Adequate Ways to hold a Badminton Racket

If you are a badminton player, then you must know how to hold a badminton racket in a proper way.

Badminton is a game which is played with a help of a racket that is used to hit the shuttlecock. And the whole game contains the wrist work, from hitting a shuttle to holding a racket. Therefore, it is essential for you to know how to clench a racket adequately.

In this whole article we will teach and explain you ‘How to hold on to a racket in an appropriate way’.

Basics Ways To Hold on a Racket.

If you’re a beginner or just entered in this sport, then you must know that to become a good player firstly you need to learn the basics. Badminton is full of techniques and strategies that you and your opponent applies during the match.

If we talk about the grip that enables us to hold the racket, so the beginners must learn it. This, because if you’re holding the racket in a wrong way or a poor grip can lead to injuries. So, we’ve mentioned some points below. Go check them out.

How to Grip a racket?

  • Firstly you need to learn about the shape and size of the racket, because most of the rackets available in the market comes with an octagonal handle.
  • You can change your grip if you’re holding the racket very tight, after hitting the shuttle you can tighten your grip.
  • You should not only use your palm but fingers to give a proper grip to the racket.
  • Always remember that, the base of the racket should be always hold by your palm, This technique of holding the racket provides you more power while hitting the shots.
  • To give a proper balance to the racket and move your wrist freely, you should use your thumb, middle finger, and the index finger to control the racket and leave the rest on the racket’s grip.

Grip techniques

Here are some grip techniques that you can use during the match while hitting the shuttle.

  • Forehand Badminton Grip

Forehand Grip is one of the most common grip used to hit the shuttle. A player use this grip style before making a serve and sometime for up-lifting the shots. The beginners should learn and work on this particular grip technique because this could be a starter pack for you in the game. Overhead and forehand side shots can be easily played by holding the racket grip in this way.

  • Backhand Badminton Grip

You should learn this technique only after you had learned the one from very start ‘forehand grip’. If you get mastered in the forehand technique then you can go for this technique and it won’t be hard for you to learn this gripping style. In backhand grip the things you need to do are after holding the racket in forehand grip turn it around. Just like the first one but you need to turn it in the angle of 45 degree, to get a better grip.

  • Smash grip in Badminton

Players use different kinds of gripping style for playing different kinds of shots. Same rule applies while hitting a powerful smash. In this case, rather than turning the racket at 45 degrees, you need to hold the racket at 10 degree with a forehand grip, and hit the shuttle with all the power you’ve got. This technique will help you in transferring the power to the shuttle.


These were some common and useful gripping techniques, which can help you in playing adequately and effectively. If you’re a beginner then you should learn these basics as soon as possible. But you need to practice all these styles under a guidance of a coach or a professional, otherwise you can get hurt or you will injured yourself.

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