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Hello, what’s up, badmnton lovers! Hope you guys are having a good time. Are you looking for best badminton string for your racket?, If yes, then this post is for you. In this post, we are going to cover 5 best badminton strings for powerful smash and control.

String impacts a lot on your gameplay, especially when you want to hit it best. Also, we often see for most of the case the badminton racket string broken for heavy gameplay, so it’s a good option to keep one extra string with yourself.

Earlier we talked about best badminton rackets under 3000 on badmintonracketz.com, and On this post, we have covered the best badminton string brands with good rating and reviews. So, without any second thought, you can purchase these badminton strings from given online stores.

Badminton strings do not look like they are an important part of a badminton racket that we need to keep in mind but they are. Badminton strings can be very delicate and there is a need to take care of them.

There are so many mistakes that we often make while playing badminton. Some of those mistakes are not being able to a badminton racket properly if you still do not know how to buy the best badminton racket then you can read how to choose badminton racket for yourself. 

List of Top 5 Badminton Strings For Powerful Smash & Control

Best Badminton Strings Reviews 2022

The list for some of the best badminton strings is given below to ease your struggle of finding the right badminton strings. Badminton strings are usually ignored when shopping for badminton rackets but they are quite important as the structure of the frame of the badminton rackets depend on them.

The higher the string tension in your badminton racket, the less durable it gets but you get more power and accuracy. The lower the string tension of the badminton racket, the more durable it is. But with badminton rackets with low string tension do no provide the kind of power.

That badminton rackets with high string tension offer. But badminton rackets with ow string tension lets you generate more power and are recommended to beginners.

Badminton rackets with high string tension are usually recommended to advanced and professional players. Here is a list of 5 best badminton rackets for your badminton rackets. The reviews for the badminton strings are given in  the brief explanation of the strings

Yonex Ultimax BG 66 Badminton Strings, 0.65mm (Black)

Main Features

  • 0.65mm thick gauge perfect for speed smashing
  • Gives good control and balancing for gameplay
  • High repulsion
  • Made of high-intensity nylon core material which gives well durability, will run for a long time.

Review: We think its good choice for hard smashing players. Nylon material is great for long time durability, so it’s surely a good pick for those who are looking for long-lasting string attached to their badminton.

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Yonex Titanium BG 65 Badminton Strings, 0.70mm

Main Features

  • Titanium hybrid coating makes is really comfortable and good for hard smashing.
  • Made for those who hit hard.
  • Gives a smooth hitting feeling highly durable material.

Review: Titanium hybrid coating is what makes this string unique and best for hard hitters. Not only this coating makes it feels smooth, but this coating makes it highly durable.

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Victor VS-890 (0.68mm x 10mm) High Resilience Badminton String

Main Features

  • This string will feel hard as its made of highly durable materials.
  • High Resilience
  • Size of this string is 0.68mm x 10m

Review: We love high resilience thing, this makes this string good to go for a long time and feels hard. Those who like hard string this string is a good option to go with. Also, the size of the string is 0.68mm which makes it good for balancing and feels good to play. And, as this string comes from a well-reputed company in the field of manufacturing badminton equipment’s, you can trust this brand without thinking twice.

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Li-Ning No 7 Badminton String

Main Features

  • Good choice for all players, beginner to advanced players.
  • Made of Polymer Nylon material.
  • Size of a string is  0.70mm.

Review: Another string from a piece of good badminton equipment manufacturing brand Li Ning. Polymer nylon not only made this badminton a good choice for a smooth feeling but also makes it durable for a long time. But, as of we think, this string is good for beginners to intermediate playing.

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Yonex Aerosonic Badminton String

Main Features

  • This is Yonex brand thinnest string you can have with a diameter of 0.61mm.
  • Aerosonic (BG-AS) string and compact fitting made this string very dense and hit really hard.
  • Resounding and stimulating sound.

Review: This is another good string from Yonex brand, which is one of the most popular brands for badminton equipment’s manufacturing. Talking about this particular string, this is the thinnest string of Yonex, so it will be very good for balancing fast and hard-hitting.

What is the best tension for badminton strings

People often wear their normal badminton shoes to badminton courts which is not appropriate at all. Only badminton shoes are supposed to be worn on the badminton court. Wearing proper badminton shoes not only maximise your performance but they also reduce the chance of injury.

The same way people need to understand every equipment and part of the badminton racket has their own jobs and importance. If you go out to but a badminton racket, strings are also an important part. It does not matter if you get an unstrung badminton racket it gets important to know which strings you are going to use before getting the racket strung.

