Smash Shot in Badminton

Do you know about the different kinds of shots, that are played during a badminton match by a player?

There are basically five different shots in badminton are Drives, drops, serves, clear, and smash. Here in this article, we will talk about the smash shots that we play during the match.

If you want to know more about smash that how it is played and what is the purpose behind playing a smash, then read the article carefully. But keep in mind that you also need to practice the moves, the knowledge from books is never enough.

Badminton Smash Technique

This is one of the offensive shots, mainly played from the backcourt. This shot is played downwards and straight by a player with his full energy and power, which lands the shuttle to the middle court of the opponent. Smashes are the fastest shots played during the match, and this does not allow the shuttle to slow down. The main aim of a player while hitting a smash is to land the shuttle in the opponent’s court.

The shuttle mainly lands in the middle of the court, because of its fast speed. In badminton singles, a player plays a smash to pressurize his opponent. While in doubles players it seems to be the most attacking shot. Whenever there is a chance to finish a rally, at that point players prefer to play a smash.

Different Types of badminton Smash

There are basically four kinds of badminton smash:

  • Forehand Jump Smash
  • Forehand Overhead Smash
  • Backhand Standard Smash
  • Forehand Standard Smash

Forehand Jump Smash

This kind of smash is played with the help of a forehand grip. During a forehand jump smash, the player needs to jump and hit the shuttle while remaining in the air. This is usually to keep the shuttle higher and to give it a perfect steeper angle.

Forehand Overhead Smash

This shot is played from the non-racket side of the body, with the help of a forehand grip. Forehand overhead smash is way easier to play than the other forms of smashes. This shot is played when the shuttle remains on the other side of the body, and you move the racket over your head to hit the shuttle.

Backhand Standard Smash

Back standard smash is a slightly classic shot, which is played from the non-racket side of the body with the help of using a backhand grip. These kinds of sots are typical and are slightly hard to play.

You should be aware regarding, the weakest point of the player while playing badminton. It is nothing else but the backhand shots. Because the adequate amount of power can not be used by a player while playing this particular shot.

Forehand Standard Smash

The typical one or the hard one, call it whatever you want. Because this shot is played from the racket side of the body with the help of a forehand grip. This smash is played to make it hard for the opponent to return back the shot. The higher you will hit the shuttle, then it becomes more difficult for the player to control it.

Where to hit a smash?

So, now that you what smash is. Let me also explain to you that when and where you should be using it. As you know that the smash shot is always played or hit downwards.

In badminton singles, you should play a smash to the opponent’s court sidelines, which does not allow the player to get much time to reach the shuttle, and also the shuttle remains close to your location.

In badminton doubles, If you are at the backcourt and playing a smash then go for it from the center of the backcourt and target the weaker defender of the opponent’s team. Or else you can also play a smash to the center court of the opponent, which sometimes even becomes a matter of clash between them and you can gain a profit from it.


So, did you learn something from the article given above regarding the badminton smashes, or do you still have any doubts regarding different kinds of smashes that you can play during the game, If you didn’t get to know about anything then you can comment below, I’ll try my best to clear your doubts and short out your problems? Also, Check out the Best badminton rackets for powerful smash.

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