Best Badminton Shoes Under 1000

Are you looking for the best badminton shoes under 1000? then you are in the right place. Badminton is the most cherished sport all over the world. Everyone enjoys playing irrespective of the weather condition. It is one of the most convenient and enthusiastic sports whether in childhood or adulthood. You will love it more when selected a comfortable and perfect pair of equipment that will enhance the game spirit.

Badminton mostly played inside having wooden or synthetic courts are the most common kind of surfaces. The most essential equipment required during the game is badminton shoes having specific expectations that enhance the performance without losing grip. The level of grip and comfort a shoe can provide depends on the price and the latest technology used. 

There are several factors that you should consider that will help in purchasing the finest badminton shoes in India under 1000 INR. Whether you are a seasonal player or an expert the badminton shoe must have a level of grip and comfort that absorbs pressure from the floor without being too hard on the body.

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This best badminton shoe guide has clear and detailed product specifications. Buying shoes requires loads of factors to be considered even if you are purchasing under the required budget.

There are many brands available claiming perfect quality used while manufacturing. But we have checked each specification best suited under the required budget present with the topmost brand.

You can switch to any criteria with this filtered list having extra information on each shoe so you opt for the best. The selection of these shoes is top picked without compromising the quality that will support your winning performance.  

Things to keep in mind before buying Badminton Shoes

Some factors keep in mind before purchasing the best shoes under budget without compromising quality. Below are the few tips you can take help before purchasing for any expertise field whether beginner or advanced players.


The life of any shoe is determined by the quality of midsole material which is the combination of firmness, softness, and a combination of many factors. Usually, the price determines the durability of any shoe which means branded products cost more with a longer lifespan. But nowadays good brands are making quality products under budget.


The shoe is considered flexible when you can easily grip it with the floor in any style of play without losing balance in any shot. One can move quickly around the court. Flexibility is the main factor to prevent unnecessary injuries.


Moisture controlling shoes are good for tournaments as you will not struggle with sweaty feet that will disturb the mind by creating discomfort. It seems to be a good choice to select sweatproof shoes that are stable and wont be slippery when you are moving.


Shoes should not weigh more than 500 grams otherwise it will create heaviness in the foot leading to a disbalance of quick movement. The heavyweight definitely leads to a negative effect on players’ performance.


No one denies that the budget plays a major role while purchasing any product. But with budget restraints, you can select the best according to the playing demand because nowadays manufacturers are focusing on good quality under the budget-friendly price.


It is considered that good brands have quality products. It is correct many times that you should check a brand before buying for trusted quality and durability. 

We have listed important features you should keep in mind while purchasing a badminton shoe under any budget because quality and comfort come first for winning performance and less chance of injuries.

These are the top pick brands of badminton shoes under 1000. We have filtered these shoes from a long list of products. You can bookmark this user guide for future use as well.

Best Badminton Shoes under 1000

1. Vector X CS-2015 Red White Badminton Shoes

badminton shoes under 1000

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It is one of the top brands under an affordable budget. You will not be able to outlook its new technology feature used for manufacturing high comfort shoes with perfect stability and shape.


  • Toe-centric design that cuts down the pressure on the big toe while offering improved support at the midfoot and heel to give you a stable fit.
  • It is one of the best pressure absorbent shoes and heels to provide a more stable fit. 
  • It is considered one of the high-top designs for comfort and mid-foot support
  • Cushioned ankle buffer the forces on our bodies that occur during standing, walking, and running 
  • Padded footbed which is EVA foam is a shock-absorbing element and cushioning element built itself.
  • Textured footbed improve balance performance 


  • Variant style is less under this budget

2. ZEEFOX Men’s Badminton Shoes

best badminton shoe

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Zeefox brand designed their shoes with ultra-technology that will match your playing style. The advanced technology used to provide shock absorption during fast movement or bounce shots. It is made of a synthetic leader that costs less and doesnt hold water which makes it easy to clean.


  • Synthetic Leather material made of a thermoplastic polymer costs less than genuine leather because it is easier to manufacture.
  • The leather quality is impressive at an affordable price 
  • The synthetic leader used doesnt absorb water which makes it easy to clean and will not lock moisture easy to use for tournaments as well.  
  • Natural rubber with EVA sole which is a shock-absorbent element was initially seen in athletic shoes but is now also common for footbeds of all types of footwear.
  • Perfectly with Eco-friendly adhesive which is friendly for the skin as well.
  • Contain a wide range of sizes with a high cushion for ankle support 
  • These are one of the most durable shoes at an affordable price due to the advanced technology material used while manufacturing


  • It has a wide range of sizes have to be mindful of while selecting the perfect size for oneself 

3. Nivia Flash Shoe

badminton shoes under 1000

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The Nivia Badminton shoe comes in all sizes with an attractive design. The shoe is available in solid and striped printing. The pair looks graceful while wearing.


