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Are you looking for the best badminton shoes in India? Then you are in the right place. A perfect pair of badminton shoes can drastically give you the best comfort and improve your gameplay. And in this post, I am going to talk about the top 10 badminton shoes that come from top badminton brands. These badminton shoes are a good choice for beginners, intermediate, and professionals. Also, I have picked badminton shoes for both wide feet and flat feet players.

Sports have always been great entertainment and of course a fine profession for those who are quite interested in playing games outdoor in an open environment. Well, one of the most convenient and enthusiastic sport is Badminton and we all love playing this particular sport, whether it’s our childhood or adulthood or we have become old, we all play badminton. Also, playing sports keeps you healthy and active, and outdoor games are nothing less of an exercise, so yes, if you love playing sports then you will be surely healthy and fit throughout your living days if you keep playing.

However, playing sports does require good accessories that are comfortable for continuing with the sport, and if it’s badminton then you would obviously require a clean pair of finest badminton shoes that will help you to leap briskly and avoid you getting close to the ground for outdoor and indoor gameplay.

Well, to help you better, here we have put together a few popular brands of badminton shoes with some extra information that you would require certainly when purchasing badminton shoes though. These mentioned badminton shoes come with a wide range of collections for beginners, intermediate, professionals, and advanced players.

Things to Know Before Buying Badminton Shoes

You can simply take a look at all the tips and tricks that sheds light on factors that are important and are to be considered when choosing the badminton shoes for your next tournament. Below mentioned tips will also help you to pick the right pair of badminton shoes for 2022. Previously I have written a guide on how to choose a badminton racket for yourself and in this guide, you are going to know about how you can pick the perfect badminton shoes for yourself.

1. Look for the shape

Of course, this is the first factor that one must consider when buying shoes. You might think, all shoes look the same and what extra does it hold with the shape? Well, if you ask, sports shoes are different as it carries different features and advantages and hence if you are buying badminton shoes then you must go for ergo-shaped pairs that would provide ultimate stability.

2. Does it have a cushion?

Wait, what? Cushion? In a shoe? Yes, it is not just an ordinary cushion as it sounds. It is a shock-absorbing power cushion that controls the body weight pressure when you are bending forward, otherwise, you might lose balance. This also helps in absorbing all the shock that is carried out when playing or while putting too much weight and in simple terms, it works like car breaks controlling the front area.

3. Moisture controller

Moisture seems good for winter and cold weather, but will it be good when you are playing a tournament and it is annoying you over your leg? Obviously, it won’t. This indicates that when you buy moisture-controlling badminton shoes, you will not have to struggle with the sweat inside and it won’t be slippery as well when you are moving. However, such shoes are durable and stable.

4. Lightweight and instant

You also have to consider if the shoes are perfect for quick movement, otherwise, it might be difficult for you to go on with the sport moves that are pretty much required while playing the game. There should be a tight grip that will hold the legs while constant movements also the shoes must not hold too much weight and instead it should be pretty light to keep on moving and comfortable to bend over any movements in the sport.

5. Hexa gripped sole

Well, there are shoes that are not much comfortable or convenient for some badminton players out there and hence this can cause an extreme level of disturbance that can distract you from the match for sure. When you check for the sole if it is Hexa gripped, you can surely play at your own comfort causing not much trouble during the game merely. Hexa grip is created for stable and agile footwork that is lighter and such particular shoes also come up with more advanced features if you move up.

6. Look for its durability

This is another factor that one must actually consider when buying badminton shoes. You have to look for its efficiency, if it is perfect and fine and if it will last for much longer as the brand promises. Hence, it is important that you go for some branded shoes that are highly ranked in the market, and that is not much expensive too if you are a beginner.

Well, you can always check for all the above-mentioned factors when buying a pair of badminton shoes, however, this can sometimes be confusing if there are thousands of brands already available in the market in this particular category. Hence, to help you better here we have put together a few trending badminton shoes that have always been on the top list, and that have always been up to the mark as well.

Best Badminton Shoes in India 2022 Reviews

After all the guidelines and considerations, here we are back with the market’s best brands of badminton shoes that have got all the features as per your expectations and never here to disappoint with its price as well. Let’s go ahead:

1. Yonex Power Cushion Badminton Shoes

One of a brand that is never out of the mind of people, and is Yonex. To enhance your fast footwork and instant movements, here is the Yonex brand that will be helpful to be match-ready with ultimate support and stability that never runs out of its durability as well. The shoes are simply re-designed that would provide heal and toe stability along with complete agility that will be completely perfect. The ultra-weighted cushion shoes help in the long-lasting inflow of air inside. Rubber is extra durable and stabilizes at every movement.


