Which Material Is Best For a Badminton Racket?

You might know that a racket and a shuttle are two main gears, that a player must have for playing this specific sport. So here in this article, we are going to discuss some finest quality material, which is best for a badminton racket.

But before starting our article, let us discuss some basic features and factors of badminton.

Badminton is listed as one of the fastest sport, which is played with the help of a racket and a shuttle. This sport is commonly played across the world and in different forms. It has been originated in Pune, India, and therefore was named Poona at an earlier time.

But now this sport is well developed, as in earlier and ancient times the shuttle was made with the help of some feathers and leather, cork, which now turned into an advanced gear, which is made with the help of plastic, goose feathers, or synthetic materials.

Whereas if we talk about the badminton racket, then the rackets were made up of wood and strung with the help of animal gut and natural fibers or materials.

And now the rackets are made up of some strong and durable materials, which last longer and are strung with the help of some synthetic fibers, which are also more durable than the animal gut and provides an adequate amount of string tension to the players.

Materials Indulged In a Badminton Racket

best materials for a badmiton racket

If you are a badminton player or are willing to join this sport, then this article can be beneficial for you. Also, if you’re tired of changing your badminton rackets or broken rackets, even then you can go through this article, which will help you in choosing an ideal racket, made with the help of some fine and tough quality materials.

Basically, a badminton racket is divided into many parts like grip, shaft, string, handle, and frame, and these parts are made up of different materials like cotton, metal, aluminum, graphite, nylon, rubber, steel, and polyurethane. So, this thing we are going to discuss in this article below.

So, if you want to know about the finest material for a badminton racket, then go through the post carefully and thoroughly.

As we will go through every part of the badminton racket and define them individually.

Materials for a Badminton Racket Frame and Shafts

The frame is the most important part of a badminton racket. The rackets which intermediates and advanced players prefer holds the same quality materials for both shaft and frame. But the rackets made for beginners hold a different kind of material in the shaft and frame. Here below I have mentioned some durable and fine materials for a badminton racket. Check them out:


graphite material for a badminton racket

Graphite is one of the strongest and durable materials, which revels in the supreme quality badminton rackets, but sometimes graphite is mix with a kind of glue or resin to make a frame.

If you go for buying a badminton racket, you will find that many top brands such as Ashaway, Li-Ning, and Yonex use this specific material in their racket shaft and frame.

Rather than these materials, they also use some other fine quality and desirable material like High Modulus Graphite, which hold CS Carbon Nanotube and Neo CS Carbon Nanotube. And these materials have some specific features rather than the normal graphite and make the racket stronger and durable.





Best for racket shaft and frame




Aluminum is also often used in a badminton racket shaft and frame, which makes it more durable and better for playing. This specific material is basically indulged in those rackets, which are mainly preferred by beginners and intermediates.

First of all, you need to know that, whenever aluminum is indulged in a racket frame, the shaft of the particular racket will be made with the help of graphite, which is preferred by intermediates, and the steel shaft is often used by beginners because aluminum can be indulged in both frames and shaft.

As beginners and intermediate players need to learn a lot, so they basically face the problem of broken racket frames and keep on changing their rackets.

So, if you’re one of them and facing the same problem, then you can go for an aluminum-made racket and play or learn some basic skills and shots in badminton.

Suitable for shaft and racket frame
One of the best materials indulged in a badminton racket


steel material

Steel is also one of the common materials usually indulged in a badminton racket shaft and frame, but the manufacturers very often use this material in the shaft of rackets, which are made for new badminton players, beginners, and for those who play badminton just for fun because these material based rackets are easily available in the market and are cheaper than the aluminum and graphite-based racket.

So, if you are a beginner and using steel-based rackets, then you need not worry because they have very few chances of getting damaged and breaking down, and in case if they get damaged, then you can go for another one as they are very cheap and affordable.



Best for beginners and intermediates

Do not get easily damaged

Best for learning some basic skills and shots

Some other Materials indulged in Racket’s Shaft and Frame

Here below we have mentioned and briefly explained some of the advanced and additional materials that are also indulged in the badminton racket frame and shaft:



Moreover, titanium is used for making the shaft and frame of a badminton racket. This material is very lightweight and is one of the best among the above-mentioned materials.

This specific material also holds some features, which helps the player to perform well and also helps beginners and intermediates to play freely and adequately, that I have mentioned below:

Holds a low thermal expansion.
Is one of the excellent fabrications.
Is non-toxic.
Provides more strength to the player, while hitting a shot.

