Best Badminton Rackets for Junior Players |Ultimate Guide

If you are looking for badminton rackets for your junior badminton star, Then you’re on the right page. In this post, I am going to share some of the best badminton rackets for junior badminton players and will guide you to choose the right one for your kid. As badminton racket impact that gameplay, it is always suggested to be choosy while picking one.

Before choosing a badminton racket for junior players, there are many factors you should know. Factors like size, length, and weight of the racket, shape, string tension and more. Also, you should have proper knowledge of when your kid should move to regular sized badminton rackets.

These days, Badminton is the favorite game and loved so much by the Kids. The reason behind is the love towards the greatest sport in our country. Within the country, we have numerous Badminton venues that are flourishing now and make it much easier for the kids to practice the game in a professional way.

There are wide ranges of Badminton coaching centers available throughout the country for both kids and adults which helps them to reach the best sport. Please ensure that your kids have the best equipment in handy before moving on with the training session. We have also provided some handpicked Badminton rackets specifically made for the junior players below.

Most of the talented badminton players regret to start their professional career in the early stage. The best thing for a parent is to identify and nourish the kid’s talent for his or her child. If your kids are very much interested in Badminton then you can change their life by providing an appropriate training session and also a best and efficient junior badminton racket. Even from a very young age, your kids can start the initial stage of training in Swing, stance, Smashes, and footwork.

There are numerous junior badminton rackets available within the Indian market with ranges of all top badminton rackets brands like Apacs, Nivia, Li-ning, Yonex, etc. These badminton rackets are available through offline and online stores.

List of top Badminton Rackets for Junior Players

Regular Badminton Rackets or Junior Badminton Rackets: Which one is good for juniors?

I would like to inform that the junior badminton rackets are the best choice for young aged players. Please find below the possible reasons why to choose the junior badminton rackets:

The regular racket’s Grip size will not be comfortable for the juniors. The regular rackets used by juniors may hit the ground after hitting or swinging. With over-swing, junior’s body may be damaged. Due to over-weight, children can even lose control over the racket. The hand-eye coordination will not be in a proper stage.

The junior badminton rackets can be used for 7 years or below age groups. By default, juniors may not be physically strong enough with the regular racket swinging. They are not enough tall to hold the regular racket (ex. 65cm length) and as well as its weight.

When is the Right Time to Move to Regular Rackets?

Your children can easily move to make use of the regular rackets if once they are very comfortable with handling it. They need to groom themselves to strong enough to handle hitting or swinging with the regular one. Also, footwork should be improved along with good hand-eye coordination.

Most rackets have easily increased their handle size. In fact, the handle’s size of the lightweight rackets of today’s trend cannot be reduced. To get an ideal fit of your grip sizes, please choose a smaller size and attach an overgrip for better results. The grip will be increased with the typical overgrip by 1/16-inches. It can also be utilized using the heat-shrink sleeve. The grip can also be increased with the heat shrink sleeve by 1/8-inches.

The above-mentioned grips will increase the overall weight of the racket and this could be the major disadvantages of the lightweight racket. We suggest you to regularly replace the grips for best use. The properly wrapped and fresh grip gives you increased confidence and better racket control.

Things to Know Before Buying a Badminton Racket for Juniors

It is the most important thing to get the best junior badminton racket for the kids, who are below 12 ages. It is not only helpful for kid’s tennis game development but also make them more enjoyable and easier to play the game.

Please find below a few lists of facts which can help you to choose the best kids badminton rackets:

  • Most of the junior badminton rackets come in various lengths of 26, 25, 23, 21, and 19-inches.
  • Kids ages between 10 to 12 can use the rackets in 26-inches. These longer rackets can be used only by the experienced players or you can easily handle the swings. Kids ages between 8 to 10, use the rackets in 25-inches. Ages within 5 to 7, use the rackets in 23 inches. Within 2 to 4 ages, can use the rackets in 21 inches.
  • The juniors who are above 12 ages can use the adult racket with the length vary between 27 to 27.25-inches. Please keep in mind that before getting the racket, where the kid should not overgrow within 6 months of time.
  • If your kid is 9 years old and within a few months he or she is turning to 10 then we suggest you to choose the racket length at 25 or 26 inches. The racket’s grip could be a little bit higher for the kid before he or she is developed to use the entire racket (which can be 25 or 26-inches). There are multiple rackets for 12 years old available through online and offline stores.
  • Most of the kids are tend to scratch their badminton rackets into fences and poles however the parents should be very happy since the junior badminton rackets are produced with a titanium alloy material and very durable.
  • Only one grip size will be available for each junior badminton racket (5 to 6 sizes will be available for adult rackets). Also, the grip sizes may vary depending on the kid’s age and his or her hand size.
  • The junior badminton racket’s weight varies between 6 oz. up to 9.5 oz. The lighter rackets can be used by young kids and heavier rackets are used by adult children.

