10 Best Ashaway Badminton Rackets| Reviews and Buyers Guide

If you are looking for the best Ashaway badminton rackets of 2022 with detailed review and analysis, then you have landed on the right page. In today’s blog post, I am going to talk about buyers guide and handpicked Ashaway badminton rackets. So, keep reading till the end.

Badminton is a great sport that helps your whole body work out. This active fun game is an easy game with a few painless rules to practice. Badminton helps to boost up your muscle strength, improves the blood flow in the body, and has endless numerous health benefits.

To play this sport with a hassle-free experience requires a good badminton racket because it not only compliments your style but also helps to enhance the quality of your techniques to the next level. The badminton racket is the player’s closest companion which braves the sweat, blood, tears, hot, cold, good, and bad with the player. So, choosing the right companion can require a lot of research and knowledge on badminton rackets because they are mountains of badminton rackets available in the market. But with a little guidance, you will be able to choose the best companion for your sport. Here is the review of the 10 best Ashaway badminton rackets list of 2022.

Top Ashaway Badminton Rackets

About Ashaway Brand

Ashaway is a US-based company known for manufacturing world-class rackets strings and rackets as well. The rackets manufactured by Ashaway are used by many of the world’s leading professionals. It has been in the market for a very long time. It was established in the year 1824 which is located in Rhode Island of the USA. They produce the very best quality of badminton strings. They use the latest technology to get the very best products which are appreciated by badminton professionals all around the world.

Ashaway is the leading manufacturer in the production of world-class medical threads and customizes braided products that are non-sterile and non-absorbable produced in bulk. Every year over 75 million yards of medical threads are produced by Ashaway company. It also produces braided twines for the textile industry and also braided nylon for fly fishing lines. Their production also includes braided nylon and polyester cords for use in window sash balancers and many other braided lines are manufactured for different applications.

10 Best Ashaway Badminton Rackets of 2022 Reviewed

Ashaway Viper XT1600 Badminton Racket

XT1600 is not flash-looking rackets without bright colors. The main color of this viper is greyish brown with a matte finish on orange decals. It works really well and the orange Zymax fire 69 string provides a good combination. Colored strings give an elegant look to the rackets and it also has top-quality strings. It weighs 4U which is 80-84gm with a grip size G2. The G2 grip size equates to G4. In my opinion the tension measures under 20lbs. Ashaway describes it as a most powerful racket, so now it has to go through a lot of expectations.

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Ashaway Phantom X-Fire 2 Player Edition Strung Badminton Racket

This Ashaway phantom X-Fire is high quality with a full-length cover. The weight of the racket is 89gm and the material type is graphite. The grip size is G2 which equates to G5 in other models. This grip size is the same size for all the phantom series except for the children’s size rackets. It comes with a heavy head in vibrant colors. The specs in the racket are balanced with a heavy head which has a stiff flex. It has a very good combination of colors of fluorescent orange with black. In Spite of having a heavy head, it gives you a great user experience.

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Ashaway Phantom X-Speed Badminton Racket

This racket has a high tension frame with ultra 40 T high modulus carbon graphite. The weight of the racket is 84 grams. It has phantom power technology. The color of the racket is vibrant fluorescent yellow with black giving it an eye-catching combination. The decal on the inside of the shows that this racket has low aerodynamic drag. The thicker shaft runs through the throat with a wide-body frame at the T joint which tapers to thinner giving it a more standard frame towards the head. It has got great technology as well as great looks which gives you more reasons to buy this racket.

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Ashaway Super Striker X Badminton Racket

This super striker by Ashaway has got a big head which allows maximum coverage. It has super striker power technology. It weighs about 82 grams. It was first available in July 2019. This super striker has an eye-catching black color which gives a very professional look. Its big head doesn’t disappoint you as it gives you the ability to give great shots.

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Ashaway Phantom SuperLight Badminton Racquet

This racket looks really elegant with a finished design giving it a lovely look. It has an ultra 40 T high modulus carbon graphite. It weighs about 82 grams. It has a high tension frame with a light head. In the previous rackets, we have seen they have heavy heads but Ashaway came up with this super light head. This super-light phantom racket has soothing colors with a combination of light blue and black. This lightweight racket is ideal for professionals as well as beginners.

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Ashaway Palladium XT 2000 Racquet

This Ashaway model has got a fluorescent purple color and black combination which makes it more appalling to the owner of the racket. It gives better performance to the players and helps to give the best shots. It has palladium power technology. This racket weighs about 85 grams and has got 40 T high modulus carbon graphite. It was first available in December 2019.

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Ashaway Phantom Edge Badminton Racquet

It has an advanced expertise level and weighs 85-87 grams. The flex is quite flexible with a head shape that has an isometric head shape. The shaft of the racket is also flexible. It has a string of tension that ranges from 24 to 30 lbs. This racket is perfect for playing offensive style which will help you in playing your strokes with ease. It has a grip of G2 which is equivalent to G5.

