Yonex Muscle Power 29 vs Voltric 5 Badminton Rackets | Which One is Better?

Confused about which badminton racket to pick between Yonex muscle power 29 vs Voltric 5?

In today’s blog, I am going to clear your all doubt about these two badminton rackets, will do a review of each of these rackets. And, at the end will tell you which badminton racket I think is better among these two most popular badminton rackets.

So, keep reading till the end.

Yonex Muscle Power 29 Review

Yonex MP 29 Lightweight Badminton racket is one of the best rackets for Intermediate players who would like to rule the gameplay completely. Its structure and design are developed for maximum satisfaction and enjoyment during the match. This racket is similar to the other rackets included within the Yonex MP (Muscle Power) series.

The Intermediate player can avail all the required features by using this badminton racket. Yonex MP 29 racket is specially crafted to produce dramatic swings and powerful smashes or shots. Also, this is the top-selling racket within the Indian market for average players.

Benefits & Features

Yonex MP (Muscle Power 29) Lightweight badminton racket is specially designed with an optimum performance which ensures to produce powerful shots. The latest technologies were implemented with their structure and design to develop the racket’s complete uniqueness. You can find below the list of unique features:

Enlarged Sweet Spot Yonex MP (Muscle Power) 29 Lightweight badminton racket comes with an enlarged sweet spot area. This advanced feature helps the players to deliver powerful and great smashes regardless to contact of with the shuttle.

Frame and Shaft with Hi-Modulus Graphite  The badminton rackets shaft and the frame are made up of Hi-modulus graphite material. Yonex MP 29 racket uses these component materials to provide a lightweight and as well as durability.

Round Archways  This badminton racket has archways with rounded corners and the string movements are enhanced within the badminton racket frame.

Muscle Power (MP) Frame  Yonex MP (Muscle Power) 29 Lightweight badminton racket uses the Muscle Power (MP) frames similar to the other badminton rackets within the Yonex Muscle Power series.

In-Built T-shaped Joint  With the help of this unique feature, the Yonex MP 29 Lightweight racket provides high-end stability to the rackets handle. The latest development of the in-built T shaped joint is constructed to use between the racket frames joint area and as well as the shaft to ensure and provide better repulsion, flexibility, and stability.

Isometric head shape  Yonex MP 29 racket features an isometric head shape. Most of the badminton racket uses the isometric head shape structure which is comparatively better than the oval-shaped head. The Isometric head shape produced with an enlarged sweet spot area which is available in entire directions will be much easier for the player to improve their power and accuracy smashes or shots.

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Yonex Voltric5 Review

I would like to inform you that Yonex Voltric 5 badminton racket comes with unique and exceptional features at an affordable price. This racket can be used and assured with uncompromised on courts performance. While purchasing the product (Yonex Voltric 5 racket), you will be impressed by seeing the badminton racket that comes with a full-length bag. The badminton rackets body color is black yellow along with black tones.

Yonex Voltric 5 badminton racket has the 3U weight category and its weight varies between 85 grams and up to a maximum of 89 grams. But still, the badminton racket has a good weight. The club and the league players are very much interested to purchase this racket because of its semi-stiff shaft and have 4G grip classifications. This is quite common when compared with the other Yonex models. The Yonex Voltric 5 badminton racket comes with a heavy head balance which helps the player for powerful shots.

Benefits & Features

Excellent Handling  I am happy to say that this is one of my favorite badminton rackets which has various unique features. This badminton racket provides the main feature with excellent handling which has a supportive cap. The players who would like to opt for a good badminton racket can use this supportive cap that helps to easily handle the racket.

The top head of this racket consists of a thin side to ensure maximum air resistance and allows the player to handle the racket very easily. The rackets supportive cap comes with a broader surface which helps to easily tackle the handle. The badminton racket has various benefits of excellent handling like great swings, amazing counters, powerful shots, and ease of control.

Easy to control  Most of the badminton players prefer to choose the badminton racket which can offer easy control to handle the racket and as well as the gameplay. It is much easier to maneuver your badminton racket when it comes with an easy control feature and it is also possible to easily swing the badminton racket. The most important and vital significant advantage of any badminton racket is to provide easy racket control along with maximum wrist power.

Powerful Smashes  Yonex Voltric 5 badminton racket was specially designed by the manufacturer to resistance for both defensive and attacking badminton players. Any player with any preferred style can make use of this badminton racket for easy powerful smashes or shots. The rackets heavy head balance helps players smash powerful shots without losing any extra energy. With these powerful shots or hits, your opponents will be very hard to defend during the gameplay.

The badminton players are seeking high precision during the game then they can opt for this Yonex model. The players can produce the best and fantastic accuracy shots by using the in-built T shaped joints along with the tri-voltage unique feature. The tungsten is inserted within the tri-voltage system, they are much denser than the Graphite material. You can make extra powerful shots and smashes with the help of a thinner frame.

This badminton racket offers less torque and you can easily experience and translate more precision and control to deliver accurate shots. You can also land the successful shots, which can be easily utilized with the assistance of an Isometric head shape. With all of these unique features, professional and amateur players are very eager to purchase this badminton racket.

Good Drives  You need to understand that this badminton racket may not be the best suit for the defensive style gameplay. However, your opponents will be shocked by using this racket which offers excellent defensive and offensive drives.

Racket information within the Game

Serves  This Yonex Voltric 5 badminton racket allows the player for easy serving and does not require much strength during the gameplay. Within the field, to your preferred objective, the shuttle can be easily directed.

