Top 10 Famous Indian Badminton Players List |Female & Male

The racket sport which can make use of the rackets to shoot the shuttlecock with the provided net area is referred to as Badminton. Even this game can be grouped with larger teams to compete, however; the common forms are named Singles (single player match) and Doubles (a combination of two players). This is a casual outdoor game that can be played on a beach or in a yard and the formal games can be held within the rectangular indoor court.

In this blog post, I am going to list down the top 10 famous Indian badminton players and talk about their amazing inspiring success stories, their achievements, and struggles.

This article is going to be the ultimate source of inspiration if you love badminton from the heart. So, keep reading till the end to gather detailed knowledge about these badminton stars.

The points can be scored by using the badminton racket to smash the shuttlecock towards the opponents half side of the court. Any player within each side can strike the shuttlecock only once before it targets the opponent’s net area.

If once the shuttlecock touches the floor or if there is any fault raised by the opposing side, the service judge, or the umpire then the play ends.

The shuttlecock is made up of plastic projectile or feathered which files with variant style when compared to other sports balls. Moreover, the feathers are created with higher drag which causes to decelerate the shuttlecock more rapidly. When compared with the other racket games, the Shuttlecock provides a top-speed movement. The distinctive nature of the sport provided its shuttlecock’s flight.

This game was flourished from older games of shuttlecock and battledore in British India. This is a European game which was earlier dominated by Denmark but later it was more popular in Asia which dominated with recent competitions by China. Since 1992, the Summer Olympic sport included a Badminton game with four events: Women’s doubles, Men’s doubles, Women’s Singles, Men’s Singles, also included 4 years later with Mixed Doubles.

Excellent fitness was demanded by the play’s high levels: the players should have precision, speed, strength, agility, and aerobic stamina. This is also referred to as a technical sport which includes the sophisticated racket movement’s development and good motor coordination.

Indian Badminton History

Especially with people of ages, Sports is always a fitness option and as well as a great recreational. With regards to health, the sport indulges the best bet for elders, youngsters, and children. The age-old tradition in India is playing a sports event. Cricket is the most dominant game among others in India however, Badminton still manages to have numerous dedicated followers.

In India, Badminton game is also played outdoors with a lack of space indoor. This is also developed as a serious game with comparative in India. The new talents are unraveled by periodically conducting National and Regional level tournaments.

Badminton Origin in India

The badminton game was well described from the earlier games like Shuttlecock and battledore. During the medieval era, the badminton game has laid its modern version in India. British Army Officers gave the first presence of badminton game when they were in Pune, India. The game was also named Poona becomes of its origin. The game (Poona) was developed from shuttlecock, battledore, and children’s game.

British took all the game pieces of equipment with them when they moved to England in the 1870s. After three years, they launched the lawn party named Badminton. On the same day, the Poona game was also launched to entertain the public. From then, it was named a party sport or referred to as The Badminton game. Bath Badminton Club was formed their dedicated club in 1877. Also, this club deserves the first official game rules to play the Badminton game.

Here Are Top Famous Badminton Players in India List (Female and Male )

Please find below the list of top famous Indian badminton players and their inspiring stories:

Saina Nehwal

Saina Nehwal is one of the best Indian women’s badminton players and has won various championships. Earlier she lived in Haryana state and later moved on the Hyderabad when she was a child. She started the training with the best coaches from there. At teenage, she won the U-19 National championships and then started to achieve the major circuits with her professional circuit.

The first Indian player to win the BWF series and was awarded a Gold medal at the 2010 Commonwealth games. Her unforgettable bronze medal achievement at the 2012 London Olympics is the best career in her life. She had also won numerous Government of India awards and India’s leading sportsperson. The badminton racket used by Saina Nehwal is Yonex Astrox 99. Since she has sponsorship from Yonex, she uses this particular badminton racket. Do you want to play like her? Get the same badminton racket for yourself here


Saina won the 2006 Philippines Open tournament under junior level matches. Also, won the runner-up award at the 2006 BWF World level Junior Championship. Saina is the first Indian player to win both BWF Super Series and 2009 Indonesia Open events. In 2012, she won all the tournaments like Denmark Open Series, Indonesia Open Series, Thailand Open Grandprix, and Swiss Open with her dedication towards her gameplay.

