

The offensive phases can take the opportunities with an improved attack on the angle with an average of 2.3°. The frame includes the Nano-materials integrated directly with revolutionary graphite and all-carbon Namd. It can offer an effective and direct link between graphite and resin to store energy in the entire frame with restoring the steering wheel and also during quick strikes.


  • Pleasant typing sound and Remarkable gaming sensations.
  • Very versatile.
  • Accurate on entire keystrokes.
  • Well balanced racket.
  • Very nice and original look.
  • Effective and Innovative technical concept.
  • Accurate and stiff racket head.


  • It requires adaptation time.
  • Flexibility with more stiffness.
  • A little bit harder for gameplay.

Babolat Satellite 74 Gravity Racket

Babolat 74.jpg

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Babolat Satellite 74 Gravity is one of the balanced and most popular badminton rackets. It weighs around 74 grams with extreme maneuverability and lightness feeling. Users can enjoy exceptional tolerance and playability. This racket comes with gray and orange dress along with SLIM T Technology & ultra-thin patented T-joint to create a perfect connection within the racket head & shaft for an exceptional game and aerodynamics sensations.

The carbon fiber reinforcements within the racket head will offer improved accuracy, ultra-lightweight, and incredibly powerful racket. This racket is suitable for defensive players to gain maneuverability and accuracy. It reacts much faster like the speed of lightning with good control.


  • Perfect at affordable prices.
  • Well balanced badminton racket.
  • Lightness feeling.
  • Accurate on entire keystrokes.
  • Very nice and original look.
  • Powerful headlight.


  • The baseline will lack power.

Li-Ning G-Tek 58-II Singles Badminton Racket

Li Ing 58-II.jpg

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Li-Ning G-Tek 58-II Singles Badminton racket will offer precise and powerful shots with the help of its isometric head shape frame. This lightweight badminton racket with Aluminum frame can assist the player to make some perfect shots and natural swings. The enlarged sweet spot within the isometric head shape frame will provide third line shots, excellent, and powerful smashes. The graphite construction will provide extreme durability to the racket.

This is one of the suitable singles rackets for intermediate and beginners players that can utilize for longer times during their practice sessions. Users will enjoy the racket’s extreme flexibility with the assistance of the racket’s bio inner core. The racket’s control is improved by using Nanotechnology.


So, That’s it. I have listed down top-recommended badminton rackets for singles with reviews and analysis. Also, i have mentioned helpful buyers guide to choose badminton rackets for yourself. Now it’s your turn, choose a single badminton racket from above and start your game. All the best!

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