Smashes This badminton racket shines because of its smashing style. You can easily deliver the smashes with enough power and are not required to use extra strength. It is very hard to reply or block your opponents during the smash shots.

Clears  In the real-time scenario, it is not required to choose the head-heavy badminton rackets. However, Yonex Voltric 5 rackets offer the best job when it comes to clears. Without any extra effort, you can make use of the clears with the rackets heavy head weight and as well as incredible technology.

Drives  This badminton racket has a heavy head and which is not suited for defensive players however, it is more useful and best suited for offensive and defensive drives. The players who prefer defensive-style drives can also choose the Yonex Nanoray Z Speed model.

NetPlay  You can easily deliver the devastating net kills with the greater power and it is not possible for your opponent to stop the net drop.

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Yonex Muscle Power MP 29 and Voltric 5 Comparison

Both Yonex Muscle Power (MP) 29 Lightweight and Yonex Voltric 5 badminton rackets are best suited especially for the Intermediate badminton players. Please find below the provided key difference points for your reference:

Yonex MP 29 Lightweight badminton racket is best suited for the all-around type of gameplay. This badminton racket is specially designed with MP (Muscle Power) frame which offers powerful shots exactly from the center hits towards the string bed.

Yonex Voltric 5 badminton racket uses the head-heavy racket to deliver powerful shots with immense power. You can also yield better momentum during the shuttle hit by using the head-heavy racket. It is designed with a Tri-Voltage system to deliver an attacking game and fast racket swing. This Yonex model is made up of full graphite material.

Yonex MP (Muscle Power) 29 Lightweight

This is the top-most selling model and uses the Isometric head shape to provide more control and power. The racket has easy control and lightweight handling helps the player to place effective and powerful shots even from the 3rd line to defend your opponent. This product is manufactured by using the Hi-modulus Graphite material that offers optimum racket flex and strength. The rackets shaft is also designed with graphite material to produce effective racket repulsion.

Yonex MP 29 racket is a weight around 85 grams and the player can feel the best racket with an Isometric head-shaped racket. This racket is best suited for Advanced and Intermediate players to play using their offensive playing style. The Racket material, head shape, and other features help the players to use fast racket handling within the net area, easy to clear the 3rd line, and powerful smashes. The enlarged sweet spot area along with the isometric head shape can be used for powerful shots.

Yonex Voltric 5

Yonex Voltric 5 badminton racket uses the new and latest innovative technology which is specially designed for Intermediate players. The badminton players can utilize the below-provided key benefits with the help of the Tri Voltage system (Aerodynamic with improved design of racket frame):

  • The frame cross-section of the racket uses the latest Aerodynamic concept to achieve the fast swing speed of the racket with minimal air resistance. The player can easily place cross corner shots, half smashes, and drive shots. Within the critical badminton game, you can use quick return ad better drop shots.
  • The racket with a head-heavy configuration will allow the players to obtain the maximum powerful shots and can easily dominate the opponents from the explosive smashes and powerful clear from the third line.

My overall suggestion is that Yonex Voltric 5 badminton racket is the best and ideal choice, especially for the Intermediate players to improve their gaming style and make use of the racket innovation. You can use this racket to get the lightning-fast shuttle speed.

Yonex Muscle Power 29 vs. Voltric 5 Comparison Table

Factors Yonex Muscle Power 29Yonex Voltric 5
DescriptionThis badminton racket is best used with effortless powerThis badminton racket comes with a Standard model which can offer power and good racket handling skills for any sort of players
Weight 3U (85 grams  88 grams ) Average 88 grams
Length 69 cm
Grip size G4 G4
Balance Head heavyIt is evenly balanced
Flex Stiff Medium
Material Frame made up of Titanium mesh along with Hi-modulus graphite, Shaft- Hi-modulus graphite Tungsten and Graphite
Shape Isometric head shape Isometric head shape
Player style Power players All-round
T-joint In-built In-built
Tension 19 Lbs – 24 Lbs19 Lbs – 24 Lbs
ColorRed combined with Black, BlackWhite combined with Lime, Orange
CoverFull cover

Which Badminton Racket do I Recommend among these two?

I would like to inform you that the best badminton racket can be chosen depending upon your playing style and as well as your preference. Most of them will recommend Yonex Voltric 5 to be the best badminton racket however, with its heavy head racket, it may slow down your swinging abilities and movement. If you are a professional or experienced player with smashing ability then you can use the Voltric 5 racket. If not, I won’t recommend this racket which will damage your playing style and as well as your wrist.

But, I say that the MP (Muscle Power) series is the best badminton rackets to prefer. Within the gameplay, they offer speedy, evenly-balanced, lightweight, isometric head shape, ideal for simple and smash. Yonex Muscle Power (MP) 29 Lightweight badminton racket is the best racket within the MP series. By using the heavy head type, the MP (Muscle Power) 29 badminton racket provides effortless power to the players. However, it is a little bit heavier with 3U weight type when compared with the Yonex Nanoray 10 badminton racket which has a 4U weight type.

Check the pricing of these badminton rackets on amazon.  Click here to see Yonex muscle power 29 pricing on Amazon, and click here to see Yonex voltric 5 pricing and details on Amazon.

Yonex Muscle Power 29 Lite badminton racket is the ideal choice for Intermediate and Beginners to play with powerful playing style. I strongly recommend you try this best Yonex racket. Smashes are much easier, longer, frequent, and even faster shots can be used on your fingertips.

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