Saina Nehwal achieved the Padma Shri award from the Government of India in 2010. Later, with her dedication, she was also rewarded with Padma Bushan by the Government of India.

Sania’s achievements made her India’s focus and inspired many sports fans to become badminton players. Earlier she had suffered from hiccups and was also refused by her grandmother. In Haryana, girl child discrimination was rife but now, she is the girl child India’s campaign brand ambassador. Sania’s mother was also a badminton player and guided her to groom her career.

Her father suffered a lot to financially support Saina’s training with his Government salary. He has to lend money from his relatives, friends, and neighbours to take care of Saina’s practice sessions. With God’s grace, everything went well, and finally, she was groomed as the best India’s women badminton player.

Awards & Achievements

2009Arjuna Award
2009Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award
2010Padma Shri Award honored by the Government of India
2016Padma Bushan Award honored by the Government of India

Prakash Padukone

The former Indian badminton player and co-founded the Olympic Gold Quest is referred to as Prakash Padukone. The aim of his foundation is to promote badminton sports in India. He is Karnataka’s well-known player and achieved the 1980 England Championship. He has also packed various titles like Swedish and Danish Opens, World Grand Prix, and World Cup.

He spent most of this training period with an International career in Denmark. Prakash later started his own Badminton Academy to provide his expertise skills to his trainees. From 1993 to 1996, he is the head coach for our Indian National Team. Inspire to be like him one day? Start practicing and get your badminton racket to do so from Amazon


In 1964, he achieved the State Junior title and focused more on his career. In 1971, he won the National Senior Championship at the age of 16 years old and become the first youngest player to earn this feat. He is the only one who had set a record of nine consecutive National titles until 1979.

Prakash won the Swedish and Danish Open, the Indian Masters, Alba World Cup tournaments in 1980 along with the All England Championship. He captured the World’s No. 1 badminton ranking and was the first Indian player to achieve it. He also won the Hong Kong and Dutch Open championships in 1982.

Prakash joined with his Indian badminton fellow stalwarts to launch the PPBA (Prakash Padukone Badminton Academy) in October 1994. The players who were selected on Merit will undergo the best world-class coaching and training which produce to participate in International and National level championships. The Promotion of Indian Sports was also founded with the co-founded Olympic Gold Quest.

Prakash’s father Ramesh is an inspiration for him to get into this sport. Ramesh is also a badminton player. His father was the coach and provided the entire possible infrastructure to pursue his career. He went on to achieve all the championships with the best training from his father. Later he moved on to Bangalore with his family to pursue his career.

In initial days, he started his practicing sessions in the Wedding halls. His talent was spotted by the Karnataka State Badminton Academy and supported him to groom his career. With this inspiration, later he started his own world-class training with entire facilities. The Bollywood fame actress Deepika Padukone and golf player Anish Padukone were the children of Prakash Padukone.

Awards & Achievements

1972Arjuna Award
1982Padma Shri Award honored by the Government of India

PV Sindhu

P.V. Sindhu is named for achieving a Silver medal at Rio Olympics 2016 and is also a professional badminton player. She is the youngest and the first Indian woman to achieve this record. She is also the first Indian woman to achieve the Badminton World Championships in 2013. Even the next year, she was awarded another bronze medal.

She had already achieved various medals for our countries like the Arjuna Award, Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna, and two nation’s top sports honors. In March 2015, the Padma Shri award was also awarded to her and the fourth-highest award in her career. P.V Sindhu currently uses Duora Z-Strike to play all the matches. This racket perfectly compliments her attacking style. Want this racket for yourself? get it here


Sindhu’s family background is core related to sports which helped her a lot to groom her career along with Coach Pullela Gopichan. The game success behind her reason is commitment and determination. August 19, the greatest day in Indian sports, and Sindhu, the first Indian woman to win the Olympics Silver medal in the Badminton game. The second time, we had achieved the bronze medal in Olympics, first from Saina Nehwal in 2012. Sindhu independently has broken various records and achieved multiple awards.

Sindhu the 95-born kid achieved so many trophies throughout the country. She is one among the Indian women to hold the Olympic medal and we can see so many Sindhu manias from the upcoming years. She had won various championships and proven as one of the most promising personalities in sports for our country.

