5 Best Carlton Badminton Rackets 2022 [Reviews and Buyer’s Guide]

Everybody has their preferred brand of badminton rackets. If you are a badminton player then you must have one too. So here is a list of the best Carlton badminton rackets for those who prefer Carlton as their badminton racket brand. Badminton as a sport is a vast sport with a numerous number of brands providing badminton equipment like badminton rackets, shuttlecocks, etc. Carlton is one of them. Carlton produces some of the best-selling rackets in the world and is now to be the top-selling brand after the most famous badminton equipment brand Yonex. The badminton rackets from this brand are produced by keeping the requirements of the consumers, quality, and durability in mind which makes it one of the best brands for badminton rackets.

If you talk about the prices of the rackets produced by Carlton then they produce rackets for everyone. The price varies from low to high and is different for every kind of racket. Everybody can afford badminton rackets by Carlton. Carlton produces rackets that are durable in nature and have a variety of features. They produce all kinds of rackets be it the best rackets for aggressive players or the best head-heavy rackets, the best rackets for playing in doubles. Carlton only sells rackets that have been tested before. They produce premium quality rackets and do not compromise with their status of producing some of the best rackets in the world.

You can easily choose a racket that suits you the best. Because of their variety of products you can easily choose what you like and what you don’t. They not only produce badminton rackets but they produce other badminton equipment too. Some of the equipment produced by Carlton are Shoes, rackets, strings, shuttlecocks, etc.

Top Carlton Badminton Rackets

History of Carlton

Carlton is one of the leading badminton equipment-producing brands in the world. It is known for producing badminton rackets for everyone with any kind of budget. This brand was established in 1946, which eventually became the subsidiary group of Dunlop Slazenger International. Sports Direct now owns Carlton. It is known for its really intense research and development qualities. They put a lot of effort into researching what a player wants and how it should be achieved. Carlton’s headquarters for research and development is located in Camberley, England. The company also claims to have sold the most numbers of nylon in the world.

5 Best Carlton Badminton Rackets

If your recommended brand for your badminton rackets is Carlton, then here are some Carlton rackets that can be the ones to be a companion in your journey of playing badminton. Carlton badminton rackets are quite versatile and provide various features you do not find in any other rackets. check out these rackets to find the one perfect for you.

Carlton Vapour Trail Elite Badminton Racket

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  • weight:3U (85-89 grams)
  • Balance: Head heavy
  • Flex: Stiff
  • Recommended String Tension: 18-28lbs
  • The material used: Japanese HM Carbon

Perfect match for an advanced player Carlton Vapour Trail Elite Badminton Racket is a head-heavy racket for advanced aggressive players. This racket is for the players who lack something in their play, this racket provides them with the missing X-factor that they need. You could simply say that this racket is the epitome of control. The control it offers is due to the many features it offers like Bi-Axial Dynamics, an optometric head shape, Pro V12 Grommets, and a head-heavy balance. This racket features a Stabiliser top cap that lets you deliver clears and shots with great precision and control.

The Direct Fibre Transfer System uses the carbon-made inner core to join the shaft and the head of the racket which makes a direct link. This improves the transfer of power and feel of the racket. All these advanced features make it our first choice in this list of top Carlton badminton rackets

Carlton Aero Blast Badminton Racket

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  • Flex: medium
  • Pro V12 grommets
  • Balance: even
  • 675 mm
  • 22×22 strings
  • weight: 94 g
  • Xtreme tension frame
  • Max string tension: 30 lbs

This aero blast badminton racket can be your companion in your journey of playing badminton with absolute perfection. This is a great option for those who can not handle head-heavy badminton rackets. If your wrists hurt while playing badminton then this lightweight racket is just for you. The pro V12 grommets let you distribute the power uniformly and hit the shuttle with great power. This is one of those rackets which can bear extreme string tension without becoming fragile. The maximum string tension that this racket can bear is 30 lbs. High string tension can let you hit powerful shots without putting in a lot of effort you just need to know the right technique.

The even balance of the racket makes it perfect for beginners and all-rounder players. Beginners are generally not sure about their playing style so the even balance will help them determine their style. All-rounders like switching between styles so an even balanced badminton racket can help them ace every style.

Carlton Exhybrid Lite Badminton Racket

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  • Head Shape: Circometric 58in2 (374)
  • Frame Weight: 4U 80g (2.82oz)
  • Balance: Head Heavy
  • Length: 26.5″ (675mm)
  • Flex: Medium
  • String Tension: 26lbs
  • Frame Construction: 40T Hotmelt H.M Graphite
  • Shaft: High Repulsion Shaft (HRS)
  • Grip: Carlton factory grip
  • Grip Size: G4

Highly suitable for advanced players this racket is an excellent option for aggressive players who like to play with a head-heavy badminton racket. This racket can also be used by players who like playing in the defensive style of play. If you like to have control over your racket then this racket is just for you. This racket lets you have complete command of your swings and shots. This remarkable racket features a chronometric head shape and head-heavy balance for exceptional power and control on your shots. The shaft of this racket is neither too flexible nor too stiff, it is mid-flex. This lightweight weight racket weighs 80 grams which are perfect if you like power and speed combined in your shots.

