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Badminton as a sport is inspiring people of all ages. with the introduction of the curiosity of learning the sport professionally begins the search for the best badminton rackets under 1000. Badminton has come up as the most loved sport by people of all ages after cricket in India. You must have seen people playing badminton in their homes and gardens in the evening and enjoying the game. But badminton today has taken a different turn. People are getting more aware of the qualities and advantages of the game. People are taking it seriously and are pursuing playing it more professionally now. Badminton as a sport requires techniques and strategies the most you won’t need the best badminton rackets under the 10000 price range but the best badminton rackets under 1000-1500 will also work. You will just have to understand how to choose a badminton racket for yourself. It might come to you as a surprise but it is not at all easy to choose a badminton racket that is perfect. There are some things you need to take care of when you decide on buying the best badminton rackets below 1000 in 2022. Here is a list of things that you must keep in mind before buying a badminton racket. Beginners, in general, don’t know what style they are going to play in. Hence it might be difficult for them to choose one racket among the hundreds of options available in the market.

Best Badminton Rackets Under 1000 in India

1. Yonex GR 303 Badminton Racquet


  • Grip size of the racket is G4 (3.5 Inches)
  • Yonex GR 303 badminton racquet weighs 95 – 99.9 grams which is not the ideal weight but can help the player figure out his style of playing.
  • This racket comes with an isometric head which helps in enlarging the sweet spot.
  • This racket comes strung and the player will not need to get it strung.
  • Suitable for beginners and intermediate level players.
  • This racket is made of aluminum which makes it easy for the player to get used to playing with the racket.

This racket is slightly heavy for beginners which can act as an advantage for beginners. It can help the player determine their playing style. This type of racket is recommended by aggressive players than deceptive or defensive players. If you are a beginner then you are going to enjoy learning the sport. The grip size that is provided with this racket is G4 which is perfect for players of all ages. It will also help in swing with precision.

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Li-Ning XP 707


  • The material used to make this racket is Aluminium Alloy which helps Increases the tensile strength and flexibility of the racket.
  • This racket is flexible by nature and does not feature a lot of stiffness or rigidity.
  • The wight of this racket comes under the ideal category which is 85-90 grams and this racket weighs 90 grams.
  • The most comfortable type of grip size is G4 but this racket has the grip size of S2 which makes it not very comfortable but a player can get used to it.
  • Highly recommended for a beginner, who is still learning to play the sport.
  • You get a full cover to protect your badminton from dust and rust.

This aluminum badminton racket is perfect for someone who has started playing badminton recently. This racket will help the player with figuring out his/her style. The Li-Nig XP 707 is considered to be lightweight as it weighs 90 grams only. It is not really a professional racket and is perfect for someone who likes playing badminton as a hobby aNd staying fit. The grip size of this racket might arise a problem as it not the most comfortable one. Overall this racket checks all the boxes which makes it perfect for a beginner.

Yonex GR 777 Badminton Racket


  • This racket comes strung and the player will not need to get the strings of the racket done separately.
  • G4 grip size is considered to be the most comfortable.
  • This racket weighs 90 grams which are considered to be ideal and perfect for beginners as it is neither too heavy nor too light
  • It comes with an isometric head shape which helps I enlargening the sweet spot on the string bed of the racket.
  • The beamwidth of the racket is 20.5 mm.

Yet another racket which is perfect for the players of beginner and intermediate level. This racket can also be used by the players who are not interested in playing professionally. But play the sport for fun and staying healthy. If you are not good with your wrists then this racket might come to you as an advantage. Because of these excellent features, this racket claims the third position among the best badminton rackets under 1000 in India 2021.

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Li-Ning G-TEK GX Graphite Strung Badminton Racket


  • The grip size of Li-Ning G-TEK GX graphite strung badminton racquet is S1.
  • The racket comes strung and the strig tension at which the strings are set is24-25 lbs.
  • The whole body is made of graphite which makes it lighter and easy to use.
  • The weight of this racket is ideal and weighs 88 grams
  • The shape of the head is isometric which helps to enlarge the sweet spot of the stringbed on your racket.

To begin with, this badminton racket is specifically designed for beginners and not for intermediate or advanced players. it comes in a pack od two. And has a really smooth grip which will help the player to handle the racket swiftly. the length of Li-Ning G-TEK GX Graphite Strung Badminton Racquet is 26 inch which is perfect to get the hang of. This racket is specifically designed for top-grade corks.

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Li-Ning XP Series 90-II Badminton racket


  • This racket does not include a protection cover
  • It comes strung which means the player does not have to get the strings set separately
  • The grip size of this racket is G2 which is not very comfortable but the player will get comfortable with it once he/she starts playing regularly
  • The weight of this racket falls under the ideal category, this racket weighs 85 grams
  • The shape of the head of this racket is isometric which means it has a larger sweet spot in comparison to the oval head shape
  • The width of the beam of this racket is 21.5mm

This is yet another racket by Li-Ning which is perfect for the use of beginners. It can also work for players who are in the early stage of their professional careers. which makes it a versatile badminton racket. the even balance of the racket makes it easy for the player to gain power and control swiftly.

