How To Improve Backhand In Badminton?

If you are a badminton player, then you must be well aware of the types of grips and clears of this certain game. If yes, then fine, but if you’re unaware, then I’ll help you out. As in this article, we will discuss how to improve backhand in badminton? But before we start I’ll also clear some of the basic factors regarding backhand in badminton.

Badminton is a beautiful game in itself and it holds many features and factors. Playing badminton also provides you with many benefits and also helps you to stay fit and healthy. You will find a word backhand in every next chapter of badminton and here I’m to explain the real meaning of this word.

So, let’s begin.

Backhand in Badminton

The word backhand refers to the position of your hand, which faces towards the shuttle while hitting it. The word backhand is used in many different forms like backhand clear, backhand smash, backhand drop, backhand serve, and backhand grip.

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Now let’s discuss these terms one by one deeply:

Badminton Backhand Clear

Badminton backhand clearBackhand clear is assumed as one of the toughest and hardest shots to be played by beginners and intermediates, as professionals, who are well known with this shot can easily go for it during the match or a tournament. As it is one of the defensive shots. Generally, a player plays this shot to overcome the situation, when there is no hope left to hit any other forehand shot, but like the forehand hits the aim of this particular shot is the same which means to send the opponent back to the end of the court.

How to Perform a Backhand Clear?

  • Always keep your grip loose while playing a backhand clear.
  • When the shuttle comes across the non-dominant side, the player should turn his face to the rear court..
  • Leap to the shuttle and move your arm towards it before it lands.
  • Then, hit the shuttle at its highest point.
  • Flip and move your wrist, which will produce more speed and power.

Basic Causes of a Poor Backhand Clear

  • Incorrect grip
  • Non-coordination
  • Incorrect Footwork
  • Improper body position
  • Shuttle position
  • Recovery from the shot.
  • Wrong stance while hitting the shuttle

How to Improve Backhand Clear in Badminton?

So now as you know what is backhand clear in badminton, how it is performed, and the basic causes of a poor backhand clear. Now let me tell you how you can improve this shot:

  • You should work on your forearm rotation because it generates more power and speed while hitting a backhand clear.
  • Also, you need to perfect your backhand grip, because it is used while hitting this specific shot.
  • Learn and practice the basic exercises that help to improve your backhand shots.
  • The coordination of your feet and arms should be adequate, according to the shot.
  • Keep your body stable and in a good position.
  • You also need to recover from the shots you played. As after hitting a shot you need to come back to your position on the court.
  • Rather than the arm exercises, you also need to work on your leg strength, so that you won’t face any problem in moving around the court.

Badminton Backhand Smash

Badminton backhand smash

As I’ve mentioned above in backhand clear, that it requires a lot of speed and power, backhand smash requires even more. This shot is played by a player to force his opponent to return back a weak shot, which can be an advantage for the player. It is easy for a player to hit a forehand smash, but if we talk about the backhand smash, so many players take a long time period to perfect this shot as it is a tough one, especially for the beginners and the intermediates.

Here below I’ve mentioned some power generating points of a backhand smash

  • Perfect Backhand Stroke Technique
  • Maximum Wrist Action
  • How you grip your racket

How to Perform a Backhand Smash?

  • Practice with this shot, with the right technique.
  • Use adequate footwork and grip while playing this specific shot.
  • Before hitting a backhand smash you should be mastered at hitting a forehand smash.
  • And also choose your moves carefully.
  • Stay in a proper stance and position.
  • After smashing the shuttle get ready for the opponent’s return.

Basic causes of a Poor Backhand Smash

  • Poor grip
  • Tight grip
  • A wrong flip of the wrist
  • Improper Position or stance
  • Late in switching grips
  • Poor footwork

How to Improve Backhand Smash in Badminton?

  • Learn to hold the grip of the racket in a proper way.
  • Keep the grip loose instead of holding it tightly.
  • Flip your wrist in the correct way to generate more power and speed.
  • You should be holding a good stance while hitting the shuttle.
  • Also, you need to work on your footwork rather than arms and grips.
  • You should need to master your backhand grip before hitting this shot.
  • Practice and practice more.

Badminton Backhand Drop

Badminton backhand dropshot

Backhand drop here can be referred to as the shot which is played by a player with the help of a backhand grip from the backcourt to land the shuttle on the frontcourt of the opponent. In this shot, the shuttle has a downwards motion or trajectory and lands near the net. Dropshot counts as an offensive shot and we backhand drop shot is well known as a recovery shot because a player never keeps these types of shots as his first option.

Dropshot is hard to perform but can help you in getting more time to recover. There are two kinds of backhand drop shots:

  • Basic Backhand Drop Shot
  • Slice Bachand Drop Shot

How to Perform a Backhand Drop Shot?

