10 Best COSCO Badminton Rackets of 2022 | Reviews

Hello badminton lovers! Today, I am going to talk about the top 10 best Cosco badminton rackets of 2022 within detail reviews and ultimate buyers guide to choose perfect Cosco badminton racket for yourself. Keep reading till the end to pick the best one for you.

Badminton is a sport which is loved by one and all. There are so many different badminton brands when it comes to rackets. It is very important to use good rackets while playing, as it will help l in enhancing your game performance by providing a perfect grip and a better way of managing the game. Badminton rackets differ in their prices and you can choose which racket would be best for you. Cosco is of the biggest sports equipment manufacturer in India and if you are in badminton then you must have played with Cosco rackets. Whether its beginners, intermediate or professional level player, cosco rackets is preferred by every badminton player.

List of top 10 COSCO Badminton Rackets in 2022

Cosco is the leader in manufacturing sports equipment in India with a well-reputed name in the sports market. It was established in 1980 with Golden status export house certificate. Apart from manufacturing sports equipment, the company also manufactures health and fitness equipment with a range of international quality. Cosco manufacture equipment for various sports such as basketball, volleyball, swimming, table tennis, cricket, tennis, squash and jogging, and court shoes as well. Cosco has also in association with The world federation of the sporting goods industry, The sports goods export promotion council and also with The sports Goods foundation of India. Every tournament or sports league in India uses the finest equipment made by Cosco.

Best Cosco Badminton Rackets of 2022 Reviewed

Below are some of the best handpicked Cosco badminton rackets within detailed reviews.

1. Cosco Cb-88 badminton racket review

This Cosco racket is light weighted and easy to carry. It has a grip of G5 and the body is made of aluminum making it easy to hold and handle. The tension of the racket is 18-20 lbs and it weighs about 100 grams. It gives a balance of 305mm and this racket is best for any kind of recreational activity. All the specifications of this racket make it the best choice for intermediate and professional players.

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2. Cosco Cb-89 Badminton racket review

This badminton racket is quite sturdy and it weighs approx. 100gms. It has tensions weighing about 10-20 lbs. The body is made of both aluminum and steel. The frame is 12 diameter (mm) and the grip is PU and G5. Many people have recommended this racket and have really loved it. This Cosco racket comes in a packaged box and has a guarantee of about 2 years.

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3. Cosco Cb-885 Badminton racket review

This Cosco badminton racket is made of pure aluminum and alloy making it more flexible and increasing the strength of the bat. With the grip size of G5 and alloy makes it easier to hold and a better grip. This one is best suited for hobby and recreational activities. It weighs around 100 grams and provides an accurate balance up-to 300 (mm). The training with this bat is quite good. This racket comes in various colors and you can choose from anyone that you like. People have also recommended good reviews on this badminton racket. This racket is for those who are beginners in the game of badminton.

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4. Cosco Cb 110 Badminton racket

This particular badminton racket is very slim and light in weight, weighing just 100gms. It gives a balance of 305mm and it is really an amazing badminton racket. It provides a grip of G5 and the body is made of aluminum. The tension lies between 22-24 lbs. This racket is for those who play casually with friends or simply to practice with friends. Players have loved this racket and available online and offline with good users review.

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5. Cosco Cb 88 Badminton racket

Another great badminton racket from Cosco is the Cosco Cb 88 racket which is good in carrying wherever you go. These rackets are simple and very soft making it easy to grip and a sure shot for the beginners and intermediate players. This racket comes with a packaged bag and it provides a G5 grip. Customers have liked this racket quite a lot and they are also into playing this racket often. Because of the good customer reviews, Cosco Cb 88 racket is a favorite among the badminton players.

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6. Cosco CB 120 badminton racket

The cover of this badminton racket is made from the aluminum shaft and it has a ½ cover within itself. The frame is made from total aluminum because of which the grip remains great. The racket is lightweight and it is also easy to catch. The handgrip is quite strong and this racket comes in multiple colors. If you really want to use this racket, then you can use this once and you will get to know the difference soon.

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7. Cosco Cbx 320 badminton racket

Cosco CBX 320 badminton racket is made from carbon shaft and this badminton racket is quite sturdy and strong making it unbreakable and great to use. The strings and graphite shaft makes it durable and this badminton racket is sure to last for a long time. The tensions are given between 18-20 lbs and it is very light in weight. The colors are quite different from each other and you can choose the one that you would prefer. Many people have used this racket and the reviews are really great from them.

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8. Cosco CB 300 badminton racket

In terms of a best and durable badminton racket, Cosco CB 300 has marked its special place. Mostly, prefer by intermediate and beginners, this racket is a sure shot winner for all. Cosco CB 300 racket is very strong and great to use. The lightweight makes it a beautiful experience in itself. The tensions are also low making it durable and flexible at the same time. Every player in-game has one main concern about the grip of racket, the racket offers a soft and strong grip and results in a perfect shot. This racket provides a great hand grip with G5. With customer reviews increasing for this specific racket, the sale is also getting in high demand. The body is made of steel and aluminum.

