Yonex Voltric 8 E-Tune Badminton Racket |Review

Yonex till now has come up with an adequate quality of racket specially designed for good smashes due to its custom design. Their Voltric series created a craze among badminton lovers. Voltric 8 E- Tune enhance their quality designed with some extra features in terms of technology which will provide the best grip and adjustable weight for some more smashes. This Voltric 8 E- Tune created for intermediate players.

Now it is your turn to choose the best which will enhance your performance from last time. Will this racket will be your first choice? If you are struggling with this question we will guide you about this racket specification from scratch so that you will not only choose according to your need but can upgrade your field performance to a new level.

With the help of this list, you can switch to any criteria.

Yonex Voltric 8 E-Tune Badminton Racket Review

These are some valuable specifications you must look at before buying for up to the mark decision.

Isometric Head shape

Due to its Isometric Head shape, there is a larger sweet spot. It allows the head to transfer more energy to the shuttlecock.


Their E-Tune series will more benefit players than any other technology as it will help them to self-customize the head weight with grommets. You can increase the weight on any side of the head, this will increase the power of the racket for better performance. Players can fully customize their level of power by distributing weight where they want. You can check with these 3 configurations.

Lower parts = 4% Increase in power

Upper parts= 6% Increase in power

All parts= 10% Increase in power

TRI-Voltage System

Due to the heavyweight on the head of the racket and adjustable weight on the head increase, it’s instant power for good smash which will transfer more power to the shuttle. The stiff structure of the racket will allow moving the head in a very controlled way with a longer hold time for the shuttle on the string.


The Badminton weight is 83 grams, which is good to balance with adjustable weight on the head. You can judge weight according to other specifications.

The grip size is G4 which is a very decent size and does not require any adjustment. This grip size is quite useful for every type of people whether having broad hand size or vice versa.


The flexible shaft will give the player easy access to power without wasting extra energy. It has medium flex which is quite good for intermediate which will help them not to generate unrequired energy due to unstructured design.


Rackets have a good balance whether in terms of lightweight or adjustable head weight or well-structured technology design. The isometric head size helps to easily balance the shuttle for the required amount of time

Why choose Yonex Voltric 8 E-Tune Racket

For now, we have only explained to you about its specifications which is quite personal to choose according to the experience you have in the Badminton game. But these rackets will come up best for intermediate players and experts have more choices. The smash power you can adjust with grommets. You have the best choice for smart performance in terms of accuracy or comfort with proper grip size which is an extra benefit for any type of hand size.

Pros and cons


  • Racket customization is good in terms of head weight adjustment with a grommet for extra power for more smashes with an accurate sweet spot area. Good weight distribution will enhance the accuracy with more good hits.
  • Isometric design with a heavy head will lead to good performance for shuttle throw to an opponent with high power.
  • Good technology will lead to longer life of racket.
  • The beamwidth, heavy head, and lightweight combination are adding more points to this racket in the race of best choice for intermediate or Advanced players according to their requirement.
  • It is easy to balance this racket which will lead to boost defense and attack response for the player.


  • Self customization can kill your time for choosing the best-suited weight for yourself. You have to check each combination for selecting the best weight according to demand and time.
  • The price is high for beginners to afford. If you are beginners you can choose those which are designed for beginners only and intermediate & expert players can afford this price if they find specifications right match with the price.
  • You will not get a color variant for this racket as color is limited only.

Check Price

Overall recommendation

After an overview of all the specifications with pros and cons, you got the hint that this will be pocket-friendly for you in terms of budget as well as in performance or not. But we will definitely highlight the gist of this guide.

In terms of material construction, it is fully customized with self-adjustable weight to grip size than with lightweight in which there is no doubt to choose these points as an advantage for your good hits

The technology used with an isometric head shape which will increase the sweet spot as a good thing for off-center hits will store enough power. The shots will be more accurate as enlarged coverage for the shuttle to land.

Control is easy with a good grip size comfortable for anyone with a good response to the attack of your opponent. You can easily swing the racket in any direction with its lightweight design.

For whom it will be best?

This racket is the best recommendation for intermediate players or those who are focused to learn smashes. Advance players have more choice according to their expertise area but advanced players can also opt for these rackets by reading our user guide having all descriptions from various specifications.

Beginners can search for more options that are pocket-friendly and check weight specifications more accurately according to performance needs.


In total, we will suggest you choose this Yonex Voltric 8 E-Tune Badminton racket if searching for an accurate and smash hit. We have mentioned all the specifications you can go through to opt right choice with the best recommendation

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