Badminton Trick Shots

Each and every game has got its own techniques and skills, even the players playing that specific game also hold some skills and use some tricks during the game.

These tricks used by the players help them to confuse their opponent and enable the player to win a point or help them in scoring.

And here in this article, we’re going to talk about these specific tricks used by the player in the game ‘Badminton’. So if you’re a badminton player or you love to play badminton, then I hope this article could be beneficial for you. So, go through the article thoroughly and apply some of the tricks on your opponent and check out what result do you get.

What are Trick Shots in Badminton?

Trick shots in badminton can refer to the shots which slow down your opponent and sometimes make them run across the court, these trick shots are usually to confuse the opponent and to pressurize them during the match or the game. And sometimes you can even win a rally and a point after using these trick shots in the match.

Go below in the article and you will find some common trick shots in badminton.

Top 10 Badminton Trick Shots

  • Net surprise

One of the best trick shots that work in badminton singles. In net surprise you let your opponent examine that you are going to hit the shuttle high for which you have to slightly push yourself forward, and after seeing this move your opponent will suspect a push or a lift shot from you. But you play a straight net drop. Which will confuse the opponent and he will not be able to respond to the shot very easily.

This all makes it quite tricky, Right. But you need a good concentration power and a good sense of assuming things, which will help you in playing the shots perfectly.

  • Deceptive Net Drop

The word deceptive means “Illusion”. In other words, this shot is played to Mislead the opponent.

To play this tricky shot, all you need to do is move the shuttle as high as you can, which must look like an offensive lift to the opponent. While the opponent is assuming that you would hit the shuttle, miss it and move the racket smoothly around the shuttle and hit it.

  • Fake Backhand Clear

This shot can be seen played by professional badminton players and is common among them.

Let me explain to you the exact meaning of backhand clear, when the player hits the shuttle and the back of your hand is facing the shuttle, and clearly refers to that one high shot that falls near the backline.

Here you are preparing to miss the shuttle and pretend to your opponent that you are going to play a backhand clear. And then you suddenly hit the shuttle before letting it touch the ground. And this is the technique of how you fake a backhand.

  • Net Drop Behind the Back Cross Court

Before introducing you to this technique let me explain to you what actually is cross court and drop shot.

The term cross court is used when a player hits a shuttlecock crosswise the net. And the ‘drop’ refers to the low shot hit by the player near the net.

In this badminton trick, you have to miss the shuttle by simply swinging the racket close to the shuttle. You need to bend your hand and loosen up the grip of the racket while holding it and try to form a triangle shape posture with the help of your hands, shoulders, and rackets. This might feel a bit difficult but you need to keep practicing this shot to make it more accurate and effective.

  • Fake Smash or Fake Clear

To perform a powerful smash (overhand stroke) you need to hit the shuttlecock downwards and land it in the court of the opponent. To play this fake shot you need to pretend the smash/ clear straight and miss the shot. Then hold the racket with the help of a backhand grip and hit the shuttle before letting it touch the floor of the court.

This trick will confuse the opponent and land the shuttle on the opposite side of the court he thought.

  • Racket Flip (Cross Court Net Drop)

If you are playing this trick, then you need to move your badminton racket to the closest sideline and then miss the birdie, it will seem like a straight net drop to your opponent. Then you have to overturn the racket between your thumb and the pointing finger and hit the shuttlecock accordingly in the cross-court direction.

While performing this trick it will make a triangle between your elbow, racket head, and wrist.

  • Cross Court (Hit through the legs)

You need a lot of concentration power to play this trick. All you have to do is look up and focus on the shuttlecock, widen your legs when the shuttle is about to fall, then move your racket from high to low and try to keep the shuttle close. Then hit the shuttle from the gap between your legs.

Your opponent must consider it a net drop before you hit the shuttle.

  • Deceptive Smash Return

To play this trick you need to focus on a few things.

First is the arm, you need to keep the arm straight, and keep a relaxed grip, which will provide you better control.

Second is the focus on the shuttle, the hit must look like a smash before the actual hit. Make a backhand lift and make a move by rotating the forearm towards your body. Continue with this process and then evenly perform a deceptive shot. It will completely confuse your opponent.

  • Reverse Slice Backhand¬†

While playing this shot your elbow should be away from your body and must be facing the ceiling and the backside of your hand must be facing towards your face. You need to hit the shuttle to the inner side. Hold it for a moment by rotating the racket all the way. Keep rotating the racket like the backhand drop

The opponent will feel it like a cross-court drop, but surprise him by hitting the shuttle straight.

  • 360 Degrees Forehead Lift.

This is the funniest trick compared to others. In this trick you need to focus more on your upper body rather than the lower body, place your right foot ahead and the left one back, and while spinning place your right foot side and point it slightly backward. Then turn your back towards the net and start making the racket moves.

You need to carefully time the shuttle with the racket moves in this trick.


Hope you enjoyed reading this article. These were some basic badminton tricks mentioned above, which can help you in confusing your opponent and can also enable you to win a rally. You can practice these tricks to make them perfect. If you’re a beginner then go for the basic tricks among them and then try the others. Some of the tricks mentioned here are performed by professionals, who are very good at these.

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