5 Best APACS Badminton Rackets | Reviews 2022

Every player has a recommended brand of their choice. If yours is Apacs then here are some of the best APACS badminton rackets. Every badminton player whether professional or not have a preferred brand for their badminton rackets. If you prefer APACS then you have a very smart taste in badminton rackets. APACS is a Malaysian company, over the years it has produces and badminton rackets with new technology for the advancement of the sport and for the players. APACS is one of the most trusted brands in Asia and particularly in Malaysia for twelve years. It is a promising brand that promises to give its users the best there is to offer In the field of badminton and sports. The brand specializes in producing equipment for the world’s fastest racket sport, badminton. If your preferred brand for badminton rackets is Apacs over other brands then you need to check the 5 best Apacs badminton rackets reviews and buying guide.

Best APACS Badminton Rackets 2022 – Reviews

With its stores all around the world, APACS has opened their services online to and you can easily buy their fabulous rackets on too. The brand sells its equipment on Amazon and my other online websites. It is possible that you might like it is little better than APACS like Yonex, Li-Ning, Ashaway, Cosco, Victor, etc. But you have to try APACS once and then decide if you like it or not. Many professional players like Ko Sung Hyun and Shin Baek Cheol use APACS rackets for playing in professional championships. The Korean players are consistent with APACS rackets and are recorded to do better with them. But before you buy a racket of any brand, you need to check the racket for a few things.

APACS FW 500 Featherweight Racket


  • The Material used to make the racket: Graphite
  • The racket is developed with the new “hexagon throat” design which enhances the pace of the stroke and extra damping function, overall it increases performance with strength and higher charge
  • This racket is lightweight: the lightweight body produces remarkably fast strokes and swings.
  • Developed to accommodate players who want extra pace, faster strokes, and the sharper maneuverability
  • the handle is made with graphite to make the racket lightweight and to increase the durability of the racket
  • Strung Type:- Unstrung
  • Grip Size: G4 – 8.25 cm
  • Weight: 63 g
  • Head Shape:- Isometric Shape
  • Beam Width:- 22 mm


APACS FW 500 Featherweight Racket is an improvement and the successor of the not so celebrated APACS Featherweight 200. This racket is an improvement of APACS Featherweight 200 which is why it has the first position as it is the Best APACS badminton racket. It is quite swift and easy to play with. It offers a handle made of graphite instead of wood which is responsible for its lightweight and swift handling. You can get a cheaper version of it with a wooden handle but it is not worth buying as there are many fakes of this badminton racket in the market. This racket is recommended for aggressive players and players who play singles. If you like playing from the backcourt and winning the game by delivering powerful smashes and netting then this badminton racket is definitely for you.

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APACS Unisex Finapi 232 Unstrung Badminton Racket


  • Highly recommended for advanced players and have expertise and experience in playing the game
  • The flexibility of this racket is medium which is perfect for aggressive players.
  • This racket weighs 85-87 g which is categorized under the ideal category that is 3U
  •  It features an isometric head that enrages the area of contact between the shuttlecock and the string bed, eventually enlargening the sweet spot.
  • Recommended String tension for this APACS racket is 35 lbs.
  • The grip size is G4


It is a high-quality graphite material. This racket is made with premium quality graphite which is the reason that it is a lightweight racket perfect for everyone. It has a medium flex shaft which when combined with its isometric head shape offers a perfect racket for aggressive players who like to play from the back of the court and love the netting it involves. If you are an offensive player then this racket might be the one for you.

It offers a wide aerodynamic head which offers excellent repulsion power. The lightweight design of the racket gives you easy handling, more speed, and smoother swings which feels like swinging a sword. This racket has an aerodynamic wide head which helps you put more strength, power, and speed in your shots. APACS Unisex Finapi 232 Unstrung Badminton Racket is developed with a new technology called carbon nanotube which helps to combine great strength and swift handling which improves your performance with strength and more command.

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APACS Vanguard 11 Unstrung Badminton Racket


  • this racket comes unstrung which means you can get its strings set according to your preference of string tension
  • the grip of the racket is synthetic and the grip size of the grip is G4 – 8.25 cm
  • The weight of this racket is categorized under  the ideal category of the weight of badminton which is 3u
  • the wide isometric shape of this racket makes you hit the shuttlecock with more power as it enlarges the sweet spot of the badminton racket
  • the beamwidth of this racket is 20.5mm


The performance of this racket is considered to be the same as Yonex Arc Saber 11 red badminton racket. Vanguard 11 is made in such a way that gives you the power to deliver sharper smashes and also lets you enjoy the accurate drop shots and netting play. The combination of its lightweight body and isometric head shape enables you to swing the racket like a sword, with a very specific and powerful fulfilling.

The vanguard 11 is a remarkably speedy racket and is great for you if you are a persistent offender (someone who loves delivering continuous smashes). The racket has great balance and is very fun to play with. The performance of this racket is outstanding because of the many factors that make it the awesome racket that it is. The wide aerodynamic isometric head shape gives you excellent repulsion power and makes you deliver faster and sharper shots to get a point against your opponent.