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Ashaway Phantom X Shadow Badminton Racquet

This badminton racket has a fluorescent green color which gives it a strikingly great look and can be played by an advanced level of expertise players. The string tension ranges from 25 to 30 lbs while weighing 85 grams. It helps the players to perform brilliant shots with a great swing. The shafts are quite flexible and can be used by beginners as well. It has a high carbon modulus with material made up of graphite. It has great phantom power technology.

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Ashaway Palladium XT 96 Strung Racquet with Full Cover

The Ashaway palladium XT 96 strung racket has a full cover. It is built with superb quality strings with high-quality rackets. Ashaway always strives to improve the quality and technology of their rackets to provide the best results on the court. The grip size is G2 which is equivalent to 9.52cm which weighs 84 grams. The head shape is an isometric shape with a beamwidth of 20.5mm. It is the perfect racket for players searching for reliability. It has got a fluorescent orange, white with a black eye-catching combination which makes it a great ideal for everyone.

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Ashaway Nano Qube X-1 Strung Racquet with Full Cover

This racket has got a high tension frame with a full-frame and has got ultra 40T high modulus carbon graphite. It is built with nano power technology which makes it superior when compared to the other rackets in the market. The strikingly beautiful golden and black combination of the racket gives it a very elegant look. It weighs about 83 grams and it is highly flexible which helps the players to give great shots.

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How to identify Original Ashaway Badminton Rackets?

Ashaway Badminton rackets are in the industry for more than a century. It is famous for its superior quality rackets and incomparable design and colors so, If you are planning to buy any of the Ashaway rackets then you should have a basic idea of how to identify the original and differentiate it from the fake ones in the market. This international brand focuses on unbreakable strings and flexible rackets. If you find the duplicate of Ashaway there are various ways you can identify it through name, color, logo, design, product name imprinted on the racket, and size of the Rackets also differ from the original. So, to get the original rackets of Ashaway to follow the company guidelines and check for the company seal and logo on the racket. They are certainly important instructions provided by the Ashaway company to identify the original rackets.

Below are the checklist to find the original Ashaway racket:-

  • Hologram Sticker

You can find the special hologram sticker pasted on the racket. It can’t be removed too easily.

  • Logo of the company

The company logo is imprinted on the Ashaway racket as “Ashaway”. Always check the logo design and look for any difference from the original company logo to ensure the original product is received.

  • Bottom cap color

Another sign to look for the original Ashaway racket is that it has a unique color cap and the whole racket color is also very bright and elegant which can be easily identified from the fake ones.

  • Serial number

Every racket has a unique serial number that is imprinted on the racket.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are some good Ashaway badminton rackets under 2000 INR?

You can opt for an Ashaway racket on the basis of your skill, size, price, and quality. Let’s have a look at some of the best Ashaway rackets under the price range of INR 2000. Ashaway AM 12 SQ, Ashaway AM 9600 SQ, Ashaway Extra Light, Ashaway Superlight 78, Ashaway Carbon Pro 3000, Ashaway carbon Pro 4000 racket.

  • What are the best Ashaway badminton rackets for beginners?

If you are a beginner then must choose from, Ashaway 9500SQ, Ashaway AM 9600, Ashaway 9500 SQ, Ashaway Am 9 sq, Ashayway AM12 SQ, Ashaway Carbon Pro 4000 racket.

  • What are the best Ashaway badminton rackets for smash?

Some of the best smashing rackets by Ashaway are, Ashaway Striker Power 300, Ashaway Striker Power 400, Ashaway force GX 10, Ashaway Aerotec 700 racket, and Ashaway Aerotec 700 Matt.

  • What are the best Ashaway badminton rackets under 1000 INR?

Have a look at some of the top-notch rackets under 1000INR. Ashaway Am 9600 SQ, Ashaway AM 9 Sq aluminum, Ashaway AM 12 SQ, Ti Pro Ashaway Badminton racket.

  • Is Ashaway better than Li Ning?

Well, both the brands have their own specialty and one of the two can’t be degraded. If you are looking for top-notch performance then opt for Ashaway rackets. For me, Ashaway gives you great quality and good-looking design whereas Li Ning also has a great design. It is up to you to decide because both brands give tough competition to each other. For me, Ashaway is better because it never disappoints its buyers. They always look for customer satisfaction.

  • Who owns Li Ning?

Li Ning is a manufacturer of sports equipment. Mr. Li Ning is the owner of the company. This company was established in 1990. In China, it is famously known as the Price of gymnastics. It has been over 20 years in the Market.

In brief, Ashaway has been in the Badminton industry for more than a century and is a world-class manufacturer of badminton strings. so, If you are a professional badminton player and looking for a superb performance racket to enhance your performance, then you will find a long list of some best rackets from Ashaway. Choose wisely from the wide range of Ashaway badminton rackets because it has a large list that suits your preference of size, height, weight, build, or material quality, according to your skill level under your specified budget option. It is a big brand and always gives customer Satisfaction.

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