How to Fix Broken Badminton Racket |Complete Guide

If your badminton racket is broken and you don’t want to buy a new badminton racket, then fixing the broken badminton racket is the best option for you.

In this guide, i am going to share all information you need to know to fix your broken badminton rackets, and will talk about how you can maintain the best so that it doesn’t break again. So, keep reading the guide carefully.

During the badminton gameplay while losing the match may break your heart and the racket as well, even if it is valuable or very expensive. It is waste and helpless if you think to throw the badminton racket into the garbage.

There are numerous shops across the globe to replace through an online store or by visiting the showroom. However, nowadays it is much easier for you to repair the graphite material based badminton rackets.

Most of them will waste their valuable time and money if once the racket frame is cracked. Since the pressure that exerts on the frame’s crack will pull out the strings directly from the racket’s head.

In this scenario, I advise you not to break or throw the badminton racket and it can be easily repaired. During the repair process, you may extend the string tension up to a maximum of 27 Lbs without any hassle.

Please find below the list of required materials to repair the broken badminton racket:

  • Nail Cutter.
  • Waste Badminton string.
  • Pen refill tube.

Important Tips

Don’t throw your fancy high-end or ultra-expensive badminton rackets, if it has fissure or cracks. Most of the online store or racket shops can easily make use of the welding service to attach the cracked parts and respray with the appropriate coloring. The carbon fiber and the epoxy glue will not add much weight to the racket and maybe within 5 grams. However, you may experience the racket’s head weight distribution during the gameplay.

This process can be done at your home by applying the carbon fiber and epoxy glue within the joint’s hollow frame while welding. The string tension should be lesser after welding the racket. If you try to maximize the string tension then your racket may again crack or fissure. Even the welding effect will not be easily identified by anyone on your badminton racket.

Your Badminton Racket Maintenance Process

The most important and vital task is to take care and maintain your badminton racket to showcase its best performance and worth for its money. You can find below the different ways to maintain and take care of your badminton racket:


A small black cylinder that is available within the racket frame in which you can pass the strings. It can be used as a cushion between the frame and the string. Within two major places, the Grommets can break the body and the head. It should be replaced only if it is damaged or broken the frame and the string. The frame’s outside consisting of a head part which can prevent the strings from direct impact.

If it is broken, you may feel the entire stress on the racket’s frame which loses the string tension. The frame of the racket may sink if you try to string at higher tension. The frame’s inside consisting of a body part which can prevent the strings from contacting the hole that is located in the frame edges. You may also experience string snapping during the gameplay if your grommet’s body is broken and the strings touching the frame’s hole at the edges. You need to identify and double-check all the grommets during the stringing service.

Racket Frame

Most of the damage occurs commonly on the badminton racket’s frame area. The frame’s paint chips are the most common damage that you may experience. The paint chip may not affect the badminton racket’s appearance. The frame’s impact or racket’s clash may be the cause for paint chips. It is not a serious problem and an aesthetic factor. Your badminton racket’s lifespan may be shortening by the cracks that are available on your racket frame.

You can easily find the cracks with the impact of paint chips on the racket’s frame which can create the cracks with enough strength. If once the paint has peeled off from the badminton racket, you can notice the thin black line to identify the cracks. The crack’s severity depends upon the depth and the size of the crack.

If the size and the depth vary with enough strength, the badminton racket’s frame will deform and collapse because of the string tension which will react on the weakened spot area on the racket’s frame.

Once the racket frame has a crack on it then it is possible to string the badminton racket only for a certain time due to its lower tension. If you enforce more string tension to the racket then it may break.

Storing your racket

Your badminton racket’s lifespan can be determined by placing them under cool dry space and also with well-cushioned. Your racket can get more support and maximum cushioning by keeping them within the case cover and place inside the bag could be considered as an optimal setting.

By this way, your racket can be prevented from the damage and ensure any compressible force to act on it.

A few brand manufacturers offer the racket bags with thermal-lined compartment technology which easily protects the badminton rackets from any sort of extreme temperature changes.

