Yonex Muscle Power 3 Badminton Racket |Review

Yonex has designed its racket for everyone’s preference as choosing a racket is quite personal depending on many aspects like price, experience level, shot preference, and many more. So if you are someone who prefers Badminton as a recreational sport then this racket will suits you best having affordable prices with a power-packed performance.

If you are searching for detailed inquiry of this pocket -friendly racket so as to pick best according to your preference, then you have landed to the right place where you will not only get detailed specification but also a comparison with its good and bad.

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Yonex Muscle Power 3 Badminton Racket Review


weight-90 g under 2u

Grip size – g4

Flex- Medium

Frame shape – isometric + mp frame

  • The racket comes under the 2u weight category which is a heavyweight to balance at the start. You have to undergo at least 6 months of practice for a controlled shot and easy balance. But that doesn’t mean you will not able to balance the racket before 6 months as we are giving you a rough estimate apart from that it depends on your practice level.
  • The grip size varies from individual to individual but g4 is commonly used in the racket. If you can balance the racket weight with an easy swing then grip size will never be an issue in your performance with this racket.
  • Medium flex is commonly good for defensive players without any hand pain when played for a long duration. You can easily balance this racket for accurate shots having a combination of head heavy and medium stiff.
  • The isometric head shape enlarges the sweet spot helpful even if the shuttle hits off-center. You can pick shuttle from any direction with less miss. Your performance will never go down if checked in terms of a responsive shot from any direction.

Material and construction

Shaft: Graphite


It uses excellent materials that can withstand wear and tear. The racket durability is impressive with these materials that will not disappoint in long run as well. This racket not required much maintenance frequently.

Overall Performance

  • The heavy head with a medium stiff shaft helps in a powerful performance with more responsive shots when practiced well. This racket is good for smash shots as well due to its durable construction. Players can go with offensive as well as defensive shots when practiced with its heavyweight.
  • Respective to construction the graphite shaft will give a high level of repulsion. The shuttle will have good power in every shot due to the right string tension. The air resistance in every swing is good and will help in more controlled shots without any imbalance.
  • You can hit a balanced shot but serving to shuttle require quite an effort at the start but if used to the weight, then the shots will end up with better accuracy. This means that fatigue will get reduced with better practice.
  • We have provided you with detailed specifications required for selecting an effective racket according to need. This racket will definitely be cost-effective with durability and power pack performance.

Here are some highlights with its pros and cons for better comparison.


  • This racket is best for beginners and intermediate level players, there will be some difficulty at the start due to its heavyweight but when adjusted with technique to swing the racket in a more controlled manner then you have accuracy for each shot
  • It is easy to control if considered with its design
  • The isometric head shape, so larger sweet spot to pick shuttle from every angle
  • The racket is designed for smash shots with a heavy head and medium-stiff shaft design
  • This comes up with full size (Yonex Bag/pouch) convenient for use and easy to carry
  • The graphite shaft and aluminum material construction is a powerful combination of durability and long run use.


  • Paint can come off as base material is aluminum
  • The frame is made up of aluminum so chances are it may bend  increasing string tension or after few sessions
  • The racket length is small when compared to other Yonex racket series. You have to make changes in swing technique for closer to shuttle
  • This racket is not for advance players having expertise experience in badminton sport.

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For whom it will be best?

We have provided you with a complete guide to choosing the best from every aspect with a pocket-friendly recommendation.  Now you have made your mind whether this racket will be a good choice for you as per your requirements but if not then one more tip keeps in mind that is the utmost point under consideration i.e experience level in badminton sport.

This racket is for beginners or intermediate players who prefer badminton as a recreational sport or seasonal players as well. But the racket weight is the factor you keep in mind and due to this, you need good practice for comfortable swing. Intermediate players can also opt for this racket if they are confident about their skills

This racket is a big no for the advanced players as they can opt more powerful racket under the Yonex series at affordable prices. They need a high string tension racket with a powerful head weight for impactful performance.


This is a good racket at an affordable price if you are a beginner and intermediate players looking for a good material construct racket with perfect durability. This racket has a heavy head with a medium stiff shaft perfect combination for smash shots but you need to practice more for a balanced shot and easy shaft movement. Beginners feel comfortable after at least 6 months of practice for controlled shots.

The racket price with considering all the specifications then will definitely be in the race of power pack performance racket. You can choose this racket if matched the criteria valuable for your game as this will not disappoint in any aspect under affordable price. You should definitely keep this racket in your cart if you are a beginner or intermediate player.

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