It provides you with extreme maneuverability and swift handling at the baseline. The High Repulsion Shaft enhances the power distribution and provides enhanced stiffness. Due to its versatile nature, we have given racket their place among some of the best Carlton rackets.

Carlton Kinesis Rapid Badminton Racket

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  • Shaft Construction – Japanese Carbon
  • Head Shape – Optometric
  • Length – 675mm
  • Balance – Even 
  • Stringing recommendation -20-28 lbs
  • Weight -Avg. 90 gms

Developed with high-grade carbon fiber from Japan is one of the most versatile badminton rackets produced by Carlton. The high-grade carbon fiber that is used to make this badminton is then combined with nano cell technology which eventually results in remarkable bonding on the molecular level. This helps in giving you better Impact and great strength for bending the shaft. This racket is developed for advanced players also for all-rounder players. quipped with Aerofoil grommets this racket is designed to give efficient aerodynamics for the frame. Due to its aerodynamic properties, the air resistance of this racket becomes really less which gives you high speed and more proficiency.

The nano cell technology used to make this racket gives you a uniform and steady impact when you hit the shuttlecock.  The unique features of this badminton racket make it come on the fourth position among the great Carlton badminton rackets you can buy for yourself.

Carlton Vapour Trail Tour Badminton Racket

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  • Cover: Cover Not Available
  • Strung Type:- Strung
  • Grip Size: G4 – 8.25 cm
  • Weight: 87 g
  • Head Shape:- Isometric Shape
  • Beam Width:- 20.3 mm

This racket is specially produced for all-rounder players. It has a lot of unique features like an Optometric head shape and Vectran hybrid braid. This helps in transferring power to the shuttlecock with the help of the enlarged sweet spot due to the shape of its head. Perfect for players you like to have complete control over their racket and their overall performance.

Things you should know before buying a badminton racket

Buying a badminton racket may seem like an easy task but it is not and may require some knowledge about the game especially if you are a fresher. Choosing the perfect badminton racket for yourself depends on some factors and they are your play style, preferences, and suitability. There are different kinds of badminton rackets available even if you have a preferred brand for them. If your preferred brand is Carlton then they produce a variation of badminton rackets for everyone. They generally produce rackets that are highly suitable for intermediate and advanced player. Do not worry if you are a beginner who wants a Carlton badminton racket to begin his/her journey. They produce rackets for everyone and you will definitely find one for yourself. There are some basics that you need to learn about badminton which will help find the perfect racket for yourself.

Before you start searching for the perfect badminton racket for yourself you need to understand all things you need to look out in your badminton racket. There are rackets with different balance and different flexes and you got to have an understanding of these things to find the perfect racket for yourself. Here are some guidelines and some specifications about badminton rackets which will help you but the racket that perfectly suits you.

Stick to your budget

If you are a beginner going out to buy a badminton racket then do stick to your budget. The shopkeeper or the website you are looking in for badminton rackets might try to lure you with more expensive rackets but you need to stick to your budget. You should never buy something that you will regret buying in the future. Make sure you stick to your budget and get a racket in that budget only.

Weight of the racket

The weight of the badminton racket also matters if you have a particular game style, it also matters if you have weak wrists. If you have played badminton before you might know that sometimes our wrists hurt. If this happens frequently then there is a problem with how you are holding the racket or you have weak wrists. you might have weak wrists then you should go for lightweight rackets and if you like playing offensive and are a fan of powerplay then you can go for heavyweight rackets. If you are a beginner you would go for rackets that weigh between 85-100 grams.

Balance of the racket

The balance of the racket helps you deliver the shots that you desire. If you have a particular style of playing badminton then you might understand what this means. If you are an aggressive player who likes playing offensive then you would like a head-heavy badminton racket to give you more power in your shots. If you like making long and fast rallies then you would like a head-light racket for speedy swings. If you are a beginner then an even balance will suit you the best.

The grip of the racket

The size and the type of grip that you use is vital factor while playing badminton. If the type of grip you use is not comfortable then you might get uncomfortable while playing, which is not good. There are mainly two types of grips available and they are synthetic and towel grip. Synthetic grips are good if you like to have a good and solid hold on your racket but they have a poor sweat-absorbing feature which can make the handle slippery. Towel grips are best for you if you sweat a lot. Towel grips have excellent sweat-absorbing features but the drawbacks to towel grips are that they can be a little messy. They need to be changed frequently because they can be a breeding ground for germs and bacterias.

The sizes of the grip are different in different rackets. Different grips of badminton help you get comfortable with the handle of your badminton racket. There are different grip sizes that you will get with the badminton racket.


In conclusion, the best Carlton racket that we could find for you was Carlton Vapour Trail Elite Badminton Racket. This racket is a complete package of what Carlton has to offer. Packed with unique features and versatility this racket is perfect for you if you are a Carlton fan looking for a new Carlton racket. 

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