Armortec 900 Power Badminton Racket |Review

Armortec 900 power badminton racket is designed by Yonex especially for the hard hitters and offensive/ attacking players. With the help of Yonex’s latest technologies, this racket is made specifically to help players produce explosive smash power during the game.

This badminton racket also has MicroTi and ElasticTi uploaded to it. MicroTi is loaded into the top of the frame which helps in holding the shuttlecock like a bow holding an arrow. Whereas the ElasticTi is loaded into the frame and the shaft of the badminton racket which helps in storing and releasing the energy like bow pulls and releases an arrow to its target.

If you’re looking for a badminton racket that helps you a perfect smash and also allows you to hit the shuttlecock adequately. Then you must check out the post below. Every detail is notified below about Armortec 900 badminton racket.

Armortec 900 Power Review


  • Size:  4U –  G4
  • Brand: Yonex
  • Grip Size:  4 1 / 2 inches
  • Sport:  Badminton
  • Material: Graphite

About the racket:

  • Head shape:  Isometric
  • Modulus:  Ultra- High Modulus Graphite
  • Weight:  Ultra-lightweight
  • Head: Heavy balance
  • Flex: Stiff
  • Strings: Ungutted

Other basic factors:

  • Level: Advanced
  • Type:  Attacking/ Offensive
  • Head:Square/ Isometric
  • Grip: 3-1 / 4 inches G5
  • Weight: 80-84 grams (4U-)
  • Shaft:  High modulus graphite / ElasticTi
  • String: Yonex BG-65 (Custom Strung)

Merit and Demerits of Armortec 900:

New dimensions in speed and power:

By adding ‘Power Armor’ technology by Yonex the badminton racket generates more power, delivers more stability, and provides a robust ‘Metallic feel’ on impact.

3% more stability in the face:

The frame’s top edge is reduced to build 3% more face stability into the frame of the Armortec 900 power badminton racket, and maximize control minimizing distortion.

CSC (Control Support Cap):

For easy gripping CSC provides a wider flat surface. It also supports a quick swing-through and nimble maneuverability.

Single-pass stringing:

As the Single-pass Grommet Hole Construction puts more grommet holes at the top of the frame at the 10 o’clock and 2 o’clock positions, which creates a unique single-pass stringing pattern for Armortec-800 and builds 7% more durability upward in the frame which helps in greater protection against contact damage.

4% more speed generated by the unique head weighted effect:

The construction of graphite and GeForce Ti hybrid at the top of the Armortec badminton rackets create a head-weighted effect which adds 4% more speed to the smash or shot.

Power of Yonex Armortec 900

This must be clear that Armortec 900 power belongs to the Armortec series of Yonex. But due to some cause, the Armortec series is discontinued and is replaced with the Yonex Voltric series. Even after the discontinuation of the series still, some of the players love to play with Armortec 900 Power because we all know that this badminton racket is best for the smashes as it generates and provides extra power while playing.

It is clear that if any badminton racket is made with a head-heavy configuration then it’s obvious that the player will feel sluggishness in maneuverability. Whereas on other hand Armortec 900 power racket is designed to deliver powerful racket smashes and also fast racket maneuverability together and it’s the main cause that the players still love to play and prefer this badminton racket over others.

Li Chung Wi, the world’s number one badminton player himself used this badminton racket for a very long period. As Armortec consists of an extra stiff shaft and the advanced technology like the ‘Power Armor System’ enables the player to handle the shuttle near the net effectively.

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Armortec Badminton Racket is the first choice of the traditional badminton players because of its “Power Armor System” stiffness and the destructive power it generates while making a smash. Also, this badminton racket is fast to swing to make quick rallies and is more stable in the case of other rackets, and because of this stability, the player can accurately place the shuttle on the opponent’s court.

Hence, the details above about the Armortec 900 Power badminton racket prove that it is the best racket for hard hitters and attacking players.

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