  • The cushion inside the shoes provides complete comfortability.
  • Advanced technology locks in the moisture and keeps the toe and feet dry.
  • The rugged sole for the shoe’s long-lasting and durable.
  • The shape provides not much movement inside the shoes that will help you to keep hold of the leg balance.
  • Lots of airflow with ultra-mesh fabrics inside the product.


  • Might be hard on the feet.

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2. Babolat Shadow Spirit Shoes

The ultra-technology designed in this particular brand of shoes can always back up the hard movements even if you are throwing a flip during the match or when you are playing badminton. The advanced technology collaboration helps in managing shock systems pretty effectively without any explosive movements while you are playing the sport. However, these shoes can be used for several other sports activities altogether. Right from different styles and techniques, you can simply gel along with the shoes without worrying about any rupturing movement.


  • Too much comfort, especially during the hard movements.
  • Perfectly designed with maximum adherence and with no side effects to the skin.
  • This is suitable for all players from beginners to experts.
  • The sole patterns help in stopping power, shock absorption, and suitable lateral moves.
  • Effective according to the performance and quite durable.


  • Might be expensive for beginners.

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3. Victor Professional Badminton Shoes

Many of you might have already heard about this particular brand that has been always a preferred option for all the badminton players around, even if they are beginners. This brand has got an entire series of badminton shoes that are featured with different specifications and advantages suitable for your legs and the movements which will never make you uncomfortable though. The elastic material in the product serves to increase the activity of the shoe to retain its shape on the whole.


  • It always helps in balancing the movements without causing any problems with the leg movements.
  • The elastic material helps in maintaining the shape.
  • The new braces technology aids with foot comfort throughout the forward and backward movement on the whole.
  • This is perfect for both indoor and outdoor games altogether.


  • Size can differ hence check for the size properly.

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4. Yonex Eclipsion X Badminton Shoes

Want a trending badminton shoe for your next tournament then here we have got a great brand always in fashion and that also keeps up with the technology and the customers altogether. With the oldest technology of cushion, this ever-trending Yonex Eclipsion comes with the ultimate experience of providing the utmost comfortability that also comes with maximum stability for your legs. It helps in flexibility, durability, and is also lightweight that simplifying the movements.


  • If compared with other brands available around, it provides complete stability.
  • The brand is much reputed when it comes to sports shoes.
  • Extreme level quality with superior features and benefits.
  • Also helps in controlling the moisture that is often a disturbance throughout the game or when you are actually playing the game.
  • Transfer of maximum energy with a smooth texture.


  • Prices could be high.

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5. Copter Men’s Badminton Shoes

Well, when you opt for Copter’s badminton shoes you are however not restricted to using them for badminton sport only, which also means that you can use them for all the games out there and that’s exactly what has the brand gained its reputation from. This could be a great option for all those who are looking for perfect sport shoes online. You can use it for various outdoor and indoor games even for exercise and Gym, you can simply use this particular brand’s pair of shoes.


  • The brand is very well reputed and is quite popular too.
  • Can be used in any indoor and outdoor game.
  • Thick and rubber soles increase the stability over smooth and slippery floors.
  • Turns and twists are quite easy with copter Men’s badminton shoes.
  • Breathable and moderate cushioning provide complete comfort.


  • Synthetic materials used might be hot.

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6. Head Grid 2.0 Squash Badminton Shoes

So, you have finally arrived at the most favorite brand of every sports player out there! However, if you are a beginner and confused about which brand to pick for your next badminton match then you should opt for the Head grid series of badminton shoes that is famous for their durability and quality and of course for their variants as well. The price is not as expensive as other brands available already.


  • The most reputed brand in the market that is preferred by everyone mostly.
  • The hydration technology suits perfectly indoor sports and activities.
  • It has also got a climate control system that maintains breathability.
  • Absorbs heat and sweat and does not let the moisture off.
  • High abrasion technological compound is perfect for stressed areas like the toe and feet.


  • It can be heavy and soles are a problem sometimes.

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7. ASICS Women’s Gel Badminton Shoes

Hunting down for some perfect pair of shoes for your outdoor and indoor games? Then here we have got ASICS, the brand that has always impressed the players and the participants of the sport with its superior quality of shoes. These shoes from the brand are made to definitely make the game indoors and take it to the new levels for sure. There are many features of these shoes.


  • The synthetic leather covers up for you providing perfect balance for sure.
  • Suitable for all sorts of indoor games and sports.
  • Provides comfort and flexibility with every move.
  • Do not suffocate your feet and toe with impulse pressure.
  • Mesh lining from padded corners and liner sock material.


  • Size could be an issue when purchasing hence check for the right size and then order.

