Badminton Racket Grip Size G4, G5, G3 Difference

Every badminton racket has a different weight, flex, shaft, length, and grip size.

Here in the article below, we will talk about the different grip sizes of a badminton racket and the types of grip sizes available with their merits and demerits.

Badminton racket grip size G4, G5, G3

First of all, you need to know that the sign G is used to measure the badminton grip size or the size of the racket handle. G4, G3, and G5 are the common sizes of racket handle. Where g3 refers to a larger racket handle and g5 refers to the smallest racket handle whereas g4 stands somewhere between these both, or else you can say it has a medium racket handle.

The grip size of the badminton racket should not be big enough that the tip of your ring finger must not touch the palm when the racket is held correctly. The attacking players mostly prefer the bigger grips because they need to hold the badminton racket more tightly to generate high power while hitting the shots whereas the players who like to win more rallies and make use of deception mostly prefers the smaller grips in the badminton racket to make the game simple and easy.

To check the badminton racket grip hold the racket and then choose the grip according to your palm size. The sizes of badminton rackets are defined below:

  • G3:     3-1/ 2 inch, (large)
  • G4:     3-3/ 4 inch, (medium)
  • G5:     4 inches, (small)

Difference between G3, G4, G5 grips

G3 or the variants of g3 are used by the professional players during their match, some professional players in fact use g4 and its variants. Where the thinner grip helps the fingers to feel more flexible and have a more tight and perfect grip rather than the thicker grip because it doesn’t provide you the exact flexibility and control. And g5 is preferred by the players who need a smallholding grip as it leads them to win more rallies and hit the perfect smashes.

It’s very important to choose the right grip because it enables you to play in an adequate way and helps out the players to hit more perfect shots. Now let’s tell you about the material that is used in making the best grip. check below:

Pu (Polyurethane)

The material used to produce a better badminton grip is known as polyurethane or PU which provides you comfort and acts as a good cushion between the handle and your fingers. They even absorb the sweat and the shocks while hitting the shuttle.

Best grip for your badminton racket.

Generally, there are three kinds of grips used in the badminton racket which are briefly mentioned below:

  • Towel grip

To absorb sweat the towel grips are made up of cotton, and sometimes become too thick and heavy that they need to be changed due to the sweat-absorbing factor. So if you’re a badminton player and you’ve sweaty hands then you can go for the towel grips.

But before buying a grip ensure that you are familiar with your style of play especially in this sport.

  • Overgrip

These grips are similar to the replacement grips but are thinner and cheaper than the latter. They are wrapped over the original grip which makes the grip thicker and even these grips are made up of PU just like the replacement grips.

  • Replacement grips

The name itself makes it clear that these grips are used as replacement grips over the original grips. These grips are moreover a bit thicker they are made up of polyurethane as it is best in absorbing sweat and shocks and feels comfortable while holding the racket.

How to find the perfect grip size?

The adequate way to find out the perfect grip size is by holding the racket similarly as you do while playing a shot and checking the gap between your fingers and the heel of your hands.

Then use the index finger of your other hand and put it in the gap. If the finger fits perfectly and you’re confident then it’s the correct grip size. Or else if there is no space or a lot of space in between then there are chances that the grip size is too big or too small.

Here are some points are given below which let you choose a perfect grip:

  • The advanced players usually go for the leather grips as they have a firmer feel of the natural grip.
  • Those players who are facing arm problems must go for cushioned grips or bigger handle-size grips.
  • If you’re having sweaty hands then you should try a towel grip or dry grip.
  • And if you don’t sweat much then go for tacky replacement grips.

Rather than these grips if you don’t want to increase your grip size, many companies are providing new thin replacement grips that you can use.


Rather than the grip sizes, you must also enjoy the game. They are just important as any other aspect of the game of badminton, Proper grip also helps in preventing injuries. So as per the details mentioned above, you must have known that which badminton racket grip suits you the best.

If there’s any doubt you need to clear about the badminton racket grip then go through the article given above.

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