Yonex Voltric 7 Badminton Racket |Review

Yonex rackets always stand out for its unique design without compromising in power and performance. Voltric 7 is Budget-friendly with fast and powerful performance when compares with another racket in terms of durability and price.

Yonex has launched its series in 2011. Due to their exceptional quality with a better price range, it created a good impression among badminton lovers. With the combination of various quality with a lightweight design, it is considered one of the best choices for advance and intermediate players nowadays.

If you want to buy this Badminton racket and struggle with detailed specifications to choose the best according to your expertise area then you have landed the right place. You can check our well-prepared table content for better guidance.

Yonex Voltric 7 Badminton Racket Review


Weight: 85 grams

Grip: G4

Balance: Heavy Head

Shaft: stiff shaft

Head Design: Isometric

String Tension: 24 pounds

This weight is considered lightweight for controlled and stable performance. You can easily play a balanced shot from any angle. Due to this lightweight design with a heavy head, this racket is the best choice for powerful and flexible shots.

The grip size may cause little difficulty at the start but with regular use, you got used to it because of its lightweight.

The Heavy Head is the best for smash shots so that you can easily generate more power. But don’t worry about balanced performance because of its lightweight and stiff shaft design.

The isometric head design will increase the sweet spot area for a good shuttle pick from any direction. The 24 pounds string tension will generate more power to shuttle for a counter-attack.

Material and Construction

Built-in T joint

This joint placed within the frame of the racket between the frame and shaft creates a durable and robust racket that will be resistant to torque for a more responsive and balanced shot. The solid feel you will definitely appreciate.

Tri-Voltric System

It will increase the hitting power due to extra weight on the head. It is developed which will achieve the combination of heavy smashes and speedy racket handling. When combined with all these specifications you can easily identify that players can easily swing a racket and will not face any resistance.

Grip support

You will definitely not choose a racket that will slip, it comes with a control support cap which makes gripping easier and hence enhance flexibility and control. You will not face any resistance for any quick response.


This racket is made up of two main material – Tungsten and graphite which is responsible for an easy handle with a flexible swing. This two-material construction design makes the racket more durable in the long run as well.

Overall Performance Review

This racket will be counted when considered a smash shot for powerful performance due to its heavy head design with a stiff shaft and controlled grip which will easily minimize the air-resistance for perfect swing without any miss.

You will not miss the defensive shot as one can easily control the racket movement with exceptional speedy racket handling. This racket can make more quick shots with flexible movement.

Well thanks to its speed your defensive shots will not disappoint you to give a combative performance/ You can swing the full racket in a more controlled and balanced manner

The solid control brings ease for a powerful shot to ensure flexibility with every shot. This racket is top-notch in performance-wise when compared with other rackets in the same budget.

With all these specifications you can check out this racket if suits your expertise area. If you still need a relevant overall comparison then have a quick look at its pros and cons.


  • The racket has a solid feel  with tri-voltric system design which is quite impressive for a balanced, flexible, and powerful shot without wasting extra energy.
  • It controls extra torque while performing a flexible shot from any direction. You will not miss any drive as this racket have an excellent comeback response due to its high technology design construction.
  • You will not deny that this racket is one of the best choices when looking in terms of a budget-friendly option, you will only get a cheap quality racket under this budget price not having this extreme quality design structure for powerful and balanced performance.
  • The string tension is impressive when considered in terms of  more defensive shots with proper power in any shot.
  • Overall material construction with built T-joint, Grip support, and Isometric head design is a deadlock feature under this affordable price.
  • The Colour variant is good for having an eye-catching color combination.


  • The thin frame in head construction may be a drawback when you will use a racket for the long run. The frame will disbalance when a little bit of heavy string is replaced with the mentioned string weight.
  • This racket is not for advanced players in terms of power. The racket power is not enough for a winning performance.

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For whom it will be best?

This racket is definitely not for advanced players. Surely this thing will disappoint as this racket will be a great choice in every aspect with the budget-friendly feature. But advanced players need exceptional powerful performance for an impactful win.

Intermediate players can opt for this Yonex series which is quite affordable durable good design construction which will help them in smash shots with a flexible swing.

We will not recommend this racket for beginners as well due to its stiff design and heavy head considerable for players who have a little bit of knowledge about how to balance racket for flexible swing.


We have provided you with detailed specifications from every aspect to conclude why this racket is recommended for intermediate players. When you are looking for tough, durable, and smash shot performance with flexible swing and having perfect response time with less air resistance at an impressively affordable price then you should check out this racket without a second thought. This racket is durable for the long run as well due to its tough design and lightweight construction.

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