Now if you’re a senior player and confused with which badminton rackets to buy, here are India’s top 10 best badminton rackets that you can see. Also, you can read another post of mine, where i have mentioned all nessasary detailes about badminton rackets one should know before buying one.

Junior Badminton Rackets Size and Length Guide

The most important is to get the correct size for the junior badminton racket is very less complicated when it’s compared to the adults. Every child developed at various pace and they are unique, so we need to take more time to choose the exact racket model for them to blast during the match and stay injury free on the court.

Please find below a few tips to select the best junior badminton racket for a great fit:

  • You can refer the following length and height information of the rackets that is suitable for the appropriate age limits. The kids aged above 10 can use the racket length of 26-inches with a height of 55-inches or above. Age within 9 to 10, can use racket length of 25-inches and height of between 50 to 55-inches.
  • Age within 6 to 8, can use racket length of 23-inches and height of between 45 to 49-inches. Age within 4 to 5, can use racket length of 21-inches and height of between 40 to 44-inches. Kids younger than 4 age can use the racket length of 19 inches and a height of 40- inches or shorter.
  • With the comparison of above-information, it is most important to concentrate while purchasing the junior badminton racket is child’s height and racket’s length. The manufacturers have to ensure that the main adjustments for the racket’s length should be kid-friendly.
  • Even the racket length can be determined by the help of the child’s height. Most of the parents can make use of the above-provided information to purchase the best and suitable tennis racket for their kids. However, still, for a few parents, this may not work and need to do homework to get the best and perfect fit.

If you wonder which badminton racket weight will be good for yourself, check this post, where I have written in details about how weight effects on gameplay.

Benefits of Starting at Early Age

The best age for the kids to start their training within 9 to 10 age. However, a few of them start their early training phase with different age group and even after 15 years old.

Please find below the list of benefits that you can achieve while starting the training phase at an early age:


This is the main reason for most of the capable player not able to groom as a greater player. This will not be a problem if your family background is related to sports or father might be rich to adjust on. But this is not going to work if you are from a middle-class family and your parents will force your stop playing, since it could affect your studies as well.

However, if you have started the training phase at your younger age (could have less burden about the studies), that will not be a problem and you can easily focus on your sports skills and become a perfect and best badminton player. If you are studying a higher class then it will impact your studies.


The next most important factor is to utilize free time. If you are at the age of 9 to 10 years old then you can spare more free time to focus on your sports rather than the age of 16. The appropriate training for the young kid will assist him and groom as a national player when he turns to 16.

I am not concluding that a grown-up kid cannot spend more time on the badminton training however, the possibility could be less. This is not just based on the time, but the teenage boy will have many other tasks like paying their own expenses, joining the college, attending the interviews, passing out the school, etc. But, it is completely a different scenario for the kids.

Physical fitness:

Only within 14 years, the best agility for the kid’s body can be done. For example, if a young and old boy starts their training on the same day, the old boy has to work-out twice the time to get a similar quickness like the young boy.

You can watch that most beginners in gymnastics sports are below the age of 10. Because their bones are not much rigid, easier to train with their flexibility when compared with the grown kid. The similar qualities are required for the Badminton game to have the greater part of flexibility to avoid injury and increase your reach.

The base foundation will be strong with the use of starting the training phase at an early age so that you can also focus later just to sharpen the skills.

Best Junior Badminton Rackets in India {Lightweight}

Please find below a few lists of best junior badminton rackets available in the India market:

Yonex NanoRay Light 4i Badminton Racket

Improve your Smash Skills

Yonex 4i Badminton racket is designed with latest light-head series will improve your playing skills with the help of superfast racket handling. You can dominate your opponent during the game with extreme speedy smashes and fast drive shots. This Yonex badminton racket is also available in 5U models with weight configuration of 80 grams. You can make the all-around playing style with the effective shots by using the lightweight racket created with the latest technology.

This light-weight racket is made up of graphite material combined with Titanium Mesh and the strings are controlled with 23 Lbs. Yonex Light 4i badminton racket is the very least Nanoray series and this is one of the best rackets for intermediate players.