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8. Yonex Power Cushion Aerus 3

If it’s Yonex then we don’t have to worry about the brand, quality, and durability, and even the price. Of course, this is the power cushion series from Yonex shoes who are again in the market with a perfect set of badminton shoes that we have been always waiting for though. The new improved pair of shoes has been developed by experts making it suitable for all the sports players out there!


  • It is the lightest pair of shoes that will make your feet comfortable.
  • Perfect shock-absorbing technology has been indulged.
  • Redesigned for better performance.
  • Power cushion helps in managing and balancing the energy and heat inside the shoes.
  • Comes back to original shape automatically with extra support.


  • Check for the original quality of the shoes when buying online.

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9. ADIDAS Ubersonic 3 Badminton Shoes

Do we have to tell you about this most popular brand that is alive for decades? We all know about this specific and how are they with sports and accessories, right from Tees to shoes they have got every of their product an epic success in the market. With, according to the latest technology the brand has all got their sleeking new set of badminton shoes suitable for any type of preference with ultimate style and texture and also with maximum comfortability.


  • Well-known brands and hence there is no fear of the bad quality of shoes.
  • Not much-sacrificing ability with Adidas brands.
  • Stability and durability are the main highlights of these badminton shoes.
  • Designed for optimum speed and smooth play.
  • Supporting outsoles to keep up with your speeds.


  • Size could be a problem and sometimes price.

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10. LI-NING Badminton Shoes

Last but not least when it comes to buying the best set of badminton shoes from either online or offline. Made with extremely smooth material it provides total comfortability. The textile material used inside the shoes aids with smoothness and does not affect the skin throughout the game or the match that you are actually when using the shoes. It helps you to keep dry and cool and also helps to reduce the weight which will provide you with a safe environment.


  • Keeps you dry and cool through the times you are using the product.
  • EBA Midsole does not affect the sports environment.
  • Shoe weight can be reduced that will bring softness and comfortability.
  • It is skilled resistant and protects from all types of collision.
  • Safeguards you from any kind of sports injury as well.


  • Too much wideness can cause little extra loosening of the shoes over the leg.

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Buyer’s Guide: How to Pick the Right Badminton Shoes 

Buying the right pair of shoes has always been an issue and being in a state of turmoil and certainly requires too much research before one opts for the final purchase for sure. However, as you already know the tips and tricks on buying the right pair of badminton shoes for your gameplay, but how to buy and what all to be checked when buying any kind of sports accessories requires much more information on the whole. Here we have put together some important key points that will help you for the same.

  • Look for the comfortability that the shoes are providing. It is very significant that you opt for the right pair of shoes that do not disturb you with unnecessary annoyance and disturbance while you are actually playing a game.
  • Budget is another factor that needs to be considered when looking out for such products online. Of course, there are many brands of footwear that specially deal in badminton accessories or probably sports accessories and hence you need to be very sure of the price and ensure if paying a high price is worth the product.
  • Keep an eye on the brand that you are selecting or choosing to get the badminton shoes for your game or the match. There are ample brands in the market and not every one of the brands is totally cool. Hence, you should identify the perfect brand for you, or else you can also go for suggestions from your seniors and even the internet reviews can help you.
  • Features are another consideration that plays an important role in the purchase of badminton shoes. Make sure you have got all the features that you are actually looking for in the pair of shoes.

Frequently Asked Questions About Badminton Shoes

1. What are the best badminton shoes for ankle support?

You can opt for light weighed shoes that would provide maximum comfort and which also help in quick turns and twists during the leg movements.

2. What are the best badminton shoes for wide feet players?

Well, if you have a wide foot then it is completely perfect as you can opt for any kind of wide shoes that won’t go smaller on your toe and feet and will provide extra broadness to your leg.

3. What are the best badminton shoes for ladies?

There are plenty of brands available and simply specialized for women, and hence you can check for any of the brands and check which one has the most ranked review when it comes to women’s badminton shoes.

You can check the amazing collections of women’s badminton shoes on here.

4. What are some badminton shoes for heel and knee pain?

If you are worried about heel and knee pain then you should opt for shoes that are suitable and provide smoothness for your entire leg region and not just the heel and knee.

5. What are the best badminton shoes for professionals?

There is a wide variety of shoes available for both beginners and professionals and hence if you are looking for shoes that are compatible with professionals then opt for top brands that would have the varieties as per your preference.

6. What are the best badminton shoes for flat feet?

You can get ample options for wide and flat feet legs as even top brands sell shoes that are extremely smooth and that also care for the feet to the maximum.


Hence, here we have put together all the details and information on buying the best badminton shoes for you as per your suitability and expectations. Just go ahead and get the right pair for your matches.

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