Number of Players in Badminton

Some of you might be confused between badminton and tennis due to their common forms and the number of players that are required in both games because they both are racket sports.

But let me make it clear that these both are two different sports and have different playing styles. Where a shuttlecock is used while playing badminton, and a tennis ball is used while playing tennis. But they both have the common forms of playing the particular sport, which we’ll mention below.

Go through the article thoroughly, and you will get to know the different configurations of playing badminton.

Number of Players Required for Playing Badminton 

Badminton is commonly played in three forms in which they require different numbers of players and these three forms are mentioned and described below:

Badminton Singles 

There is a rule for Badminton singles that, each side of the court will hold a single player, which means one vs one. In the singles, the player requires more energy, speed, and endurance to run back and forth, and cover the whole court, as compared to the other two forms of badminton. This also means that it is one of the best ways to work out your cardiac muscle.

The game includes two players, one on each side of the court facing each other and hitting the shuttle over the net, which divides the court into two equal parts. A player wins a rally, if only he lands the shuttle on the opponent’s court. Badminton Singles is for both men as well as women.

One badminton match holds three series of games of 21 points. And the dimensions of the court are different in the case of the other two badminton forms, which is 44 feet long X 17 feet wide.

Basic rules of Badminton Singles

  • Until the opponent gets ready, you are not allowed to serve.
  • The serves are made accordingly, if the player’s score is even then he serves from the right court and if the score is odd, then he goes from the left part of the court.
  • In case, you miss the shuttle while making service, then you are allowed to serve again without letting the racket making any contact while serving.
  • If the shuttle touches the net after hitting a shot is not count as a foul.
  • You can reattempt when the shuttle touches the net while making a serve and lands on your own court.
  • When a player wins a rally, he adds a point on his scoreboard.
  • After serving first, if the server wins a rally, then he has to serve again from the alternative court.

Faults in Badminton Singles

  • If a player serves from above the waistline, then it is counted as a foul.
  • The shuttlecock should not land on the opponent’s wrong receiving court.
  • When the players are not inside the boundaries,
  • If the racket or the clothes of the player touches the net.
  • The player should not double hit the shuttle while playing, If he does so, it is counted as a foul.

The strategy of Badminton Singles.

The toughest thing about badminton singles is, they inspect your mental as well as your physical strength. If we compare this singles game with the other two forms of badminton then we can clearly find out that, it requires more physical fitness and strength to move around the court and hit the shuttle adequately. And that requires a high level of physical fitness.

Rather than physical fitness, there is one more thing required, and that is the mental stability of a player. You need to use your mind and be conscious while making any further move. And you should never lose your confidence because it plays a major role in the game of a player. Applying some strategies in your game can help you to take a lead or push you towards a clear win. All you need to do is make the opponent run around the court which will make him feel tired and he Won’t remain that energetic, which could be a plus point for you. Avoid playing frequent smashes because it will easily make you tired, thus you need a partner for that. Rather than this be calm and patient while playing the game.

Badminton Doubles 

There are two players present on each side of the court, which means there is a total of four players playing on the court. In comparison with singles, here there are two players present in the same court, which does not let the players get exhausted and use less power and energy. They both can cover up the court easily.

In case, of winning a rally in doubles, when both of the teams reach 20-all, then the side which earns two points early wins the game. Similarly, when the score of both the teams is 29-all, then the team gaining the 30th point wins the game. This scoring point is quite different from the badminton singles.

Basic rules of Badminton Doubles

  • The game begins with a flip of a coin.
  • The team that won the toss ends up choosing the side of the court or making a service first.
  • After the service is made, the doubles player is allowed to hit the shuttle from any side of the court.
  • The game ends with a win of 11 points.

Faults in Badminton Doubles

  • The player should not come in the contact with the net, or touch the net with his racket.
  • In the middle of a rally, the shuttle should not touch your clothes or body.
  • You should not hit the shuttle before it crosses the net and enters your court.
  • The serve should be made from below the waistline.

The strategy of Badminton Doubles

If we compare badminton doubles with singles then we get a completely different result. There used to be a single-player running all around the court, but here we got two of them. The single-player gets completely different training in comparison with doubles, they can’t stand in the doubles badminton match easily., because single-player work on their footwork and the doubles player focus on their coordination with their partner.

The strategy you can use in the doubles match is, you can keep your opponent pressurized with your frequent attacks and hits until you win a rally. Force your opponent to high lift a shot and then let your partner hit a powerful smash.

When the opponent makes a server, then you can play a drive, net shot, or attacking clear in return. You both should keep hitting the shuttle low in the opponent’s court which will force him to uplift the shuttle.

Rather than there, the main thing you need to focus on is coordination. You and your partner must have perfect coordination, for which you have to practice with him on a daily basis. And avoid playing badminton doubles competitive matches with an unknown player, which can make you lose the game.

 Badminton Mixed Doubles (Men and Women)

A badminton mixed doubles refer to a game where there are men and women playing on a similar court. This game is similar to the badminton doubles, the only thing that gets changed is the players (one man and one woman).

In 1992, badminton mixed doubles became an Olympic sport. After the other forms of badminton came at the Olympic events, then four years later badminton mixed doubles also became a part of the event.

Basic rules of Badminton Mixed Doubles

  • The male player playing in the backcourt must hit the downwards shots.
  • While the female player dominates the opponents near the net with perfect net kills.
  • The player at the backcourt should always stand beside his partner while the partner is making a serve.
  • In every service, there is a point gained by the team.
  • The team wins the game, gets the chance to make a service or choose the side of the court instead.

Faults in Badminton Mixed Doubles

  • You should not hit the shuttle before crossing the net.
  • The serve should be made from below the waist level.
  • When the shuttle does not land on the correct court.
  • No double hits are required.

The strategy of Badminton Mixed Doubles

There are basically two players in the doubles, but in the case of mixed doubles, there is a man and a woman present in the court facing their opponents. Here, the female player remains and plays in the frontcourt, where the male player remains at the backcourt. This formation is made because the male players seem to be more powerful than the female players and can play more powerful smashes than the female players.

In badminton mixed doubles the players need to be mentally prepared because sometimes the opponent changes the formation of the players by putting the male player in front and the female player in the backcourt. Thus, you need to be very conscious before making or playing any shots.

You must also have proper coordination with your partner during the game. It could lead you to the top scores and a great win by defeating your opponent.


Here are the different forms of badminton that are played by the peoples all around the world. I’ve mentioned all the basic details about the game above. This will help you to know that in which form of badminton you feel more comfortable and where you best fit in, whether backcourt or the frontcourt.

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