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Are you looking for the best badminton shoes under 2000? Then you are in the right place. Badminton is one of the favorite sports of everyone whether beginner or expert. People adore this game of all ages. Equipment is the most essential part of the game needed to care to prevent unnecessary injuries. Badminton shoes are the most essential part of this game which require special attention over any other equipment. Whether one is a habitual or seasonal player shoe will increase the performance bar when selected best meeting criteria in comfort and grip. 

Always Prioritize comfort and cushioning for well-fitted badminton shoes that will help in increasing performance to the next level. When shoe comfort will not be an issue for players then they can focus more on performance. The level of grip and comfort of the badminton shoe depends on the price and the latest technology used.

There are several factors that you should consider while purchasing high-quality shoes for badminton. Whether you are a seasonal badminton player or an expert, shoes must absorb extra pressure from the floor for any brisk and quick move. Every criterion needs to be checked for the best purchase under a defined budget like 2000.

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We have checked the detailed specifications required for the perfect flexibility of the ankle for the clear and perfect move. You can check out our user guide for the complete specifications required while purchasing the best shoes under 2000 in India. It requires a lot of studies to pick one shoe that meets all the requirements of a perfect grip and comfort in a defined budget.

Things to keep in mind before buying badminton shoes

You should check out all the factors while purchasing the finest badminton shoes that fit well. Factors written below are required to pick the best shoes in 2022 under 2000 INR without compromising quality. Few points you need to keep in mind for perfect grip and utmost comfort that will increase the performance level with its flexibility and durability.

1. Design 

Nowadays sport manufacturing companies are focusing on attractive designs to grab attention, better grip, air circulation, sole quality for better performance, and shock absorption.

2. Cushion sole 

Companies are focusing more on padded footbeds which is EVA foam is a shock-absorbing element and cushioning build itself. Toe-centric design that cuts down the pressure on the big toe providing improved support at the midfoot and heel.

3. Lightweight and instant

The badminton shoe should be lightweight for quick foot movement in any direction. Each movement should be quick and flexible according to the shot direction. Shoe weight should not be a problem for any flexible move so as to pick any instant shots as well.

4. Durability 

This factor depends on the quality of the midsole which is the combination of firmness and softness. But mostly durability depends on price which means a good brand having quality comes with an increasing price tag. Always look for the midsole and outer sole firmness for quality and durability.

We have listed important features you should keep in mind while purchasing badminton shoes under any budget. Budget is an individual factor that varies with demand and quality.

These are top pick brands of badminton shoes under 2000. We have filtered these shoes from a long list of products. Your effort will decrease while selecting the best brands under a constrained budget among a variety of products. You can bookmark this guide for future use as well.

Best badminton shoes under 2000 In India 2022

Nivia Smash Badminton Shoes

This brand comes in all sizes with attractive designs. The shoe is available in solid and striped printing. The pair looks graceful in every style.


  • Eva phylon, TPU shank, and rubber sole for comfort. While heating for expansion and cooling in a mold, this process gives sole unique quality and is a bit softer. It is lightweight, flexible, and natural shock absorbent.
  • Cushioned ankle and Tongue, Hard footbed, Textured sole provide comfort with the clear fit on foot.
  • The outer material is a Mesh and PVC synthetic Leather with solid and striped heel printing. It will provide a shoe attractive look.
  • The shoe comes in all sizes with an attractive design with solid and striped printing.


  • Need to take care of perfect fit.
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Li-Ning Attack Pro II Non-Marking Badminton

This brand is well known for its enhanced Traction control can perfectly provide great grip whether you are attacking or a defensive player.


  • Precision shock absorption cushion technology delivers better performance and shock absorbance power is the crux of highly technological-based badminton shoes. 
  • Non-marking rubber sole perfectly suitable for indoor Badminton courts to ensure you stay firmly gripped on the court.
  • Upgraded traction to enhance extra grip on court mats
  • Rubber outsole + phylon midsole


  • Need to choice with precision for individual sole choice 
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Nivia Super Court Badminton Shoes

 Nivia is always one of the favorite brands under any budget range due to its textured sole that gives the foot support and stability. It absorbs shock and reverses the impact of energy for a smooth transfer. It is made up of soft cushions around the ankle and Tongue. 


