What Is The Difference Between Tennis And Badminton?

What is the first thing that comes in your mind after hearing about the difference between these two sports, tennis and badminton? So let me explain you that tennis is more easy to play, if we compare it with badminton. As the sport badminton requires a lot of energy, and endurance, whereas tennis does not require much. And there is a lot to learn in badminton than tennis because badminton holds a lot of techniques and basic skills, whereas tennis is quite easy to learn and play.

And, here in this article we are going to discuss regarding some basic difference between tennis and badminton with their rules, equipment, and some amazing facts.

So, if you are a badminton or a tennis player, I hope this article will help you to know more regarding these sports, which will help you in improving your game as well as skills.

Now, let’s begin with our article:

Tennis Vs Badminton

So, here below we will compare these two specific racket sports with each others and know what is common and different among them.

As, you all know that badminton and tennis, both are racket sports, and are practice by the players in a rectangular court. You can see the players hitting an objects (shuttle, tennis ball) over a net. But there is not one thing similar between them and it is the length of the tennis and badminton court. The tennis court are bigger in size, compared to the badminton courts.

As there is a net in the middle of the court in both these sports, which divides the court in two equal parts, but the height of net in badminton is 5 feet tall, whereas the height of tennis net is just 3 feet tall.

And if we talk about the rackets, which the players use while playing badminton and tennis, then they holds specifically same length, but does not hold the same weight. As you will find that a badminton racket weighs about 90 grams, whereas a tennis racket weights about 300 grams.

Equipment for Badminton

There are basically different types of equipment prefer by the players, in these both sports, rather than the rackets. And all these differences I have mentioned below. All you need to do is just have a look over:

Some basic badminton gears or equipment, which the players must have while playing this specific sport are as follows:

Badminton Racket


Badminton racket is the first important gear, which the player must requires to play this specific sport. These rackets are made up of different and various strong materials like, graphite, aluminum, steel, and titanium. They holds the string bed within them, which helps the player to hit the shuttle from one court to another.

You can find different badminton rackets available in the market, according to the game and skill of a player. Firstly these rackets were made with the help of wood and were strung with the help of animal gut, but now there are various choices for the players in the market, which may help them in improving their game and can also help them in learning some new skills. And if we talk about the weight of these rackets, then they varies weight from 90 grams and so on.

Rather, than these all features you must also check the other factors of a racket which I’ve mentioned below:

  • Shape of the frame.
  • Racket balance.
  • Shaft.
  • Sting Tension.



Shuttle, which is also commonly known as a birdie, and is second most important gear of badminton, which a player must have. Shuttles have a conical form or shape and are basically made up of goose feathers, plastic, and some sort of synthetic feathers with a cork end.

Due, to the shape of the shuttle it makes it stable aerodynamically. Some of the best shuttlecocks are made up of synthetic fibers and plastic, rather than the feather shuttle, because they easily get disfigure when hit hardly.

Also, shuttlecock is affected by the humidity, wind, and temperature if played outside in a open area. Therefore the professional badminton matches are always held indoors.

Badminton Net

badminton net

In badminton the net is allocate at a distance of 159 m above from the ground. As it is basically place at the side boundaries of the court. The main purpose of placing this net is that, it divides the court in two equal parts and enables the player to hit or play the shuttle from one court to the other.

If we talk about the length and depth of the net, then it is 760 mm in depth and 6.1 m wide and do not contain any gap in between.

Badminton Shoes

badminton shoes

If we compare badminton shoes with the other normal or running shoes, then we get to know that, there is a lot of difference among them as the badminton shoes require a proper and excellent rubber sole, which should provide a better grip and lateral support to the players during their match.

So, if you want to prevent yourself from facing any kind of severe injury on the court, then you must opt for the best badminton shoes with some features, which I have mentioned below:

  • Well – cushioned.
  • Comfortable.
  • An excellent rubber sole.
  • Breathable.
  • Should provide an excellent grip.

