Yonex Voltric Z Force 2 Badminton| Review

Yonex Voltric z force 2 is the best racket among advanced players who are smash lovers with a solid head-heavy design. Launched in 2014 in the time All-England Super Series, it was the choice of Lee Chong Wei who won the match that year. Apart from this many double players like Mathias Boe, Carsten Mogensen, and many more used this racket for their game. This racket proves to be the best choice for single to double players.

Yonex Voltric Z Force 2 Review

If you are not an advanced player and still want to try this racket for your game then we are providing you detailed specifications for a smart choice. You can switch to any criteria with this filter list.


  • Weight 83 grams and 88 grams.
  • Grip size G4
  • string tension  20 to 28 pounds
  • Strung Type:- Unstrung
  • ShafExtra stiff shaft 6.6mm shaft

This racket comes with a variant weight having 3U and 4U categories as you can choose according to your experience level. We recommend you select a lightweight racket if lies in the intermediate level. The grip size will be the perfect choice for a wide hand people as well.  

It is not a pre-strung racket which seems easy for players to select string tension from the recommended variant.

This racket belongs to the heavy head category with a stiff shaft and short shaft length for powerful smash shots and fast swing speed. It will create a problem for new players and who are not comfortable with their perfect wrist movement.

Material and construction 

Built-in T-joint

This will balance the shuttle on the string bed for a balanced shot in any direction. The design best suits you when you need powerful smash shots so the force transfers to the area around the head and shaft for a responsive shot without losing shuttle direction.

Isometric Head shape 

Sweet spot area will enhance beneficial for better shuttle pick from any direction even for drop shots as well. Serving accuracy improves to a new level. But the head area is small compared to other Yonex rackets with an Isometric head.

Tri-Voltric System  

The head heavy racket designed for perfect smash shots with solid material used never disappoint you while generating any sort of power required for impactful performance.

Your game will reach a new high when having less air resistance with power pack bending shots in one go.

Performance-wise review 

Smash shots 

This is one of the best choices especially manufactured for smash shot playing style. We have mentioned its history where you can clearly have an idea that this remains one of the top choices among many league players as well.

Defensive shots 

The overall maneuverability with this racket is quite a bit hard than other headlight rackets. Without strong power, the arm will respond slowly for a smash shot and other shots as well.

The time required to load another swing is longer than with the lighter racket. Players having good expertise with wrist and arm movement will not face much difficulty as the design factor adds an extra point for impressive performance.

Drop shots 

The head area is small which helps to cut air sharper leading to easy contact with the shuttle. The head follows through its own but due to its stiff design with a heavy head creates a longer swing than the lightweight racket. 

Advance players will do a satisfying job who having control over wrist movement but still, it will require little extra energy than lightweight rackets.

Net area

This racket requires adequate practice for defensive and net shots. Swing speed should match with every crisp movement otherwise the shot accuracy will lose. It is a head heavy racket with a stiff shaft design as you cannot expect to pick up and use a racket for net shots. But once you can command yourself with an easy swing in every response then quiet deadly performance with every shot.

We have covered almost every aspect required to know while purchasing this racket for a smart choice but let’s sneak to its comparison with good and bad for a clearer view. 


  • This should be the first choice for smash lovers without a second thought. It is the choice of many league players as well when checked in terms of powerful performance.
  • If your experience in the game matched the frequency with easy swing movement from every angle then proves to be the best racket for defensive shots as well.
  • This racket has the thinnest shaft in Yonex racket history with a stiff and heavy head design.
  • It is perfect for powerpack performance as you will less blowback with opponent offensive shots. Your control and power will be in your hand with the practice of hasslefree wrist movement.


  • Since the racket balanced toward the head, the time required to load another swing is longer than with lighter rackets.
  • Drives and overall maneuverability is a quiet bit harder than with more head light racket.
  • Your swing should be larger for easy contact with a shuttle for defensive and net shots as this racket have a short shaft design with a head heavy and stiff shaft technology.
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For whom it will be best?

This racket is highly recommended for advanced players that allows a fast-paced game with every shot. Advance players can manage the swing movement without wasting extra energy for every next move.

If you are a beginner or intermediate player then you have a lot more other choices in the Yonex series under the head light category having overall maneuverability without sweating for racket movement on the court rather than focusing on playing style.  


It is the heavy head racket designed for advanced players without a doubt it is considered one of the best rackets for smash lovers. It is quite expensive but worth your money. It has great power imbibed with the latest aerodynamic design to less air resistance for an easy swing.  

You should definitely check out this racket once and surely your game will reach a new high with a powerful shot.

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