If you look properly you are going to find variations in the quality, material used, thickness and thinness of different badminton strings. All you need is some information regarding the different strings available in the market or online.

If you want to buy the right strings for your badminton racket you will have to under what different strings stand for and what they offer. The most important thing with the badminton strings is the string tension you need to set them on.

The string tension matters a lot especially when you get an unstrung badminton racket. If the string tension is higher than what is recommended then there are high chances that your racket while stringing.

If it survived the stringing part then whenever you to play a game with the same racket then it will surely break. To understand the concept of string tension you will have to understand what level string tension does what.

Playing with low string tension (18-23 lbs)

Lower string tension means stringing your badminton racket with strings which will not constitute a tight string bed. Rather the stringbed with low string tension is loose and soft.

I hope you have an idea about what I am talking about right now. The soft string bed will let you have more repulsion off of the stringbed. More bounce or repulsion power means more power generation.

It is the reason that badminton rackets with lower string tension are recommended to beginners. These badminton rackets are more durable than badminton rackets with higher tension.

If you get a badminton racket with an isometric shape it enlarges the sweet spot which helps in hitting powerful shots even if the shuttlecock did not hit the centre of the badminton stringbed.

The reason that this badminton racket is more durable is the low string tension and the isometric shape. If the player could not hit the centre of the stringbed with a high tension stringing then there is a possibility that strings will break which can even deform the frame of the badminton racket.

This is the reason badminton rackets with low string tension are recommended to beginners. As beginners are not experienced enough to hit centre hits every time, that is why they are not given badminton rackets with high string tension.

Playing with high string tension (24-30 lbs)

Earlier we discussed what it is like to play with badminton rackets with low string tension. Badminton rackets with low string tension are recommended to beginners as they’re not very experienced.

But badminton rackets with high string tension are usually recommended to players who have a little experience of the game. With experience players also get the sense of handling the badminton racket which lets in an efficient performance.

Unlike, badminton rackets with low string tension, the badminton rackets with high string tension feel tighter and harder. The tight and hard feeling stringbed lets you have more control, placement and command over the shuttlecock.

As the string tension gets higher the area of the sweet spot reduces, which means if you try playing with a badminton racket with high string tension then you will have to be more consistent and precise with the shots.

If you fail in hitting the centre of the stringbed then there is a possibility that the strings will end up breaking. Broken strings are not only harmful to other strings but it affects the frame of the badminton rackets.

If one of the string breaks the tension is unevenly distributed throughout the badminton racket which deforms the frame of the badminton racket. So, if any of the string breaks, cut off all the strings from the middle and get it strung as soon as possible.

Things to know before buying good badminton strings

  • Let’s admit the truth, elastic of all of the badminton string begin to loose from the first day of use, which is also called as “tension creep”. So, always look for good tension string for harder shots. The tension increase proportionally with power, so more tension means more power. However, with an increase in tension, you will lose durability. With low tension, it increases durability and makes it easy powerful shots without putting in a lot of efforts.
  • Whenever you go to buy badminton strings make sure you check the durability of the strings. If you are a player who loves badminton rackets with high string tension then you will have to take special care of the durability of the strings.
  • If you are a beginner going to buy a new badminton racket then make sure you get a badminton racket will low string tension. You might not be an experienced player, you might miss the centre of the stringbed which can lead to breakage of strings. With the breaking of the strings the chances of the frame getting deformed increases.
  • If you would like with a badminton racket with high string tension then you will only yield results if you hit the sweet spot consistently. As I mentioned earlier if you consistently miss the sweet spot on the string bed then the strings might break because of the high tension.
  • Once you get a little experience and know-how to handle the badminton racket, you will benefit from badminton rackets with high string tension. Badminton rackets with high string tension will help you get accuracy and power in your shots. But make sure you are experienced enough to play with a badminton racket with high string tension.


So, these are some of the best strings for your badminton racket. All of these strings come from well-known brands and has great reviews from users. So, you can pick any of these string for any of your badminton rackets. We personally tried and tested these strings before presenting them before you and we happily say that all of the strings proved to be the best. They fulfilled every requirement that we had. The best badminton string that we could find was Yonex Ultimax BG 66 Badminton Strings, 0.65mm. It had all the qualities that we wanted in our badminton strings and helped us hit powerful shots. Durable and sturdy these badminton strings are highly recommended to you. If you are looking to buy new badminton strings. Hope this post helped you find your best badminton string.

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