  • It has a soft cushioned inside sole around the ankle which provides complete comfortability. 
  • It has textured outsoles with patterned Grooves and Lugs providing the perfect finish.
  • Reinforced Heel collars help to provide extra height to the shoe.
  • The footbed should be soft and well designed for comfort and stability of the foot from inside and the Nivia brand always focuses on a comfortable sole for perfect grip. 
  • The soft and padded footbed will keep the foot balanced with the shoe during any brisk movement on the court.
  • It has come up with an asymmetrical fit that gives foot support and stability it needs for accurate footwork.


  • Need to check to fit properly according to foot size with sole compatibility more clearly.
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Yonex Signature Edition Non-Marking Badminton Court Shoes

Yonex launch sports shoes with a new improved sole, which gives optimum performance in every court including cemented. This brand focuses on sole compatibility for maximum shock absorption with quick compression recovery.


  • It has a rubber outsole with having a non-marking technique as regular shoes are bound to leave marks on the badminton surface but while playing a lot of movement and pressure is involved on the court. This will end up creating scratches that damage the playing turf. These non-marking techniques reduce unwanted damage to shoes from the court.
  • Footbeds are designed with EVA shock-absorbing elements that were initially seen in athletic shoes.
  • It has PU leather outside which doesn’t absorb water which makes it easy to clean. PU leather cost less than genuine leather.
  • Scrupulously contoured for relief and provides stability in the forefoot and toe area which is one of the best qualities of these shoes.
  • Its high resilience ensures Yonex insoles retain their shape longer and provide stability in the forefoot and toe area.


  • It is designed to provide all-around support for quick and smooth footwork so needs to be more precise while selecting top priority for individual choice.
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Yonex Tru-Cushion V Non-Marking Badminton Court Shoes

 Yonex comes up with the best cushioning with proper ventilation to the foot. This brand focus on the latest cushioning comes with double Russel Mesh, Trushape, TruCushion, Dual Density Phylon midsole, carbon sheet, Hexagrip, and round sole.


  • Double Russel Mesh which is a highly breathable open mesh is lightweight and durable.
  • This brand is popular for its true shape design that removes pressure and provides a comfortable fit around toes. Centre of gravity shifts to the large toe when most power is concentrated for a painless fit that offers more speed in your step. 
  • TrueCushion provides maximum shock absorption and quick compression recovery. Its high resilience ensures its shape retains much longer.  
  • Carbon sheet equipped to provide true fitting under and outside the center of the foot, reducing shoe twist.
  • The round sole ensures smooth movement and transfer of maximum energy. 


  • The price will not always remain under defined prices and may vary with time and demand.
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NIVIA Polyester Gel Verdict Badminton Shoes

 Nivia remains one of the trusted brands among badminton shoes which are designed with the latest technology and maximum comfort for the overall foot.


  • Non-Marking gum rubber outsole provides ground traction and stability to play
  • Articulate technology in upper mesh give air circulation for proper ventilation and sweat absorption
  • Breathability shoes with other latest technology is a deadly combination under this range. 
  • High strength TPU shank and heel counter provide control on foot and to the game.
  • Duofoam midsole is durable and shock absorbing  
  • Flexi pro-technology insole makes it lightweight and flexible. Grippo for better toe grip.


  • Shoe size with other precision needs to be taken care of.
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HY-Court 2.0 Badminton Shoes

 This is a badminton shoe for professionals at a reasonable price. Its geofoam and articulate technology give better shock absorption and sweat-free experience to the players which help them give lateral movement. Articulate technology gives air circulation for proper ventilation.


  • Non-marking gum rubber outsole provides complete stability to the player 
  • Articulate technology in the upper mesh gives air circulation for proper ventilation and sweat absorption.
  • Proper ventilated shoes give better flexibility and comfort and a long life shell.
  • Flexi pro-technology insole makes it flexible for responsive game 
  • Duofoam midsole is durable and shock absorbing for the better performance needed for the game.
  • It has an overall quality that allows proper foot move that is durable for the long run. 


  • There may be chances of less variety.


Purchasing the right pair of shoes has always been an issue and requires too much research before final purchase. We have provided you with a complete guide regarding points needed to take care of before purchasing and top-listed Badminton shoes under 2000 meeting quality with the latest design. Every product has a detailed description of prioritizing the material quality according to individual choice for a best and smart choice. 

You can directly check out your favorite shoe with a link provided in each product. Keep the focus on quality having your top priority with this user guide having complete quality description product-wise which suits best in comfort and flexibility. Make sure you have got all features that you are actually looking for in a pair of shoes.

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