Apart from championships, she is the youngest player to achieve the Padma Shri award, the most important title in India. She is able to get only a Silver medal in Olympics by facing the World’s No. 1 badminton player. Even at that stage, she expressed her sportswomanship true spirit by congratulating and hugging her competitor even after the loss.

This is the first time, the whole country gathered to watch the favorite game after Cricket. We should be proud of Sindhu, who made her proud of our country and need to celebrate this great day when she returns back to India. This shows our country is slowly progressing to the next stage.

Awards & Achievements

2013Arjuna Award
2014FICCI Breakthrough Sportsperson
2014Indian of the Year 2014
2015Padma Shri Award honored by the Government of India
2016Olympic Silver medal – Rio Olympics
2016Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award

Pullela Gopichand

Pullela Gopichand is a former Indian badminton player. He is the second Indian player after Prakash Padukone to achieve the All England Championships. He is recognized with the prestigious Arjuna Award for his outstanding national sports performance and other accolades within the sports. From a young age, he is interested in Cricket but, his focus suddenly changed to a Badminton game. That happened when his elder brother started to play the Badminton game. Get a badminton racket to practice enough to get into his badminton academy and make a career in Badminton.


Earlier, he played only for the recreation clubs but later moved on to National and International matches. In 1990 & 1991, he served as Caption for the Indian universities combined badminton teams and he groomed the players in a professional way. His parents forced him to be an engineer but which the perfect training from Ganguly Prasad and Prakash Padukone, he changed his career.

With his successful career, he started the Gopichand Badminton Academy to provide professional training to the upcoming Indian sports players. In 2014, he had also awarded the Padma Bhushan award for his successful achievements. We would like to inform you that P.V. Sindhu, Sania Nehwal, and Arundhati Pantawane were also well-trained by this academy.


In earlier days, Gopi used his favorite jump smash to curtail or control the hitting while playing the shuttlecocks which would be a big struggle for him. Gopi’s Mother had also struggled a lot with financial things to purchase a shuttlecock for his son by even avoiding public transport travel. His family endured their sacrifice and hardship after Gopi was groomed to the next level.

His family budgeted to cut-short the basic amenities which can save enough money to purchase the shuttlecocks, kit, and travel expenses for his son to get the training session. Gopi’s smashing shots and the game took a more aggressive and effective form. Even they fund their jewels for his son’s travel and stay with him during the days he played for your nation.

With regards to the International matches, he never played with fear even against the World’s No. 1 ranked players. He always pre-plan or forecasts about future conquests after completing the current matches. He also planned to collect the entire used shuttlecocks within the tournaments and return back with the overall huge set of shuttlecocks with regards to the customs officials.

Awards & Achievements

1999Arjuna Award
2001Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award
2005Padma Shri Award honored by the Government of India
2014Padma Bushan Award honored by the Government of India

Jwala Gutta

When compared to the Doubles category, the most efficient Indian badminton player is referred to as Jwala Gutta. She is a power-packed athlete who had achieved various International and National medals. She had awarded with a Silver medal in Commonwealth Games, Bronze medal in London BWF World Tournaments, Silver medal in Delhi Games under Mixed Doubles category, and a Gold medal in Commonwealth Games under Doubles category.

From teenager, Jwala was named as a top-class athlete. Started at the 17 age and achieved the Junior National championship. Shruti Kurien is the peer teammate who joined Jwala to achieve the Doubles National Title for seven consecutive years from 2002 to 2008. Do you aspire to become a badminton player like this amazing woman? Make sure you get the best badminton racket to practice appropriately.


Jwala Gutta will prefer to play the deceptive strokes with the ability near to the net area, good anticipation, skilled netplay, great frontcourt affinity, and aggressive badminton player. Within the frontcourt, she is very dangerous and has good reading about the sharp and game interceptions. Even from the backcourt, she uses deceptive drops and strong smash.

Gutta was very strong in particular games during her play and make use of her movement throughout the court. Even from her favored positions, she could make unforced errors while pushing over the move. She also suffered from some fitness issues and faced injury troubles during her career. Gutta is the best top doubles player especially to play the forehand services and even opt for the backhand safer serve. She is unique in her own style.

