Best Badminton Rackets for Powerful Smash and Control

Powerful smashes and having good control during the gameplay is what all players desire most. No matter how much training and practice you do, without having the right badminton racket in your hand, it’s difficult to hit the perfect smashes. There are many specific factors one should look while choosing a badminton racket, particularly for good smashes and control.

In this guide, I will talk about every detail you should know before choosing a badminton racket for smashing keeping an amazing control on it. Also, I will talk about my recommended badminton rackets for smashes and control.

Badminton is a very popular sport across the globe and even played by many professionals, amateur players, and of course badminton enthusiasts. You know that there are numerous moves that are involved in the game.

Within various moves, the favorite move is the Smash which is played by every badminton player. The most vital move in the game while the player jumps and smashes the shuttlecock direct to the ground.

The most powerful and famous move within the badminton game is referred to as Smash. You need to make use of the best badminton racket to play the smash move more smoothly and powerfully.

The powerful smashes will help the shuttle players with the definite right armor and the precise technique. Most of the badminton players think about purchasing the best badminton rackets which can yield better hold, give comfort, and more powerful.

List of top Badminton Rackets for Powerful Smash and Control

Things to Consider While Choosing a Badminton Racket for Smash and Control

It is much easier to choose the best and ideal badminton racket for smashes, but you need to consider a few things before purchasing the best rackets especially when it comes to violent smashes. Please find below a few lists of characteristics and common features that you can choose for the best smashing techniques:

Stiffness  The badminton racket’s firmness or stiffness should be ranged between medium to high. Depending upon the stiffness, you can yield more power and higher vibrations. The rackets with high stiffness will work better by hitting the shuttlecock with a lighter effort can make the smashes become more powerful.

Head Heavy Balance  The racket’s weight should be concentrated and balanced on its head. This will be very helpful to hit powerful smashes on the birdie harder and within the net area.

String Tension  The most important part of the badminton racket is its String, which offers powerful shots and better smash. You need to check the String design before choosing the racket. The racket’s width and tension will offer you better racket contact and hold the shuttlecock with adequate ability.

The above-mentioned characteristics are more important to choose the powerful smashing rackets. Those badminton rackets will make you easy and comfortable to play powerful smashes and better movement.

Now, if you want to know more details about how to choose a badminton racket for yourself, you can read my ultimate guide on the checklist of things to know before buying badminton rackets.

How Smashing and Controlling Impact Gameplay?

I would like to inform that smashing and controlling makes a huge impact on your gameplay. You need to use the appropriate smashing technique during the play within a fraction to seconds to defeat your opponent.

Even from the initial start, you need to keenly watch the opponent and his move to take the exact time to smash and control the game. Smash is a technique which requires a defensive shot with a little bit of strength. The gameplay can be easily changed with the impact of smash and control shots.

Top 10 Best Badminton Rackets for Smash and Control in 2020

Please find below the lists of best top 10 badminton rackets for Smash and Control:

Yonex Astrox 77

It is an innovative Astrox series which offers powerful smashes, sharp cuts, effective drives and also provides the finest control. The rotation generates system is the latest technology developed for Astrox 77 to counterbalance the racket’s weight in a tree structure for racket grip, joint, and frame top. The weight balance system which is innovative provides the better power transfer to the shuttle effectively from the string bed.

Rotation Generator System (RGS)  Key Benefits:

  • You can easily gain a better transition for each shot and transfer the same to another one.
  • RGS provides better rigidity with better control on every shot.
  • The racket’s weight is properly balanced from the racket’s joint, frame top, and grip side.

The shaft’s stiffness was improved using the new technology known as NAMD material with a combination of HM graphite material for the shaft. NAMD technology offers better stiffness and flexibility. The racket’s frame is made up of Tungsten, Nanometric, and HM Graphite materials. Yonex Astrox 77 model is lightweight racket which weights between the ranges of 80 grams. If you’re confused with which badminton racket weight will be good for yourself, check this guide to understand the ideal weight of badminton racket.

Apacs Edgesaber Badminton Racket

With an affordable price and mid-market contestant, the best badminton racket for smash and control offered by Apacs Edgesaber with its power. This product is made up of Carbon nanotube, which is lightweight and easily maneuverable. However, it offers enough weight for the holds to provide shuttle power. The isometric head frame which creates an enlarged sweet spot area and best racket for intermediate and beginner players.