Badminton Accessories


Rather than the equipment I have mentioned above, you should also be aware about some badminton accessories, which can be beneficial for you and could lead you to a great win. Here below I have mentioned some important badminton accessories, which could help you in playing a match adequately:


To hold the racket comfortably and adequately, you always require a proper grip wrapped around the handle of a racket. As there are various kinds of grips available in the market, but you should always go for the right one or the one, which suits you the best.

And if you face the problem sweating then you should opt for the towel grip, which helps in absorbing the sweat and also provides you a better grip, but all you need to do with them is, keep changing them during the breaks.

Hand bands and Head bands

These gears can also be named as the fashion accessories of badminton, but rather than giving a cool look to the player, these accessories helps the player by absorbing the sweat and control the long hairs.


T-shirts always holds the name, or the number of the player by which he/she is identified and therefore I will always suggest you to opt for a light and breathable t-shirt,  which will help in absorbing sweat and this will help you playing comfortably and adequately.

Equipment for Tennis

Here are some tennis gears and equipment mentioned below, which a player must have during the match or while he is on the court:

Tennis Racket


Tennis rackets are basically manufacture with the help of wood and different kinds of alloys. These rackets are design and manufacture in different sizes with an oval head and a widening throat, which helps to connect the racket handle with its head.

Different kind of strings like nylon, gut, and synthetic gut are prefer, to tighten the head of the racket, whereas the handle of the racket is enfold with leather and nylon, which provide a better grip to the player.

Tennis Ball

Tennis ball

Players use a shuttlecock while playing badminton, likewise use a tennis ball while playing tennis. According to the ITF (International Tennis Federation) rules tennis balls are basically designed and manufactured in yellow color and spherical shape.

The diameter of a tennis ball lies between 2.5 – 2.625 inches and weighs between 2 and 21/16 oz. The spherical half shells of these balls are made by indulging pressurized rubber and are joined with the help of some compressed air. Then the outer surface of the ball is wrapped with the help of bright yellow color felt.

There are different kinds of tennis balls available in the market, as the balls used by kids below 10 are lighter, bounce low, softer and larger in shape and are easy to hit and play. Whereas the balls used by the professional and the younger players is quite different from it.

Tennis Net

tennis net

There is a rectangular shape net place in the center of the court, which divides the court in two equal parts and also cover the gap between the net posts. The design of the net is so adequate, that it won’t let the ball pass through it.

Tennis net is basically place 3 feet above from the ground. And if we compare the badminton net with it, then we find that badminton net is place quite high from the ground, whereas the tennis net is place quite low.

Tennis Shoes

tennis shoes

You require a lot of lateral support, while playing this specific sport and running shoes or any other sports shoes can not help you in the court to perform some fast and frequent moves, which are perform out by the player while playing tennis.

So, for tennis you require an adequate and perfect shoes, which provides you a sufficient amount of stability, grip, and comfort while playing or while you are on the court. Also, you should keep in mind that the sole of the shoes should be slip-resistant and does not harm or damage the surface of the court while performing some hard moves.

Tennis Equipment

tennis equipment

Above mentioned tennis equipment were the main gears, which the player must have on the court or while playing a match. Rather than these, here are some other gears I have mention below, which could also help the player during the match in various and different ways.

So, let’s know how can they help a player:


Grips are also one of the essential gears, which allows the player to hold the racket adequately and does not let the racket slip from the player’s hand and this can help the player to hit and play some fast and effective shots during a match.

As there are various kinds of grips easily available in the market. So, a player can choose one and use it according to his skill or according to his game play.

Wrist and Head bands 

Hand bands can be used by a player to stop the sweat from overflowing on forearm and wrist, as wrist bands helps to absorb the sweat and prevents the palm from getting wet and also provides a better grip to the players, while playing.

Head bands basically helps the player by stop sweating and by keeping the hairs away from the his face. And if you are not comfortable in a head band, then you can also go for a tight cap, which is also capable of absorbing sweat.