Isometric Technology  Yonex Nanoray Light 4i Racket: This badminton racket is equipped with the

new Isometric frame technology which displays the isometric racket frame shape. Yonex trademark technology is Isometric specially designed to provide extended sweet spot. By using the enlarged sweet spot, the play will take more advantages or opportunities to smash off-center shots and that too the power shots are not compromised.


Enlarged Sweet Spot used with the Isometric Head Shape This Yonex badminton racket is based on Isometric head shape instead of the oval shape. The specially designed Isometric head shape will provide a similar length of horizontal strings and as well as vertical strings. The following key benefits can be achieved through this new isometric based frame shape:

  • With the help of extended sweet spot, the players can smash the effective shots even if it targeted off-center of the court.
  • The enlarged sweet spot embed with Isometric head shape will offer the player to place the powerful shots.
  • You can gain better head stability through the Isometric frame shape.

Headlight Configuration Both Carbon Nanotube and Yonex Nanomesh materials are used for the Headlight configuration. Even the frame and shaft were also used with these materials. The mesh type of material structure was created with the help of this combined material offers the player with the following key benefits:

The repulsion was improved for both strength and power. The racket’s handling and strength are better. This light-weight badminton racket used with nanomaterials can place better drive shots. The badminton racket structure is rigid but very light.

Yonex In-built T-Joint The device’s overall dynamic will be affected by the weaker part of any devices joint. The weaker part is the T-joint of the badminton racket which affects the stability of the racket while the shuttle smashed through the string bed.

During the direct impact of the shuttle on the string bed, the forces are mainly transferred to the T-joint. If your racket has a weaker part of T-joint then it will cause the shuttle’s direction instability. This issue was identified and developed the new in-built T-joint by Yonex. It uses the graphite layers with deep molded and provides a joint-free section and gives more rigid racket.

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Li Ning G Force Lite 1800i Badminton Racket

The head lightweight series of the Li Ning G Force is developed and designed upon the player’s requirement who would like to play the attacking game. The frame has the dynamic optimum model which helps the player to smash powerful shots and enlarged sweet spot area can be used as a lethal weapon for opponents.

Li Ning uses the graphite material of high grade for both the shaft and its frame which enhance the power and strength of the materials to sustain the immediate impact load. The most important part is the frame’s quality, where the badminton game needs impact load and deceptive skills which implies on the racket’s frame.

Li Ning G Force series had recently added the new model named LI Ning G Force 1800I. Earlier, the most popular G force series is 2000i, and 1000i. This badminton racket is designed with a flexible shaft and the overall racket’s weight is just 89 grams. The special characteristics are designed for flexible shaft rackets to store the energy and release the same like a string technology which results with high powerful shots.

Since the Li Ning badminton racket is designed and developed using the graphite material of high grade which helps the player to customize their racket with the professing strings. Just to inform that the racket will be delivered with demo factory strings however, it can be customized professional using the string machines.

The high tensile and slim racket shaft helps the player to provide better power transfer during the game and better aerodynamics through the slim nature. The Ultra carbon technology was used by Li Ning with graphite material of high grade for better impact and rigidity strength. You can also yield extra powerful shots with the help of new material technology named Ultra carbon.

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Apacs Feather Weight 500

Apacs Feather Weight 500 racket is the best one among lightest badminton rackets produced by the manufacturer as well as in the world. The frame was designed with high Armor speed and the racket’s lightweight delivers it extremely super fast. The overall improvement was executed with more control and power with the racket’s new design named “Hexagon Throat”, which increases the extra damping function and swing speed.

This badminton racket can be swiftly used like a sword with its lightweight body and helps to deliver very sharp and clean execution. The racket uses the medium shaft type which can offer more control and power. Due to the racket’s framed design if high armor speed and lightweight, Apacs Feather Weight is the best racket which will suit for more speed and aggressive players.

The Shaft material is made up of 30 Tonne Graphite materials and as well as Frame is made up of IPN, Hexagon Throat, AHSF, and Japan’s 30 Tonne Graphite materials. It has medium flex and lightweights at 63 grams. This product comes with a Navy blue color.

Special Features

Graphite Handle  The older wooden based handle is replaced with the graphite handle to provide racket’s durability and weightlessness.

Armor High-Speed Frame (AHSF)  The racket head was designed with the combination of cross-sectional distinctive shape and Armor Frame design helps to reduce the torque of the racket. The shape of the frame design combined with aerodynamic hexagon and high-speed frame helps to reduce the frame’s drag during hit or swing. It helps in the improvement of control and speed.

Super Light Weight  The extremely fast badminton racket has super lightweight body will is designed for the player who prefers quicker maneuverability, fast swing-through, and more speed.

