How to Become a National Badminton Player in India

It is the dream of every sportsperson to represent his country at a good and professional level. There are many players who represent our country at the national and international levels. If you also want to become one of them, then we’ll help you out. As here in this article, we will discuss the facts regarding badminton. As it is one of the most popular and beautiful games, which is basically played indoor. And we’ll also help you to know, how to become a national badminton player in India.

As you all might be well aware that, India is a democratic country. Here, you will find people with different cast, religions, and gender. Likewise, you will also get to know about the different types of sports, that are played across the country. But here we will provide you complete information regarding badminton.

So let’s begin.

Career in badminton

Many people take sport as a circular activity, just to keep their body in shape and to stay fit. But rather than these, there are some people who want to make their career in sports and do not take it for granted. For such people, there are many associations and federations opened across the country and also across the world, which helps them to live their dream. If you want to know about badminton academies and federations in India, then let me inform you that, there are some top most academies, schools, and federations, which I’ve mentioned below:

To become a professional or a national level badminton player, you must know some of the basic facts regarding this sport and you also need to be fit and active. Because as we say, badminton is one of the fastest sport, that requires speed, ability, endurance, and fitness in a player.

Basic Facts That You Should Know

You should also know, what a player requires to become a national or professional level badminton player. Here below, we have mentioned some of the basic facts, that can help you out:

  • You need to know the game exactly.
  • The right age is required to become a high-level badminton player.
  • Good physical capabilities.
  • You should be perfect with the basic skills of badminton.
  • Know how to choose the right equipment.
  • Should have a good trainer.
  • Need to practice a lot.

How to Become a National Badminton Player in India?

If you’re willing to make a career in badminton, then we will help you out to know the basic steps to do so:

Physical Fitness

While playing badminton the player has to run back and forth across the court, which requires a lot of physical fitness and endurance. And to gain speed and stamina, one must have to remain in shape and practice those exercises which are beneficial for the game.

You need to focus on your leg strength to play this game adequately. You might have seen the lower body of professional players with bulky legs, this is because it helps them to balance the body and move faster. So for you, we have also mentioned some basic footwork, that you must try out:

  • Performs some exercises regarding cardio, 3 times a week.
  • Go for some lightweight training, to keep your body fit and look muscular.
  • Consult with a professional or a good trainer, regarding fitness exercises.

Know the basics of badminton

To become a national-level badminton player, you need to learn the basic skills of this particular game. This will help you in playing frequently and also help you from preventing injuries during the match.

All you need to know are these basic elements:

  • Need to learn, how to hold a racket.
  • Different types of badminton shots.
  • Proper footwork.
  • Different tactics and skills.
  • Self-motivation.

A Lot of Practice

No shortcuts can be applied to become a good badminton player. To become a national-level badminton player, you need a lot and lots of practice to put your opponent on an edge of the court.

Also, clear all your doubts regarding the shots and coordination, because these play a major role during the game. You must be clear about the type of shot or a trick shot that you need to hit, according to the situation with correct footwork. You need to also work on coordination with your partner, as choosing the wrong partner can lead you to lose the game.

Play with the Experienced Players

After learning the basic skills and some advanced techniques, you should practice with those players who are better than you. Doing this will help you in improving your game and will also help in learning some new skills and shots from them.

It will also become easy for you to face your opponent at the national level tournaments and prevent you from demotivating. You can also learn from the mistakes that you made while playing with them. Overall, it will help you in boosting your confidence.

Join a Badminton Academy and play tournaments

Joining a good badminton academy will help you in achieving your goals very soon. Take training under the professional and better coaches. This will help you in becoming a good badminton player.

Rather than this, you should also start playing badminton tournaments, starting from the district level, state level, and then you will reach the national level. This will help you in handling the pressure and learning new things from other players and their games.

An ideal Age to Represent Your Country

You should know the fact that most of the national badminton associations do not select new players, above 20. There is a reason behind it, as they think that it will take a lot of time to train and prepare them for the international or national level. And according to me, they are even right.

For example, assume that you are 22 and started with your training, and took 2 years to perfect your basic skills, apart from the basic skills you took 2 years more to coordinate with your partner and to learn some advanced techniques and then took 2-3 years to stabilize your mental ability to play at the national and international level. Therefore, after passing these years, you are already near to retirement, because you start losing your fitness and health.

So, accordingly, 15 to 18 is the age to join the badminton national team. Because it takes you 1-3 years just to improve your physical fitness and to learn some the basic techniques and skills. And by reaching the age of 20 or 22 you would become a perfect badminton player to represent your nation.’


Hope you liked the article, we have mentioned the most efficient and effective ways that can help you to know how to become a national badminton player in India. So if you are looking forward to making a career in badminton, then you can follow these steps. These steps can help you in achieving your goals.

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