Early life

Jwala Gutta was born in Maharashtra on 7th Sep 1983 and brought up a Chinese mother and Indian father. Jwalas father is from a family of Leftists and freedom fighters and her mother was from Tianjin. She came to visit Sevagram Ashram in India in 1977 and translated to the Chinese language about Gandhi’s autobiography.

Awards & Achievements:

2011Arjuna Award
2004 to 200814 Gold Medals for Women’s Doubles Championship
2006 to 20085 Gold Medals for Mixed Doubles Championship

Nandu Natekar

In badminton history, Nandu Natekar is named as God of the Indian Badminton and masterstroke player ever. Natekar delivers extraordinary control during the game and provides artistry exquisite display and stroke-making style. He is just invincible and considered as the home court’s king. In 1956, he is the first Indian to achieve various International and National awards under his name.

Most of his sports fans traveled far away to watch this high-class game played by Natekar. He is proud to be the most voted Indian sportsperson during the year 1961. During this time, he is the top-famous badminton player in India and ranked in 8th position within All Indian Championship. In 1961, he is awarded the Arjuna Award. Deep down we all want to become a sportsman like him. Get ready to practice and work hard with your badminton racket to play like him.


We all know that there are numerous badminton players available within India who groomed their playing talent across the world. Nandu is one among them. He is also recognized as the best National Badminton champion. He has a marvelous badminton career with regards to both International and National level tournaments.

Nandu has been in the badminton field for more than 15 years and defeated his opponents with the best scores. Only sportsperson to win the International level title in 1956. Even from his young age he practiced harder and groomed with his interest to retain his strong position within the game. He also founded an academy NSF Natekar Sports & Fitness, to offer maximum encouragement to their badminton players.


With 15 years of experience in badminton, he won the Men’s Double National Championship six consecutive times. In Indian history, no other player had created this record. Nandu also achieved a National level award for Men’s Single championship. Also, 5 times National level championship for Mixed Doubles.

He is a graduate student from Mumbai Ram Narain College. Also, quite successful in both badminton career and as well as personal life. His son Gaurav, also become the Tennis National level championship for the consecutive 7 times in India.

Awards & Achievements

1961Arjuna Award
1961Most popular Indian Sportsperson
1989IBF Meritorious Service Award
2001Lifetime Achievement Award
2002Sahyadri Navratna Puraska

Aparna Popat

Aparna Popat is one of the best All-time greatest Badminton female players and as well the Indian Badminton player forever. Most of the consecutive times, she holds the record of achieving National Senior level Women’s badminton title and also with her excellent performance established at various International Badminton Championships. What a woman. If you aspire to become a lie, make sure you practice adequately. If you are looking for a badminton racket, get it here.

Early Life

Aparna Popat was born in Mumbai on 18th January 1978 to Hema Popat and Lalji Poppet (a Gujarati couple). Her studies started at Mt Carmel College and J.B. Pelit School, Bangalore. She is a Commerce background graduate from the University of Mumbai.

Inspiration and Career

At 8 years old, Aparna started her badminton career and was offered a chance to play the match that was conducted by the CCI courts (Cricket Club of India) in Mumbai. Initially, she started with Tennis and after managed to get the best coach for Badminton then moved to place a performing remarkably in Badminton. During the game at CCI, she was guided by the Badminton coach named Anil Pradhan, who is well-known for his National Doubles Champion.

He recognized the hidden talent within Aparna and encouraged and guided her to play the game seriously. When she was at age 13, she flourished as an Intensive Badminton player and achieved various championships within the games. She created a solid foundation within the gameplay by the expertise training for 8 years from Anil.

Like Aparna, he had also trained many other badminton players like Radhika Boase, Jyothi Sanghi and scaled their games similar to Aparna and they had also proved their level best from Anil’s training. In 1994, Aparna switched to continue her training under the PPBA (Prakash Padukone’s Badminton Academy), which is based in Bangalore to enhance her skills with effective style.

Awards & Achievements

1996World Junior Championship – Runner-up
1998Commonwealth Games Kuala Lumpur – Silver Medal
1998French Open – Won the Women’s Singles
1996 to 2003Eight years, consecutively won the National Women’s title
2005Arjuna Award

Anup Sridhar

Anup Sridhar is one of the finest Badminton players and is also considered to be the best Indian Badminton player in recent times. He is also famed as the Indian Badminton team’s captain especially in the Thomas Cup tournament. If you have watched his game, then you know how amazing he plays. Get a proper badminton racket to start practicing.