Material and Fibers used in a Badminton Racket Strings

Here below I have mentioned some common materials, that are used to string a badminton racket:

Natural Gut

natural gut

You must have heard that in ancient times or in the early period, the badminton strings were made up of animal gut (intestine of animals, for example, pig, cow, or sheep) and some kind of natural fiber, which were strung with hands and those strings does not hold the adequate amount of string tension, which the player requires according to his skill level and his game but these natural gutted strings used to provide an excellent feel to the players while hitting a shot or shuttle.

Such kind of strings was made in ancient time and are hardly seen today But Babolat is the only brand in today’s time, which produces this kind of badminton strings, that are made with the help of natural fibers. These kinds of strings are expensive than the others, but are kind of durable and last longer.

Holds the same kind of string tension
Provides excellent feel to the players


nylon strings

In today’s time, you will find every badminton racket hold nylon strings.

Rather, than these nylon strings, even the net in the center hold the nylon materials.

As nylon is a contrary material and is therefore used for stringing a racket, rather than this nylon string holds many benefits, which I have given below:

Helps in generating good tension
Do not absorb moisture

But if we talk about its demerits, then these nylon strings do not provide a better feel to the players, white performing a shot or hitting the shuttle during a match or while practicing.

Finest-Quality Materials For a Badminton Racket Handle

best material for a badminton racket handle

How much do you know regarding a badminton racket handle? As it defines itself by its name.

It is the bottom part of a racket, from where the player holds it, or else we can say that the place where the player ties his grip.

Wood is the only material indulging in the handle of the racket while manufacturing it.

You must be amazed after reading this because the other parts of the racket are made up of some finest quality materials, but don’t worry wood is one of the perfect materials, which is indulged in the racket handle. And this handle is joined to the shaft and also holds the grip around it, which makes it a perfect one to behold by the players.

Supreme Materials For a Badminton Racket Grip

Before discussing the cotton grip, and before we go further,

Firstly, let me explain to you, what actually a grip is.

Grip refers to the outer layer of the badminton racket handles, which the player basically ties around it.

This grip helps the player to hold the racket adequately and prevents you from getting bruises over your hand because holding a racket without a grip can affect your hand and give you some kind of marks on your hand.

And from preventing yourself from such damage, you should always use a fine quality hand grip over the handle.


cotton towel grip material for a badminton racket

The cotton grip or the towel grip. The player mostly ties or wraps over the normal grip and is mainly beneficial for professionals and those players who face a lot of sweating problems.

The best use of this specific grip is, that it absorbs the sweat and helps the player to hold the racket handle tightly and prevent it from slipping.

But you need to take proper care of this specific grip and also need to change it accordingly to generate or obtain a proper handgrip while playing. These grips are easily available in the market and are cheaper.

Generates good fiction.
Provides a better feel to the player.
Absorbs sweat.
Prevent the racket from slipping.


polyurethane materials for a badminton racket

PU basically indulges in a badminton racket grip.

Some badminton rackets available in the market already hold this adequate and specific grip from the very beginning and use the same grip meanwhile, but if they don’t, then in such case you can overlap this grip.

Here below are some benefits of this grip:

Feels comfortable.
Is strong, hence do not require proper maintenance
Some badminton rackets already hold these kinds of grip.

Prime Materials for a badminton Racket Grommets and Butt Cap

grommets and butt capgrommets

Moreover, grommets and butt caps are some additional parts of a badminton racket.

Plastic is indulging while making these products and are available in different colors.

Grommets are used to pass the sting in the frame, whereas the butt cap is used at the end of the racket handle, which basically holds the logo or sign of the brand, which manufactures the specific racket and often comes in black color.

There are no other materials that indulge in these additional parts, rather than plastic and here if we talk about their durability and quality, then the grommets should also be changed accordingly and the cap is likely durable in comparison with the grommets.


I hope you liked the article, mentioned above. Here we have mentioned some top-quality materials which are indulging in a badminton racket.

And according to me if we talk about the racket frame, then aluminum is the best material used for making the frame of a racket, and titanium is best for the shaft because of its lightweight, durable, and strong features. As you are free to choose the grip, according to your comfort level.

But if we talk about the racket handle, so there is no substitute for the wood, the handles are basically made from wood, and likewise, there are no substitutes for the grommets and the butt cap yet, as they are manufactured using plastic.

I hope you read the article above and now at the end tell us what do you think, which material is best for a badminton racket and mention them in the comment section below.

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