The weight of the racket ranges between 80 grams and up to a maximum of 85 grams (in 4U weight class) and the best lightweight rackets especially for smashing under the category of aggressive playing badminton rackets. While comparing with the other badminton rackets, the Apacs Edgesaber rackets do not have much weight behind it.

The speed of this racket is really amazing and this is also another reason to showcase on the list. The professional badminton players will advise that every time the power will be beaten by the techniques. This is one among the best racket for smashing. Apacs Edgesaber is the perfect racket for the players who prefer to stay light and swing fast on their feet.

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Wilson Fierce C1500 Badminton Racket

One of the best badminton rackets for smashing and controlling is referred to as Wilson Fierce C1500 racket. With similar to other rackets, the Wilson C1500 badminton racket is made up of entirely with carbon fiber frame of one piece. The racket design and construction are simplified however, it does not offer the head with highly flexible.

The quad shaped head frame which creates an enlarged sweet spot area for the players. Wilson designed the racket in such a way for beginners and intermediate players to smash and control over the gameplay and opting for a startup racket. This amazing racket is providing under the name of Wilson Fierce C1500. This is the best badminton racket you can afford.

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Yonex Voltric

The badminton racket offered by Yonex Company with its affordable price and also gets the lower rank is referred to as Yonex Voltric. This badminton racket is designed especially for professional players. Hence, this type of professional badminton racket can be used only who can acknowledge and realize its beauty.

Please find below lists of a few aspects:

  • The smashing and the control powers are superb.
  • This is one among the high-quality badminton racket designed in the hub of badminton (Japan).
  • The racket’s shaft was used with the topmost materials like graphics and tungsten.
  • It is the best badminton racket to generate much enough power for the players to smash and control.

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Li Ning N7ii Badminton Racket

Li Ning N7ii badminton racket is one among the best supportive and most powerful rackets which is used for playing with smashes and control during the gameplay. Even within the world of badminton, the Li-Ning rackets are considered to be more durable and extremely reliable and comparatively better than Yonex badminton rackets.

This is one among the best rackets for regulated and planned movements. Li Ning N7ii badminton racket is the best choice for the players, who would like to place the shots near to the net. This is also an ideal choice especially for double players to clash their rackets while playing the gameplay. You can gain better maneuver with the help of this durable racket.

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Fleet High Tension New Technology Frame 11 Black Badminton Racket

This Fleet product has high tension frame which built with a powerful and strong design that offers the players to hit the smashes more accurately and strongly. The product comes with affordable price, awesome to play and very well balanced. It is black in the base color racket and consists of 3 special colors stripes.

Special Features

76 Grommets System  It provides various grommet holes with the strong construction holes of a single-pass grommet, used to create stringing pattern with more durability and high-performance.

Aero-Box Frame  Aero design with combined box shape decreases the air resistance with a solid structure creates quick swing and solid hitting feel.

Reinforced Structure Frame  The frame uses the new material to create the frame ultra-high stiffness and strength. The string tension handled by the racket is up to 35 lbs.

Isometric head frame  The length of the cross and main strings within the stringbed are equalized. It also has a large sweet spot area to provide off-center and consistent accuracy hits.

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Yonex Voltric 80 E Tune Badminton Racket

The badminton racket which offers the drive speed and super smash power is the best one to get your gameplay. The Yonex Voltric 80 E Tune is one among the best racket to achieve your best game. With similar to other a Yonex model, this product also offers the Tri-Voltage System. The racket’s frame has emphasized extra weight and as well as precise weight distribution.

Most of the professional players inform that the frame is less-weighted and could be the main reason to increase the speed. Yonex Voltric offers the Tri-Voltage System, which offers to main the amazing power and similar to maintain the perfect speed. Yonex Voltric 80 E has another great feature which used the excellent and innovative sound technology. This latest technology offers louder and sharper sounds, which can be used to get the power feeling and to feel more confident.


  • It can be used to place a good net area.
  • It is a greatly weighted racket.
  • You can utilize the solid drop shots.


  • The good length can be achieved by working more hard.
  • Need more and extra effort for pushes and flat drives.

Yonex Voltric 80 E Tune is the best option to choose the racket which offers to create powerful smashes. This racket is a little bit heavier in weight when compared with the other rackets. Please consider before choosing this badminton racket.

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Senston N80 with High-grade Badminton Racket

The Senston N80 badminton racket which is made up of high-grade graphite has the tendency to offer everything to the players. This racket is designed with high-grade materials and much easier to generate high-quality shots and bring instant control to your hands.

