Badminton String Tension Guide

As we all know that strings are the basic point of contact between the shuttle and the racket. And hence enhance the player’s ability to hit the shuttlecock effectively. If you indulge yourself in this game then you must have proper knowledge about the game and its equipment which are used during the game whether you just stepped in or are a professional player and here in this article we’ll talk about the basic equipment and its major factor like badminton strings tension briefly.

Badminton strings tension

Firstly I will explain to you what is the actual meaning of string tension.

Here in the badminton game, the string tension refers to how tight or loose the strings are tied to the badminton racket which is normally measured in pounds (lbs). When the strings are tied tightly the strings become less bouncy and it generates less repulsion power from the string bed. While the string tension plays a major role in the player’s ability to hit the shot well. If the strings are too limp it also affects the gameplay then they fail to perform at its higher level.

Types of strings

Generally, strings are listed into three categories:

  • Power strings
  • Control strings
  • Durable strings

Power strings

As per its name, the power strings generally focus on their highest repulsion power. Usually, these strings have a thinner string diameter gauge (0.68 or below) which is perfect for the rear court doubles players and offensive players singles.

Some top racket power strings are mentioned below:

  • YONEX BG80 Power
  • YONEX BG66 Ultimax
  • ASHAWAY Zymax 64 TX
  • BABOLAT I- Feel 66

Control strings

It is designed with a more texture finish on the string, which provides more feel to the players while hitting the racket. The rough coating of the strings also grips the shuttle and gives the player more ability to play controlled shots.

Some top racket control strings are mentioned below:

  • YONEX BG80
  • YONEX BG Aerobite
  • BABOLAT I-Feel 68
  • YONEX Nanolgy BG99

Durable strings

These strings are perfect for those players who need more reliability in their strings for matches or those who have a hectic schedule because these strings are more durable than any other and are around 0.7 gauge or more.

Some top racket durable strings are mentioned below:

  • YONEX BG65 (Specially designed for beginners)
  • ASHAWAY Zymax 69 Fire
  • YONEX BG65 Ti Titanium
  • YONEX Nanology 95

In this article, I’ll clear all the doubts, misconceptions, and common mistakes that a badminton player makes while choosing the badminton strings with appropriate tension and even before starting their game.

High tension racket

Starting with the high tension racket, in comparison to the moderate strung racket the high tension racket has a minor sweet spot. A high tension strung racket has good control if only the player knows the exact spot to hit on the racket. If a player puts an excessive arm strength to return a shot it can also cause him a potential injury. I would recommend highly professional players to apply more than 28 lbs on their strings.

High tension strings provide you better control but do not ensure you increase the power and the durability of the strings. Nowadays many rackets are manufactured with high tension which might not be good news for the players to experience the new badminton racket with high tension. Instead, it basically represents the good durability of the racket frames.

Low tension racket

Low tension refers to a softer and loose string bed that does not give the exact feel while hitting the shuttle similar to high tension racket which also results in less control and placement of the shuttlecock. Due to the softer string bed, there is no bounce and repulsion from the strings through which the player can easily get the power from the racket without using his own strength.

This low tension racket has a big sweet spot in comparison to the high tension racket which is more forgiving and needs less accurate strokes to initiate power. The low-tension strings are more durable and have fewer chances of damage.

A list that represents the stringing tension in badminton:

  • Beginners:       17lbs-20lbs
  • Intermediate:    20lbs-24lbs
  • Advanced:        24lbs-27lbs
  • Professionals:  27lbs-30lbs+

Level of tension you should choose while fitting the strings to the badminton racket

Here are some factors which will help you in choosing the level of tension while stringing your badminton racket:

  • Check the player’s ability
  • The range of racket tension
  • The durability of the strings
  • Type of shuttle you’re playing with


After reading the article above about badminton strings tension you must have known that lower tension is more suitable for the players like beginners. Because beginners don’t have a good knowledge and technique and they require a lot of power and energy to play. And if we talk about the high tension then it perfectly suits the advanced players who have more playing techniques and more control in the game.

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