How to Net Kill in Badminton?

If you are one of those, who love to play badminton and want to make a career in badminton, then you might be aware of all its basic and featured shots, which help you to score more rallies and points during the game. And in case if you are a beginner or new to this sport then don’t worry because here in this post we will discuss some of its basic shots and how to net kill in badminton?

But before going further with our topic, let me inform you what exactly is net kill?

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What is a Net Kill in Badminton?

what is a net kill in badminton?

Net kill is one of those offensive shots, which is performed by a player nearby the net and in a downward’s direction to his opponent’s court. These kinds of shots are basically preferred by intermediates and advanced players. Also, you need to keep a point in mind that, these are not any kind of smash shot. As net kills are completely different from smash shots in their own ways.

If we compare badminton smash with a net kill, then we can clearly see that smashes are performed a bit slow, while the net kills are fast and frequent and do not allow the opponent to take any action regarding it.

Types of Badminton Net Kills

Basically, there are two kinds of badminton net kill, which I have mentioned below. So if you want to go deeper into this post, then check out its two kinds:

Forehand Net Kill

Net kill or any shot which is played downwards to the opponent’s court with the help of a foregrip is well known as forehand net kill. While performing this shot the player needs to position his body like performing lunges and tries to reach the shuttle and the lift of the racket should come from his shoulder.

How to perform forehand net kill?
  • Stay alert and in a ready position.
  • Place your master leg forward and non-playing leg backward, while rotating your body.
  • Position your arm and racket to hit the shuttle.
  • Balance the weight of your body.
  • Try to reach out to the shuttle as soon as possible.
  • After performing a net kill, come back to your basic stance or position.

Backhand Net Kill

Backhand net kill refers to the shot, which is played from your backhand side towards your forehand side by sweeping your racket in such directions.

Although you do not need to perform any kind of lunges while performing backhand net kill. Rather than that here you require to swing your racket to the fullest.

How to perform backhand net kill?
  • Move a bit ahead from the center line and be in a ready position.
  • Face towards the opponent’s court.
  • Balance your body.
  • Hit the shuttle using a backhand grip.
  • Make sure that the shuttle goes downwards after playing a backhand net kill.
  • Return back to your basic position.

How to Net Kill in Badminton?

how to net kill in badminton?

Before we discuss how to net kill in badminton, you need to know that, if you are willing to perform this shot, then you must be confident about finishing the rally with this specific shot. This is because when you play a net kill the remaining part of the court remains exposed and in case your opponent returns back the shot, then it becomes quite tough to cover up the space.

This problem mainly arises in badminton singles because you are the only one to cover up the entire court, whereas, in badminton doubles, you can easily rely on your partner.

So in such cases, one can easily lose a point, and to overcome such a situation I have mentioned some of the basic steps and facts below, which will help you to know how to perfectly net kill in badminton, without losing a point.

Hold on to your Badminton net stance

net stance

Badminton net stance can be referred to when the player is positioned near the net rather than waiting for the shuttle at the center of the court, then slightly moving back towards the backline. This will help you to perform a quick and effective net shot.

Also, you can try a ner kill, in case your opponent plays any weak shot, then you need to move slightly forward and place your racket at the right position, according to the shot. Then whether it requires forehand grip or backhand grip. But remember that you need to play the shot downwards to the opponent’s court.

Position your racket

position your racket

Always keep or position the racket on the front side of your body and wait for the opponent to play any weak shot so that you can immediately raise your racket and perform a perfect net kill.

But while performing a net kill you should be relaxed and keep your mind focused, because one can not perform any fast and frequent moves when he is nervous or tense.

Keep your body-balanced

body balan

Performing some frequent moves can sometimes disbalance your body, which could be dangerous and sometimes can lead to severe injuries. So you need to take the help of your non-performing hand to maintain the body balance and move frequently across the court.

All you need to do is move your non-racket arm accordingly to maintain balance while performing a net kill.

Tips to perform an excellent net kill

  • Try to react and strike fast.
  • Hold on to your badminton net stance.
  • Try to perform a net kill as soon as the shuttle crosses the net.
  • Also, do not commit any foul by hitting the shuttle before it enters your court or by touching the net with your racket.
  • Remember that net kill is completely different from smash.
  • After performing net shot come back to your basic position.
  • Also, try to maintain your body balance.
  • Perform some frequent moves and footwork.


I hope you liked the article. If you are a badminton player or a beginner then this article can be beneficial for you because hereĀ above I have explained the meaning of net kill and its different types. Also, I have described how to net kill in badminton with some basic facts, which can help you in performing excellent net kill during the match.

And in case if you still face some problems or any queries regarding this topic, then you can feel free to ask or question us in the comment section below. We will definitely try to figure and solve it out.

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