Best Places to Buy and Sell Used Badminton Rackets in India

If you’re looking forward to buying or selling old used badminton rackets online, then this article going to be helpful for you. It often happens, we end up buying the worst racket that fails to give the desired performance; this is why you must check the used racket carefully before buying it. Factors like frame, string tension, handle grip, balancing, impacts the gameplay most. Also, if you have an old badminton racket you are no more using, using these websites you can sell the racket for a reasonable price.

In this article, I am going to talk about the best websites to buy and sell used badminton rackets online in India. Along with this, I will also give some tips for buying and selling old badminton racket. These websites are not just useful for purchasing old badminton rackets, but also, if you have one old racket that you’re not using, you can sell it online. If you are looking forward to buying or selling an old badminton racket, shoes, string, and other badminton accessories, this article is a must read for you.

This article is going to beneficial for those who want to buy or sell used badminton rackets online. So, keep reading until the end.

Used Badminton Racket Buying Tips

  1. Don’t expect the item will available for a long time. As there are millions of users on these buy and sell platform, just like you, there are many others who are looking for the same racket. So, it’s better to make the deal faster or else someone else will grab the deal before you do.  It happens many times with me, I have seen a racket available for sale, but the moment I refresh the page deal gone. It’s better to make the decision quicker.
  2. Always negotiate the pricing. As this is an old and used racket, there is still chances of the bargain the pricing. Talk to the seller, and ask for the lowest price.
  3. Ask for real images and videos. Before making the decision, always see the authentic pictures and videos of the product. If possible, make a video call to the seller to see the racket. Doing so, you can see the real product before you buy it.
  4. If the available badminton racket is too far from your location, talk about the shipping charges. Discuss the shipping and handling charges before you make the deal.
  5. If you’re selling a badminton racket, always provide full detailed information about the racket. Along with the racket details, upload real images and video of the racket. Also always provide working mobile so that buyers can contact you quickly.
  6. When you’re buying a badminton racket, you must check the parameters like the weight of the racket, String tension, material, Balancing, Flexibility, and Grip of the racket. Always choose a badminton racket according to the level of your gameplay. You can read my ultimate guide for choosing the right badminton racket for yourself to know more depth about these factors.
  7. Using the paid advertisements, features of these buy and sell platforms are worthy. If you’re in urgent need of sale, these advertisements features will help you to sell your racket faster. However, if you have no experiences with it, go with the free version first. Later, when you get used with the process, you can try out the paid promotion features to sell things faster.
  8. Last but not least, if possible, visit the seller location before you buy it. This way you can check all details and have an check the real condition of the racket.

Best Websites to Buy and Sell Old Badminton Rackets Online in India

Some of these websites have their apps for IOS and Android platform to make it more comfortable for mobile users. However, these websites are not just made for buying or selling old badminton rackets, but also you can find other badminton related products like badminton shoes, grips, strings, bags, and more. Below I have mentioned two biggest India buy and sell platform where you can find almost everything. So, Let’s get started.

OLX India

When it comes to buying and selling old items, OLX is the enormous online platform to look. On OLX you’re going to find updated latest deals and offers on old products every single day. And if you have an old badminton racket, then this platform is probably the fastest one to sell it out.  With millions of user base on OLX, this is India largest online buy and sell platform.

Along with the standard features of uploading product details, there is an option to put an advertisement of your products to sell it fast. Using the advertisement features, OLX provides accurate responses from the customers to sell the item. I have once used this advertising for an item, and the answer I have received was satisfying. Along with the badminton rackets, you can also buy and sell other badminton items such as badminton shoes, racket grips, badminton bags, shuttlecock, etc.


After OLX India, Quikr is the second largest online platform for buying and selling used items online. On Quikr, there are millions of users buying and selling old items every day. You can see the real images of products before purchase and can chat with the seller using its apps. This website is very reliable, but the percentage of peoples are not actual. So, better you meet the sellers physically before making payment. Doing so you can see the racket physically and check its condition before making the deal. On this platform, you can find reputable badminton racket brands like Yonex, Li Ning, APACS, Victor, Cosco. So, if you’re dream racket is out of your budget, search it on Quikr, someone on the other end may be selling it.

Above mentioned, two websites are most trusted platforms to buy and sell used rackets. But, there are some other ways you can try out. One of my all-time favorite way to sell the used item is  Facebook Groups. On buying and sell facebook groups, there are targeted audiences who want to buy used products. You can post your item over the Facebook Groups mentioning the details about the products. I have received an excellent response over facebook groups and the best part of it, its free to use.

Final Words

Above I have mentioned all the best places and ways to buy and sell used badminton rackets online. These websites have their services in all over India, including cities like Bangalore, Chennai, West Bengal, Delhi, Guwahati, and Punjab. Make sure you read the used badminton racket buying tips very well before you visit these websites. Hope this article helped you to get the used badminton rackets online.

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