Yonex Nanospeed 9900 Badminton Racket |Review

Yonex Nanospeed 9900 racket is a different racket having more weight in the head. It is durable with ultra-fast head speed. It is very powerful despite being a head-light racket. Yonex Nanospeed is one of the finest technology for accurate speed with every shot.

If you are in search of a racket where speed and accuracy are your utmost priority then it proves to be your best choice in the Yonex racket series. We are providing you with the complete user guide for a smart decision to choose best according to your playing style. 

With this filtered list you can switch to any criteria 

Yonex Nanospeed 9900 Review


Weight: 85-89 grams

Grip Size: G5

String Tension: 20-22 lbs 

The weight of this racket is 3U which means 85-89 grams considered as mid-weight not too much light or too much heavy to hold. The Grip size is small for people having wide palms as the need to be more vigilant while considering this grip size.

The string tension is a perfect combination of the weight recommended by the manufacturer. This string tension is more beneficial for net shots where you require fewer power shots. You can adjust string tension to the recommended limit. 

Material and Construction

X-Fullerene: Frame

The new generation X-Fullerene unite carbon atoms to form football like structure. It will increase in binding force makes it possible to create 5% high repulsion power and 15% greater stability. The racket will be more durable and inflexible for controlled and responsive shots.

Fullerene: Shaft

Yonex has reached the design to the molecular level. The high bond between fullerene and carbon nano-particles. It has created lightweight with thinner, stronger more stable than an ordinary racket for maximum power and speeds energy. 

Solid Feel core  

The high technology design make this racket solid feel core which is an impressive design with flexibility.

Aero+Box Frame  

It helps in the quick swing when expertise with a switching technique required during the game.

Build-in T joint 

The T-joint absorbs the extra force in the string during shuttle hit important for controlled and accurate shots.

Control Support Cap 

It provides an 88% wider flat surface compared with an ordinary racket for perfect grip.

Performance-wise review 

Smash shots 

This racket is not the perfect choice for smash lovers as not having a heavy head designed to generate force in one direction. It is an evenly distributed weight racket which will not be a good choice for smash shots. You can checkout to Yonex Voltric series created for smash shot.

Net shots 

It is best for Net shots to have a mid-weight head with adjustable string tension that will create the required amount of force for the Net shot. 

Defensive shots 

It is a great choice for defensive players as flexible with a durable design. You can easily mold its shaft to any direction hassle-free without much effort. Every swing movement is easy to handle and will not cause wrist pain when played for a long duration. 

Great power 

This racket shines due to its sophisticated design despite being lightweight. It will enhance players’ speed and accuracy as combined with the latest technology in the mid-price range. 

We have checked all its specification in terms of performance and construction-wise but the quality gets enhanced when checked from every perspective. Everything has its good or bad so need to get highlighted with procs and cons for better understanding.


  • This racket is ultra-fast in flexibility as embedded with the latest carbon nanotechnology with a durable and solid feel.
  • It is super defensive from every aspect and will enhance players expertise when one is adjustable with control and grip.
  • Every structure and constructed material used will take the racket to a new high in terms of every aspect. 
  • The head design and material used to increase the sweet spot for better shuttle hold time and accurate and perfect angled shot.
  • The frame design Aero+Box ideal for quick reflexes if practiced according to timing to switch any side required for forehand and backhand shots.
  • The color combination and design are an attractive choice than other rackets available at the same price.


  • For people having large hands, the grip size may cause difficulty but when getting comfortable with regular practice it will never be a problem for people comfortable with this grip size.
  • It is not for people who are budget constrained and not want to shift their budget range.

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Overall Performance review

It is designed for players with naturally quick swing and a sharp, attacking playing style. It is an ideal racket for faster movement and greater maneuverability on the court. Players can play the overall style without losing flexibility and comfort. The grommet hole construction provides a high-performance stringing pattern.

For whom it will be best?  

This racket for players who are experienced in the game, have the capilibilty to make the racket adjustable according to shot demand. The racket will not lack from any angle when handled with the right technique. It will enhance the player’s speed and make them extremely likable both during a drop and defensive shots. 

Beginners and Intermediate players need to practice the adjustability from every aspect for considering this racket as a plus point in your performance. We recommend you to check out more options designed for Intermediate/Beginners. Yonex has always come up with great design involved with the latest technology for every style only you need to decide the best performing shot fit in your expertise field.


It is one of the best rackets one can own when meeting all the criteria described above. Your style is your comfort and Yonex have put all the required specification needed for top-notch performance. The price is also pocket friendly when checked with the latest technology design with ultra speed and great power. 

The racket came unstrung this allows for extreme tension. The ideal frame design with the latest carbon Nanotechnology used defines the perfect solid look with better flexibility. You can generate enough power required for defensive shots. Overall the racket specifications meet all the criteria required for taking the match to a new level.

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