Yonex Nanoray 10 Badminton Racket |Review

Yonex has a variety of rackets designed for any type of skill. When considering the Yonex Nanoray racket is one of the best for beginners at an affordable price. The design technique will beat all other rackets available in markets for beginners.

If you are new to badminton sport then you should once check its specifications. One can play a manageable game with any playing style and it will not deteriorate your performance level from any aspect.

We are providing you detailed specifications of this racket from scratch. You can switch to any criteria with this filter list.

Yonex Nanoray 10 Review


Weight:  80 to 85 grams

Grip size: G4

Head weight: Light

Stringing Advice: 4U 19-24 lbs

Available: Strung

The racket weight in under 4U category considered under the lightweight. It is easy to balance with swing without the need to put extra effort. You will not feel any wrist pain during the shaft movement. This is the most advantageous feature with perfect grip size. You will surely not miss any point in comfort with this racket for sharp and responsive shots.

It has packed pre-strung with BG3 string is used. Pre-strung rackets are good and if your requirement to change the strung in the future you can change them without any problem when required tension is retained. It is 27 inches or 686 millimeters in length just a good choice for beginners.

Material and construction

Frame: Graphite


Head: Isometric head

There is no compromise quality-wise with a pocket-friendly price. It has high resistance material used for its design which has many benefits from durability to many more. It will improve the structure which feels solid and have the perfect strength to generate enough power.

The racket withstands in terms of quality and will result in improved repulsion any more advantages. It has an Isometric head shape having the same length as the main and cross strings. This technology increases the sweet spot helpful for accurate shots and you can pick off-center hits due to enlarged space in the head  

The control support cap increases the flexibility with grip by increasing wide by 88% effective in the significant improvement of maneuverability. Your shot will be more flexible according to time and accurate trajectory without too much effort.

The built-in T-joint can create a durable and high strength frame that is torque free. It benefits in durability in the long run as you need not worry about changing racket frequently.

Performance-wise review

This racket is best in responsive shots with durability at affordable prices. You are getting these qualities at a pocket-friendly price. The serving will not require too much effort due to the lightweight and head-light balance. The wrist-twisting for the demand of shots will never be painful only because of the lightweight design.

The power of smash shots will not be too impactful with this racket due to not having a heavy head. It is not easy to generate effective power in one direction required for smash shots when racket weight is distributed over the body rather than heavy head design.

It is exceptional in terms of accuracy and speed especially designed for defensive players who choose to respond to an opponent shot for impactful performance. Defensive players are sharp with their every shot, this racket has no match when checked these qualities

It will not create any wrist pain with swing movement. Beginners should opt for the racket which will not create any resistance in wrist gaming for better durability in-game. They need top-notch performance with longer stability in the match and this racket benefits them from every aspect.

It is for defensive players and your drop shots will have a perfect trajectory as mentioned due to its balance head design with the enlarged area to pick shuttle from any direction.

Let’s discuss its detailed overview in terms of good and bad so you will not miss any point while choosing this racket when matched with your ground skills.


  • This racket proves best when viewed in terms of price with durability and solid feel look for accurate and defensive playing.
  • It is best the choice for beginners as they will not face any issue with racket stability while every swing. It is easy for responsive shots with perfect accuracy.
  • The repulsive power and toughness of the racket seem to be a powerful combination with affordable prices. The power for the defensive shot with the proper trajectory over the opposite side is enough for impactful performance with this price range.
  • It is lightweight which doesn’t mean it will wobble while handing movement. The material and construction used is a great combination of durability with easy to use design.


  • Not having a heavy head will disappoint to smash lovers who prefer to play offensive and focus on power shot in one direction.
  • We will not recommend this to smash lovers due to not having a heavy head design which will definitely fail in generating powerful shot in one direction.

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For whom it will be best?

When you will go through our detailed specifications you will come to know that this racket designed for beginners who are new to the game and need to learn balance shot with proper wrist movement. They can invest in it without a second thought during the learning phase as this racket is user friendly from every angle when compared with other brands in the market. 

Advance and intermediate players can invest in more powerful rackets under the Yonex series who prefer smash shots as their strength for the playground.


In total Yonex Nanoray, 10 Badminton is for beginners who are searching for budget-friendly options with durability and can deliver an impressive performance on the court. It has a light head easy to swing racket hasslefree without much effort. The material and construction quality is not matched aspect when searched with other brands with the same price range.

You should definitely check out this racket when matched as the specifications according to your playing style.

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