7 Basic Badminton Equipment & Gear

If you are searching for essential badminton equipment and gear guide, then you are in the right place. It does not matter if you are a beginner or advanced player in badminton, you must have a kit of all essential badminton equipment.

Good thing is that the equipment of badminton is very budget-friendly, especially if you have a low budget. Most of the equipment are available under $15 or 1000 INR. If you want to compete with an advanced player then you have to buy professional badminton equipment at any cost, as they will be better than low budget equipment.

So let’s have a look at basic badminton equipment.

Badminton Equipment List

Here we are going to share all the basic equipment for playing badminton with brief summary. Get ready for it.

1. Racket

This is the most basic equipment of badminton, without a racket we can not strike the shuttlecock. So we must need a racket for playing badminton and it starts at a very low cost all over the world if we talk about beginners, but it can cost so high if you are buying a racket with high tension, high-quality frame, and string.

A racket must follow the specifications laid by the BWF (badminton world federation). According to BWF specifications, the string length can not be more than 27.94 cm and its width can’t be more than 20.9 cm. The full length of a racket can not be more than 68 cm and the width can not be more than 23 cm, BWF says.

If you are a beginner then you should use a low budget racket at first because there is a lot of chance of broking it by hitting on flour or by striking it on the racket of your teammate. So save your money at the start and invest after you come in the category of intermediate players. Most of the advanced player rackets come without a string so that the players can customize the string tension according to their requirements.

Do not have time to check all these factors? No issues, we have already filtered out the best badminton rackets here.

2. Shuttlecock

Another essential equipment for badminton is the shuttlecock. You have rackets but does not have a shuttlecock, the game still can’t be played. Just after buying a racket, you need to buy a shuttlecock. Mostly shuttlecock comes in 2 variants, feathered and synthetic.

If you are paying badminton casually, then you can use synthetic or plastic shuttlecock as they last longer than a feathered shuttlecock. But if you are a professional player then you should always play with a feathered shuttlecock, because all worldwide badminton tournaments played with a feathered shuttlecock.

The weight of a shuttlecock should not exceed 5.50 grams and should not be less than 4.74 grams. You should definitely read our article on the best badminton shuttlecock.

3. Badminton Net

Another important piece of equipment for badminton is the net. You can play badminton with a racket and shuttlecock but it would not be a fair play because there are a lot of rules in badminton that require a badminton net. If you are playing it casually for fun then maybe you do not need it but if you want to be a professional player in the future then you must play under a badminton net.

The height of the badminton net is exact 5 feet not more not less. The badminton net placed in the court using two poles situated at the end of the court.

4. Badminton Shoes

Badminton is not only played with hands, it requires the full support of your feet. Every time if you are playing badminton, you have to move quickly to hit the shuttlecock. That’s why you need a pair of highly comfortable and flexible shoes, that will allow you to move quickly all around the court without any trouble.

Shoes for badminton court should be carefully cushioned with high-quality material so that it will provide comfort to the forefeet that hurts the most in badminton. Experts recommend players to always stand in their bare feet while waiting for a service to be thrown, that’s why a good quality of badminton shoes always required.

Do not have time to filter perfect badminton shoes for yourself? Don’t worry we have already done it for you. Click here for the best badminton shoes.

5. Badminton Apparel

You must need a comfortable t-shirt and shorts that do not hinder your movement while hitting the shuttlecock. Usually, a cotton t-shirt with a round neck and short is preferred.

6. Badminton Grip

A grip made of cloth or synthetic fiber or any other material must be required for the badminton racket handle. It absorbs the sweat of your hand and provides a drier feel.

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7. Socks

Always wear a pair of socks that are made of cotton because cotton absorbs the sweat of feet and does not let your feet slide inside the shoes. We do not recommend using nylon socks as they do not absorb sweat.

Final Words

All the badminton equipment shown above is essential for beginners or an advanced player. If you want to be a great player in badminton then you much have all this equipment. Please comment for any questions regarding this article. Thanks

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