Tennis Attire

Tennis attire for both men and women is different in tennis, as men wear a t-shirt and shorts above knees, which are basically design with the help of different synthetic materials. Whereas women are free to wear any kind of comfortable dress like shorts or skirts with any kind of t-shirt or tank-top.

Differences of Tennis and Badminton

difference between badminton and tennis

After discussing different gears of tennis and badminton, now let’s discuss some basic and common differences of tennis and badminton, according to their skills and abilities:


Serving in both these sports is quietly different from each other, as the serve in badminton is done under hand or below the waist and they are even count as faults or one could lose a point if one serves outside the court or if the shuttle touches the net while serving.

Whereas, in tennis the rules are quite opposite. Here if a player plays or serve the ball outside the court or the ball hits the shuttle, then the player gets another chance to serve the ball.


There is a huge difference between these two sports, if we talk regarding their scoring system. Here I would say that tennis is more complex than badminton.As in tennis you need to hit the ball across and over the net, which is indulge in the center of the court and is 3 feet high from the ground.

All you need to keep in mind while playing tennis is that, the ball should remain inside the boundaries of the court and should bounce twice, without a return. Basically tennis match holds three sets, from which a player has to win at least two sets. Below I have also mentioned a guide to scoring in tennis:

  • 0 Points = Love
  • 1 Point = 15
  • 2 Points = 30
  • 3 Points = 40
  • Tied score = All
  • 40-40 = Deuce
  • Server wins deuce point = Ad in
  • Receiver wins deuce point = Ad out

If both the player scores 40-40, then the first player who score two points wins the set.

And if we talk about the scoring system in badminton, then it has some common factors, compared to tennis.

Only the difference is that there is a shuttlecock used in badminton instead of a ball and the main objective of the players in badminton is to land the shuttle on his opponent’s court, to score a point.

Player’s Ability

Player’s ability or athletic ability, which a player requires in tennis and badminton is quite different. As the badminton court is small in length, whereas the tennis court is twice longer then badminton court. So, there is a lot of lateral energy require in tennis as compare to badminton.

As in tennis the players have to run back and forth and side to side across the court, whereas the players in badminton have to jump and perform some low moves compared to tennis, which require less lateral energy.

Rules and Regulations of Badminton

  • Basically a match starts with a coin toss.
  • Which ever side wins a toss, get the chance to choose the side of the court or serve first.
  • The player should not touch the net with his body or racket, while playing.
  • You should not hold or carry the shuttle for so long, on your racket.
  • A player should not hit or reach the shuttle over the net.
  • To be valid the servers should serve the shuttle from the cross court.
  • The players should not touch the boundaries of the court, while serving or playing any shot.
  • A point is pin to the score board of the player, when he wins a rally.
  • Basically a player wins a rally, when the shuttle lands on the court of his opponent or when his opponent plays a foul.
  • A player can not hit the shuttle twice.

After mentioning some common rules of badminton, now below I have mentioned some common rules of tennis. All you need to do is go through them to know the difference between both the sports:

Rules and Regulations of Tennis

  • A player should always play the ball inside the boundaries.
  • If the ball goes off the boundaries or touches the net, then the player loses a point.
  • A player can not touch or cross the net during a match.
  • You can not hold or catch the ball, with your racket for a long period.
  • A player can not hit the ball twice.
  • A player should wait till the ball crosses the net before returning it.
  • After the ball bounces twice and if the player does not return the ball, then it will be count as a foul.
  • If the player uses bad or abusive language or if the racket slips from the player’s hand, then it is also count as a foul.
  • If the ball touched or hits the player’s body, then it is also count as a foul.
  • A serve must bounce before the opponent return the ball.
  • If the ball bounces on the boundaries of the court, then it is not count as a foul.


I hope you liked the article, as I have mentioned some common and various differences between tennis and badminton. So if you want to know the differences between tennis and badminton, then this article will help you out.

Also, rather than differentiation, I have mentioned some common factors of badminton and tennis, which could help you to boost or improve you game, if you play any of these sports either tennis or either badminton.

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