Yonex Arcsaber 002 Badminton Racket |Review

Yonex designed a high-quality racket with the latest technology for durable and flexible design. There many rackets under the Yonex series created for different expertise from beginner to Advance players.

From the Arcasber series, it is one of the largest frames which delivers the enhanced sweet spot.

You have total control over the shuttle from any direction. Its tough design makes a racket structure solid with easy flexibility.

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Yonex Arcsaber 002 Review


Weight: 84-89g under 3U 

Grip size: G4

String Tension: 24lbs

Flex: Medium 

The weight category is under the lightweight which means lesser effort required when swinging and making it ideal even if you don’t have a strong wrist.

The grip size is pretty much standard for their product and easy to fit for any type of wrist size. You require less effort for grip adjustment 

It is a pre-strung racket having the required grommet hole for string tension adjustment. Need to remember the string tension should be under the recommended size. The shaft is a medium flex great in terms of durability and design. It has a solid feel without compromising in flexibility 

Material and construction 

Shaft: Graphite

Frame: H.M.Graphite, Nanoair spring

Built-in T Joint

Head: Isometric Head

It is one of the best rackets in terms of material used for racket design. It has high-quality material used which makes its design solid and durable for the long run. The graphite material used in the shaft offers lasting durability and increases the stability of your shots.

One of the notable features of this racket is Nanoair spring which delivers powerful and accurate shots when the shuttle hit on the string bed.

The carbon nanotube material in the frame is innovative material for flexibility with durability. Even it is not expensive with all these materials combined in one frame. It hits the shuttle with great precision without experiencing much fatigue. 

Performance review 

Players who prefer defensive playing can choose this racket due to its tough design with a budget-friendly price tag. Every shot is effortless when swinging from any direction. The accuracy and preciseness is the best quality this racket can deliver with every shot.

The smashes are not powerful but it is decent considering the fact in overall performance

Players can move the racket to any direction without fatigue and feeling less resistance

It is good in terms of maintaining control. The shaft construction is flexible for any shot. The response time will be quick without missing any opponent shot from any angle. The large sweet spot increases the chance to pick shuttle from any direction without losing a single shot.

The performance creates an impact on the opponent when your comfort and expertise is in your hand.

The net shot will be more effective due to its great flexibility as you can swing the racket in any movement even for a drop shot which will also be in your control. The shaft will not twist regardless of your movement.

Every racket has its pros and cons. Before making any decision check out the complete guide of specifications whether good or bad for smart decisions that will improve your expertise field.


  • The Arcasbar frame size is large enough to handle any shuttle from any direction. The sweet spot will increase to catch drop shot as well and serving quality will also get increased.
  • The NanoAir spring feature enlarges the control of the racket. The elasticity is one of the factors which improves the racket movement is a very controlled manner irrespective of lightweight 
  • The frame is the most impressive design in this racket designed to hold the shuttle on the string bed for longer by storing and then releasing energy.
  • It will lead to precise shot-making with controlled energy required in any direction.


  • It is a pre-strung racket and it may easily get loose in long run. Re-string can be done but in recommended tension for the controlled game.
  • This racket is not for advanced players who have been playing this sport for a long time. Their performance get impact with this racket while checking one expertise area racket 

Overall Performance

This racket is the most comfortable racket from Yonex. You will not face too much strain and grip can easily be managed.

It is an affordable racket for beginners with no compromising in power. The smash is not powerful but racket durability with design can withstand in any condition. Your shot is controlled, accurate, and responsive according to the opponent’s throw. For players who prefer the defensive style of play then this racket should be in the top category for them. 

For whom it will be best?

This racket is for beginners and intermediate players and easy to handle compared to other expensive rackets present in the market. The price tag will never hurt you when combined with tough design and elasticity. One can adjust their swing comfortably for every shot required to amaze the opponent. 

Advance players can select other categories present under the Yonex range that can match their playing style. This racket is perfect in terms of durability and flexibility but the smashes power is less as compared to other Yonex racket.  


In total Yonex Arcsaber 002 is an excellent choice for budget-friendly. One who is starting the game requires excellent energy with impressive durability that can withstand any shot of the opponent to make good points. The tough design with advanced material used is the best combination for easy swing and accurate shots. 

Every aspect is perfect in this racket when your playing style is defensive. With little experience in racket can lead players to the next level with its flexible and solid design. We have provided you detailed classification from every angle for choosing smart that will enhance your experience level to new high and beginners can improve their skills with trust in its strength.

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