The other features are as follows:

  • This is the high-quality racket which provides the safe alongside with bad.
  • The frame generated durability and the strength is immense.
  • The powerful graphite frame is used to tie the strings.
  • With the help of quality strings, the power could be mightier.

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Victor Jetspeed S10 Badminton Racket

The Victor Jetspeed S10 badminton racket is manufactured through the Victor brand and this is one among the best racket used by many professional badminton players (especially for smashing and controlling). All the modern and newest racket technologies like Pyrofil and Nano fortify are equipped with this badminton racket.

This racket is the best suitable for an aggressive player and a great choice to play an attacking game. This racket is also an ideal choice for power and fast shots. This badminton racket can be utilized by any player with its light-weight and better string tension. It also provides fast movement and better balance for energetic smashes and powerful shots.

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Li-Ning Windstorm Graphite 700 III Professional Badminton Racket

Windstorm 700 III is the best racket with extra skill series with lightweight to offer the players with quick hands and fast racket speed. It is made up of carbon fiber material with commercial grade. The overall length of this racket is 675 mm and grip length of 205 mm with a balance point at 298 mm. It has a flexible flex with a tension of 30 lbs.

Tb Nano These rackets have a special nanometer bonding with carbon fiber to improve the strength by 20% without affecting the racket’s overall weight. The badminton racket with affordable price and high level are utilized through the Tb Nano PowerTech technology.

Stabilized torsion angle The badminton racket has the in-built highly elastic design which is used to reduce the torsional forces that are caused by smashing the enlarged sweet spot area outside. Every swing was improved with consistency and accuracy with the help of stabilized torsion angle.

Uhb shaft Uhb Shadt has the design and extensive research to improve the racket’s flex with regards to the shaft to provide extreme control and strength. It also improves the smashing performance (especially offers more effective by hitting the half smashes).

Aerotec-beam system  The racket’s frame structure with an extra aerodynamic is referred to as Aerotec-beam system. It is specially designed to reduce air resistance and maintains the frame strength. The player’s completive advantage results with reducing the athletic fatigue.

Dynamic-optimum frame  The racket frame with high tech technology is referred to as Dynamic optimum frame which offers defensive play and exceptional offensive characteristics and provides high repulsion performance within the enlarged sweet spot area.

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Tips for Improving Smash and Control

The shot that is executed with speed and power which is the difficult one to return back is referred to as Smash. It is also a Net Kill, where the badminton smash needs a perfect move and ideal power that is used to kill the rally. Similar to other shots, you can perform both backhand and forehand smash shots.

Around Head to perform a Forehand Smash You need to stand squarely within the net area, your body’s weight should be shifted to the non-racket side. The racket head should be brought behind by bending your elbow. Just after swinging forward, you can transfer the body weight to the opposite side and get back to the normal base position.

To perform a backhand smash The backhand grip must be adopted and your backside can face directly to the net area. To the racket’s foot shift your body weight and forearm can be lifted parallel to the floor. Your body should be close to the racket arm and racket pointing can be hold down. When it comes to forehand smash, the more power can be generated by flicking down the wrist and hitting the shuttle with a maximum point of contact. When it compared with the backhand smash, the above step is not required.

Forehand badminton smashes  The forehand grip can be adopted and with non-racket side, you can stand sideways and face directly to the net area. You need to prepare the forward swing by shifting the back foot’s weight, bending the elbow, and locking your wrist. Your shuttle could be contacted at a maximum point, your arm must swing with force, and straighten the elbow to hit the shuttle.

Once the shuttle has contact with the racket then your wrist must jerk downwards, and provide more shuttle power with downwards angle and mark it toward the opponent’s side. Your racket should be followed up through.

Few things to perform smashes  The steeper angle and more power can be added to the smash and players can make use of the jump motion which is followed by the Smash shot. This kind of move is simply referred to as Jump Smash. However, this is an advanced smash which the beginner could not follow and this technique can be mastered by encouraging the same with a few practices.

In deception, your wrist is the important and vital part which can plan to execute any shots, even the Smash shots. Your shots should not be predicted easily even in any direction with the help of deceptive shots (opponent cannot guess the shots). This technique will make you win over your opponents.

Related Questions (FAQ)

How to hold badminton racket while smashing?

