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What is Badminton ? History, Facts and Equipment Reviews

Badminton is said be a racket sport, which is played with a help of a racket to it hit a shuttlecock accordingly. This game is basically played in three forms and here is the number of players given below:

  • Badminton Singles – one vs one.
  • Badminton Doubles – two players on each side of the court.
  • Badminton Mixed Doubles- two players on the each side of the court (one man and one woman).

These players are positioned on the opposite halves of the court, which is rectangular in shape and is also divided by a net which is placed in the middle of the court and divides the court in two equal parts.  The main aim of the players while playing badminton remains, to hit the shuttlecock across the net and land it on the opponent’s court, to win a rally.

You also need to know that since 1992, badminton became an Olympic sport and holds five events within:  men’s and women’s singles, men’s and women’s doubles, and mixed doubles. A player playing badminton at this high level requires a lot of stamina, strength, agility, speed, and precision. Rather than the physical skills you also require an excellent mental skills and good motor co-ordination.

History and Evolution

Peoples have different prescription regarding badminton’s origin, but is said that badminton was originated in Pune, India. And therefore it was named as ‘Poona’.  In 1860s this sport was adopted by the British officers, who were stationed in India. Badminton became more popular when these officers took this game back to the England.

How did badminton get its name?

You must be wondering, how actually badminton got its name. So, let me tell you that this sport was named after the ‘Duke of Beaufort’ in Gloucestershire, England. There he had a house in estate named as the badminton house. This game was firstly played in 1873 in England.

Basically, badminton came from an ancient game which was played by the children in India called battledore and shuttlecock, in which consist two or more than two players use to hit the shuttlecock with the help of a small racket and try to keep the shuttlecock in the air.

Till 1887, peoples In England used to play this game with the rules that were made in India. Later The Bath Badminton Club changed some rules according to the ideas of people out there.

The basic rules and regulation were set up by the badminton association of England in 1893, which are similar to the today’s rules, and also started the All England Open Badminton Championship (the first world badminton competition) in 1899.

BWF (Badminton World Federation) which was also known as IBF ( International Badminton Federation) was set up in Canada, England, Denmark, France, Netherlands, Ireland, New Zealand, Wales and Scotland were its founding members.  India joined as a partner in 1936. Now it’s the responsibility of the BWF to govern all the international competitive matches and tournaments of badminton and also works to develop this sport globally.

Some Badminton Facts

  • Badminton is the second most popular game the world after football.
  • The time-duration of a shortest badminton game, it lasted for just 6 minutes.
  • Badminton was discovered in India, in a town of Pune, and from there it was named as ‘Poona’.
  • A similar game like badminton (Ti Zian Ji) is played with the feet, in this game the players use their feet to hit a shuttle instead of a racket. This game belongs from China, and still the peoples of china play this game.
  • Earlier, the strings of the racket were made up of the intestine of the animals like pigs and cows which were known as gut.
  • The feathers used in the shuttlecock are from the left wing of a goose.
  • The game of badminton is much more intense than the game of tennis.

Equipment of Badminton

Here are some basic badminton equipment Mentioned below:

Badminton Court

The badminton court is rectangular in shape which is defined by white and yellow color lines that are 3.8 cm wide.  The length of a badminton court is 13.4m and if we talk about the breadth of the court then it is 6.1m.

In the case of singles the court is 5.18m wide. The boundary lines in the back sometimes become the long service lines and the materials identifying them are placed at the side lines.

If we measure the full length of the court diagonally, then it is 14.366m.

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Badminton Net

The posts or the net is placed 159m above from the floor, and is placed at the side boundaries of the court, which even divides the court in two equal parts and allows the player to hit the shuttle from one court to other.  The badminton net is 760mm in depth and is wide approx 6.1m with no gap between the ends of the post.

Shuttlecock or the Birdie

You may call it a shuttlecock or birdie that all up to you, but let me explain you what exactly a shuttle is.

A shuttlecock is a high-drag projectile which is used while playing badminton. It has a conical shape which is open from above. It is commonly made up from goose feathers, plastic, or a synthetic fiber which is implanted around the cork or rubber which is the base of the shuttlecock. Due to the shape of the shuttle it makes it stable aerodynamically.

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Badminton Shoes

If you are a badminton player or play badminton just for fun, then like other equipment you also require a proper badminton shoes with an excellent grip. Badminton shoes are lighter than any other running shoes, they have a rubber sole and similar high grip. If we compare running shoes with the badminton shoes then we find out that badminton shoes have more lateral support, that helps the player in performing such activities which holds the lateral motion.

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Badminton Rackets

Badminton rackets are used by the players for hitting the shuttlecock across the net, which has generally five major parts- stringed area, head, throat, shaft, and the handle. The badminton racket in its whole is known as frame, which has the maximum length of 680mm and has an overall width of 230mm.

Earlier these racket frames were made from wood, but now these rackets are made up of some strong materials like carbon, Graphite, Tungsten, etc. The design and manufacturing process of the racket keep on changing and has changed considerably over the centuries. Earlier the strings of the racket were made up from the catgut (the strings of animal intestine). But now the things have been changed, synthetic materials are used in place of those natural strings. That makes the racket more strong and durable.

In today’s date you can find many racket design and strings available in the market according to your game and comfort. Here are some top badminton racket guide and reviews that can help you out.

Here you can find different rackets reviews and guides, which will help you in choosing an ideal racket for you. So, go through the articles and clear all your doubts regarding the game and know all the basic things about badminton.

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