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Yonex Gr 201 Badminton Racket


  • it does not come with a full cover to protect its body from rust and dust but comes with a half cover which only protects its head
  • this racket comes strung which means you don’t have to get it strung after getting it
  • the weight of Yonex Gr 201 Badminton Racquet is 90 grams which are ideal for the racket of a beginner
  • it comes with an isometric head shape which helps I enlarging the sweet spot of the racket
  • the width of the beam of this racket is 20mm

Yonex Gr 201 Badminton Racquet got the sixth position in this list of the top badminton rackets under 1000 because it is a reliable product on which the player can put their total trust in. this racket is made of premium quality and is really comfortable to use. If you get this level because you are a beginner then, in my opinion, you are making a smart decision. the strings of the badminton are also of high quality which means your stings won’t break after using it for a while, unlike cheap rackets.

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Yonex ZR 100 badminton racket


  • The grip size that comes with the racket is G3 which is not really comfortable to use but you will get a hang of it once you start playing with it
  • The weight of Yonex ZR 100 is 95 – 99.9 grams which is a little heavier than the recommended weight
  • The isometric head shape of this racket helps to enlarge the sweet spot of the badminton.
  • This racket comes strung.
  • Recommended for beginners and intermediate players.

This racket was initially built for professional players who are in love with playing with great intensity and love fast shot rallies. It is on the heavier side of the ideal recommended weight for a beginner. But the player can see it as an advantage to them as it will help them generate more strength and are highly elastic.

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Li-Ning XP 800 Badminton racket


  • Grip Size: S2, it might take some time to get used to of this racket
  • weight of this racket falls in between 90-95 grams
  • the isometric head shape of this racket help you hit the sweet spot of the racket
  • the string tension of the racket is18-20 lbs 
  • this racket comes strung
  • it has medium flex which is perfect for beginners
  • highly suitable for Beginners
  • the material used to make the body of the racket is Aluminum-Alloy

Srikanth Kidambi edition of the XP 800 by Li-Ning comes with a fie shaft to balance the rebound performance. It also helps with anti-torsional performance. the isometric shape of the head helps to increase the intensity.

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Li-Ning XP 709 Badminton racket


  • The shape of the head of this racket is oval.
  • This racket comes strung.
  • The frame of this racket is made with carbon fibre.
  • The shaft is also made with carbon fibre.
  • It falls under the 2U category which is 90-94 grams.
  • The grip size is G2.

This racket is designed for kids and beginners, This racket is made of a low torsion steel shaft and is meant for beginners which are highly recommended for beginners.

Yonex GR 360 Badminton racket


  • This racket comes strung
  • The grip size is G4 which is considered the most comfortable
  • The weight of this racket is 90 grams
  • The shape of the head is oval
  • The width of the beams is 20mm

This fun looking racket by the world-famous brand Yonex has a bigger frame compared to other rackets by the same brand. the weight of the racket is perfect for beginners and falls under the ideal category of weight which is G4 (85-90 grams). this racket is considered perfect for players who want to set their career as a badminton player.

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Things to keep in mind while choosing a badminton racket under 1000

Some of the important factors are as follows:

The weight of the racket

Preferably, the ideal weight of a racket is considered to be between 85-90 grams. But it actually depends on the player and the player decides how heavy or light he wants the racket to be. The player must choose a racket that will suit him/her the best based on the game style he/she has. If the player is intending on playing single then a head heavy racket is preferred and if he/she intends on playing in doubles than a lighter racket should work well.

The balance of the racket

To begin with, Badminton rackets generally come in three different kinds which determine the balance of the racket. the three of them are head-heavy, evenly balanced, and head-light badminton. Head heavy rackets are preferred by people who like playing aggressively. Whereas light head rackets are used by defensive players. Evenly balanced rackets are used by all-rounder players. As the name suggests the head heavy is the heaviest among them all and is used for log length shots.

The shaft of the racket

If you ever wonder how is it that the shuttlecock travels so far with one racket and it covers less area with another racket then the answer is the shaft of the racket. The shaft of your racket decides how far will the shuttlecock go after hitting it with the racket. A racket with a stiff shaft is generally idealized by players who can play with ease and have flexible wrists. It is preferred that you choose a racket with a medium flex and not the racket with extra stiffness as it is used by advanced players. Choosing the one with extra stiffness may cause some difficulty to a beginner.


A lot of Indian professional players like PV Sindhu and Saina Nehwal have motivated the youth of the country to take up badminton professionally. People are going to the badminton academies to learn the sport professionally and are participating in many state and national level championships. New players are also showcasing their talent on a bigger platform because of the introduction of the Premier Badminton League. In conclusion, you do not need an expensive racket to be a good player. All you need is a good strategy, good technique, and a racket that suits your style. Getting a 10000 INR racket will not make you a good player. You first need to understand your game style and choose the racket on that basis. The list of best badminton racket under 1000 perfectly sums up the fact that you can still achieve what you want without spending a lot. Yonex GR 303 stole the first place for me as I found it to be the perfect racket for someone who is new to the sport. There is a lot to learn about the sport like how to choose the strings and grip of your racket but it is important you have a clear base before moving further.

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