Badminton Court Dimensions in Feet, Meters, or Centimeters

As we all well know that the sport “Badminton” is played within a Badminton Court. Before indulging yourself in this sport or game a player must be well known about the rules, benefits as well as dimensions of the badminton court. If you’re a beginner or are not well aware of the badminton court dimensions in feet, meters, or centimeters. Then don’t worry I’ll briefly explain and notify each measurement and fact of the badminton court here in this post. So read the article till the end and clarify your all doubts.

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Dimensions of a badminton court.

Basically, the shape of the court is rectangular, a net separates the playing space of the opposing players in the middle. Alike the tennis court even the badminton court has the line and marking for both singles and doubles competitions. As per the rules and regulations, the badminton court must be 20 feet or 6.1 meters wide which is for the double’s competition whereas for the single’s space is reduced to 17 feet or 5.18 meters wide and the length is set at 44 feet or 13.4 meters. This is the official length set for both singles as well as the doubles competitions.


Part of a badminton court is called a center-line which divides the breadth (width) of the playing field. Its distance is measured at 6.5 feet or 1.98 meters, from the net. The distance of this line from the back and outer side boundaries is set at 6.5 feet or 1.98 meters. From the back boundary, service line in doubles competition is measured at 2 feet and 6 inches or 0.78 meters.


Even the ‘Net’ has its own standard size and dimensions in the game. The net must have a height of 5 feet and 1 inch or 1.55 meters at the edges. The net must be 5 feet or 1.524 meters high in the center court. Although no part of the game requires a minimum ceiling height for the playing court, the players must compete in spaces where high serves and high looping returns are still possible to do without hitting the ceiling.

Measurement of  badminton court in Singles

The sidelines are drawn inside the doubles lines whenever it comes to the badminton court for the singles. The width of a badminton court in singles is 5.18 meters or 17 feet. If the shuttlecock is hit outside by the player or goes out of these boundaries then the point is scored by the opponent.

The badminton court is divided into two equal parts by the centerline which is called ‘separate halves’. The net is set always above the centerline which is held by the two poles which stand on the opposite end of the double sidelines.

Measurement of the net in singles:

The height of the poles holding the net is 1.55 meters (5 feet 1 inch), The breadth of the net is 0.76 meters (2 feet 6 inches). And the highest point of the net needs to be 1.524 meters (5 feet) tall which is at its midpoint.


The lines drawn parallel to the net are the Short service lines. These lines are closest to the centerline. And the distance between these two lines is 1.98 meters (6 feet 6 inches).

Measurement of badminton court in Doubles

The Long Service Line is the most important part of badminton court measurement for the doubles games. The difference between the center line and the long service line is 5.88 meters (19 feet 3 inches).

The long service line is the outermost boundary line in the singles game. Which is 6.70 meters ( 22 feet)away from the centerline.

Service court measurement:

The size of the service court for singles is 4.66 x 2.13 meters (15 feet 3 inches x 7 feet), whereas the service badminton court measurement for the doubles is 3.90 x 2.59 meters (12 feet 10 inches x 8 feet 6 inches).

The area where the service is needed to be delivered is the service court. And due to some different rules for the singles and the doubles game the size of a badminton court is not the same especially where the service needs to be delivered. The badminton court must be designed and made up of wood sprung floor, which must be covered with non-slippery court mats. Badminton World Federation sends a representative to check the court if the match or the competition is official.

If a match is played indoors, in that case, the Badminton World Federation states that the minimum height of the ceiling is 9 meters for minor matches and 12 meters for major games and championships. The distance should be pretty much high enough to prevent the shuttlecock from hitting the ceiling.

The service court is the area where the service needs to be delivered. The badminton court size for singles and doubles, where you need to deliver the service, is not the same due to rule differences.I

Badminton court design:

When it comes to the design of the badminton court, it is recommended to be made from wood sprung floor, covered with non-slip court mats. If it is an official competition, Badminton World Federation will send a representative to check the court

Other basic facts about the badminton court

  • A badminton court must be 6.1m wide by 13.4m long (20′ by 44′).
  •  The lines drawn in the badminton court are typically 38mm thick (1.5”).
  • The net should be 1.55m (5’1) high which is held up by the poles, but it should be much lower in the middle – 1.52m (5′).
  • The laws of badminton don’t notify a minimum ceiling height for the court. So the genuinely the ceiling should be high enough so that clears and high serves won’t be restricted.


The badminton court is rectangular in shape. And it has different measurements as per in singles game and doubles game. As I’ve described and mentioned all the basic information about the badminton court and the badminton court measurements in feet, meters, and centimeters, and even in inches.

So read the article above and clear your doubts and know more information about the badminton court and also about its measurements. The information notified above in this post can be helpful for beginners as well as for others.

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