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9. Cosco Cbx 555T badminton racket

The best thing about Cosco Cbx 555T badminton racket is the aluminum shaft from which the entire racket is made. The graphite composition makes it strong and long-lasting. This racket is affordable as it does not cost much and also, it is great for beginners to use. The grip is about G5 and the tensions are great in this racket. The racket should also be decided on the basis of the ability in the field. The balance points are accurate to provide proper hitting and smashing the shuttlecock during the game.

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10. Cosco Cbx 555N badminton racket

Moving toward the Cosco Cbx 555N badminton racket, it is the most preferable racket especially by professionals. The body frame of Cosco CBX 555N is quite wide making it easy to use and play. This racket is great for training and balance is between 305mm. It comes with a full cover system and the shaft is made of titanium and graphite. The tensions come in 18-22 lbs. The price is also affordable and it is really good for intermediate and professional players.

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How to identify Original Cosco Badminton Rackets?

Similarly like any other famous badminton racket brand, Cosco does face counterfeit of its rackets in the market. These counterfeit rackets are easily produced by local companies or shops to fool the people. These rackets might look exactly as the original Cosco rackets, however, if you look carefully and observe certain things on the equipment then there is a chance to find the counterfeit rackets. Below are some of the guidelines made by Cosco to differentiate their original rackets.

  • Serial Number

Serial Number is the most reliable and unique number that could help you to identify the original racket. Cosco rackets come with a unique serial number printed with a special laser. You can easily find the serial number on the cap of the racket.

  • Hologram sticker

Another unique sign is a Hologram sticker that could help you in buying the original Cosco Racket. Cosco rackets always come with a hologram sticker that cant removes or peel off by hand. Neither these hologram stickers can be produced by any other shop or manufacturer. So, always look for a hologram sticker before buying a racket.

  • Cosco Logo

Always check for the original Logo of Cosco at the bottom cap of the racket. Logo is printed perfectly with a special laser along with perfect shape and size of words. However, if you find a weird type of logo that looks like printed with some kind of paint then that must a counterfeit racket.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are some good Cosco badminton rackets under 2000 INR?

Cosco manufacture rackets from the price range of the lowest to the expensive once. No matter if you buy a low price racket or the expensive one, Cosco ensures the quality, durability of its every racket. Some best rackets under the prince range of 2000INR are Cosco Max Power Aluminum Tennis racquet, Cosco CB-885 Badminton racket, Cosco Bc-150E badminton racket, Cosco Cb-110 badminton racket, Cosco CB-885 badminton racket, Cosco CBX 555N badminton racquet. If you are looking for other badminton racket brands under Rs 2000, you can check this post.

  • What are the best Cosco badminton rackets for beginners?

Cosco has a special range of rackets for beginners. IF you are looking for start your badminton game with a good startup, then some of the best Cosco rackets for beginners are Cosco CB-885 badminton, Cosco Cb-300 badminton racket, Cosco CB 80 Junior, Cosco LST 125 Aluminum squash, Cosco BX-400 racket, Cosco Cb-120 badminton racquet, Cosco PT45 Power – tech Badminton racquet, Cosco CBX 410 badminton Racquet.

  • What are the best Cosco badminton rackets for smash?

Cosco racket has the best durability and flexibility to handle the game easily. If you are a smash lover and looking for the perfect racket to smash in your game. Cosco has introduced some perfect designed rackets for hitting smash. Cosco CBX 320 badminton racket, Cosco CBX  555 N Badminton racket, Cosco NT 35 Nanotec badminton racket, Cosco Cb- 450 badminton racket, Cosco CBX  1000 badminton racket, are some from which you can select for smash.

  • What are the best Cosco badminton rackets under 1000 INR?

If you looking to buy a Cosco racket under 1000INR, you will find a lot of racket series such as Cosco BC-120 badminton rackets, Cosco LST 125 Aluminum squash, Cosco CB-89 Badminton Racket, Cosco CBX-400 badminton racquet, Cosco CBX 320 badminton racket, Cosco Cb 120 badminton racket.

  • Is Cosco better than Li Ning?

Cosco is an Indian brand with the certified quality, durability range according to Indian Player. However, it also sends its equipment to foreign countries. The key difference between Cosco and Li ning is not much as Li Ning Is also a big brand in sports equipment. Whereas, Cosco deliver best rackets with various features under budget range with assurance of quality.

  • Who Owns Li Ning?

Li Ning is China’s biggest sports manufacturing company. It is found in 1989 in Beijing, China by Lining. Its headquarters in Beijing, China

Final Words

Cosco is amongst the biggest sports manufacturers in India. Cosco has its equipment range for various games. If you are looking for some best rackets to enhance your game performance, Cosco’s racket would be the best choice for you. No matter, if you are a beginner, intermediate or professional player, Cosco has various types of rackets with different specifications. So, you can choose Cosco rackets according to your requirements, budget and skill level.

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