Yonex Duora 10 Badminton Racket |Review

Yonex Doura 10 Badminton Racket is box-shaped for more power and is aerodynamic for gaining speed. This badminton racket is best for strong forehand smash and fast backhand drive as Doura provides you better control over every shot. The player can easily play and return the drove as well as the smash shots as this badminton racket allows you to adjust every shot. It can be used in offense as well as defense but doura has an excellent review on defensive gameplay.

Yonex Doura 10 badminton racket was introduced in 2015 as a new range and was named as number 10. This badminton racket is used by Lee Chong Wei men’s singles world champion belongs from Malaysia.

If you are looking for a good quality badminton racket for a better result, then you must check out this user guide for complete specific information. We won’t disappoint you as here’ the overall information given below about Yonex Doura 10 Badminton racket:

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Yonex DOURA 10 review:


  • Size:  G4 – 8.25cm
  • Brand: Yonex
  • Grip size: 4  1/2 inches
  • Sport: Badminton
  • Material:  Graphite
  • Level recommended: Advanced or professionals
  • Balance:  Even balanced
  • Colors: Blue, Orange
  • Built-in:  T-joint

About the product:

  • Flexibility:  Stiff
  • Frame:  Heavyms Graphite, nanometric DR, ni-ti fiber
  • Composition: Fiber
  • Weight and Grip Size: 2U (around 93g) + G4,5 Grip,

3U (around88g) + G4,5 Grip

The forehand and backhand head frame of Yonex DOURA 10 Is made with a different structure Box frame and aero frame. As per the forehand, the box frame engineered would result in a powerful smash and longer shuttle holding time and the aero frame of the backhand side would result in better rebounding and faster speed so the player can expect a quicker return.

Features of Yonex DOURA 10:

  • As compare to Yonex AecSaber 11 the head of Yonex DOURA 10 is smaller and is pretty much big than the other average isometric square head. As it has a shorter shaft but a longer handle which enables the player to control the racket easily and also makes this racket bit more forgiving.
  • Yonex DOURA 10 is a stiff racket but not a very stiff one as it is designed for making ahead move in a controlled manner and shuttle hold on the string bed for a longer time. The thin frame of the racket allows it to transfer more energy to the shuttle.


  • Yonex DOURA badminton racket is aggressive but is easy to control.
  • The defense is responsive.
  • This badminton racket is basically designed for the professionals but sometimes can be used by the intermediate as is best for the players having an aggressive game.
  • The hits and shots are quite powerful.


  • This badminton racket is pretty much heavy so you need to be physically fit and learn to use it properly.
  • As in the case of intermediate, it takes some time for the players to get used to it.
  • Is expensive.

GOOD in controlling shots:

this badminton racket provides better control on shots. The player can easily return the smash and drove shots back to the opponent. It also allows the player to adjust the shots adequately.

And yes Yonex DOURA badminton racket is best for the professional; as well as the intermediate players rather than the beginners.

Performance of Yonex DOURA 10 badminon racket


The clears are sharp, clear, and effortless. This badminton racket is easy to handle and swings in perfect order.

It can be compared to Voltric Z Force II and Voltric 80 as the clears are effortless and goes very far. forehand clears are more effortless than backhand clears.

Drop shots

The drop shots are perfect and satisfying.


Yonex Doura 10 holds a technology through which you can hit the shuttle as hard or fast you can and land it with amazing precision. If you’re good at smashes then this badminton racket is perfect for you.


To send the suttle further you must use your forehand while serving and archive a similar result with the backhand if you have enough strength.


You might be well known that Yonex DOURA 10 is specially designed for the players having aggressive gameplay but you can even enjoy the excellent drives at offensive as well as defensive departments. Due to the fast reactions and excellent maneuverability backhand drives feel pretty good.


Yonex DOURA 10 Badminton racket is best in blocking smashes and drop shots because it really brings you the power of flipping the game in a sec.

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Yonex DOURA Badminton Racket is best for


Yonex DOURA badminton racket has many features in itself which makes it better for beginners. This badminton racket has a dynamic dual design for easy playing. The Yonex DOURA badminton racket has a 4G grip and weighs 3U. The frame is designed by H.M graphite, nanometric, and NI-TI fiber. Besides this Yonex DOURA badminton racket is a bit heavy weighted due to which a beginner can twist his ankle without proper knowledge.


As Yonex Doura is an even balanced racket and because of its heavy head, It provides you extra force in your smash. but a player might take a long time period to adjust well with this badminton racket due to the heavy body while practicing on a daily basis might make you fall in love with this badminton racket.

Advanced or Professionals:

It won’t be wrong if I would say that the Yonex DOURA badminton racket is perfect for professional players who always want extra power in their backhand. It has a heavy head and is a bit stiff which makes it a perfect all-around racket for powerful accurate play. I would recommend this racket to the higher-level club players or intermediate-developing players.


This badminton racket is an ideal deal for the professional players as it was firstly introduced in 2015 and the World Men’s Singles champion Lee Chong Wei belongs from Malaysia himself uses this badminton racket.

Yonex DOURA 10 is the slimmest racket ever produced by the Yonex which reduces air resistance while providing maximum feel.

It is a perfect racket used in offense as well as defense as it has a dynamic dual design for easy playing.

I would recommend you that if you are a beginner or just entered in this sport so be careful while choosing this badminton racket whereas in the case of intermediate or advanced players you can opt this badminton racket but it might take some time to the learning intermediate players to make a perfect match with this racket.

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