Early Life

11th April 1983, Anup was born in Bangalore, Karnataka. He started his schooling at the St. Joseph Boys Higher Secondary School and then completed a commerce degree B.Com from the Sai Bhagawan Mahaveer Jain College in Bangalore. At the young age, he started to play the badminton game and achieved the first victory in the Canara Bank tournament which was held in Bangalore (Indira Nagar).

Career & Inspiration

The first big success was enjoyed by Anup Sridhar during the International Badminton arena and also emerged the success at 30th Hungarian International tournament which held at the year 2005. He won the Bronze medal when he was a team member in the Indian Badminton team at the Melbourne Commonwealth Games.

He went so many obstacles during the training session and managed to groom himself to the next level with this best effort. He is also able to reach the Semi-final round for both tournaments like Yonex Sunrise Asian Continental and Yonex German Open tournaments in 2007. In Beijing Olympic Games which was held in 2008, he managed to reach the 2nd round and also achieved the Young Achievers and Arjuna Awards for this dedication towards the game.

National Level

Anup struggled a lot to win at least any one of the Junior National titles during young age and was not able to achieve it. However, he managed himself and successfully achieved the Senior level National title. In the meantime, he also achieved the Emerging Winner in 2004 in the National Badminton Championship.

Anup also grabbed the National Badminton Championship for the consecutive 3 times in 2005 & 2006. Apart from this title, he had also achieved various domestic tournaments in the Badminton game. He is famous for his powerful smasher and being a giant killer.

Special Skills

Anup honed his special skills by undergoing advanced badminton training at TATA Padukone’s Academy, Bangalore. He trained at a master level under the best guidance from the experts like Tom John, Vimal Kumar, and Prakash Padukone.

Anup Sridhar is well-known for the badminton game by providing the Hardest Recorded Smash. His smashes were famed during the World Badminton Championship which was held in 2007 at Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur).

Awards & Achievements

2004Eklavya Award
2007Arjuna Award
2008Young Achievers Award

Chetan Anand

Chetan Anand is one of the finest badminton players and as well as the Indian badminton player that the nation ever produced. He is the highest-ranking player across the world and made upset a various number of players during the tournaments. I know we all are impressed by his hard work. Playing badminton keeps you in shape, so make sure you get into the habit of playing badminton. Looking for a proper badminton racket to play? get it here.

Interesting Facts

Chetan Anand is the first Indian badminton player to achieve the Men’s Singles Title in both Bitburger Open and Grand Prix events in 2008. He is the head coach for the BAI (Badminton Association of India) and also, it started the Coach Panel. In 2009, he was designated as the brand ambassador for Li-Ning Sporting Goods. Currently, he is employed with ONGC Company (Central Government Oil & Natural Gas Corporation of India).

After a long way, Chetan got his breakthrough at a young age and the game has been dominated for many years. The young boy who has immense potential had become the greatest player in this country. After certain injuries, he is not able to achieve his full potential and even nothing can easily hinder his game spirit. But, he is still making himself happy by connecting to the game either way.

Early Life

On 8th July 1980, Chetan Anand was born in Andhra Pradesh. His parents were Mrs. Suguna & Mr. Harshavardhan. He came from a sports background family and his father himself was an Indian Badminton player and very much interested in the game. He started his schooling at Vijayawada, Veeramachaneni Paddayaa Siddhartha Public School.

The school offers adequate attention especially towards the entire sports activities since it is adopted by SAI (The Sports Authority of India). Chetan was encouraged by his father’s support and the school’s environment made him more interested in the badminton game and started his training at a young age. He is also an Engineering degree graduate in the Mechanical Manufacturing department.

Golden Moments

The most important moment that he never missed and enjoyed the success throughout the year 2008 and achieved two major unforgettable tournaments: Bitburger Grand Open Prix and Yonex Czech International. The same year, he also lost the final momentum of the Yonex Dutch Grand Open Prix tournament.

Awards & Achievements

2006Arjuna Award
2008Yonex Czech International tournament – Winner
2008Bitburger Open Grand Prix tournament – Winner

Syed Modi

Syed Modi’s original name is Syed Mehdi, but during the contract with Mumbai Association, his surname was updated wrongly as Modi and he continued using the same surname. Syed was famous for achieving the consecutive 8 years National badminton championship from 1980 to 1987. He is one of the famous Indian badminton players and achieved the Gold Medal during the Commonwealth Games held in 1982 in Australia.

