Yonex Voltric 5 Badminton Racquet |Review

Yonex racket is the best to design with speed, control, and power. When talking about Yonex Voltric 5 racket it is one of the great quality material rackets that can beat any expensive racket present in the market in terms of price with top-notch features.

This racket is quite similar in performance to Yonex Voltric 7 but the difference in weight creates changes in balance and speed. Yonex Voltric 5 is a budget-friendly racket without losing any quality required for different playing styles.

You can check out its specifications with the filtered list for selecting this according to your playing style.

Yonex Voltric 5 Review


Weight: 3U 85-89g

Grip size: G4

Flex: Medium

Head: Heavy

String Level: 24 pounds | Strung Type: Strung

The weight and grip size is the perfect combination that is the same as other Yonex racket series which is comfortable for the wrist and does not cause any pain when played for a long duration.  One can easily become comfortable without any effort.

The medium flex makes it a great choice for great handling without facing much resistance in multiple movements while shuttling

It has a heavy head beneficial for smash lovers who want to generate immense power in one direction. Although the power will not match with Voltric 80 in a low price tag definitely not be a bad choice for smash lovers as well.

Only a smash shot is not enough for impactful performance shuttle balance for the right projection will take the match to a new high. It has a great string tension categorized under an all-around game.

Material and construction

Tri Voltric System

The heavy head design generates power for smashes with stiff materials like graphite and tungsten used for the frame design, players will get more power and control on shots. The stiff material used for head design will result in optimized shuttle time on the string by transferring more energy to the shuttle

Nanometric shaft   

The Naomteric material in the shaft results in flexible bending characteristics. It will provide more stiffness to the shaft with impactful strength. The strength will increase by 16% more with this material design. The bending power will provide a flexible and controlled shot from any direction.

Built-in T joint

This feature is responsible for shuttle stability when the shuttle will hit the string bed the forces are transferred to the T joint and if this design is missing then will cause the direction instability of the shuttle. You will never experience this defect with the T joint solid feel.

Control cap

It will enhance the grip area which gives the opportunity to grip more accurately. It will increase  the grip surface area to 88%.

Isometric Head

This head shape will increase the sweet spot area for serving drop-shots as well. It will enhance the surface area for shuttle pick with good contact time.

Performance-wise review

It is the best swing racket with a flexible shaft for easy wrist movement. It will help in smashes due to the latest Aerodynamic concept which offers less air resistance and easy racket movement.


Your opponent will have a hard time replying to smashes but it is not a designed racket for smashes due to its technology being good for powerpack performance with a solid feel-like structure.


Serving with this racket is easy without great effort all thanks to its isometric head design with Built T joint which enhance sweet spot area for anywhere shuttle landing and the pressure over string will not make shuttle disbalance


Players having offensive or defensive playing styles can match their frequency with this racket’s excellent handling and maneuverability. The material used for frame and shaft makes racket solid feel for controlled, speedy, and powerful shots

Every racket have some unique feature with some drawback so need to look at both side before coming to any decision


  • This is one of the best rackets in terms of price with the latest technology imbibed for control and powerful performance
  • It is easy to control and manageable to swing in any direction hassle-free. You will never feel any disbalance to shuttle due to its high string tension.
  • It is very affordable yet very powerful which is great for offensive and defensive playing.
  • Better Aerodynamics concept which offers less air resistance and results in fast racket movement which will upgrade your expertise one level up
  • The construction and material used is tough enough to give a solid feel to the racket


  • This racket is not for advanced players as they can choose another racket from the Yonex series which perfectly match their playing skills
  • If you are searching racket at a good price with power and great handling then you can make up your mind and definitely will not let you down

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For whom it will be best?

It will prove a great choice for beginners and intermediate players who want a racket at an affordable price having all great technology that will not disappoint them in court.

Advance players can check out some other options which are a little bit high in price but quite more powerful in smash shots with adjustable head weight. Have a look at this racket Yonex Voltric 8 E-Tune Badminton racket designed for smash shot. They focus on enhancing their styling skills and Yonex comes up with a great design for clear win performance.


It will be your top choice when considering all aspects in one bundle. Till now you have made your mind whether it will match your skills and come up with the best affordable racket giving tough competition to another racket present in the market at the same price.

Anyone can buy this racket if you give slightly less preference to smash shot than responsive and clear performance. We have covered each and every aspect from the user’s point of view so you choose best from every angle. This racket has all-rounder qualities suitable for any playing style.

Apart from material and construction, your budget will not get disturbed. You can check out other Yonex series rackets as well if need to choose one dominating factor apart from other factors.

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