  • Take a proper position or stance.
  • Hold your racket with the help of a backhand grip.
  • Relax your body and try to keep your racket close to your body.
  • Slightly bend your knees.
  • Then, using your wrist hit the overhead backhand stroke to move the shuttle downwards.
  • Keep the shuttle at the highest point.
  • Remember to swing your racket adequately, don’t just move it to touch the shuttle.

Basic Causes of Poor Backhand Drop Shot

  • Incorrect backhand techniques.
  • Using the wrong grip.
  • Slow in switching the grips.
  • Wrong position
  • Improper racket swing.

How to Improve Backhand Drop Shot?

  • Before hitting a backhand drop shot, you just need to learn and perfect the backhand techniques.
  • While, hitting the shuttle you must swing your racket to the fullest, which will provide it more speed and power and should not just touch the shuttle.
  • You should know, which grip is to be used while hitting the backhand drop shot.
  • Also, you must be quick at changing the grips.
  • Always go to the right position and stance, while hitting this specific shot.
  • Keep practicing.

Badminton Backhand Serve

Badminton Backhand Serve

You must be well aware that every game starts with a serve. So backhand serves can be referred to the momentum a player generates by putting all his weight to his back foot and slowly shifting it to his front foot while serving. If you perform this service correctly, then it will take a lot of strength of your opponent to return back the shot. These serve basically hold the reverse technique on the forehand side of your service box.

In this kind of service, the player’s back of the hand must be faced towards the shuttle. And backhand, service can be performed in both badminton singles as well as badminton doubles.

How to Perform a Backhand Serve?

  • Hold or grip the racket adequately.
  • To gain more control while hitting, hold the racket grip slightly above the hilt.
  • Try to keep the racket stable.
  • And change the position of the racket if necessary.
  • Pick up the shuttlecock and face the back of the hand towards the shuttle.
  • Then, come on the front foot by slightly moving the weight from the back foot to the front foot.
  • Now, hold the shuttle away from the body and make a serve by hitting it adequately.

Basic Causes for a Poor Backhand Serve

  • Position of the shuttle.
  • Hitting action of the player
  • Position of the player.
  • Using wrong body weight.
  • Recovery.

How to Improve Backhand Serve in Badminton?

  • Master backhand grip, because backhand grip will help you to make an ideal serve.
  • Learn how to hold a shuttle adequately before hitting it.
  • Also, learn how to be positioned well before performing a serve.
  • Learn more about flick serve or a low serve.
  • Practice more.
  • Also, perform hand and arm exercises for best results.

Badminton Backhand Grip

Let me inform you that there are basically 4 types of badminton grips and all of these have different works and benefits:

  • Forehand Grip

This is the most commonly used grip by the players during the match. This grip helps the player to learn the basics and also how to hold the racket. It allows moving the racket very gently with some adequate arm moves.

  • Backhand Grip

It is to be said that backhand grip is the most difficult one to learn and practice. Backhand grip is also known as a thumb grip. It is similar to forehand grip, but the thumb is kept flat across the side of the handle. Whenever you switch to this particular grip you need to keep your thumb and index finger relaxed because it becomes easy to rotate the racket. And while hitting the shuttle you should a bit of pressure on your thumb to generate more power.

  • Bevel Grip

This grip is usually used in the rear courts for the backhand to hit some backhand and clear shots. It is alike the backhand grip, but the only difference is that in this grip the thumb is diagonally placed around the racket.

  • Panhandle Grip

This grip is named after its style. In this grip, the racket is held by a player like a pan. This grip is basically used while playing net kill and forehand. It helps you to hit the shuttle near to the net without turning the racket’s handle.

How to hold a Backhand Grip?

  • Hold the racket.
  • Put your thumb flat on the racket side.
  • Keep your index finger and thumb relaxed.
  • Now switch your grip.
  • While hitting the shuttle put a bit of pressure to generate more power and speed.

Basic Causes of Poor Backhand Grip

  • Poor arm flex.
  • Wrong position of the player.
  • Incorrect hitting action of the player.
  • Recovery.
  • Unfamiliar with the forehand grip.

How to Improve Backhand Grip in Badminton?

  • Perform exercises daily to improve your arm flexibility.
  • Always stand in the right position while hitting a shot.
  • Correct and work on your hitting and gripping action.
  • To perform with a backhand grip, firstly you need to master the forehand grip.
  • And after using a backhand grip, try to switch the grip for fast recovery.
  • Also, learn to switch grips.


I hope you liked the article, so if you are a badminton player and want to know how to improve your backhand in badminton, then this article can be beneficial for you. As here we have mentioned the basic factors regarding backhand. So hurry up! And check the post above.

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