High Modulus IPN  Inter Penetration Networks (IPN) is combined with both high-temperature properties and high module of the thermoplastic engineering uses the most improved tribological properties. It has also improved high mechanical performance and smooth surface quality.

Hexagon Throat  The in-built Throat Graphite boosts the function by two times with the help of unique hexagon throat. It also used to reduce air resistance and provide stable and consistent shots.

Isometric head frame  The Isometric head frame is used to equalize the entire cross strings and the main length within the string bed. Also, the extended sweet spot will provide more accurate and consistent shots even during the off-center smashes.

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Yonex G4 3U Medium Muscle Power 29 Lite Badminton Racket:

The power light model of Yonex Muscle provides Isometric Head shape for more control and power. This is the best and top-selling racket which comes with an affordable price. This Yonex racket is well known for its easy control and lightweight racket handling. MP (Muscle Power) 29 will offer the player to place powerful superb shots even from the 3rd line and dominate with the effective smashes.

This racket is manufactured with the use of High Modulus Graphite which offers optimum racket flex and better strength. The model provides effective racket repulsion with the graphite made shaft. The player feels the best class racket with Isometric head shaped racket and less weight with 85 grams. Overall, for offensive playing style, this is suitable racket for advanced and intermediate levels.

The powerful shots are smashed with its racket material, head shape, and other sorts of configurations which could be much easier for fast racket handling and third line clear at the net area. Extended sweet spot area along with Isometric headspace will offer powerful hits.

Key Specification

  • The racket head shaped with its Isometric shape will provide both the horizontal and vertical strings in the same length. The enlarged sweet spot along with latest head shape provides the player to place accurate shots from the off-center areas.
  • The In-built T-Joint which is latest and new (the place which connects the shaft and racket frame) will offer the best stability even during the swinging or hitting.
  • The aerodynamic concept is designed with Box type frame for this latest model. This gives better racket maneuverability and swing speed.
  • With the help of G4 grip configuration, the racket weights with 85 grams.
  • This badminton racket is manufactured with the latest design of High Modulus Graphite to provide better flexibility, repulsion, and strength.

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Li-Ning Super SS Series Lightweight Strung and G4+ Carbon Graphite Badminton Racket:

The new Li-Ning Badminton racket Super Series of S5-68 is specially designed to exhibit high strength and reduce air resistance. The S5-68 series is the best ideal racket for pro and intermediate players. The player can play the game with balanced mode with this racket created of full high carbon graphite. The dynamic-optimum frame which is used to design this racket will deliver effective defense and efficient attack. The hitting velocity was increased using the widened stringing area and increased bounce strength.

This racket incorporated with aero-tech beam technology enhances the performance of the players in various shots. This is because of the frame section’s structure, shape with high intensity, and low drag coefficient. The Slim shaft with high tensile provides easy control and extreme strength for the players. Since it is lightweight, the rackets reduce the sprains or injury chances even during the heavy shots. Moreover, this badminton racket’s guts may tend to swap its places and the player needs to manually shift to its position.

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Apacs Lethal Unstrung Light Special Racket

Apacs Lethal Light badminton racket is one among the lightest rackets manufactured by the Apacs Company. The design named Lethal Light Special is used to offer you sharper shots and enjoy the precise netting play and drop smashes. The latest Reinforced Structure is used for the racket’s frame which enables the string tension with a maximum of 33 Lbs. This is also a rare feature for the lightweight junior badminton rackets.

Since the racket’s body is lightweight, it helps to move it like a sword and can deliver sharp and very clean execution. This racket’s shaft is very flexible and can deliver more effective smashes even for the juniors like a slingshot effect. Due to racket’s lightweight, Apacs Lethal Special Light is the best badminton racket and suitable for the players who prefer for more speed.

Lethal Light Special racket is a combination of heavy head and light body badminton racket which offers the perfect match for speed and power. The shaft is made up of Japan M30 (option of 30 Tonne) Flex Toray and Frame made up of Japan T1000 Toray (which offers Stiffness and high strength). The weight of this racket is 78 grams. It offers some special features like Super Lightweight, Reinforced structure frame, 76 Grommets system and Isometric head frame.

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I have mentioned all best badminton rackets that are specially made for junior players. Along, with these rackets, I also have discussed a complete guide for choosing kids badminton racket. Look these parameters carefully before picking one and select the best one for your junior star.

Hope this article helps you to find right badminton racket for your junior champ. 

Which badminton racket do you like most? 

and Do you have any better suggestions for choosing badminton rackets for kids? 

Please comment to let me know your opinions. 

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