Syed also won two Gold Medals in 1983 & 1984 respectively for the Australian International tournament. He had won Bronze Medal for Asian Games in 1982 in Delhi. The bad news is that he was shot dead when he was age 26 after completing this training session from the K.D. Singh Babu Stadium, Lucknow on 1988. India lost the most brilliant player on that day. Who is not inspired by this man’s journey? Do you want to play like him? get a badminton racket and start practicing.


Within a short span of time, Modi proved himself with his dedication to the gameplay. In 1976, he becomes the national badminton champion at the junior level at the age of 14 years. Modi also started to offer professional training under the P.K. Bhandarim patronage and continued till 1982. After that Indian team, National Coach Dipu Ghosh took control and sharpen his badminton skills. During 1980, his gameplay was exceptional, and achieved the National Level Badminton Championship.

He was appointed as Welfare Officer as a paying job in the North-East Indian Railways (NE). Syed never stopped practicing and it makes him groom next level at the earliest. His performance was in trouble only after his marriage in 197-88. He also lost the National level championship in 1988 and this is the first time in his career.

Dev Anand, the Director and actor also narrated a thriller movie which is based on Modi’s murder. In 1991, the film was released in the name of Sau Crore and Raman Kapoor played Modi’s role, which is a surprise box office hit.

Awards & Achievements

1980 to 1987Eight years, consecutively won the National Badminton Championship Title
1981Arjuna Award
1993 & 1994Austrian International – Winner
1982Commonwealth Games – Men’s Singles Championship Title
1982Asian Games – Bronze Medal

Tips to Become a Professional Badminton Player

Any sportsperson with skills, talent, explicit qualities, and most important determination and dedication then you will be always on the success path. You need to know the most important and vital information to become a professional badminton player. Please find below a few suggestions which will guide you to groom your career as the best professional player.

Know the Game : As an enthusiast, you need to know about the game and give it a try. Before the training, you need to know the smashes, shots, hits, technical teams, and other protocols that are most important to the game. Knowledge is the essential key for a player to learn about how to drop, smash, and serve correctly. In the meantime, you need to understand the backhand and footwork. Also, understand which shot needs the force quantity or jumping to place the shuttle appropriately.

The Right Age : Please be informed that there is no age or right time to start the badminton game, but you need to start as early as possible. Any sports will take some more time to better understand the gameplay by the player. You need to follow numerous protocols within the game.

The player needs to groom his or her skills by learning multiple game techniques. Even the enthusiast is keen to learn the various shots. Since everything takes more time it is advisable to start the gameplay at an early age. I have written one post about badminton rackets for junior badminton stars to understand which racket is good for junior starters.

Physical Capabilities : If you are dedicating your life to any of your favorite game then it is most important to maintain your physical knacks. You should be excellent in psychological frivolities, tactical, and physical. The player’s legs and hands should be very fast as their mind.

The badminton player should exercise on a regular basis and follow the appropriate diet to maintain their body fitness and weight. The Elite players must have strength, flexibility, agility, and marvelous athletic ability.

Right Equipment : The player can perform well during the badminton gameplay with the help of various equipment. The player needs to choose the appropriate badminton racket which suits his skills. Good badminton shoes are the next important factor when it comes to footwork, so it is essential to get the right material and quality shoes. Also, one must start with the right types of badminton racket. You can read my guide about the checklist of things to look for before choosing the right badminton racket for yourself.

Practice makes perfect : The most important thing for any sport is to practice. Even though if you are well trained by an expert, but still needs some practicing. You will not excel within the sports if you fail to practice. You need to have an 8 hours session to become a skilled player along with dedication. You can undergo strenuous and hard work training to get a better outcome and abundant to gain.


The gist of all these famous Indian badminton players’ stories is “Nothing is impossible with the right mindset and hard work”.  All of these above badminton players have dreamed big and worked hard to achieve it. So, get your badminton racket, tie up your shoes, go to the ground and start your training from today itself.

So, this is it, above I have listed down all famous and popular badminton players in India who make us proud many times.

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