The best way to hold the racket is quite simple like a friendly handshake. Your racket’s grip will be similar to your friend’s hand and go ahead to handshake gently by holding the badminton racket. The racket’s grip with a wider surface can be pressed comfortably using your thumb and rest of your hands can easily hold the racket like shaking your friend’s hand.

Your wrist flexibility will be affected depending upon the racket’s holding way. Your wrist must be flexible to execute the high accuracy with strong badminton strokes. Your racket should not be gripped tightly, which will lose the wrist flexibility while flicking and rotating.

The badminton racket can be controlled only using the middle finger, index, and the thumb. The racket’s grip weight can be balanced by using the other two fingers which can rest comfortably. You can follow this rule to make your wrist move freely and more flexible.

What is the best string tension to set for smashers?

I would like to inform that there are numerous ranges of strings that are available through the marketplace and online stores like BG65 Titanium, BG65, and many more. Your racket and its sustainable tension can offer you powerful smashes. The best string tension, especially for the smashers should range from 26 and up to a maximum of 28.

I personally used a Voltric racket with BG65 string with the tension of 28 and it is safe to use the better side for smash and control. You need to choose the best string tension depending on your racket. BG65 Titanium and BG65 strings are the best suits for an average player.  You can read my badminton racket strings guide to understand what’s which string is good for yourself.

You need to maintain a decent tension on your badminton racket. You need to have 2 units less tension than the racket’s maximum tension for better hold. This is an ideal option for your racket and never goes beyond your racket’s max strength. Your first clash will be collapsed.

Can beginners and intermediate players use these badminton rackets?

To execute the strokes easily, the head heavy rackets can be used by the beginners and as well as the intermediate players. Alternatively, the job can also be done with the help of balanced weight racket. It is very difficult to use, in case if you prefer for a too heavy head racket. It may cause injury with trying to play the powerful hits like Smashes.

The slightly head heavy rackets for beginners & intermediate players can concentrate on the correct mastering techniques to achieve the different strokes. The players can smash the shots to the baseline with the defensive clear by using different strokes like Underarm behind, underarm forehand, overhead backhand, and overhead forehand.

If both beginners and intermediate players used the Controlled racket, they won’t much afford power within the swing. They need to concentrate on power generation rather than accurate strokes. Please keep in mind that you need to begin using a power racket. If you groom your badminton skills then you can prefer for high-end powerful rackets.

What are some best badminton rackets for doubles with good smashing power?

There are numerous best badminton rackets especially for doubles to play with smashing power. A few rackets might work someone but not for others. Please find below some recommendations of the best doubles badminton rackets:

Nanoray 900  It is a head heavy racket and best rating with 5/5. It is similar to the other model Nanospeed 9900. It is very hard-to-get the shots but can deliver the brutal smashes.

Yonex Voltric Z Force  It also a head heavy racket with a rating of 4/5. It delivers powerful shots but slower on defense or fast even if you want to play the smashes.

Yonex Nanospeed 9900  It is a slightly head heavy racket and best rating with 5/5. It has very quick defense and more powerful to play smashes. It is highly recommended to try with this best badminton racket.

Yonex Armortec 900 Power  It also a head heavy racket with a rating of 4/5. It packs with a solid punch and can play a lot of smashes. However, the defense shots are slightly worse because of its racket head heaviness.

What are recommended badminton rackets for smash and control under price 3000 to 5000?

I would say that the list will not end with a few badminton rackets. I personally tried the best Yonex MP (Muscle Power) 29 which has lightweight head right with gutting of BG65 string to play the defensive and smashing shots. You can make use of any defensive badminton racket which is a value-added advantage to play with precision.

Smash is a technique which can be played with a combination of defense and a little bit strength. A Carbonex badminton racket which has head heavy is best to hit faster smashes. There are multiple badminton rackets especially for smash and control within the price range of Rs 3000 up to a maximum of Rs 5000.

A few racket brands are Yonex, Carlton, Apacs, Li-Ning, and Wilson. Yonex MP Power 29 is the best value for your money. It is also advisable to try Carbonex, Voltric, Isomeric and Yonex series of badminton rackets.


I am happy to inform that the above-provided information helps you to understand the best badminton rackets for smashing and controlling and its importance. You can also refer the above document under the working process of smashing technique, how to properly make use of the smash, top 10 badminton rackets for smashes and control.

Last but not least, your comments mean a lot to me.  Tell me in the comment section below, which racket you think is best for smashing and controlling?

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