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Apacs Z-Ziggler Limited Edition Badminton Racket


  • The material used to make this racket is graphite which is the reason for its lightweight and durability
  • This racket features an Isometric head frame which equalizes the stretch of central and cross strings in the racket
  • HMG or the high module graphite is used in both of the sides of the frame to give power and prolonging to produce a high repulsion power
  • The enlarged area of the sweet-spot offers more consistent shots even on off-center hits
  • It comes unstrung which means you can set the string tension according to your preference
  • The grip size of the racket is G1
  • This racket is on the heavier side and weighs 90 grams
  • The beam Width of this racker is 26.8 grams


Apacs Z-Ziggler limited edition Unstrung Badminton Racket has similar to the Yonex Voltric z-force II badminton racket. If you love playing sharper shots and accurate drop shots and netting play then racket might be the one for you. This racker is produced with a new technology called “triple-speed system frame” which lets you join some of the main factors of badminton. Exceptional strength and swift handling give you enhanced performance skills with more strength and more command over the racket. The compact frame of this racket increases the pace of your swings which eventually improves your overall performance.

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APACS Dual Power Speed Version Unstrung Badminton Racket


  • This racket comes Unstrung which means you can get it set yourself according to your preference
  • The grip size of the grip of this racket is G4(8.25 cm)
  • The racket weighs 85 g which comes under the 3U category which is considered to be ideal
  • The isometric Shape of the head of this racket enlarges the sweet spot of the racket
  • width of the beam of this racket is 20mm


The Apacs Dual Power Speed features an Apacs latest POWER SPEED frame. The box shape of the frame gives you enough power to deliver powerful smashes. The lightweight sides of the frame give you speed which leads to speedy swings. The Apacs Dual Power Speed is suitable for all-rounders and defensive players. Trick shots with rackets are good as this racker offers swift handling.

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Things to keep in mind before buying a Badminton Racket

Even if you are a beginner, you need to learn how to buy the perfect racket for yourself. Because there are many things you need to understand about badminton rackets and how those things matter and how they can affect your gameplay. There are four things that you need to pay attention to.

Weight of the racket

The weight of the racket is denoted by U. The smaller the number with U the heavier the racket is. The ideal weight of a racket is 80-100 grams. But it depends on the preference of the player if you are comfortable with an extremely light racket then you will be uncomfortable with a heavier racket. Here is how the weight of the racket is categorized.

  • 4U: 80-84g
  • 3U: 85-89g
  • 2U: 90-94g
  • 1U: 95-100g

The balance point of the racket

The balance point is also an important factor you need to pay attention to. It determines the balance of the racket or where the major weight of the badminton is located. If you already have a racket and don’t know about its balance just put it below the head of your racket and see which way the racket slopes. The three categories of balance are:


If a racket has a heavy head then there is more mass to the head of the racket. This kind of racket is highly suitable for the players who like playing powerful and aggressive games for the back of the court as it increases the strength in the shots. Head-heavy rackets are the rackets for you if you like having long rallies. This kind of racket produces lengthy clears which turns out to be a weapon for those who like to have long exchanges.


If a racket has a light head then there is less mass to the head of the racket and more towards the end of it. Players who are fond of playing in doubles tend to have head-light rackets as they need to respond quickly to the opponent’s smashes and shots. Head-light rackets are much easier to control and swing which reduces the reaction time. it is suitable for you if you like to kill the game from the frontcourt.

Even balance

Evenly balanced rackets are the middle ground. It is neither heavy on the head nor heavy on the end. If it is evenly balanced and will not tilt on either side. If you are a beginner and are yet not sure about your style of playing then you can definitely go for even a balanced racket. It will give you some experience and an understanding of the game. Once you establish your style you can go for a head-heavy or head-light badminton racket to improve your game.

String tension

If you want to test the string tension of your badminton racket then just press your palm against the string bed of your racket and check how much it sinks. The ideal string tension for most of the players is 1mm and if your strings also sunk 1mm then it has ideal string tension. If you want more power and strength in your shots then you will have to get higher string tension. If you are a beginner then 22- 23 lbs is good to go. You might know but the string tension also depends on your region. Strings expand in tropical regions you should consider this factor also.

Grip size of your racket

Grip types and grip sizes can greatly affect your game. If your hands are sweaty then the racket might slip from your hand and you might feel uncomfortable which is not good for you especially while playing. There are two types of grips that are available for players. Synthetic and Towel.

Towel grips are good for absorbing sweat. If you sweat a lot then you can use towel grips but due to their excellent sweat absorbing capacity they are more prone to germs and bacteria. Due to this, it requires frequent replacements. Towel grips can get a little messy.

synthetic grips are slick and not messy like towel grips. But it is possible that you will get uncomfortable while playing because of their poor sweat absorbing capacity.

grip sizes also affect the gameplay and depend on the preference of the players. There are different grip sizes available. Bigger grips are recommended if you like tight hold on badminton to generate more power. Smaller grips are recommended if you are more of a deceptive player.


Buying a badminton racket is easy but buying the right one for yourself is not. If your preferred brand for your badminton rackets is Apacs then this list of 5 Best APACS Badminton Rackets with reviews will give you the right idea as to which badminton to buy. APACS FW 500 Featherweight Racket was our absolute favorite among other rackets Apacs offers. It met all the requirements an intermediate player has. Other badminton rackets in our list are merely alternatives to the first one.

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