  • The outer material is Mesh & PVC Synthetic leather with solid & striped heel printing.
  • PVC sole provides excellent insulation, durability, and resistance to water and chemicals which create difficulty to compete with.  
  • The material used for shoe design is elastic for quick movement and keeps maintaining balance with the floor.
  • It is perfect for both indoor and outdoor games together 
  • Comes in all sizes and attractive design 
  • Every pair design looks graceful having one level up in finishing & design.


  • The chances may be size and color will not meet up for a single pair but one should be precise over design with a color variant.
  • The comfort and fit of these shoes depend on ones foot structure 

4.Cocus Lin Dan CLD-99 Badminton Shoe

badminton shoes under 1000 india

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This shoe brand is famous for innovative power cushion technology which will boost your power and stiffness. They manufacture lightweight shoes compatible with providing balance in every move.


  • It is one of the most comfortable shoes under this price range due to its lightweight and extra level quality with superior features and benefits.
  • The upper material of the shoe is polyester and PU leather as well. PU leather is completely made of thermoplastic polymer and is considered vegan.
  • PU leather has great sustainability and doesnt dry out over time. It doesnt absorb water which makes it easy to clean.
  • It has a rubber sole with a low-cut basic model with high cushioning.
  • The cushioning provides comfort for every move to be balanced with foot pressure. The EVA material used is the best foam for a shock-absorbent element that is common nowadays for footbeds.
  • These are some of the trendy shoes for Badminton, volleyball, Tennis.
  • These are durable shoes when cared for properly to deodorize on a regular basis. Try to avoid polish and shiner for cleaning dust. 


  • Need proper caring for long-term sustainability.

5. HY-Court Badminton Shoes

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Nivia Hy-Court is a perfect pair of badminton shoes that will let you play with extreme comfort, it gives better shock absorbent, great style, and looks graceful when you wear it. It is perfect to give good performance each day without any fail in comfort.


  • Articulate technology in the upper mesh gives air circulation for proper ventilation and sweat absorption.
  • Non-Marking gum rubber outsoles provide ground traction and stability to the player.
  • Non-Marking is the advanced technology that will not leave marks on the Badminton surface while a lot of movement and pressure is involved on the court. This creates scratches or shoe marks which will damage the playing turf and spoil the experience. 
  • Geofoam midsole is durable and shock absorbing.
  • Flexi pro-technology in the sole makes it flexible for responsive games.
  • The ultra-technology used for manufacturing this shoe from outer material to midsole to sole everything is impressive for balanced and flexible performance. 


  • The price is not fixed under 1000 variables a little bit up-and-down.

6. Nivia Men’s Appeal Badminton Shoes

badminton nivia shoes

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Nivia Brand launch shoes that provide complete stability to the foot with proper cushioning around the ankle essential for proper bounce and resisting extra pressure.


  • These are lace-up shoes 
  • Soft cushioned around the ankle provide complete comfortability.
  • Cushioning avoid injuries and provide extra bounce so players get maximum energy during movement 
  • Textured outsole with patterned grooves and Lunge
  • It will provide an asymmetrical fit that provides the foot with the support and stability as needed for accurate footwork. 


  • The comfort and fit of these shoes depend on ones foot structure 

How to pick the Right Badminton shoes?

Buying perfect shoes is not an easy task where every requirement meets up with a perfect angle whether from price, comfort to design. You need to prioritize the requirements according to game demand or personal expenditure. However, we have provided a buying guide at the start of buying the right pair of Badminton shoes.

  • Always look for the comfortability shoes are providing around the ankle area. The comfortability will lead to flexibility for any movement on the court.
  • Footbeds should be made of shock-absorbing elements.
  • Focus on sole design and material used whether mid-sole or outer sole as it will provide comfort and flexibility in every movement and prevent unnecessary injuries.
  • Brand plays a major role while selecting the best among affordable prices as well due to its trustworthy technology used for a long time. Track same brand shoes which prove best according to comfort and design earlier. 
  • Always have an overall look before buying any sports shoes for complete stability while any quick or slow motion on the court.

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