This technology not only protects the badminton racket, but also the strings.

The Process to Repair the Broken Badminton Racket String

In case, if your badminton rackets have only a few broken strings then it is not required to restring the whole racket. It is possible to restring only the broken strings by following the below suggestions:

Other strings can be saved

In multiple ways, the strings could be connected to your badminton racket. In a few cases, the racket should consist of two longer strings: one vertical string and another horizontal string.

If not, it may contain various single strings: each main string has one single string and each horizontal string has one single string.

If each string is individually stringed then it is possible to remove the damaged strings and preserve the other strings. The grommet’s last string can be attached to the knot only if there are two longer strings available.

The special clamp can be used while tying the knot to maintain the appropriate string tension and remove the broken strings. You will find this clamp on amazon at very cheap price.

New String length

The different range of strings will react in a different manner. You need to ensure that you are using a similar string while repairing the racket. The new string length can be cut off with enough length to repair the defective strings.

Fresh Cord usage

The new cord can be placed on either side of the defective string within the spout. You can secure the strings by binding the node.

Replace the defective string

The new strings can be passed through the spout to replace the defective or missing strings. Ensure that the cord is facing next to it during the weaving process and the new strings move in another direction (maybe while replacing the horizontal strings). Under the major axis, if you are weaving the horizontal strings then you have to use the main axis and another axis as well.

New String Tension

From the grommet, you need to pull the cord while you arrive at the racket’s other end. You can use the other instrument or hammer handle to produce some grip by wrapping the string end. The string can tighten with same tension with this tool with similar to adjacent strings. After reaching the ideal tension, place it using a clamp to stay with required tension.

String: Exit and Finish

At last, you can pull the cord’s other end from the defective grommet next to it by securing with a simple node bind. The new string’s excess length can be cut off before your gameplay.

Cons  Poor Grips

You should know that there is a wide range of available grip types within the global marketplace. Most of the players will plan to change their grips and will not comfortable to play with the worn-out grips. The clubs are fitting with poor grips ends with useless rackets. I heard that many grips are extremely dangerous and a few of them are best to use with the grip selection.

If the grips are not properly fit within the racket head then it is not possible to achieve the best game. Many badminton racket manufacturers provide with a wide range of grip types for user’s benefit.

Change your grip

Depending upon various factors, you need to change your racket’s grip. The grips can be changed often if your hands sweat a lot. The sweaty grips will smell more and takes much more time to dry. In this occasion, it is must to change the racket’s grip. Even the wooden handle will become wet and the grip will soak with sweat. Due to this reason, your racket’s handle will be damaged.

Click here to find my recommened best badminton racket grips that i personally use for my gameplay.

The players with toweling and sweaty hands are most common to change their racket grips. However, you need to switch over to the best grip type which can make you feel comfortable and not slippery. You can use the resin pads or grip powder as an additional layer to provide dryness or glue form to the racket’s grip.

Badminton Racket Maintenance – Grip

If you don’t feel better with the towel grip then you can switch over to other grips which provide high absorbency. Depending upon your hand’s sweat and your gameplay, you often change the racket grip.

If you have dry hands then you need to prefer for tacky grip. You can gain comfortable feel while using those grips, but it will not retain its tacky for a longer period of time. You can use your racket on a regular basis while using the tacky grips.

If you are not a regular player then your racket grip can last for many months. Do not ever use a ring to your racket hand which may cause a hole by rubbing against the racket grip. In this case, you need to change the grip or remove the ring from your racket’s hand before play, which may lead to increase in the worn areas. Choose the best grip that suits your gameplay and as well as your badminton racket.

Now, after all these efforts if your badminton racket doesn’t fix, its time to get a new badminton racket for you. You can read my recommended best badminton rackets in india 2022 with in detailed review and analysis. Also, you can find other amazing categories of badminton rackets reviews and analysis here. Or you can hire professionals to repair your badminton, is an amazing website that provides badminton repair service.

So, does this tutorial helped you to fix your badminton rackets?

And, if you’re facing any issue to fix the racket, let me know in the comment section below.

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