Yonex Arcsaber 10 Badminton Racket 2022 |Review

Yonex has always come up with a good quality racket with an effective design used for high performance with accuracy. Arcsaber 10 badminton racquet is considered among the best range racket with all-rounder quality. It’s a great structured design racket that gives a really solid feel.

This racket from Yonex has a good balance for all-rounder shot. The stiff shaft makes it unique in the range of the Yonex series for more balanced hits. This stiff shaft design will help in the more true shot with which can easily be controlled in any extreme condition. The player technique is enough for the winning points with this stiff shaft design in any condition.

Badminton is a sport where a balanced shot is necessary for the win so we are providing you with our user guide to choose the racket according to your expertise requirement. If you are struggling to know the detailed specification of this Arcsaber 10 badminton racquet then you have landed in the right place for choosing best without missing any point.

You can switch to any criteria with this list:

Yonex Arcsaber 10 Badminton Racket Review

  • Shaft: Stiff shaft
  • Weight: 3U (85g – 89g)
  • Grip size: G4

With these specifications, you can clearly judge the quality of this racket with all the deadly combination techniques under one design. Grip size with G4 is considered as a perfect grip for a stabilized shot which will not cause any trouble in a shot from any direction.

The wight is under the lightweight category which will not create difficulty for players to swing the racket in any direction. The best quality of this racket is a combination of perfect grip with perfect weight. This allows players to play longer and harder without fatigue.

Stiff shaft is the best quality in this racket for a more controlled shot to send the shuttle out of the side court. When combining all these specifications under one point you can easily judge the speed with which this Racket will respond to a sudden change in direction or power.

Yonex Arcsaber 10 Racket Shot Wise Review

Drop Shots

This racket is not for smash lovers. Due to its heavy shaft will keep stability in any movement. This racket is designed for smart players who don’t want to miss any shot with the easy and early catch of shuttle in one go with a quick movement.

Smash shots

This racket will not be the first choice for smash lovers due to light head weight which will definitely not generator powerful shot in one direction. The shaft is easy to manage for intermediate and advance players to generate more power without much fatigue.

So this will disappoint players a little bit in smash shot but will definitely help to play for a longer duration without fatigue in a controlled manner.

Defensive shots 

Players can easily give a combative performance with this graceful racket. Single-game need not more powerful performance than doubles, so this time you have to make a smart choice for the best performance against an opponent.

Every racket has its unique and loophole feature which needs to be known. Let’s provide you with some guidelines for better decision while any pick


  • The lighter head allows for quick racket movement changes so that players can easily respond to a sudden change in direction or power. This allows the player to withstand in-game for a longer duration without fatigue
  • This offers extreme maneuverability due to many factors involved like a shaft construction, grip size with lightweight design.
  • Due to its isometric technology having a more sweet spot which will help the player not to miss any shot from any angle with fast reaction time.
  • The impressive pick due to well-rounded head shape which adds impressive  point among badminton lovers
  • When combined all these points the perfect qualities which makes this racket a unique stand among the Yonex series are improved balance, quicker movement, and remarkable swings


  • One thing that most of the expert players may not like is that this racket is that it is not designed for smash players who love to play defensive. The head weight does not allow you to play smash shot
  • Head weight is not adjustable like other rackets of the Yonex series which is quite impressive in smash shot
  • This racket is definitely not for beginners as they need proper skill to balance stiff shaft movement in a very controlled manner

Why choose this racket?

This racket has the best combination of qualities that we have guided you by providing detailed criteria description. Three qualities that make this racket unique are its stiff shaft construction, lightweight with a perfect grip which will definitely beat any match in a very offensive and balanced way.

This racket will provide you with the highest level of satisfaction as you can mold your response in any direction without any miss. But definitely, it will not help you with hit smashes and we think badminton is a sport where players choose the expertise according to their playing criteria.

The Build-in T-piece which is responsible for lateral strength in the racket

For whom it will be best?

This racket is definitely not for beginners due to its stiff shaft design which will not be impressive for them with controlled shots. The swing movement will be harder for them due to its shaft weight.

These are best for intermediate or expert players due to impressive swing, or quicker reply. You can also check out a more racket range of Yonex which will closely match your expertise area.


Those who are looking for a top-notch racket will definitely go with this racket. But if you are more concerned with smashes then you can consider the better choices available in the Yonex badminton racket series.

Well, you can show off your skill with this all-rounded racket in one go but advice your money should also be taken into consideration which is a bit steep but we think this will not be a concern since its performance is quite better than money.

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